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Paignton & District F.A.

16th July 2004

Cairn Terrier Judge: Mrs Sue Dolan (Glenrood)


DCC : BRAYBROOK’S Ch Cloverbrook Loaded Dice
RDCC : ROBERTS’ Cannwood Augurey
BCC & BOB: SHAW’S Ch Honeyhall Hijinx G1
(Mrs M Micklethwaite)
RBCC : POILE’S Kedvaiy Pascali
Best Puppy : MIDDLEHURST’S Cannwood As If By Magic

Ch. Honeyhall Hijinx BCC, BOB & Group 1


Iain Shaw, BCC & BOB Ch. Honeyhall Hijinx, Jacky Poile & RBCC Kedvaiy Pascali

RDCC  Cannwood Augurey, Mary Middlehurst, Sue Braybrook & DCC Ch. Cloverbrook Loaded Dice.

Dawn Formosa , BPB Judge Sue Dolan BPD & BPIB, Mary MIddlehurst


More photos after results, critique after photos

 MPD (5,2)
1st: Mrs M ROBERTS, Mrs C M & MIDDLEHURST Cannwood Red Comet TAF
2nd: Mrs S J WEINBERGER Correnie Magicienne
3rd:  Mr P A & Mrs V A CASTREY Cloverbrook Angus McLee of Casmhor

PD (4 )
1st:  Mrs M MIDDLEHURST Cannwood As If By Magic TAF
2nd: Mrs F S CAMERON Stryveling Young Lochinvar
3rd:  Mrs C CHAMBERS, Mr & Mrs C & THOMAS Cairngrove Red Rascal
Res: Miss J M OUGH Ocedar Zephyr

JD (3)
1st:  THOMAS, G & WARD, G Vanajam Three Wishes For Tycadno
2nd: Ms M EHRENBERG Carradine Master Tigger
3rd:  Mrs J G PARKER-TUCKER Uniquecottage Chipmunk

 SYD (2 )
1st: Mrs A J WEST Junetta Ludycrous
2nd: Mrs P BAMBRIDGE Carradine Master Guy for Luvemal

ND (1 )
1st: Miss J M OUGH Ocedar Zephyr

PGD (5,1)
1st: Mrs D H HARRISON, Mrs R A & FORMOSA Hydecastle Flic-Flac for Carradine (Imp)
2nd:Mrs E J A THOMPSON Castleline Prince Harry
3rd: Mrs C CHAMBERS Honeylin Superman
Res: Mr & Mrs G S PEERS Tweedisle Timetraveller

LD (2 )
1st:  Mrs A CADOGAN Dogan Jamesy Cotter
2nd: Mrs S J WEINBERGER Correnie Altissimo

OD (4,1)
1st: Mrs S BRAYBROOK Ch Cloverbrook Loaded Dice
2nd:Mr & Mrs J T P ROBERTS Cannwood Augurey
3rd: Mr & Mrs G S PEERS Tweedisle Truffle at Glanzvoll TAF

MPB (8,1)
1st: Mr & Mrs A OSBORN Tweslam Izzy Wizzy Get Bizzy
2nd: Mrs W V MOSELEY Spawyche Precious Jewel
3rd: Mr & Mrs J T P ROBERTS Cannwood Catcha Fallin' Star
Res: Mr & Mrs HEWITT Littleacorn Tulin
VHC: Mrs S J WEINBERGER Correnie Irresistible NAF

PB (5,1 )
1st:  Mrs D H HARRISON, Mrs R A & FORMOSA Curtisey Foreign Affair at Carradine
2nd: Mrs A SMEE Malmay Fancy Goods
3rd:  Mrs W V MOSELEY Spawyche Elizabethan Ruby
Res: Mr & Mrs P BROWN Bencana Dark Mint:

JB (7 )
1st: Mrs J G PARKER-TUCKER Uniquecottage Glengettie
2nd: Mrs S M TUTCHINGS Crowneast Sugar Babe
3rd:  Mr & Mrs A OSBORN Tweslam Kalamazoo
Res: Mr L & Mrs J RADFORD Skimmerton Silver Touch
VHC: Mr G THOMAS Tycadno Caprice

SYB (6)
1st:  Mrs E B & Mr I L B SHAW Ch Honeyhall Hijinx
2nd: Mr L & Mrs J RADFORD Skimmerton Silver Sequel
3rd:  Mrs A SMEE Ring That Belle for Malmay
Res: Mrs M SHOPLAND Cherrycrack Chasing Aimee
VHC: Mrs M MIDDLEHURST Starveren Chance To Dream

NB (2 )
1st: Mrs J P POILE Kedvaiy Pascali
2nd: Mrs J G PARKER-TUCKER Uniquecottage Wilhelmina NAF

PGB (4)
1st:  Mr G THOMAS Tycadno Memphis Belle
2nd: Mr S & Mrs H E BUTTRESS Carradine Echo
3rd:  Mrs C SOPER Glenmear Martine
Res: Mr & Mrs G S PEERS Glanzvoll Annabella
1st: Mrs A SMEE Oudenarde Belle Amour
2nd:Mr D WINSLEY Davmar Silver Heather
3rd:  Mrs W V MOSELEY Spawyche Elizabethan Pearl
Res: Mr M P PHILLIPS Sarachelle Material Girl
VHC: Mr D S TURNBULL Tribannon Destiny of Bedrule

OB (4,0)
1st:  Mrs G A WARD Vanajam Trick A Treat
2nd: Mrs F S CAMERON Stryveling Tusitala
3rd:  Mr & Mrs A OSBORN Tweslam Charlie's Angel
Res: Mr P A & Mrs V A CASTREY Skimmerton Symphony of Casmhor


















Best Happy Exhibitors

Many thanks to Graham Peers for photographs

Iain Shaw & Ch Honeyhall Hijinx, with Mrs Aileen Hodsoll (Secretary)

and group judge Mrs Maureen Micklethwaite

(Photograph reproduced by kind permission of Higham Press)




16TH JULY 2004



It is 2 years since I last judged the breed, and movement does not seem to have improved, we seem to be losing the free flowing movement in some cases, I also found several suspect mouths and a number of Cairns with very light eyes. We also seem to be getting two sizes, some small and others tall and narrow.


Minor Puppy Dog: (5)(3) 1st Robert’s & Middlehurst’s Cannwood Red Comet, Red with a good head and dark eye, correct front, level topline, good tailset, moves well both ways.  Hope he grows on.

2nd Weinberger’s Correnie Magicienne, Wheaten Brindle, attractive head, straight front, correct topline, moving a little wide in front, nice outline.

3rd Castrey’s Cloverbrook Angus McLee  of Cashmor.


Puppy Dog: (4) 1st Middlehurst’s Cannwood As If By Magic,Red Brindle, this dog took my eye as he entered the ring, litter brother to the winner of MPD, nicely balanced dog with a lovely outline, good head and stop, good dark eye, wide jaw with strong teeth, correct layback of shoulders, excellent length of neck, correct tailset excels in movement, one to watch in the future. B.P.

2nd Cameron’s Stryveling Young Lochinvar, Wheaten with dark points, smaller than 1, nice outline good dark eye, straight front, showed well.

3rd Chambers & Thomas, Cairngrove Red Rascal.


Junior Dog: (3) 1st Thomas & Ward Vanajam Three Wishes for Tycadno,nicely balanced  Wheaten  Brindle dog, good head , strong jaw,  excellent length of neck, level topline  moved with drive, showed well..

2nd Ehrenberg’s Carradine Master Tigger, Wheaten Brindle with an attractive head, nice eye, good length of neck, level topline. Shown in good coat, moved well, just preferred the balance and movement of 1.

3rd Parker-Tucker’s Uniquecottage Chipmunk.


Special Yearling Dog:(2) 1st West’s Junetta Ludycrous, Wheaten with a lovely outline, head of correct proportions, strong jaw, excellent layback of shoulders, good forechest, straight front, excellent showman, moved with drive.

2nd Bambridge’s Carradine Master Guy for Luvemal, Red Brindle smaller than 1, good head,staight front , was moving slightly wide today, preferred the balance and size of 1.


Novice:(1) 1st Ough’s  Ocedar Zephyr, Red, shown in full coat, good mouth, moved well when he settled, showed well.


Post Graduate Dog:(5)(4) 1st Harrison & Formosa’s Hydecastle Flic-Flac for Carradine, Red of outstanding quality, he demands attention, beautiful lines, attractive head and good mouth, excellent length of neck, good strong quarters.  Would not co-operate with his handler and was very wayward on the move and because of this moved slightly wide in front, but with plently of drive.


2nd Thompson’s Castleline Prince Harry, Wheaten Brindle, very nice dog, dark eye, good mouth, good length of neck, straight front, well balanced, moved well, just was not showing all out.

3rd Chamber’s Honeylin Superman.


Limit Dog(2) 1st Cadogan’s Dogan Jamesy Cotter, Wheaten Brindle, lovely head with true Cairn expression, good neck, level topline and correct tailset, moved okay.  He has improved since I last judged him.

2nd Weingerger’s Correnie Altissimo, Wheaten Brindle, good head, dark eye, strong jaw, level topline, moved well, just needs to look happier in the ring.


Open Dog:(4)(3) 1st Braybrook’s Ch Cloverbrook Loaded Dice, Grey Brindle, beautiful strong headed dog, head of excellent proportions giving the correct expression, strong jaw with large teeth, good length of neck flowing into level topline, correct tailset, showed and moved well, worthy Champion. D.C.C.

2nd Robert’s Cannwood Augurey, Cream with the most beautiful head, strong jaw with correct bite, good neck and shoulders, great showman, moved well, unlucky to have met 1, just preferred size and balance of 1. R.C.C.

3rd Peer’s Tweedisle Truffle at Glanzvoll.


Minor Puppy Bitch: (8)(7) 1st Osborn’s Tweslam Izzy Wizzy Get Bizzy, what a beautiful red puppy, it is a long time since we have seen this type of red in the ring.Striking bitch puppy which takes your eye as she enters the ring, good head, correct mouth, excellent neck and shoulders, level topline, very fluent movement, should have a bright future.

2nd Moseley’s Spawyche Precious Jewel, Grey Brindle, nicely balanced puppy, beautiful head, good mouth, correct dark eye, moved and showed well.

3rd  Robert’s Cannwood Catcha Fallin’ Star.


Puppy Bitch: (5)(4) 1st Harrison & Formosa’s Curtisey Foreign Affair at Carradine, Cream Brindle, nicely balanced bitch with a good eye and expression, lovely stop and wide jaw, good forechest, straight front, level topline, super movement.

2nd Smee’s Malmay Fancy Goods, Grey Brindle who was very wayward but has good clean lines, pretty head, straight front, moved well when she settled.

3rd  Moseley’s Spawyche Elizabethan Ruby.


Junior Bitch: (7) 1st Parker-Tucker’s Uniquecottage Glengettie, Red Brindle, good head, level topline, nicely balanced, moved and showed well.

2nd Tutchings Crowneast Sugar Babe, pretty Red bitch, well balanced, good rear quarters, level topline and good tailset, showed well.

3rd Osborn’s Tweslam Kalamazoo.


Special Yearling Bitch: (6) 1st Shaw’s Ch Honeyhall Hijinx, Red Brindle with a super head and expression, nicely balanced, good mouth, excellent forechest with an excellent layback of shoulders, good rear quarters with good bend on the stifle, good topline and tailset, the best mover of the day, pleased to award her the B.C.C. and B.O.B, and later she went Group1.

2nd Radford’s Skimmerton Silver Sequel, Grey Brindle with a good head and expression, straight front, good layback of shoulders, showed and moved well.

3rd Smee’s Ring That Belle for Malmay.



Novice Bitch:( 2) 1st Poile’s Kedvaiy Pascali, another beautiful Red, what a beautiful head with correct proportions, giving the correct expression, correct ear placement, good mouth, straight front level topline and tailset moved and showed well.  I will watch this bitch’s progress! R.C.C.

2nd Parker-Tucker’s Uniquecottage Wilhelmina, Red Brindle smaller than 1, pretty headed bitch, moved okay.


Post Graduate Bitch: (4) 1st Thomas’s Tycadno Memphis Belle, Dark Red Brindle, well balanced, nice eye, good wide jaw, good forechest, moved and showed well, carrying a little too much weight.

2nd Buttress’s Carradine Echo, Red Brindle smaller than 1 but well balanced, correct mouth, good front, moved well.

3rd Soper’s Glenmear Martine.


Limit Bitch: (8)(7) 1st Smee’s Oudenarde Belle Amour, dark Brindle, pretty head, good mouth and eye, straight front, good length of leg, moved well when she settled.

2nd Winsley’s Davmar Silver Heather, another dark Brindle, good head and expression, excellent shoulders, very showy, moved with drive, just preferred the balance of 1.

3rd Moseley’s Spawyche Elizabethan Pearl.


Open Bitch: (4) 1st. Vanajam Trick A Treat, Wheaten Brindle, pretty head of correct proportions, good dark eye, good mouth, excellent length of neck, clean shoulders, level topline, showed well, have just seen this bitch move better.

2nd Cameron’s Stryveling Tusitalia, Red, similar to 1, good mouth, length of neck level topline, well balanced, moved well.

3rd Osborn’s Tweslam Charlie’s Angel.



Sue Dolan.(Glenrood)