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Driffield Championship Show

16th October 2004 Cairn Terrier

Judge: Ann Waugh (Tribannon)


DCC CAMERON’S Ch Stryveling Ivanhoe
RDCC MIDDLEHURST’S Cannwood As If By Magic To Starveren
BCC & BOB SHAW’S Ch Honeyhall Hijinx
RBCC POLLOCK’S Stanedykes Diva
Best Puppy MIDDLEHURST’S Cannwood As If By Magic To Starveren

BCC & BOB Ch. Honeyhall Hijinx









MPD (4,1)
1st: Messrs FELTERS, A & RUMENS, R A Landbuck Little Tyke
2nd: Ms A J WEST Junetta Victor
3rd: Mrs S FROST Penticharm Black Jack

PD (3)
1st: Mrs M MIDDLEHURST Cannwood As If By Magic To Starveren
2nd:Mrs S BRAYBROOK Cloverbrook Wild Card
3rd: Mr & Mrs B G MEARS Glenmear Billy Flynn

JD (6)
1st: Mr & Mrs J T P ROBERTS Cannwood Red Comet TAF
2nd: Mrs F S CAMERON Stryveling Young Lochinvar
3rd:  Mrs J SMITH Rocasovale Good Luck Charm
Res: Mrs C CHAMBERS, Mr & Mrs C & THOMAS Cairngrove Red Rascal
VHC: Mrs N R NEWTON Strathinver Royal Applause

SYD (6)

1st: Mr & Mrs J A BERRECLOTH Sybster Spring Time
2nd: Mrs G THOMAS, Mr G N & WARD Vanajam Three Wishes For Tycadno
3rd: Ms A J WEST Junetta Ludycrous
Res: Mrs B L CRUXON Cloverbrook Jackpot For Loxley Ridge
VHC:Mr K LEESE Cloverbrook Silver Rebel

PGD (5 )
1st: Mr F J & Mrs C A CONFUE Anjofra Bang on the Door
2nd: Mrs K EVANS Birselaw Billy The Kid of Kapplegill
3rd: Mrs M CROSBY Tolimaura Chace
Res:Mrs B L CRUXON Cloverbrook Jackpot For Loxley Ridge
VHC: Mrs S TREGLOWN Brenndarcy Danger Mouse

LD (8,1)
1st: Mrs S J WEINBERGER Correnie Altissimo
2nd: Mr & Mrs B G MEARS Glenmear Malfoy
3rd: Mr M & Mrs C M BROWN Cloverbrook Talk of The Town
Res:Mr D J & Mrs A C KIPPEN Chezaku Ferryman
VHC:Mrs A WAITES Seveek Country Rambler to Svendalens

OD (8,1)
1st: Mrs F S CAMERON Ch Stryveling Ivanhoe
2nd: Mr & Mrs S W G SHORT Glenchess Black Tie
3rd: Mrs S BRAYBROOK Ch Cloverbrook Loaded Dice
Res:Mrs C TEMPLETON Larchlea If Looks Could Kill
VHC:Mr R SHORTER, Mrs D A & NUTTALL Spawyche Elizabethian Jet

MPB (7)
1st: Miss Y CATTO Birselaw It's My Moment
2nd: Mr R & Mrs C J BUTTERFIELD Camasmor Cailin NAF
3rd:  Mrs A WAITES Seveek Country Lover To Svendalens
Res: Mrs J P POILE Kedvaiy Mollissima
VHC: Messrs FELTERS, A & RUMENS, R A Landbuck Sweet Maid

PB (12,4)
1st:  Mrs C TEMPLETON Larchlea Remember Remember
2nd: Mr C SHARP, Miss J & PETTS Cannwood Kasta Spell
3rd:  Mrs J KEEVES Seveek The Mystery of Dreams
Res: Mr & Mrs A OSBORN Tweslam Izzy Wizzy Get Bizzy
VHC: Mrs W V MOSELEY Spawyche Precious Jewel

JB (10)
1st:  Mr & Mrs A OSBORN Tweslam Kalamazoo
2nd: Mrs W V MOSELEY Spawyche Elizabethan Ruby
3rd:  Mrs P HAUKATSALO-IRVING Copseleaze Here's Me at Haukantorppa
Res: Mrs J SMITH Rocasovale All That Jazz
VHC: Mr M & Mrs E WATTS Sarachelle Billie Holiday

SYB (12,2)
1st: Mrs J P POILE Kedvaiy Pascali
2nd: Mrs S M TUTCHINGS Crowneast Sugar Babe
3rd: Mr & Mrs J A BERRECLOTH Sybster Spring Into Summer
Res:Mrs V & Miss C L WEEDALL Clairevona Astranomical
VHC: Mr G THOMAS Tycadno Caprice

PGB (10,1)
1st: Miss Y CATTO Birselaw Special Moment
2nd: Mrs M MIDDLEHURST Starveren Chance To Dream
3rd: Mrs W V MOSELEY Spawyche Elizabethan Pearl
Res: Mrs J KEEVES Seveek Chasing Dreams
VHC: Mr D J & Mrs A C KIPPEN Tarcret Lucky Star of Chezaku

LB (7 )
1st:  Mr & Mrs J POLLOCK Stanedykes Diva
2nd:  Mrs A SMEE Oudenarde Belle Amour
3rd: Mr G THOMAS Tycadno Memphis Belle
Res:  Mrs P JEFFREY Sandaig Suilean Dubh
VHC: Mrs L HUGHES Spawyche Dawn Chorus at Gyncairn

OB (6,1)
1st:  Mrs E B & Mr I L B SHAW Ch Honeyhall Hijinx
2nd:  Mr R MUNDAY Stradivarius Sonata
3rd: Mr & Mrs S W G SHORT Glenchess Gold Myrtle
Res:  Mr R & Mrs M GOUD Beanoak Scatter the Mud
VHC: Mr R & Mrs C J BUTTERFIELD Camasmor Coquette
















Best Birthday Girl & Boy

Despite the unpredictable weather I was able to judge outside and use the large ring provided to full advantage.  Nearly all exhibits were presented in ex. muscle tone.  A few caused concern due to rather thin feet and long nails.  I also detected a slight pastern weakness.

MPD (4,1)

1st--Felters and Rumens Landbuck Little Tyke.6 mth, red br. nice size for age, gd head ,lovely mouth, neat well placed ears, in ex. coat, sound mover. Confident showman.

2nd-- West's Junetta Victor ,Gr. br. who handled well on the table, smaller pattern than 1st sound mover with ideal width behind, in good coat and condition, showed well.

3rd--Frost's Penticharm  Black Jack. dk. br. well grown, sound in action, when I could see him move.  Very immature, at the all legs stage, best left at home until his coat catches up with his body.

PD (3)  

I never thought that separating two puppy dogs would be one of the most difficult decisions of the day.  1st--Middlehurst's Cannwood As if by Magic to Starveren. Lovely high quality wh. br. gorgeous  but masculine head, gd. mouth, stop, ear set all correct.  Good shoulders, strong topline, carried himself well and covered the ground with purpose. R.C.C.

2nd--Braybrook's Cloverbrook Wild Card, Alert dk. br. Expressive head handles well and makes the most of himself on the move. Sound and balanced in good coat and condition. I needed two red cards here.  I predict, with a bit of luck, a rosy future  for both.

3rd--Mears' Billy Flynn.  Red br. Pleasing head, good body but not as finished, balanced outline, not quite as one with his handler as those above him.

JD (6,) 

1st--Roberts'Cannwood Red Comet, red, litter brother to 1st. in puppy dog, a smaller dog, lovely head, well constructed body with good flow of neck into level topline  carried well.  Sound mover, showed all out.  

2nd--Cameron's Stryveling Young Lochinvar, very attractive wh. dk. pts. super head and expression, gd. mouth dk. eyes gd. stop.  Strode out well.1st had edge in  stronger out line on the move.

3rd--Smith's Rocasovale Good Luck Charm, Larger dk. br. varminty expression, wide mouth with large teeth, hard coat, ground covering action.  Showed well. 

SYD (6)

1st--Berrecloth's Sybster Spring Time, gr. br. Correct head and expression, presented in peak coat and condition. Flowing side action with correct width behind.  Lots to like here.

2nd--Thomas and Ward's Vanajam Three Wishes to Tycadno .Wh. br. typically constructed head with intense expression gd. mouth, dark eye, neat ears .Moved and showed well but giving away a little in maturity, and this was my deciding factor.  Showing promise.

3rd--West's Junetta Ludycrous, Very well constructed wh. dk. pts. smaller than those above.  Neat head with correctly placed ears which he eventually used to advantage. Very sound in action with perfect foot fall.  I would like a bit more of him but a good dog nevertheless.

PGD (5)

1st--Confue's Bang on the Door.  Red, with a typical head, big teeth, Ex. balance, moved well in profile, in good coat and condition.  Initially did not please as he was not as one with his handler.

2nd--Evans' Birselaw Billy the Kid. Well made wh. br. another with an intense expression, nice head and body, strode out but I preferred the slightly longer body of 1st. Close up.

3rd--Crosby's Tolimaura Chase, wh. br. masculine head and outlook, good topline and action.  I felt too much hair had been taken from his sides and this, a temporary failing, spoilt his appearance for me.


1st--Weinberger's Correnie Altissimo.  I have seen this dog looking sluggish but not so today.  Good head with small ears, good mouth and eye colour, very well balanced body, level topline, hard coat, showed and moved well.

2nd--Mears' Glenmear Malfoy, clear red, pleasing head, handles well on the table, level topline,  gd. tailset, free action, well muscled but leaner in body condition than 1st.  

3rd--Brown's Cloverbrook Talk of the town, dk. br. with a nicely formed skull, good type, pleasing outline showed well.


1st--Cameron's Ch. Stryveling Ivanhoe.  Dk. br. with an ex. head deep stop, well filled foreface, large teeth, correct ear placement and eye shape.  Presented in peak coat and condition.  Clean shoulders, level topline, correct tailset.  Effortless action, showed well.  My pleasure to give him yet another C.C.  

2nd--Short's Glenchess Black Tie.  This was my surprise of the day.  Well constructed masculine head, extremely well made body, clean in shoulder, flowing neckline, front fitting rib cage correctly, strong loin No hint of coarseness, good bone, in fine body condition.  Moving with plenty of drive and style.  

3rd--Braybrook's Ch. Cloverbrook Loaded Dice.  Dk br. most attractive typy dog, not overdone in any way.  Very showy, covered the ground well.  A worthy champion.  I was splitting hairs judging this class, there was a case for everyone entered winning first prize.

MPB (7,1)

1st--Catto's Birselaw It's My Moment, so typical, pretty, feminine baby with a great outline, straight front, gd. shoulders.  Very showy when standing but a little obstinate on the move, did just enough to win.

2nd--Butterfield's Camasmor Cailin, wh. br. 6mth baby, nice head well made body, sound mover.

3rd--Waites Seveek Country Lover to Svendalens, showed well, good outline on the move but a little loose fore and aft at the moment.

PB (12,4)

1st--Templeton's Remember Remember, very dk. br. well grown for age, strong outline, pleasing head and expression dk. eyes excellent mouth, near perfect footfall, showed all out, B.P.B. 

2nd--Sharp's Cannwood Kasta Spell.  Feminine red br., soundly constructed, smaller pattern than1st but is balanced, showed and moved out well, in ex. coat and condition.

3rd--Keeves' The Mystery of Dreams, wh. br. very similar to 2nd level back good tailset moved well but very short of coat.

JB (10,1)

1st-- Osborn's Tweeslam Kalamazoo red br. pleasing well made body, typical head and expression, showed well and strode out leaving the rest of the class behind, another with good fore and aft movement. 

2nd--Moseley's Spawyche Elizabethan Ruby, showy gr. br. with a most wicked expression, carried herself well on the move, lost out on coat here.  Sound.

3rd--Haukatsalo-Irving's Copseleaze Here's Me at Haukantorppa, pretty and nicely made red br. sound  mover but again very short of coat.

SYB (12,2)

1st--Poile's Kedvaiy Pascali, red with appealing head, true expression dk. eyes, gd. mouth, well ribbed, strong loin, well muscled hind quarters, moved with drive to win this good class.  Showy exhibit.

2nd--Tutchings' Crowneast Sugar Babe light red with well made skull, eyes, ear set, mouth all correct, balanced body presented in ex. all round condition.  Topline carried well on the move.

3rd--Berrecloth's Sybster Spring into Summer.  Very pretty grey br. a trifle larger but well put together, strong hind quarters, balanced throughout, Three lovely bitches.

PGB (10,1)

1st--Catto's Birselaw Special Moment, most lovely quality Cairn, correct head, typical expression, superb flow of neck into level topline, gd. tailset, short hocks, presenting a balanced outline, strode out  and  showed well.  Considered for top honours.  Her day must surely come.

2nd--Middlehurst's Starveren Chance to Dream, wh. br. with an intense expression, good body in excellent condition, well coated, moved and showed well.

3rd--Moseley's Spawyche Elizabethan Pearl, wheaten, feminine outlook, soundly made body in good coat and condition.  Showed well.

LB (7,)

1st-- Pollock's Stanedykes Diva, dk. br. typical head and expression, cleanest of shoulders, good forechest strong level topline ex. tailset well ribbed, muscled rear quarters short hocks, strong loin.  At first she was not responding to her handler but as the class progressed she showed how stylish she really was.  Moved with purpose R.C.C. in hot competition.  A model for how a Cairn terrier should be put together.

2nd--Smee's Oudenarde Belle Amour, dk. br. lovely head and wicked expression, very lively personality, well conditioned balanced body good coat texture, moved well but not as strong in outline as 1st.

3rd--Thomas' Tycadno  Memphis Belle, very pleasing body shape, good topline typical head.  On final go around strode out with great freedom which is what I was looking for.

OB (6,1)

1st--Shaw's Honeyhall Hijinx, wh. br. of highest quality, everything correct, shows all out and is a perfect mover.  At this moment is very difficult to beat.  Watched her in the group where she gave an impeccable performance.  C.C. and B.O.B.

2nd--Munday's Stradivarius Sonata gr. br. I have often admired.  Did not disappoint.  Well constructed body in good all round condition, showed and moved with animation, was unlucky to meet 1st in such good form.

3rd--Short's Glenchess Gold Myrtle, dk. red br. pleasing head, good deep ribs ideal coupling well muscled rear with well developed second thigh.  Covered the ground well.

Ann Waugh, Judge