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Darlington Dog Show Society

17th  September 2004

Cairn Terrier Judge: Mrs Ann Wall (Shearwater)


DCC TEMPLETON’S Larchlea If Looks Could Kill
RDCC MIDDLEHURST’S Cannwood As If By Magic To Starveren
BCC MUNDAY’S Stradivarius Sonata
RBCC SHAW’S Ch Honeyhall Hijinx
Best Puppy MIDDLEHURST’S Cannwood As If By Magic To Starveren

DCC & BOB Larchlea If Looks Could Kill

(Photo by Andy Templeton)


DCC & BOB Larchlea If Looks Could Kill, Carol Templeton, Ann Wall, BCC Stradivarious Sonata, Ray Munday

Best Puppy & RDCC Cannwood As if By Magic







PD (4 )
1st  Mrs M MIDDLEHURST Cannwood As If By Magic To Starveren
2nd Mrs C CHAMBERS, Mr & Mrs C & THOMAS Cairngrove Red Rascal
3rd  Mr P A & Mrs V A CASTREY Cloverbrook Angus McLee of Casmhor
Res Mesdames BRATLEY, I M & HOLMES, M G Amberhill Rob Roy

JD (4)
1st  Mrs J SMITH Rocasovale Good Luck Charm
2nd  Mr & Mrs J A BERRECLOTH Sybster Spring Time
3rd  Mrs F S CAMERON Stryveling Young Lochinvar
Res Mrs N R NEWTON Strathinver Royal Applause

PGD (2,1)
1st  1169 Mrs M CROSBY Tolimaura Chace



LD (4)
1st Mrs C TEMPLETON Larchlea If Looks Could Kill
2nd Mrs A CADOGAN Dogan Jamesy Cotter
3rd Mr & Mrs P RAMSDEN Cairngold Sparticus
Res Mrs A WAITES Seveek Country Rambler to Svendalens

OD (7,1)

1st Mr & Mrs J T P ROBERTS Cannwood Augurey
2nd Mr R SHORTER, Mrs D A & NUTTALL Spawyche Elizabethian Jet
3rd  Mrs L HOOPER Am Ch Birselaw Super Trooper
Res Mr & Mrs S W G SHORT Glenchess Black Tie
VHC Mr A J & Mrs C STEPHINSON Twohoots Advent Oberon



MPB (4)
1st: Miss Y CATTO Birselaw It's My Moment
2nd: Mrs J KEEVES Seveek River Of Dreams
3rd: Mrs J KEEVES Seveek Christmas Special
Res:Mrs A WAITES Seveek Country Lover To Svendalens NAF TAF

PB (5)
1st: Mrs C TEMPLETON Larchlea Remember Remember
2nd: Mrs J KEEVES Seveek The Mystery of Dreams
3rd: Miss B SHANNON & Mr D STORR Brenndarcy Miss Demeanour
Res: Mrs J PERCY Uniquecottage Devon Charm
VHC:Mesdames BRATLEY, I M & HOLMES, M G Amberhill Dancing Queen

JB (7,2)
1st: Mrs J SMITH Rocasovale All That Jazz
2nd: Mr & Mrs J A BERRECLOTH Sybster Spring Into Summer
3rd: Mr M & Mrs E WATTS Sarachelle Billie Holiday
Res:  Mrs V & Miss C L WEEDALL Clairevona Astranomical
VHC:Mrs J PERCY Uniquecottage Celtic Charm

PGB (7,1)

1st: Miss Y CATTO Birselaw Special Moment
2nd: Mrs M MIDDLEHURST Starveren Chance To Dream
3rd: Mr R & Mrs C J BUTTERFIELD Camasmor Capricious
Res: Mrs J KEEVES Seveek Chasing Dreams
VHC:Miss B SHANNON & Mr D STORR Brenndarcy Tigerlily

LB (7,1)
1st: Mr & Mrs J POLLOCK Stanedykes Diva
2nd: Mrs L HUGHES Spawyche Dawn Chorus at Gyncairn
3rd: Mrs P JEFFREY Sandaig Suilean Dubh
Res: Mrs M KEEVES, Mrs J & BENNETT Seveek One Moment in Time with Maxiveek
VHC: Mrs V & Miss C L WEEDALL Clairevona Victorian Ice

OB (4)
1st: Mr R MUNDAY Stradivarius Sonata
2nd: Mrs E B & Mr I L B SHAW Ch Honeyhall Hijinx
3rd: Mr & Mrs S W G SHORT Glenchess Gold Myrtle
Res: Mr R & Mrs C J BUTTERFIELD Camasmor Coquette















“Just a minute Brenda!”

Pictures by Brenda Shannon

Darlington Dog Show Society 17,18,19 Setpember 2004


Breed Cairn Terrier      Judge Mrs Ann Wall


Class 340 VD                No Entries

Class 341 MPDNo Entries


Class 342 PD                4 (Abs 0)


1st 1182 Mrs M Middlehurst Cannwood As If By Magic To Strarveren

Lovely young dog. Came into the ring as if he owned it. Loved his head and expression, he has a super neck flowing into good shoulders. An excellent topline, which he kept whilst on the move. Good spring of rib and is well balanced. He moved with drive. Coat in tip top condition.

I was  pleased to award him BP and RDCC.


2nd 1168 Mr &  Mrs C Chambers & Mrs C Thomas Cairngrove Red Rascal

A very nice young dog. Again in excellent coat and condition. He has a good head and expression, moved and showed well.


3rd 1164 Mr & Mrs P Castrey Cloverbrook Angus McLee of Casmhor


Class 343 JD 4 (Abs 0)


1st 1200 Mrs J Smith Rocasovale Good Luck Charm

Another in very good coat. Super expression from his lovely head. Good front and rear quarters with good bend of stifle. Correct movement both front and rear. Nicely balanced with good topline and tailset. Showed well.


2nd 1156 Mr & Mrs J Berrecloth Sybster Spring Time

Lovely head with correct eye. Good topline and tailset   I just preferred the movement of 1 today.


3rd  1163 Mrs F Cameron Stryveling Young Lochinvar


Class 344 PGD 2 (Abs 1)


1st 1169 Mrs M Crosby Tolimaura Chace

Jacket a little short but what was there was good quality. Very nice head  Good topline and tailset. Showed well.



Class 345 LD 4 (Abs 0)


1st 1204 Mrs C Templeton Larchlea If Looks Could Kill

Judged him in 2002 and gave him best puppy, he has matured really well and fulfilled his potential. Such a wicked expression, a super head, neck and shoulders. Held his topline on the move, which he did with drive. I am most impressed by his excellent bone, his correct bite with beautiful big, strong teeth in a lovely strong muzzle. Very pleased to award him CC and BOB


2nd Mrs A Cadogan Dogan Jamsy Cotter

He has a lovely head with dark points, good neck and shoulders, nice spring of rib, good topline and tailset. Well balanced with a good coat in excellent condition. Moves and showed well. Close decision for RCC.


3rd Mr & Mrs P Ramsden Cairngold Sparticus


Class 346 OD 7 (Abs 1)


1st 1191 Mr & Mrs J T P Roberts Cannwood Augurey

Very nice dog with correct dark eye and good mouth. Good shoulders and topline with correct tailset. Moved well but just didn’t seem to have that extra something on the day.


2nd Mr R Shorter & Mrs D Nuttall Spawyche Elizabethan Jet

Right on his toes today, a little bit short on coat at the moment but a good texture to what was there. Lovely head and expression good topline and tail set.


3rd Mrs L Hooper Cm Ch Birselaw Super Trooper.


Class 347 VB No Entries


Class 348 MPB 4 (Abs 0)

The grass had a great attraction for most of the puppies in this class and it was difficult to assess movement on all except 1st.


1st Miss Y Catto Birselaw It’s My Moment

Very pretty feminine puppy, lovely head and expression, well balanced with good body and bone. Full coat with correct texture, best mover in the class.


2nd Mrs J Keeves Seveek River of Dreams

Very much a baby and full of herself,she was interested in all that was going on around her and very cheeky with it. Lovely mischievous expression. Good length of neck, and topline the bit I saw her move was OK.


3rd Mrs J Keeves Seveek Christmas Special




Class 349 PB 5 (Abs 0)


1st 1205 Mrs C Templeton Larchlea Remember Remember

Lovely shaped well balanced puppy, super mischievous expression in very feminine head. Good neck into correct shoulders, super topline and tailset. Thought her very like my Dog CC winner and found later that they have the same mother.


2nd 1179 Mrs J Keeves The Mystery of Dreams

Different type to 1 but still a very nice puppy. In good coat, nice head and neck. Moved and showed well.


3rd 1149 Miss B Shannor & Mr D Storr Brenndarcy Miss Demeanour


Class 350 JB 7 (Abs 2)


1st 1201 Mrs J Smith Rocasovale All That Jazz

A Feminine version of my Junior Dog winner and his litter sister. The same remarks apply but she has a lovely feminine head. I was pleased to read later that they are by my Dog CC Winner.


2nd 1157 Mr & Mrs J Berrecloth Sybster Spring Into Summer

Unlucky to meet 1 in this class as this is another lovely bitch. She has a lovely head and expression. Good make and shape. She moves and showed well.


3rd 1209 Mr & Mrs M Watts Sarachelle Billie Holiday


Class 351 PGB 7 (Abs 1)


1st  1166 Miss Y Catto Birselaw Special Moment

Very feminine bitch with beautiful head and those very desireable dark points . She is well balanced with a good spring of rib. A super showgirl in excellent coat.


2nd  1183 Mrs M Middlehurst Starveren Chance to Dream

Another very nice bitch with good head, neck and shoulders, she moved and showed well, I just preferred the hind movement of 1


3rd 1161 Mr & Mrs R Butterfield Camasmor Capricious 


Class 352 LB 7 (Abs1)


1st 1189 Mr & Mrs J Pollock Stanedykes Diva

She has a lovely head with that typical mischievous expression, a beautiful neck into super shoulders, full coat over a good body, She moved and showed well.




2nd 1175 Mrs L Hughes Spawyche Dawn Chorus at Gyncairn

A very pleasing bitch. Good feminine head. Well balanced and a good mover. I preferred the expression of 1


3rd Mrs P Jeffries Sandaig Suilean Dubh


353 OB 4 (Abs 0)

The decision between the first and second was very difficult they are  beautiful bitches and I liked them both.


1st 1184 Mr R Munday Stradivarius Sonata

Caught my eye as she came into the ring and didn’t disappoint on the table. Lovely head with super expression, good neck into correct shoulders. Good spring of rib, strong hind quarters with good bend of stifle. Kept her level topline on the move which she did with drive.. Pleased to award her the CC and delighted to hear later that it gave her her title.


2nd  1185 Mrs E & Mr I Shaw Ch Honeyhall Hijinx

A very lovely bitch so unfortunate to meet 1 today, the decision was very close and the same comments apply to her. I just felt that 1 had that something extra today RCC.


3rd Mr & Mrs S Short Glenchess Gold Myrtle.