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Cairn Terrier Association Limited Show,

5 July 2014

Judge; Mrs Sheona Fortune (Essdeeeff)


Best In Show – Currie's  Stirlingview Superhero

Reserve Best In Show & Best Opposite Sex – Tweslam Thistle Be Magic

Best Puppy In Show –Tweedisle Playing With Fire At Landbuck

Best Veteran – Glenrood Magic Pipit

Graeme Currie, BD & BIS Stirlingview Super Hero, Anthony Osborn, BB, BOS & RBIS

Tweslam Thistle Be Magic, Judge Sheona Fortune, Sue Dolan & Best Veteran Glenrood

Magic Pipit. Alan Felters, BPD & BPIS Tweedisle Playing With Fire At Landbuck.


Awarding BIS

Awarding RBIS

Awarding BPIS

Awarding BVIS


Class 1 - Veteran Dog /Bitch –

 3 Entries – 2 Absent

 Absent 10. Anjofra Me Me Me

18. Glenrood Magic Pipit

35. Roachdee Sweet Dreams







Class 1 - Minor Puppy Dog –   

1 Entry

 30. Pennidazzle All Spruced Up




Class 3 - Puppy Dog  –   3,1 Absent

 28. Seveek Double Dice

44. Uniquecottage  Winsford 

Absent 47. Tweedisle Relight My Fire







Class 4 - Junior Dog  –   1 Entry


 43. Glenrood Trojan Prince






Class 5 - Novice Dog –  

1 Entry


51. Cannwood Call Of Duty






Class 6 - Post Graduate Dog –  

3 Entries 1 Absent


13 Strlingview Super Hero

Absent 26. Carradine Dexter

54. Brenndarcy Limited Edition








Class 7 - Open Dog –

 4 Entries - 1 Absent

 5. Dandi Boy Spud

17. Cherrycrack Ludo At Trekhilli

45. Uniquecottage Jumbuck

Absent 60. Tribannon War Dance









Class 8 - Special Beginners Dog/Bitch –

 1 Entry

 35. Roachdee Sweet Dreams





Best Dog - Stirlingview Super Hero - Reserve Best Dog - Cannwood Call Of Duty

Best Dog Puppy  -  Uniquecottage Winsford


Class 9 - Minor Puppy Bitch 4 Entries - 1 Absent


27. Perfect Pansy Potter

31.Pennidazzle Tuesdays Child


41.Tweslam Born To Bewitch

Absent  61. Tribannon Brite Side









Class 10 - Puppy Bitch  -  4 Entries - 2 Absent


21. Tweedisle Playing With Fire At Landbuck

48. Tweedisle Earth Wind’n Fire

Absent 52. Cannwood Special Moment

Absent 62. Tribannon Minuete







Class 11 - Junior Bitch 

5 Entries – 2 Absent


11. Anjofra Mad About Me

19. Glenrood Magic Spell

Absent 34. Brenndarcy Cinnamon Girl

558 Vanajam Dream Come True

Absent 63. Tribannon On Tip Toes









Class 12 - Novice Bitch  -

  5 Entries – 1 Absent


9. Penticharm Starlight

Absent 14. Stirlingview Spot On

24. Carradine Secret Snowdrop


36. Roachdee Treacle Bonbon

49. Tweedisle April Beauty
















 Class 13 - Post Graduate Bitch   –

   8 Entries

 12. Anjofra Mymble

25. Carradine Lady Lola

29. Seveek I Dreamed A Dream

32. Carradine Ruby Tuesday At Pennidazzle

37. Carradine Minnies Magic

46. Ocedar Sweetheart

55. Brenndarcy Dizzee Rascal

56. Cloverbrook Touch Of Class At Crowneast















Class 14 - Open Bitch  -  10 Entries –

 3 Absent


 4. Carradine In Love With Amy

6. Cloverbrook Creating Waves

7. Little Miss Tonka

20. Glenrood Warrior Princess

Absent 33. Woodthorpe Playin For Thyme

42. Tweslam Thistle Be Magic

Absent 50. Tweedisle Paper Moon

Absent 53. Brenndarcy Bit Of Bother

57. Crowneast Midsomer Florey 

55 Vanajam It's Cold Outside














Best Bitch  –  Tweslam Thistle Be Magic - Reserve Best Bitch   - Seveek I Dreamed The Dream

Best Bitch Puppy  -  Tweedisle Playing With Fire At Landbuck

Thank You To Graham Peers For Photographs.


                                               Members Limit Show

                                               5th July 2014


Firstly i would like thank the club for my invite to judge this show, and to all the exhibitors for a great entry. A lovely sunny day in a beautiful setting with good quality exhibits.


Veteran Dog/Bitch 2(3)


1-Dolan's Glenrood Magic Pipit, 15 1/2 year old wheaten bitch, lovely femine head, and well in proprtion, still has spirit in her. Correct scissor bite, nice dark points, well errect, expressive ans small ears, which were well carried. Correct dark hazel eye of good shape and well set apart, nice level topline with good harsh short coat, moved freely.


2-Melia's 7 1/2 years old Roachdee Sweet Dreams, dark brindle bitch, lovely head, mouth and stop, with nice small errect ears, level topline and good tailset, did not move as freely as 1


Minor Puppy Dog 1(1)


1-Kinchin's 7 1/2 mth old Pennidazzle all Spruuced Up, a light red dog with a sign of brindling coming through. Nice head, large teeth with a correct scissor bite, eyes of corrct shape and colour, nice small dark ears which he used expressively. Good reach of neck and level tooline. Good harsh double coat


Puppy Dog2(3)


1-Parker Tucker's Uniquecottage Winsford, 9mth old red brindle, with good harsh coat.lovely head, large teeth with the proper scissor bite.good reach of neck which flowed to shoulders with good angulation. Eyes proper shape and colour. Nice small ears which were erect, level toplind and moved well.


2-Keeves Seveek Double Dice, 7 1/2 red brindle, correct scissor bite, clour and shape of as required, lovely harsh coat and level topline, just a baby and needs to get more furnishings on his head.


Junior Dog1(1)


1-Paige's Glenrood Trojan Prince, 15 month Dark Brindle with harsh double coat. Strong jaw with level bite and large teeth. Eyes of correct shape and colour, set well apart, a little fine for my liking but in proprtion. Back movement close but has good drive and moves with purpose.


Novice Dog1(1)


1-Paige's Cannwood Call of Duty, 15 1/2 mth cream dog, correcy scissor bite, good shape and size, lovely head, good reach of neck and good prominent stop. Eyes correct colour, size and shape and set well apart. Correct ear carriage and level topline, with a good harsh double coat. RBD


Post Graduate Dog 2(3)


1-Currie's Stirlingview Super Hero, 19 mth old Cream/ wheaten dog, with lovely stature, and has a presence about him that is very eye catching. Good large teeth with strong jaw. Good prominent stop, eyes correct colour, shape and set well apart. Level topline standing and holds it well on the move. Beautiful head, with great head furnishings. Ears small and dark which were well carried and used to express himself. Moves with drive and purpose, a real showman and gels well with his Handler. A lovely speciman of the breed.   BD AND BIS.


2-Shannon's Brendarcy Limited Edition 18 mth old red dog, lovely head and furnished well, good mouth with a strong scissor bite and correct stop. Lovely harsh coat, just did not have the same presence and drive as 1.


Open Dog 3(4)


1-Day's 2yr old Cherrycrack Ludo at Trekhilli well furnished head of good size and reach of neck. Lovely scissor bite and good sized teeth, eyes correct shape, colour and set wide apart. Moved well out and back.


2-Bateman/Sach's Dandi Boy Spud, 5 1/2 year old dark brindle, a little smaller than 1 and did not move so soundly. Good head, teeth, stop  and double harsh coat.


3-Parker Tucker's Uniquecottage Jumbuck


Special Beginners Dog/Bitch 1(1)


1-Melia's Roachdee Sweet Dreams, 7 1/2 year old grey brindle bitch, nice femine head, corect bite and prominent stop, with good double coat. Movement good


Minor Puppy Bitch 3(4)


1-Osborn's 8 1/2 month Tweslam Born to Bewitch, a wheaten girl, very femine in good proportion to her body. Lovely scissor bite with strong pearly white teeth. Nice dark points with good stop, ears and eye. Nice level topline.


2-Kinchin's Pennidazzle Tuesdays Child, 7 1/2 month old dark brindle., not quite as mature as 1, but had good teeth, bite, eye colour, shape correctly set wide apart. Ears erect, and a lovely double harsh coat, with level topline.


3-Inett/Patten Perfect Pansy Potter.


Puppy Bitch 2(4)


1-Felters & Rumens 11 month old Tweedisle Playng with Fire at Landbuck. Lovely rich red and very showy, good scissor bite with large teeth, prominent stop.  Good double coat, with nice reach of neck, dark Hazel eye of correct shape and set well apart. Lovely level topline when standing and on the move. Used her ears well to express herself, moves with drive for one so young, in well in tune with her handler.

Best Puppy Bitch and Best Puppy in Show


2-Peers's 11 month old Twedisle Earth Wind 'n' Fire, light red, did not settle for her handler today, lovely double coat, nice scissor bite, good stop, correct shape and colour of eyes, and ears erect and expressive.


Junior Bitch 3(5)


1-Dolan's 15 1/2 month old dark bitch. Glenrood Magic Spell, Nice level topline, good sized teeth and scissor bite. Ears always erect, nice tailset and moved with drive.


2-Confue's Anjofra Mad about Me-12 1/2 month old light brindle, smaller and finer than 1, but still had everything in the correct proportions. Held her level topline out and back.


3-Ward's Vanajam Wish Come True


Novice Bitch 4(5)


1-Peers's Twedisle April Beauty a 20 month old wheaten/cream girl of correct size and propertion. Nice harsh double coat, good length of neck, scissor bite, colour size and shape of eye correct. Nice prominent stop, with nice dark points, nice small and erect ears.


2-Coates's Penticharm Starlight, 2 1/2 year old silver brindke, bigger in size than 1, nice head, good scissor bite, double coat in good harsh condition. Nice stop, good eye shape and colour and lovely erect ears.


3- Inett/Clayton/Harrison's Carradine Secret Snowdrop


Res-Melia's Rochdee Treacle Bon Bon


Post Graduate Bitch 8(8)


1- Keeves Seveek I Dreamed a Dream 2 1/2 year old grey brindle of correct size and shape with a very femine head. Nice harsh doubke coat, good scissor bite, nice stop, correct hazel coloured eyes of correct shape,  good use of her small erect ears to allow her to express herself well. Level topline and nice tailset.


2-Shannon's Brendarcy Dizzy Rascal 1 1/2 year old red with femine head, level topline, good harshcoat,eyes correct colour, shape and size. Nice scissor bite and good spring of rib.


3-Confue's Anjofra Mymble


Res-Inett/Clayton &Harrison's Carradine Lady Lola


VHC-Tutchings Cloverbrook touch of Class


Open Bitch 7(10)


1-Osborn's Tweslam Thistle be Magic 2 1\2 year old dark brindle, good femine head, correct scissor bite,good shape, colour and position of eyes. Nice erect ears, lovely harsh double coat and level topline both standing and on the move. Best Bitch, Reserve Best in Show.


2-Ward's Vanajamits Cold Outside 3 1/2 year old cream/wheaten who was a little bigger than 1.moved with drive. Nice head scissor bite, lovely head, correct eye shape, colour, erect ear carriage.


3-Braybrook's Cloverbrook Creating Waves


Res-Bateman/Inett's Carradine in Love with Amy


VHC-Dolan's Glenrood Warrior Princess



Sheona Fortune(ESSDEEEFF)