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Catherine’s Funeral.


On behalf of the Cairn Terrier Association I would like to thank all the people that attended and represented the Cairn Fraternity at Catherine Butterfield’s Funeral yesterday (18th September 2008). It was a sad occasion but a beautiful service, one that Catherine I am sure would have approved of.

People present:

Mr Ray Smallwood: President of the C.T.A.

Mrs Lynda Hughes:  Secretary of the C.T.A.

Ms Liz Hooton:        Representing the Southern Cairn Terrier Club.

Ms Monica Ball:       Representing the M.C.T.C

Mrs Ann Wall:          M.C.T.C

Mr, Mrs A. Jennings: M.C.T.C

Mr, Mrs J Middlehurst.

Mrs Liz Longdin.

Mrs Norma Newton.

Mr,Mrs R Tester.

Miss Phillips: C.T.C.

Miss Jean Shearsmith.


At exactly 11.30am (the time of Catherine’s funeral) judging was halted at Driffield Championship Show to observe one minutes silence in memory of Catherine.



            Kind Regards.

         Lynda Hughes

           Hon Secretary Cairn Terrier Association.





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