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JUDGE; Mrs Linda Firth (Cairngold)


DCC Braybrook’s Ch. Cloverbrook Loaded Dice

RDCC Evans’ Birselaw Billy The Kid At Kapplegill

BCC & BOB Shaw’s Ch. Honeyhall Hijinx

RBCC Catto’s Birselaw Special Moment

BP Middlhurst’s Cannwood As If By Magic

Iain Shaw, BCC & BOB C. Honeyhall Hijinx

Sue Braybrook & DCC Ch. Cloverbrook Loaded Dice

RDCC Birselaw Billy The Kid of Kapplegill

Yvonne Catto & RBCC Birselaw Special Moment


Retiring CTC Secretary John Berrecloth & judge Linda Firth with the day’s top winners & stewards.

(Class winner pictures after results followed by Critique)

VD (2)

1        Chrianbi Coxcomb Prominent

2        Bengalhill Simply Magic


VB (5,1a)

1.      Cloverbrook Noella

2.      Sandaig Silent Wings

3.      Kinkim Lisa Lum At Stryveling

Res. Blackrod Honey Orchid


SVD/B (2)

  1. Sybster Shooting Star
  2. Stormy Weather


MPD (2,1a)

  1. Croyanda Flashman


PD (6,1a)

  1. Cannwood As If By Magic
  2. Dreamboy Bobby
  3. Cloverbrook Angus Mclee of Casmhor

Res. Minorcas Yours Truly

VHC. Glenmear Billy Flynn


JD (6,1a)

  1. Stryveling Young Lochinvar
  2. Sarachelle Keep Em Coming
  3. Rocasovale Good Luck Charm

Res. Ocedar Zephyr

VHC. Kilnknowe Gift Of Myth


MD – no Entries


ND (3,1a)

  1. Cannwood Red Komet
  2. Kilnknowe Gift Of Myth


UGD – No Entries


GD (3)

  1. Birselaw Billy The Kid of Kapplegill
  2. Sybster Spring Time
  3. Kilnknowe Gift Of Myth


PGD (2)

  1. Sybster Sophora
  2. Honeyhall Hawick


LD (5)

  1. Hyde Castle Flic Flac For carradine
  2. Twohoots Arthur
  3. Glenmear Malfoy

Res. Lord Andrew Henry Mcstea

VHC Kilnknowe Gift Of Myth


OD (7,1a)

  1. Ch. Cloverbrook Loaded Dice
  2. Ch & Am Ch. Birselaw Super Trooper
  3. Cannwood Augurey

Res. Twohoots Advent Oberon

VHC. Larchlea If Looks Could Kill


SBD (4,1a)

  1. Honeyhall Hawick
  2. Ocedar Zephyr
  3. Kilnknowe Gift Of Gold

MPB (4,2a)

  1. Ocedor Willow The Wisp
  2. Black Rod Belle Heather


PB (7,2a)

  1. Cannwood Catcha Fallin Star
  2. Larchlea Let Me Entertain U
  3. Uniquecottage Devon Charm

Res. Bonny Katie

VHC. Minorcas Mona Lisa


JB (7,1a)

  1. Rocasovale All That Jazz
  2. Sarachelle Billie Holliday
  3. Uniquecottage Celtic Charm

Res. Curtisey Foreign Affair At Carradine

VHC. Carradine Rosa Rug Rosa At Ruscot


MB (7,3a)

  1. Copseleaze Here’s Me At Haukantorppa
  2. Sarachelle Billie Holliday
  3. Syster Spring Song

Res. Kenmill To Sue


NB (8,2a0

  1. Camasmor Capricious
  2. Sybster Spring Into Summer
  3. Chrianbi Tangle Of The Isles

Res. Kenmillto Sue

VHC. Honeyhall Helluvagal For Jancairn


UGB (4,2a)

  1. Birselaw Special Model At Kapplegill
  2. Sybster Sring Into Summer


GB (9,3a)

  1. Crowneast Sugar Babe
  2. Larchlea Remember Remember
  3. Cloverbrook Double Six At Eborvale

Res. Chrianbi Sweet Perfume

VHC. Stryveling Proud Maisie


PGB (7,2a)

  1. Birselaw Special Moment
  2. Carradine Echo
  3. Stryveling The lady Rowena

Res. Sandaig Skye Song


LB (9,1a)

  1. Stanedykes Diva
  2. Uniquecottage Glengettie
  3. Sandaig Suilean Dubh

Res. Stanedykes Tosca

VHC. Tribanon Destiny Of Bedrule


OB (9,5a)

  1. Ch. Honeyhall Hijinx
  2. Camasmor Coquette
  3. Shabana Stormy Skye Dancer

Res. Stradivarious Scots Suite At Kapplegill


SBB (8,1a)

  1. Copseleaze Here’s Me At Haukantorppa
  2. Sybster Spring Song
  3. Ocedar Morning Star

Res. Black Rod Belle Heather

VHC. Honeyhall Helluvagal For Jancairn











VD & Best Veteran
















Ruth Wadman –Taylor presenting Fiona Cameron with her award for Cairn Of The Year – Ch. Stryveling Ivanhoe

(pictures by Alan Firth)


Cairn Terrier Club’s Championship Show 2 October 2004



I thoroughly enjoyed this appointment but never thought I would be judging this famous show! 


After considering construction & breed type, my final placings were determined on movement of the exhibits on the day.  The last 3 words I consider to be very important.


I was pleased to see that overtrimming was not predominate in most of the exhibits.  However, there were a few otherwise good exhibits who would have been placed higher had they been properly trimmed for the show ring.



Veteran Dog (2, 0)

            1.         Rae’s Chrianbi Coxcomb Prominent, nicely balanced dark brindle, in excellent coat & condition.  Correct size with a attractive masculine head.  He had a strong level topline and his tailset, shape & carriage correct.  He moved true both ways and showed with animation.  Didn’t look his 9 years, his presentation is a credit to his owner. Best Veteran


2.         Walker’s Bengalhill Simply Magic, another of the old fashioned type with that superb head.  Good bone, showed well.  Needed to be tidied up some.



Veteran Bitch  (5,1a)

            1.         Stephinson’s Cloverbrook Noella, nearly 8 year old cream.  A lovely type with a really typical head and expression.  She has a smashing harsh coat and is so well balanced.  As fit as a fiddle and moved well behind.  Showed like a youngster.


2.                  Jeffrey’s Sandaig Silent Wings, light red of similar type.  Another head which is the type I like with a broad skull and a good stop, but still retaining that feminine expression.  She kept her level topline on the move, the winner was in better condition on the day.


3.                  Cameron’s Kinkim Lisa Lum At Stryveling



Special Vintage D/B (2)

      1.         Berrecloth’s Sybster Shooting Star, nearly 11 years old and in such good condition.  She was presented so well and enjoying being in the ring, she was really alert and perky. She moved with drive and was sound both ways.

      2.         Ough’s Stormy Weather, this exhibit, now 10 years old, would have been one to watch in her younger days.  I liked her type and she was lovely to go over on the table.  She needed to be tidied up, the winner moved better.


Minor Puppy Dog (2,1a)

1.         Croyman’s Croyanda Flashman, cream youngster in excellent full jacket.  Good head, nice short muzzle, nice dark eye for one so light.  Very much a puppy but even at this tender age he is well balanced.  He needs to develop more in front but time is on his side.  Showed well but could do with a little more drive from the rear.  Well presented.  All the hall marks of a very promising pup.


Puppy Dog (8,1a)

      1.         Middlehurst’s Cannwood As If By Magic, mature brindle, really upstanding and full of himself.  Typical Cairn temperament.  Strong, masculine head, yet attractive.  Well balanced and correct size.  His front is straight with correct sloping shoulder, particularly well muscled rear and level topline, kept on the move.  Great showman, moved well.  A trifle short in coat at present but he is at that age. Best Puppy

2.         Alexander’s Dreamboy Bobby, liked this youngster a lot.  He is so smart and presents a lovely clean cut outline.  He excels in flow of neck, couldn’t really find anything I didn’t like when I went over him on the table and he moved so well both ways.  He certainly was an extrovert showman.  The winner won his place because he was more mature and masculine.

      3.         Castrey’s Cloverbrook Angus Mclee of Casmhor



Junior Dog  (7,1a)

            1.         Cameron’s Stryveling Young Lochinvar, cream with desired dark points.  Not overdone in any way, clean in shoulders, straight front & level topline.  Coat of correct texture and length.  Moved with drive and was true in front. In my opinion he needs a little bit more substance.  Showed well.

            2.         Elliott’s Sarachelle Keep Em Coming, nicely sized and well balanced.  Expressive head. Good mouth.  Correct tailset.  In excellent coat, needs to drop in brisket.  Not quite so positive in rear movement as winner.

            3.         Smith’s Rocasovale Good Luck Charm



MD – no Entries


Novice Dog (3,1a)

1.                  Roberts’ Cannwood Red Komet, red, very smart & well presented, in full jacket.   Mischievous expression.  Well bodied with a level topline.  Not quite so masculine as his litter bother, 1st in puppy but a nice Cairn nevertheless.  Very showy & alert.  Needs to tighten in front movement but time is on his side. 

      2.         Wilson’s Kilnknowe Gift Of Myth, cream who was a bit of a handful for his owner.  Nice head, straight front, in correct jacket but just too much of it!  Needs to attend a few ring training sessions. This and a little bit of trimming would see a nice Cairn emerge.


Undergraduate Dog – (1)

1.                  Elliott’s Sarachelle Keep ‘Em Coming


Graduate Dog (3)

      1.         Evans’ Birselaw Billy The Kid of Kapplegill, light red with a dark mask which enhanced his already attractive head.  Straight front, clean shoulders, sloping shoulders.  Well bodied, level topline, strong rear, well let down hocks.  In excellent coat & condition, well presented but not overtrimmed.  He covered the ground well and showed all out.  Has that stance which is so sought after.  He is the correct size and well balanced.  Was pleased to award him the RCC. 

      2.         Berrecloth’s Sybster Spring Time, excellent head on this grey brindle.  Liked his flow and length of neck.  A nice type of Cairn, well balanced and showy.  Very well presented.  Unlucky to meet 1 in such good form and I thought he could have been more positive in his front movement. 

3.         Sarachelle Keep ‘Em Coming


Post Graduate Dog (2)

      1.         Berrecloth’s Sybster Sophora, another grey brindle with the lovely head that this kennel is renowned for.  He is sound and well bodied but looked a little stuffy today.  Excellent showman with a good jacket  which could have benefited from a little more tidying.  Moved particularly well with drive.

2.                  Dean’s Honeyhall Hawick, very well presented light red with a most attractive masculine head with dark points.   Nice type of Cairn, well bodied and in good coat.  Stood well and showed himself off. Today he didn’t move well.  


Limit Dog (5)

            1.         Harrison & Formosa’s Hyde Castle Flic Flac For Carradine, a fine upstanding red dog with a really lovely head.  Good mouth, nice big teeth.  He has a straight front, level topline, and nice deep ribs, and he is well bodied & balanced.  He moved soundly front & back, and is a lively showman.  He was a contender for the RCC but on the day he was not in the same condition as the winner of this award.

2.         Stephinson’s Twohoots Arthur, nice type of Cairn with an attractive head, perhaps a shade smaller than Flic Flac but well balanced.  He excels in his topline and tailset and presents a nice clean cut picture.  In very good coat.  On the day he didn’t move quite so positively as the winner.

3.                  Mears’ Glenmear Malfoy


Open Dog (7,1a)

      1.         Braybrook’s Ch. Cloverbrook Loaded Dice, judged him before last year and awarded him the RCC when he was but a Junior.  He has matured into a lovely Cairn, a bit darker now than he was when he was younger and he is the type I like.  There is nothing stuffy about him, his lines are clean and he still has that same stance showing off his level topline.  His head is great, he is well bodied and correctly sized.  In good coat & condition, moved steadily and was light on his feet.  Showed all out.  CC.

      2.         Hooper’s Ch & Am Ch. Birselaw Super Trooper, a very strong masculine brindle Cairn with a lovely head and eye and deep stop.  Short muzzle and a good mouth.  Correct textured coat, level topline, well muscled rear.  On the day he didn’t present himself so well to show himself off to his best advantage, to be critical would have liked a slightly better length of leg to balance up.  Moved well going away but not quite so positive in front.

      3.         Roberts’ Cannwood Augurey


Special Beginners Dog (4,1a)

1.         Honeyhall Hawick

2.                  Ough’s Ocedar Zephyr, nice to go over on the table but very much in need of a new jacket.  Good head, well balanced, nice type.

3.                  Brown’s Kilnknowe Gift Of Gold


Minor Puppy Bitch  (4,2a)

      1.         Ough’s Ocedor Willow The Wisp, pretty headed cream pup, not overdone in any way and felt good on the table.  Nice front and shoulders.  Needed to be tidied a little to put her at her best advantage.  Showed well but it was difficult to assess her movement, a typical pup.

2.         Dowling’s Black Rod Belle Heather, didn’t seem to be enjoying her time in the ring and therefore obviously didn’t look at her best.  She has a cute head and a level topline.  Good coat coming through.  Another one where the movement was difficult to assess.


Puppy Bitch (7,2a)

      1.         Roberts’ Cannwood Catcha Fallin Star, very similar to winner of Novice Dog, her litter brother.  Same colour and in the same good jacket, presented just right with enough coat on but not too much or too little.  I was impressed with her sound movement, straight coming towards you and moved wide enough at the rear with plenty of drive.  A balanced Cairn, feminine yet strong and well bodied.  Showed all out.

            2.         Templeton’s Larchlea Let Me Entertain U, brindle, a shade larger than winner and sound in all departments.  Lovely expressive head, mischievous.  Nice length of neck flowing into clean shoulders.  Strong, well muscled rear.  Showed well and moved true both front & back.  Two nice pups.

            3.         Percy’s Uniquecottage Devon Charm


Junior Bitch (7,1a)

            1.         Smith’s Rocasovale All That Jazz, I really liked this bitch, she is a treat to go over on the table and did not disappoint when she moved.  She has a gorgeous feminine head and a lovely flow of neck. Her front assembly is spot on and she has a level topline kept on the move.  Nice size and well balanced.  She was in total rapport with her young handler.  When matured fully I should think she should do pretty well.

2.      Watts’ Sarachelle Billie Holliday, a very smart and showy cream bitch, medium is what it says in the Standard and this is what this bitch is and I don’t mean that in a derogatory sense.  What I mean is that she is not overdone in any way.  She has an expressive head, with a good dark eye.  Balanced and constructed well.  Showed very well, on her toes.

3.      Percy’s Uniquecottage Celtic Charm


Maiden Bitch (7,3a)

            1.         Hautkasalo Irving’s Copseleaze Here’s Me At Haukantorppa, red brindle bitch, in good coat & condition.  Attractive head, clean shoulders & level topline.  Well muscled & nicely angulated in rear.  Well let down hocks.  True mover.  Needs a little more confidence in the ring but nevertheless a sound feminine bitch.

            2.         Sarachelle Billie Holliday

3.         Smith’s Sybster Spring Song


Novice Bitch (8,2a)

            1.         Butterfield’s Camasmor Capricious, lovely well balanced cream bitch. Cairny head, coat of correct texture.  Nothing not to like about her.  Moved fine.  Showed well until she was awarded 1st and then something spooked her.

            2.         Berrecloth’s Sybster Spring Into Summer, grey brindle with a smashing headpiece.  Topline not looking at it’s best today, rose up a bit over the loin.  Rear movement good, showed well.

3.        Rae’s Chrianbi Tangle Of The Isles


Undergraduate Bitch (4,2a)

            1.         Evans’ Birselaw Special Model At Kapplegill, brindle bitch, an excellent showgirl. Good heath & mouth, well balanced & firm bodied with a level topline.  Moved a little loose in front but moved with drive from behind.

2.         Sybster Spring Into Summer


Graduate Bitch (9,3a)

            1.         Tutchings’ Crowneast Sugar Babe, red of nice size & well balanced, not overdone in any way.  A sound bitch of correct construction who was very well presented.  Moved with drive and covered the ground well.  Liked her a lot.

            2.         Templeton’s Larchlea Remember Remember, dark brindle who showed very well indeed.  Very strong & well bodied bitch.  Excellent head, neck & shoulders.  A little on the big side for me & today not moving qute so positively in front as the winner.

3.         Shearsmith’s Cloverbrook Double Six At Eborvale


Post Graduate Bitch (7,2a)

                                          1.         Catto’s Birselaw Special Moment, Took my eye as soon as she came into the ring.  A cream bitch who is lovely to go over on the table.  She is sound throughout but for me her best points are that she is ultra smart but not overtrimmed.  She has a most attractive feminine head and was in good condition.  She moved particularly well front & rear, covering the ground with ease. RCC

            2.         Buttress’ Carradine Echo, dark brindle bitch, good bone, deep rib, strong loin, level topline.  Excellent harsh coat.  Moved steadily.

            3.         Cameron’s Stryveling The Lady Rowena


Limit Bitch (9,1a) – a good class

            1.         Pollock’s Stanedykes Diva, What a beautiful bitch!  Anyone who needs to feel correct flow of neck and good shoulders should go over this bitch.  “Type” is always hard to define but this is mine.  She is upstanding, strong, yet retaining that femininity.  Her head has that mischievous expression.  She was well presented & showed well.  She was certainly a contender for top honours but on the day I preferred the movement of the CC & RCC winners.

            2.         Parker Tucker’s Uniquecottage Glengettie, a quality red bitch with that   head & expression that can’t be faulted.  Perfect front, neck & shoulders & she kept her level topline on he move.  Showed all out.  Moved a little close behind today.

            3.         Jeffrey’s Sandaig Suilean Dubh


Open Bitch (9, 5 a)

1.      Shaw’s Ch. Honeyhall Hijinx, A clear winner in this class.  I think this must be one of the best Cairns in the ring today.  No Cairn is perfect I know but as I went over her I could not really fault her.  She is not overdone in any way, fits the Standard beautifully. I wish she were mine!  She showed with animation and moved as a Cairn should, light on her feet but moving with drive and purpose.  She had the necessary width between both her front and back legs as she moved straight.  CC & BIS

2.      Butterfield’s Camasmor Coquette, dark brindle of nice type.  A really quality bitch with a good head, straight front & nice length of neck flowing into clean shoulders.  Well bodied & balanced.  Good rear, perhaps too good because she wouldn’t stop jumping up and therefore I couldn’t assess her movement very well.

3.      Kennan’s Shabana Stormy Skye Dancer


Special Beginners Bitch (8,1a)

  1. Copseleaze Here’s Me At Haukantorppa
  2. Sybster Spring Song
  3. Ough’s Ocedar Morning Star



Judge Linda Firth