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2004 Reports


Manchester Dog Show Society Championship Show

18th January 2004 – Cairn Terrier

Judge: Mr Frank Edwards


DCC & BOB : WALL’S Ch Shearwater Cae de Sonhas
RDCC : SHORTER & NUTTALL’S Spawyche Elizabethian Jet
BCC : DOLAN’S Glenrood Forever Beauty
RBCC: FYFE’S Andrum Lady Penelope
Best Puppy :  WEEDALL’S Clairevona Vibrant Knight
Best Veteran : SHANNON & STORR’S Fryuplain Velour of Brenndarcy

Sue Dolan, BCC Glenrood Forever Beauty, Frank Edwards,

 Ann Wall & DCC & BOB Ch. Shearwater Cae De Sonhas


Ann Wall, DCC & BOB Ch. Shearwatewr Cae De Sonhas, Frank Edwards, Lynda Hughes, Shorter & Nuttall’s, RDCC Spawyche Elizabethian Jet

Sue Dolan, BCC Glenrood Forever Beauty, Frank Edwards, Ann Waugh, RBCC Fyfes’ Andrum Lady Penelope

Claire Weedall & Best Puppy

 Clairevona Vibrant Knight

Danny Storr & Best Veteran

Fryuplain Velour At Brenndarcy




MPD (4,2)
1st: WEEDALL’S Clairevona Vibrant Knight
2nd: WALL’S Shearwater Harry Potter

PD (8,2)

1st:THOMAS & WARD’S Vanajam Three Wishes For Tycadno
2nd: BRAYBROOK’S Cloverbrook Ultimate Force
3rd: LEESE’S Cloverbrook Silver Rebel
Res: BERRECLOTH’S Sybster Spring Time
VHC:CRUXON’S Cloverbrook Jackpot

JD (4,1)
1st: FAIRWEATHER’S Ock Ross I'm The Boss
2nd: TRACEY’S Crowneast Landing Light
3rd: BENNETT’S Maximal Don't Stop The Music

SYD (1,0)
1st: BERRECLOTH’S Sybster Sophora

PGD (8,0 )
1st: THOMPSON’S Castleline Prince Harry
2nd: WARD’S Vanajam Halloween
3rd: CROSBY’S Tolimaura Chace
Res: BROWN’S Cloverbrook Talk of The Town
VHC: KIPPEN’S Chezaku Ferryman

LD (6,0)
1st: KINTON’S Woodthorpe Just Bedazzled
2nd: BIRCH’S Kinkim Wattluq
3rd: WATTS’ Sarachelle the Helmsman
Res: STEPHINSON’S Twohoots Advent Oberon
VHC: CADOGAN’S Dogan Jamesy Cotter

OD (4,0)

1st: WALL’S Ch Shearwater Cae de Sonhas
2nd: SHORTER & NUTTALL’S Spawyche Elizabethian Jet
3rd: BRAYBROOK,S Ch Cloverbrook Loaded Dice
Res: SHORT’S Am Ch Twigbent O'Lauren (Imp)

VB (2,0)
1st: SHANNON & STORR’S Fryuplain Velour of Brenndarcy
2nd: BUTTERY’S Cloverbrook Cleopatra

MPB (8,4)
1st: PRATT’S Carradine Sky Lark at Terrijay
2nd: OSBORN’S Tweslam Kalamazoo
3rd: THOMPSON’S Castleline Constellation
Res: KEEVES, Seveek Dark 'N' Dreamy
PB (10,0)
1st: SHEARSMITH’S Cloverbrook Double Six at Eborvale
2nd: FIRTH & JONES’ Cairngold Cranberry
3rd: HUGHES’ Gyncairn Dancing Queen
Res: THOMAS’ Tycadno Caprice
VHC: SHANNON & STORR’S Brenndarcy Tigerlily

JB (15,2)
1st: BIRCH’S Kinkim Chuk Chuk
2nd: SHAW’S Honeyhall Hijinx
3rd: STEPHINSON’S Twohoots Cecilia
Res: KEEVES’ Seveek Chasing Dreams
VHC: DOLAN’S Glenrood Magic Solitaire

SYB (6,1)
1st: KEEVES & BENNETT’S Seveek One Moment in Time with Maxiveek
2nd: THOMAS’ Tycadno Memphis Belle
3rd: DOWLING’S Honeyhall Hijump
Res: CLARKE’S Carocairn Ginger Spice
VHC: CARTER’S Tarcret Look At Me Now

PGB (7,0)

1st: HUGHES’ Spawyche Dawn Chorus at Gyncairn
2nd: MOSELEY’S Spawyche Elizabethan Pearl
3rd: PEERS’ Tweedisle Sultry Sue
Res: DOLAN’S Glenrood Dream Pipit
VHC: SMEE’S Oudenarde Belle Amour

LB (11,3)
1st:WARD’S Vanajam Trick A Treat
2nd: PHILLIPS’ Sarachelle Material Girl
3rd: JEFFREY’S Sandaig Suilean Dubh
Res: BUTTERFIELD’S Camasmor Coquette
VHC: KEEVES’ Seveek Cherry's n' Dreams

OB (4,0)
1st: DOLAN’S Glenrood Forever Beauty
2nd: FYFE’S Andrum Lady Penelope
3rd: SHORT’S Glenchess Gold Myrtle
Res: FIRTH & JONES’ Ch Cairngold Charcoal






























An excellent entry both in numbers & quality of most of the exhibits. Only three untypical mouths, they were penalised as this is an important part of the make up of a Cairn. We were delayed in starting by almost three quarters of an hour but managed to finish judging in time. I really cannot appreciate having to wait for exhibits to come into the ring, after the exhibitor has been ringside throughout the day, sheer bad mannners which I was quick to point out. I have to admit the overall quality of the exhibits was a pleasant surprise & I loved every minute going over them.

Thank you for a very pleasing day & giving me the chance to go over your Cairns, you know we still produce the most typical.


MPD (4,2a):

 1 Weedall's Clairevona Vibrant Knight, in an excellent red coat, correct texture & double coated, pleasing head, nice dark eye, good ear placement, should make up into a very pleasing Cairn, moved & showed well. BP;

 2 Wall's Shearwater Harry Potter, preferred the head & expression of 1, in a very good coat of excellent quality, lovely big teeth, nicely made throughout, needs to strengthen in hind movement, happy show boy.


 PD (8,2):

1 Thomas' Vanajam Three Wishes for Tycadno, lovely headed youngster with very good expression, excellent mouth, excellent construction throughout, topline & tailset very good. Shortness of coat (in preparation for Crufts) went against him in the line up, but I predict a rosy future for him in the breed. Flowing movement resulting in a steady topline;

2 Braybrook's Cloverbrook Ultimate Force, lovely dark brindle with excellent body construction, good reach of neck, layback, topline & tailset, in a excellent coat, sound in movement. Just preferred the head & expression of 1; 3 Leese's Cloverbrook Silver Rebel.


JD (4,1):

1 Fairweather's Ock Ross I'm The Boss, beautiful head & expression with correct shaped dark eye, in a very good coat of excellent texture, correct angulations to fore & rear, he's made right so moved right, good showboy;

2 Tracy's Crowneast Landing Light, very similar in type also colour, nicely made in construction, excellent expression. Could have been a shade heavier in bone. Good movement;

3 Bennet's Maximal Don't Stop The Music.


YD (1):

1 Berrecloth's Sybster Sophora, beautiful head & expression, nicely made throughout, in a good coat. Would have preferred him to be stronger in hindquarters on the move.


PGD (8):

1 Thompson's Castleline Prince Harry, lovely headed wheaten with a correct dark eye & beautiful expression, excellent presentation, very good coat structure, correct for angulations, moved & showed well;

2 Ward's Vanajan Halloween, another with that beautiful expression, nicely balanced with a good stop & good ear placement, in good coat, very good in overall construction. Splitting hairs on placings here, movement was the deciding factor;

3 Crosby's Tohmaura Chace.


LD (6):

1 Kinton's Woodthorpe Just Bedazzled, excellent wheaten with a lovely head & expression, in a very good coat, correct in angulations, nicely muscled quarters, very good in hind movement winch was the deciding factor.,

2 Birch's Kinkim Wattlug typical of this kennel, showmanship plus, lovely head & expression, not a big one in stature & more correct in size than many, presented in a very good coat which was well prepared, front movement is good but could do with a little more strength in hindquarters;

3 Watts' Sarachelle The Helmsman.


OD (4): Only a small class in numbers but each of the four were of the highest standard & all fitted the Standard beautifully, it really was a case of splitting hairs & quite a headache to arrive at a decision.

1 Wall's Ch Shearwater Cae de Sonhas,  I know him so well. I made him World Champion in 2002. Today he was winning his 25th CC. He has a magnificent head & expression, perfect presentation in a copper/br coat, correct length to height, lovely to go over as he is so confident in himself which he transmits to the judge, pleasure to see him again & to award him top awards. CC & BOB;

2 Hugh's Spawyche Elizabethian Jet, silver/br favourite of mine & gave him Open at the World show also making him BP at Leeds, love him & wish he had achieved his title, excellent head & expression lovely dark eye, excellent silver/br coat which was well presented, lovely true movement & a good show boy. RCC;

3 Braybrook's Ch Cloverbrook Loaded Dice.


VB (2):

1 Shannon & Storr's Fryuplain Velour of Brenndarcy, lovely 7 year old red with a pleasing head & expression, in very good coat, nicely constructed throughout, sound in movement;

2 Buttery's Cloverbrook Cleopatra, dark silver/br appealing head & expression, in a good coat. Failed in movement to 1.


MPB (8):

1 Pratt's Carradine Sky Lark at Terrijay, lovely headed copper/br with a beautiful head & expression, nice reach of neck, good layback, nicely ribbed up, topline & tailset correct, moved well;

2 Osborn's Tweslam Kalamazoo, lovely headed red. nicely constructed in body, good topline & tailset. Not quite so free in movement as 1;

3 Thompson's Castleline Constellation.


PB (10):

1 Shearsmith's Cloverbrook Double Six at Eborvale, copper/br of a lovely type, excellent head & expression presented in a beautifully prepared coat nicely constructed, good legs & feet, correct tailset, moved & showed well;

2 Firth & Jones' Caimgold Cranberry, beautiful copper/br with an excellent head & expression, nicely made throughout, correct tailset, well muscled in hindquarters. Just needs to tighten up a little in movement, beautiful type;

3 Hughes' Gyncaim Dancing Queen.


JB (15,2a):

1 Birch's Kinkim Chuk Chuk, beautiful red, typical of this kennel, excellent for size, lovely head & expression, excellent conf~on, presented in a very nice coat, moved & showed well. Won a hot class;

2 Shaw's Honeyhall Hijinx, out of a bigger mould than 1 the winner, but has a lovely head & expression, good reach of neck & excellent layback of shoulder, good middle piece, correct tailset, moved well;

3 Stephinson's' Twohoots Cecilia.


YB (6, 1):

1 Keeves & Bennet's Seveek One Moment In Time, lovely cream with a beautiful expressive head & expression, presented in good coat, moved & showed very well;

2 Thomas' Tycadno Memphis Belle, r/br with dark shaded mask, nice reach of neck, good firm topline, fluent in movement;

3 Dowling Honeyball Hijump.


 PGB (7):

1 Hugh's Spawyche Dawn Chorus at Gyncairn, beautiful type, loved her head & expression, very good in conformation, in very good coat, moved out well;

2 Moseley's Spawyche Elizabetian Pearl, beautiful cream with dark points giving a lovely expression, nicely constructed nice legs & feet, well muscled, moved well;

3 Peer's Tweedisle Sultry Sue.


 LB (11,3):

1 Ward's Vanajam Trick & Treat, lovely wheaten with yet again another beautiful head & expression, excellent reach of neck, good in topline & tailset, presented in very good coat, moves well;

2 Phillips' Sarachelle Material Girl, excellent wh/br, lovely head & expression, nice dark eye, good for construction, firm topline & tailset in good coat, moved out well;

3 Jeffery's Sandaig Suilean Dubh.


OB (4):

1 Dolan's Glenrood Forever Beauty, lovely type, makes a stunning picture when studied, has a beautiful outline, outstanding head & expression, beautiful reach of neck, excellent body, topline & tailset without fault, flowed around the ring effortless movement. No hesitation in awarding her the CC, her Ist;

2 Fyfe's Andrum Lady Penelope with another of those beautiful & nicely constructed with good shoulder placement, firm topline, well muscled over the loin, very active in movement. Presented in a good coat. but would prefer some of the untidy hairs removed. RCC on her excellent movement;

3 Short's Glenchess Gold Myrtle.