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2004 Reports


Bournemouth Canine Association

14th August 2004 - Cairn Terrier

Judge: Mr Richard Rumens


DCC Templetons Larchlea If Looks Could Kill

RDCC Roberts’ Cannwood Augurey

BCC Wards Vanajam Trick A Treat

RBCC Catto’s Birselaw Special Moment

BP Middlehurst’s Cannwood As If By Magic


DCC & BOB Templeton’s Larchlea If Looks Could Kill

BCC Ward’s Vanajam Trick A Treat




BP Challenge


MPD (1)

1. Weinbergers Corrennie Rainbow Syke


PD (2)

1.    Middlehurst’s Cannwood As If By Magic

2.    Castrey’s Cloverbrook Angus McLee Of Casmhor



JD (5,2a)

1.    Smith’s Rocasovale Good Luck Charm

2.    Berrecloth’s Sybster Spring Time

3.    Parker- Tucker’s Uniquecottage good Luck Charm



ND (3)

1.    Berrecloth’s Sybster Sophora

2.    Parker-Tucker’s Uniquecottage Chipmunk

3.    Kippen’s Chezaku Ferryman



PGD (5,2a)

1.    Fairweather’s Ock Ross I’m The Boss

2.    Kippen’s Chezaku Ferryman

3.    Laker’s Wizoz Rory




LD (7,1a)

1.    Temleton’s larchlea If Looks Could Kill

2.    Cadogan’s Dogan Jamesy Cotter

3.    Harrison & Formosa’s Hydecastle Flic Flac For Carradine

Res  Confue’s Anjofra Bang On The Door

VHC Weinberger’s Corrennie Altissimo



OD (3,1a)

1.    Roberts’ Cannwood Augurey

2.    Hooper’s Am Ch Birselaw Super Trooper



MPB (4,2a)

1.    Osborn’s Tweslam Izzy Wizzy Get Bizzy

2.    Parker-Tucker’s Uniquecottage Wilhelmina


PB (7)

1.    Curtisey Foreign Affair At Carradine

2.    Bencana Dark Mint

3.    Osborn’s Tweslam Dark Angel

Res. Templeton’s Larchlea Remember Remember

VHC. Moseley’s Sawyche Elizabethan Ruby


JB (6)

1.    Parker-Tuckers Uniquecottage Glengettie

2.    Evans’ Nuvan Little Mo

3.    Thomas’ Tycadno Caprice

Res. Ward’s Vanajam Hokcus Pokcus

VHC. Berrecloth’s Sybster Spring Song


NB (5,2a)

1.    Brown’s Bencana Royal Sovereign

2.    White’s Kervaig Jemima

3.    Parker-Tuckers Uniquecottage Wilhelmina



GB (5,1a)

1.    Middlehurst’s Starveren Chance To Dream

2.    Radford’s Skimmerton Silver Touch

3.    Kippen’s Tacret Lucky Star Of Chezaku

Res. Glenmear martine


PGB (9,1a)

1.    Dolan’s Glenrood Dream Pipit

2.    Burrtess’ Carradine Echo

3.    Radford’s Skimmerton Silver Sequel

Res. Moseley’s Spawyche Elizabethan Pearl

VHC. Pollock’s Stanedyke Diva


LB (7,2a)

1.    Catto’s Birselaw Special Moment

2.    Dolan’s Glenrod Magic Solitaire

3.    Smee’s Oudenarde Belle Amour

Res. Weinberger’s Corrennie keep My Secret

VHC. Castrey’s Skimmerton Symhony Of Casmhor


OB (7)

1.    Ward’s Vanajam Trick A Treat

2.    Buttress’ Uniquecottage Gold Tilly

3.    Munday’s Stradivarius Sonata

Res. Goldfinch’s Kanawha Listen Again

     VHC. Osborn’s Tweslam Charlie’s Angel





















Photographs By Reinier Goud


Bournemouth Canine Association Championship Show


14th August 2004


Cairn Terriers


I thoroughly enjoyed this show, which I undertook at short notice due to the non-availability of Ian Kettle.


We were fortunate that  the rain held off but it was humid – not helpful for showing.


I was pleased not to find poor bites or missing teeth. Coats were generally clean and of good quality. Movement was as variable as ever. We seem to be keeping the typical wicked, Cairn expression; eyes were of correct colour and shape, ear placement was generally right and stop, although variable, was deep or acceptable in most cases.


Exhibitors do need to remember this is a dog show and a competition and dogs should be presented in a way that is going to impress the judge. A triangle means just that. In coming back to the judge the dog should be moving towards the judge - not way to the left or way to the right.


What did impress me was the rapport between handler and dog of the five principal winners - they truly got the best out of their charges. 



MPD (1, 0 abs)


1                     Weinberger CORRENIE RAINBOW SYKE balanced wheaten, 8 months, nice head, eye, stop, good front and coat (but needs some trimming). Still a raw baby.


PD (2,0)


1                     Middlehurst CANWOOD AS IF BY MAGIC TO STARVEREN. Eye catching, super headed, 10 months wheaten/brindle with lovely dark points, correct ear placement, sound mover, tight coat, level topline. One to watch. Best P.


2                     Castrey CLOVERBROOK ANGUS McLEE OF CASMHOR dark grey, full coat, preferred head and eye shape of the winner. Didn’t show himself off to best advantage and somewhat wayward on the move.


 JD (5,2)


Three very nice dogs


1                     Smith ROCASOVALE GOOD LUCK CHARM Dark grey brindle in good coat. Liked his head, eye, teeth/bite. Moved very well and overall balance completed the picture.


2                     Berrecloth SYBSTER SPRING TIME Very similar type to the winner. Light grey in excellent coat. Pleasing head. Big teeth, correct bite. The overall shape was balanced but just lost out to the winner on movement.


3                     Parker-Tucker UNIQUECOTTAGE CHIPMUNK




No entries


GD (3,0)


1                     Berrecloth SYBSTER SOPHORA Dark grey with good head, eye, mouth. Quality coat. Moved soundly and positively retaining his level topline. Tailset good but just needs to be careful about tail going over slightly when excited To me a typical Cairn.


2                     Parker-Tucker UNIQUECOTTAGE CHIPMUNK 3rd in strong junior class, liked his head, eye (shape and colour) and ear placement, all providing the typical expression. Level topline. Coat just needs attention.


3                     Kippen CHEZAKU FERRYMAN


PGD (5,2)


1                     Fairweather OCK ROSS I’M THE BOSS Very nice grey brindle in excellent coat. Loved his head, dark eye and expression. An alert dog that moved well and retained his overall outline. Does need to maintain his concentration.


2                     Kippen CHEZAKU FERRYMAN Dark grey brindle, nice head, good teeth and bite, moved ok but lacking showmanship. Coat needs attention.


3                     Laker WIZOZ RORY


LD (7,1)


Very competitive class - placings could be different on another day but that’s showing for you.


1              Templeton LARCHLEA IF LOOKS COULD KILL I liked this dog last time I judged and today, for me, he shone. Dark grey brindle in good coat, lovely masculine head, eye and ear placement giving that all important expression.  So alert and in tune with his handler. Excellent mover fore and aft with positive drive. Eye catching outline and shape.. Seems to have lost a little weight, which has improved him.  CC & BOB


2                     Cadogan DOGAN JAMESY COTTER Very similar to 1 in every respect, typical Cairn, lovely head, eye and wicked expression. Coat of correct texture and length. Moved positively out and back. Another typical Cairn and a close contender for the top spot. Just not quite the reach of neck of the winner.


3                      Harrison & Formosa HYDECASTLE FLIC-FLAC FOR CARRADINE (IMP)


OD (3,1)


                Only two present but both were top quality.


1                     Roberts CANWOOD AUGUREY I judged this dog when a Junior and thought then he needed more time to mature. Today, he looked the part. Lovely headed wheaten with deep stop, excellent eye and dark rim, which gives such a wonderful expression. Balanced with an excellent tailset and topline. Moved with drive and purpose. Well deserved Res CC.


2                     Hooper AM CH BIRESLAW SUPER TROOPER Grey brindle, with excellent head, eye and that all important Cairn expression. Good bone. Carrying a superb coat of quality. Moved out as the winner with positive drive but perhaps carrying too much hair on the neck, which tended to make him look shorter in back.



MPB (4,2)


1                     Osborn TWESLAM WIZZY GET BIZZY Clear red in good coat, liked her overall shape, balance, reach of neck and eye. Moved and showed well for an 8 month baby.


2                     Parker-Tucker UNIQUECOTTAGE WILHELMINA NAF Wheaten brindle, 8 months, raw baby carrying a lot of coat, nice head and eye. Moved satisfactorily and has time on her side to mature and develop.


PB (7,2)


1                     Harrison & Formosa CURTISEY FOREIGN AFFAIR AT CARRADINE Very feminine wheaten brindle in short coat. Liked her head, eye and mouth, and used her ears to best advantage. Held her topline on the move.


2              Brown    BENCANA DARK MINT Grey brindle of nice type, moved well and in good coat but clearly not easy to show.


3              Osborn TWESLAM DARK ANGEL


JB (6,0)


1                     Parker-Tucker UNIQUECOTTAGE GLENGETTIE Typical red brindle. Excels in head, with defined stop, proper ear placement and appealing dark eyes of correct shape. Moved very well. Level topline and tail set on as it should be, but she was carrying a lot of coat, which detracted from the overall picture.


2                     Evans NUVAN LITTLE MO Grey brindle of different type to 1. Good head, eye, expression and coat. Very showy and moved well. Shorter in the neck than the winner, which detracted from her balance.


3                     Thomas TYCADNO CAPRICE


NB (5,2)


1                     Brown BENCANA ROYAL SOVEREIGN Good coated grey brindle with a pretty head, good eye, teeth, proper scissor bite. Still a puppy, movement acceptable but loose which should improve as she matures.


2                     White KERVAIG GEMIMA Grey brindle in good coat. Head, eye and expression ok. Larger than I prefer and gave the impression of being a little ungainly and unbalanced.


3                     Parker-Tucker UNIQUECOTTAGE WILHELMINA


GB (5,1)


1                     Middlehurst STARVEREN CHANCE TO DREAM Wheaten with dark eye, mask, expression and tight coat. Good reach of neck and was impressed by her overall balance. Moved well.


2                     Radford SKIMMERTON SILVER TOUCH Grey brindle, harsh coat. Very nice head and expression. Balanced. Movement seemed ok but not as steady as the winner.


3                     Kippen TARCRET LUCKY STAR OF CHEZAKU


PGB (9,1)


1                     Dolan GLENROOD DREAM PIPIT Cream with lovely feminine head, dark eye, mascara, well fitting jacket,. Presented in good order, balanced, showed and moved well. Quality Cairn.


2                     Butress CARRADINE ECHO Red brindle with a lovely head. Excellent coat, nice dark eye pleasing expression. Balanced, moved ok.


3                     Radford SKIMMERTON SILVER SEQUEL


LB (7,2)


1                     Catto BIRSELAW SPECIAL MOMENT Top quality wheaten brindle, superb outline/shape, loveliest of heads, eye, correctly placed ears with dark points, alert expression. Big teeth, good bite. Sound mover. Res CC


2                     Dolan GLENROOD MAGIC SOLITAIRE Grey brindle, sweet head, dark eye, not quite the coat of the winner, balanced, good topline. Not yet fully mature but has plenty of time.


3                     Smee OUDENARDE BELLE AMOUR


OB (7,0)


1                     Ward VANAJAM TRICK A TREAT  Classy cream/wheaten with lovely head, dark mask, dark eye and good ear placement. Balanced, super reach of neck.  Coat a little short but of correct texture and quality. Flowed around the ring and handled to show off her qualities. CC


2                     Butress UNIQUECOTTAGE GOLD TILLY Red/wheaten good coat, head, expression, level topline. Moved well but handler needs to concentrate to get the best out of this otherwise good Cairn.


3                     Munday STRADIVARIUS SONATA



Richard A Rumens (Judge)