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North Of Ireland CTC

Championship Show 21st February 2004

Judge: Miss Yvonne Catto (Birselaw)


DCC & BIS Hogarty’s Cadagio As Good As It Gets

RDCC Templeton’s Larchlea If Looks Could Kill

BCC & RBIS Shaw’s Honeyhall Hijinx

RBCC Templeton’s Ch Larchlea Looks Like Heaven

BPISCadagio As Good As It Gets


Critique After Pictures

DCC, BIS & BPIS Cadagio As Good As It Gets, Marie Hogarty, Judge Yvonee Catto, Iain Shaw & BCC, RBIS Honeyhall Hijinx.


















Seaview At The Venue

Pictures By Brian Mears


North of Ireland Cairn Terrier Club Championship Show. Larne.

21st February 2004.


Many thanks for asking me to judge at one of my favourite shows.

I was very pleased with the quality of my winners, however some others left me disappointed. Heavy bone, plain heads, and lack of overall quality were of main concern. It was also disturbing to find Cairns with small, misplaced teeth, I am not a mouth fanatic, but it is such a joy to open a mouth and find a bite full of big white teeth.

On the plus side movement was generally good, temperaments were excellent, and the overall presentation of the exhibits was pleasing.  


DCC, Best Puppy and B.I.S. was Hogarty’s Cadagio As Good As It Gets, it was not a light decision to give a puppy such high honours but he fulfilled all the requirements I was looking for in a top quality cairn. Gorgeous head, this 11 month old silver brindle had that mischievous wicked expression that is so lacking in many cairns at the moment, good big teeth, excellent length of neck flowing into lovely clean shoulders, level topline and good tailset, ideal size, positive mover who keeps his lovely outline on the move or standing, has personality plus and demands to be looked at.

RDCC was Templeton’s Larchlea If Looks Could Kill, exuberant dark brindle, 2 years old, up to size but handles extremely well on the table, attractive head with super mouth of big white teeth, good reach of neck and layback of shoulder, lovely clean bone, moved with verve, rangy as a youth but now with maturity and a new coat looks the part, excellent showman.    


BCC was Shaw’s Honeyhall Hijinx, typy red brindle bitch that just oozes quality, beautiful feminine head with keen expression, well proportioned body with classic outline, correct size, was in tip top coat and condition, she has excellent free flowing movement and is an attentive steady showgirl.

RBCC was Templeton’s CH Larchlea Looks Like Heaven, dark brindle, lovely head with mischievous expression, neat ears, good neck, topline and tailset.

Full of character and today was on turbo charge, this caused her not to stride out as I know she can, so today had to give way to the free striding Junior bitch, however I was splitting hairs and both these bitches are top class examples of the breed.


Minor Puppy Dog (4.1a)


1st. Smith’s Rocasovale Good Luck Charm, 8 month old dark brindle, mature puppy who showed with enthusiasm, masculine head with dark eye, has good reach of neck, nice length of back and leg, moved well with drive, in good condition but needs a new coat soon.


2nd. Cameron’s Stryveling Young Lochinvar, well presented red/brindle, 7months old, nice head with dark points, good mouth, moved well on good legs with nice thick pads, in good double coat, nicely proportioned but would prefer just a little bit more of him all over.


3rd. Dean’s Orior Express Delivery.



Puppy Dog ( 3.0a)


1st.  Hogarty’s Cadagio As Good As It Gets, DCC and B.I.S. and Best Puppy in Show.


2nd. Berrecloth’s Sybster Spring Time, 11 month old dark brindle with nice head and expression, dark eye, good neck and shoulders, topline and tailset ok, in good coat, nice length of leg with good turn of stifle, moved and showed well.


3rd.  Towers Deneland Digby.



Junior Dog  (2.1a)


1st.  Dean’s Honeyhall Hawick of Orior, well balanced red in lovely double coat of good texture, poised showman with typy head and expression, attractive outline, nice reach of neck, level topline and good tailset, good bone, moved well in front, just a shade close behind, needs more head furnishings to complete the picture, promising.



Maiden Dog  (3.1a)


1st Berrecloth’s Sybster Spring Time.


2nd   Deneland Digby, dark brindle puppy, 10 months old, in good double coat of correct texture, nicely balanced, moved soundly and showed well, but needs to body up.



Novice Dog  (0)



Graduate Dog  (3.2a)


1st. Berrecloth’s Sybster Sophora, dark brindle 2 year old, good typy head with keen expression, neat ears, good mouth, in good coat and condition, moved truly both ways, would like a bit more animation.


Post Graduate Dog (5.2a )


1st Mears Glenmear Malfoy, masculine red with good neck and shoulders, nicely constructed with good length of neck, good topline and tailset, nice length of leg, moved soundly both ways, steady showman.


2nd Towers Deneland Just William, 3 year old, well balanced red with attractive head and expression, nice neck, topline and tailset, in very good coat and condition, moved well.


3rd Hodgkins Larchlea Wish Me Luck At Rosscot. 


Limit Dog (5.0a )


1st. Templeton’s Larchlea If Looks Could Kill. RCC.


2nd Towers Deneland Just William.


3rd Dalzell’s Kenmillto Jez. 



Open Dog (5.4a)


1st Shaw’s Honeyhall Highlander, typy dark brindle, old favourite of mine with lovely well balanced head and typy expression, neat ears, good front, in good but short coat, nice neck and shoulders, level back and good tailset, moved truly, showed well in class but lost interest in challenge.



Veteran Dog or Bitch (7.2a )


1st Parker Tuckers Ch and Am CH Uniquecottage Bright Gold, red 9 year old, I last judged him in 1996 and he has certainly kept his enthusiasm for the show ring, quality cairn with typy head with beautiful expression, well constructed body and moves with soundness, in super coat and condition.


2nd. Jeffrey’s Sandaig Silent Wings, 7 year old bitch, wheaten with dark points, lovely head and expression, well balanced, in good double coat, moved well, super show girl, really was enjoying herself.


3rd. Dowling’s Black Rod Honey Orchid.


Special Beginners Dog(0 )




Minor Puppy Bitch(3.1a  )


1st Smith’s Rocasovale All That Jazz, 8month old dark bindle, appealing head and expression, nice reach of neck, good shoulders and topline, in lovely coat and condition, good bone, moved well both ways, good shower with outgoing personality.


2nd Alexander’s Elly May My Sweet Dream, 8 month old, red brindle with dark points, in good double coat, nicely balanced, moved and showed well but preferred head of one.



Puppy Bitch (8.5a  )


1st Parker Tucker’s Uniquecottage Glengettie, red brindle, 11 month old bitch, lovely puppy with that cairn spirit of independence, well balanced head with wicked expression, nicely proportioned body with nice length of back and leg, moved well once she co-operated with her handler.


2nd Hogarty’s Cadagio Catch Me If You Can, 11 month wheaten brindle, litter sister to BIS and many of the same remarks apply, attractive head with dark eye and neat ears, good reach of neck, moved soundly, lovely outline standing but lost her shape on the move, once she gets her act together will I am sure do well.


3rd Dean’s Orior Miss Millie.


Junior Bitch (1.0)


1st Shaw’s Honeyhall Hijinx. CC.



Maiden Bitch (0)



Novice Bitch (3.2a)


1st Dowling’s Honeyhall Hijump, red brindle, attractive typy head, very feminine expression, good neck, shoulders and topline, good bone and nice size, lovely outline, moved and showed well, in excellent coat and condition, exuberant and lively showgirl.



Graduate Bitch (7.5a )


1st Parker Tucker’s Uniquecottage Glengettie.


2nd Jeffrey’s Sandaig Skye Song, wheaten brindle, lovely head with real cairn expression, good neck, topline and tailset, nice length of leg, in full double coat, moved and showed well,



Post Graduate Bitch (6.3a )


1st Mears Stanedykes Tosca, alert quality red brindle with keen head and typy expression, good eye, neat ears, good neck, shoulders and topline, well balanced and moved soundly, in good double coat which was well presented, excellent showmanship.


2nd Burton’s Minorcas Sure To Please, wheaten bitch with dark eye, attractive head with dark points, good neck, length of back and overall balance, moved and showed well, in good coat and condition.


3rd Dean’s Orior Pirate Queen.  



Limit Bitch (5.3a )


1st Jeffrey’s Sandaig Suilean Duhd, quality red brindle, best of heads and expression, good eye, neat well set ears, good bone, nicely constructed throughout, and was in full double coat of correct texture, moved positively and showed with enthusiasm. 


2nd Dockry’s Glenrood Magic Dreamer, red with dark points, feminine bitch with attractive head, dark eye, good reach of neck, nice length of back and leg, overall balance good, moved and showed well, in good condition but would like slightly harsher coat texture.



Open Bitch (6.0a )


1st. Templeton’s Ch Larchlea Looks Like Heaven. RCC.


2nd Hogarty’s IR Ch Cadagio Tia Maria, quality dark bindle bitch with lovely head and keen expression, good reach of neck, nice shoulders, level topline and good tailset, well balanced and was in excellent coat and condition, moved soundly, similar type to one and is an impressive showgirl.


3rd Cameron’s Stryveling Tusitala. 



Special Beginners Bitch(1.0a)


1st Dowling’s Honeyhall Hijunp.




Judge Yvonne Catto.