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2004 Reports


City Of Birmingham Championship Show

4th September 2004

Judge: Mr R J (Bob) Croyman


DCC & BOB Mr & Mrs J T P ROBERTS’ Cannwood Augurey
RDCC Mrs A WALL’S Ch Shearwater Cae de Sonhas
BCC Mrs E B & Mr I L B SHAW’S Ch Honeyhall Hijinx
RBCC Mrs S E DOLAN Ch Glenrood Forever Beauty
Best Puppy  Mrs C TEMPLETON Larchlea Remember Remember

BCC Ch. Honeyhall Hijinx, Iain Shaw, Judge Bob Croyman, Mary Middlehurst, DCC & BOB Cannwood Augurey





Puppy Challenge

BPD Cannwood As If By Magic To Starveren &

BPB & BPIB Larchlea Remember Remember


More pictures after results, critique after pictures


MPD (2,1)
1st: Mrs S FROST Penticharm Black Jack

PD (3,0)
1st: Mrs M MIDDLEHURST Cannwood As If By Magic To Starveren
2nd: Mrs C CHAMBERS, Mr & Mrs C & THOMAS Cairngrove Red Rascal
3rd: BRATLEY, I M & HOLMES, M G Amberhill Rob Roy

JD (8,2)
1st: Mr & Mrs J A BERRECLOTH Sybster Spring Time
2nd: Mrs M HOGARTY Cadagio As Good As It Gets
3rd: Mrs N R NEWTON Strathinver Royal Applause
Res: Mrs F S CAMERON Stryveling Young Lochinvar
VHC: Mrs S J GILL Copseleaze Light Skies

ND (1,0)
1st: Mesdames BRATLEY, I M & HOLMES, M G Amberhill Rob Roy

PGD (7,1)
1st: Mrs E J A THOMPSON Castleline Prince Harry
2nd: Mrs M CROSBY Tolimaura Chace
3rd: Mr & Mrs J A BERRECLOTH Sybster Sophora
Res: Mr K LEESE Cloverbrook Silver Rebel
VHC: Ms A J WEST Junetta Ludycrous

LD (5,0)
1st: Mrs S J WEINBERGER Correnie Altissimo
2nd: Mr & Mrs B G MEARS Glenmear Malfoy
3rd: Mrs S KINTON Woodthorpe Just Bedazzled
Res: Mr & Mrs P RAMSDEN Cairngold Sparticus
VHC: Mrs M KEEVES, Mrs J & BENNETT Vanajam Amulet with Maxiveek

OD (5,0)
1st: Mr & Mrs J T P ROBERTS Cannwood Augurey
2nd: Mrs A WALL Ch Shearwater Cae de Sonhas
3rd:  Mrs HOOPER Am Ch Birselaw Super Trooper
Res: Mr R SHORTER, Mrs D A & NUTTALL Spawyche Elizabethian Jet
VHC: Mr & Mrs S W G SHORT Glenchess Black Tie


MPB (5,2)
1st: Mrs S J WEINBERGER Correnie Felisia
2nd: Mrs J KEEVES Seveek Christmas Special
3rd: Mrs B L KRZYSZKOWSKI Corrandulla Carousel

PB (13,3)
1st: Mrs C TEMPLETON Larchlea Remember Remember
2nd: Mrs W V MOSELEY Spawyche Elizabethan Ruby
3rd: Mrs A WEAVER Copseleaze Harriet
Res: Mr & Mrs P BROWN Bencana Dark Mint
VHC: Mr & Mrs HEWITT Littleacorn Tulin

JB (5,2)
1st: Mrs J SMITH Rocasovale All That Jazz
2nd: Mrs S J WEINBERGER Correnie Hi Lily
3rd: Mrs J PERCY Uniquecottage Celtic Charm

NB (4,1)

1st: Mrs J P POILE Kedvaiy Pascali
2nd: Mrs C TEMPLETON Larchlea Let Me Entertain U
3rd: Mesdames BRATLEY, I M & HOLMES, M G Amberhill Dancing Queen

PGB (13,5)
1st: Miss Y CATTO Birselaw Special Moment
2nd: Mrs M MIDDLEHURST Starveren Chance To Dream
3rd: Mr J WATSON Carocairn Moulin Rouge by Fieldron
Res: Mrs S E DOLAN Glenrood Magic Solitaire
VHC: Mrs J KEEVES Seveek Chasing Dreams

LB (7,0)
1st:  Mr & Mrs J POLLOCK Stanedykes Diva
2nd: Mrs A SMEE Oudenarde Belle Amour
3rd:  Mrs L HUGHES Spawyche Dawn Chorus at Gyncairn
Res: Mrs V CARTER Tarcret Silver Star
VHC: Miss B SHANNON, Mr D STORR Brenndarcy Miss Dormouse

OB (6,0)
1st: Mrs E B & Mr I L B SHAW Ch Honeyhall Hijinx
2nd: Mrs S E DOLAN Ch Glenrood Forever Beauty
3rd: Mr & Mrs S W G SHORT Glenchess Gold Myrtle
Res: Mr R MUNDAY Stradivarius Sonata
VHC:  Mrs M KEEVES, Mrs J & BENNETT Seveek One Moment in Time with Maxiveek

Brace (1 )
1st: Bratley & Holmes

















Photographs by Brenda Shannon



Cairn Terriers

I thank the exhibitors and Committee for making my day so enjoyable, a special thanks also to my two excellent stewards.

A good size ring which was carpeted this covered the ill-fitting drainage gratings which were unfortunately off putting for the handlers and dogs.

The general overall quality of the bitches was superior to the dogs.  Temperaments were very good, a few bad mouths with small teeth, coats on some were inbetween,there was quite a variance in size in some classes.

 MPD (2.1)

  1. Frost’s Penticharm Black Jack, Very showy dark brindle, moved OK when settled, typical head, lovely dark eye.

PD (3)

  1. Middlehurst’s Cannwood As If By Magic to Starveren NAF, Wheaten brindle,

Moved and showed well, good depth of rib, good textured coat, Best Puppy  Dog.

  1. Chambers & Thomas’s Cairngrove Red Rascal, Fine red with good head,

 not so positive on the move.

  1. Bratley & Holmes’s  Amberhill Rob Roy.


JD (8.2)

1.      Berrecloth’s Sybster Spring Time, A very good wheaten brindle, moved OK

coming and going, driving off strong rear quarters, well balanced.

2.      Hogarty’s Cadagio As Good As It Gets, a sound grey brindle,lovely head and expression, good shoulders and length of neck.

3.      Newton’s Strathinver Royal Applause.

ND (1)

1.      Bratley & Holmes’s Amberhill Rob Roy,  although stood alone showed well enjoying his day,  needs a new coat.

PGD (7.1)

         1.   Thompson’s Castleline Prince Harry, Lovely wheaten brindle, good topline

 and tailset, good muscle tone, dark eye, good coat.

2.      Crosby’s Tolimaura Chace, Nice showy dog, coat unfortunately past its best,

Covered the ground well, good head and expression.

3.      Berrecloth’s Sybster Sophora.

LD (5)

1.      Weinberger’s Correnie Altissimo, Grey brindle, good size, typical head,

great depth of rib, short in coat.

2.      Mear’s Glenmear Malfoy, nice upstanding red, moved OK, good bone, reach

of neck, strong legs & feet, needs a new coat to complete the picture.

3.      Kinton’s Woodthorpe Just Bedazzled


OD (5)

1.      Robert’s Cannwood Augurey, Best of heads and reach of neck, took my eye

as soon as he came into the ring spot on for size, did not disappoint on the table, moved well, put down to perfection, pleased to award him the CC (his 2nd) & BOB.

2.      Wall’s Ch. Shearwater Cae de Sonhas, I gave him the CC in 2002 unlucky to meet 1. in such fine form,  however still deserved the RCC.

3.      Hooper’s Am.Ch. Birselaw Super Trooper.



MPB (5.2)

1.      Weinberger’s Correnie Felisia, Cream, good front and shoulders, very

showy, coat past its best, but of correct texture.

2.      Keeves’s Seveek Christmas Special, Very feminine cream, once settled

Moved OK, good head and coat.

3.      Krzyszkowski’s Corrandulla Carousel


PB (13.3)

1.      Templeton’s Larchlea Remember Remember, very difficult not to

remember, excelled in all departments super dark brindle, stood out in the ring, and what a mover, one to watch for the future. BP.

          2.   Moseley’s Spawyche Elizabethan Ruby, Super wheaten brindle, very showy

good topline, reach of neck, strong head, unlucky to meet 1 in such fine form.

          3,   Weaver’s Copseleaze Harriet.


JB (5.2)

           1.   Smith’s Rocasovale All That Jazz, Dark brindle, full coated, powerful

       quarters, good bone, depth of rib, nice head, did not like the floor.

 2.   Weinberger’s Correnie Hi Lily, Wheaten, lovely outline, good mover when

                  settled, did not like the floor, new coat needed to complete the picture.

2.      Percy’s Uniquecottage Celtic Charm.


NB (4.1)

           1.   Poile’s Kedvaiy Pascali, Beautiful red, well balanced, good outline, moved

                 and showed well, lovely head and expression.

           2.   Templeton’s Larchlea Let Me Entertain U, Brindle more coat required,

                 good reach of neck, good mouth, dark eye.

3.      Bratley & Holmes’s Amberhill Dancing Queen.



1.      Catto’s Birselaw Special Moment, Very feminine wheaten in full coat,

good outline, superb head, good mover.

           2.   Middlehurst’s Starveren Chance To Dream. Cream brindle, in full coat of

                 correct texture, good bone, legs and feet.

2.      Watson’s Carocairn Moulin Rouge by Fieldron.


LB (7)

           1.   Pollock’s Stanedykes Diva, Smart dark brindle, good head & mouth, dark

                 eye, good shoulders and reach of neck, moved well covering the ground

                 coming and going, considered her for RCC.

           2.   Smee’s Oudenarde Belle Amour, very similar to 1 and same comments  

  apply, but a new coat would complete the picture.

3.      Hughes’s Spawyche Dawn Chorus at Gyncairn.





OB (6)

1.      Shaw’s Ch. Honeyhall Hijinx, A lovely wheaten brindle sound in all

Departments, super head & expression, good shoulders and reach of

neck, driving off strong rear quarters, pleased to award her the CC.

2.      Dolan’s Ch. Glenrood Forever Beauty, cream, beautiful outline, lovely

Length of leg, moved well both ways, a credit to this kennel, deserved

the RCC.

3.      Short’s Glenchess Gold Myrtle.


Brace (1)

1.      Bratley & Holmes’s brace -  A lovely matched pair, like two peas in a pod, moving and showing in harmony.



Robert H. J. Croyman (Judge).