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2004 Reports



Leeds & District Canine Association

25th July 2004

Cairn Terrier Judge: Mr M Marshall


DCC Wall’s CH Shearwater Cae De Sonhas

RDCC & BP Braybrook’s Cloverbrook Wild Card

BCC & BOB Shaw’s Ch. Honeyhall Hijinx

RBCC Catto’s Birselaw Special Moment

BCC & BOB Ch. Honeyhall Hijinx



Iain Shaw, BCC & Bob Ch. Honeyhall Hijinx, Judge M Marshall, Ann Wall & DCC Ch Shearwater Cae De Sonhas

BP & RDCC Cloverbrook Wild Card

Ann Wall Ch. Shearwater cae De Sonhas, Judge & Sue Braybrook with RDCC Cloverbrook Wild card

Birselaw Special Momnet, Yvonne Catto, Judge Iain Shaw & Ch. Honeyhall Hijinx




MPD (1 )
1st: BRATLEY & HOLMES’  Amberhill Rob Roy

PD (6,2)
1st: BRAYBROOK’S Cloverbrook Wild Card
2nd: MIDDLEHURST’S Cannwood As If By Magic
3rd: ROBERTS’ Mrs C M & MIDDLEHURST Cannwood Red Comet
Res: CASTREY’S Cloverbrook Angus McLee of Casmhor:

JD (3 )
1st: BERRECLOTH’S Sybster Spring Time
2nd: NEWTON’S Strathinver Royal Applause
3rd: CAMERON’S Stryveling Young Lochinvar

ND (3)
1st: STEPHINSON’S Twohoots Arthur
2nd: BRATLEY’S I M & HOLMES, M G Amberhill Rob Roy
3rd: TRACEY’S Crowneast Landing Light

PGD (10)
1st: BAMBRIDGE’S Carradine Master Guy for Luvemal
2nd: BERRECLOTH’S Sybster Sophora
3rd: CROSBY’S Tolimaura Chace
Res: EVANS’ Birselaw Billy The Kid of Kapplegill
VHC: STEPHINSON’S Twohoots Advent Oberon

LD (3,1)
1st: HARRISON’S Mrs R A & FORMOSA Hydecastle Flic-Flac for Carradine (Imp)
2nd: TREGLOWN’S Cairngrae Phantom Menace

OD (4)
1st: WALL’S Ch Shearwater Cae de Sonhas
2nd:ROBERTS’ Cannwood Augurey
3rd: BRAYBROOK’S Ch Cloverbrook Loaded Dice
Res: PEERS’ Tweedisle Truffle of Glanzvoll

MPB (4,1)
1st: MOSELEY’S Spawyche Precious Jewel
2nd: PERCY’S Uniquecottage Devon Charm
3rd: BRATLEY & HOLMES’ Amberhill Dancing Queen

PB (4,1 )
1st: MOSELEY’S Spawyche Elizabethan Ruby
2nd: HARRISON & FORMOSA’S Curtisey Foreign Affair at Carradine
3rd:  SHARPE & PETTS’ Cannwood Kasta Spell at Doonrae :

JB (8,1)
1st: CATTO’S Birselaw Special Moment
2nd: EVANS’ Nuvan Little Mo
3rd: WEEDALL’S Clairevona Astranomical
Res: SHANNON & STORR’S Brenndarcy Tigerlily
VHC: PURVIS’ Shearwater High Jinks

NB (8,3)
1st: PRATT’S Carradine Sky Lark at Terrijay
2nd: SHEARSMITH’S Cloverbrook Double Six at Eborvale
3rd: BUTTERFIELD’S Camasmor Capricious
Res: STEPHINSON’S Twohoots Cecilia
VHC: BRATLEY & HOLMES’ Amberhill Dancing Queen

PGB (7,4)
1st: CATTO’S Cairness's Nordic Princess at Birselaw
2nd: FIRTH & JONES’ Cairngold Coral
3rd: BUTTRESS’ Carradine Echo

LB (8,1)
1st: BRAYBROOK’S Cloverbrook Cute & Clever
2nd: FIRTH & JONES’ Cairngold Cedar
3rd: WEEDALL’S Clairevona Victorian Ice
Res: TURNBULL’S Tribannon Destiny of Bedrule
VHC: SHANNON & STORR’S Brenndarcy Miss Dormouse

OB (5 )
1st: SHAW’S Ch Honeyhall Hijinx
2nd: FYFE’S Andrum Lady Penelope
3rd: BUTTERFIELD’S Camasmor Coquette
Res: CASTREY’S Skimmerton Symphony of Casmhor