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2004 Reports


South Wales & West of England CTC’s

20th Anniversary Championship Show

Saturday October 23rd 2004

Judge Mr Kevin Holmes (Brindleoak)

141 dogs – 157 entries


DCC & BOB - Hooper’s Ch/Am Ch. Birselaw Super Trooper

RDCC - Weinberger’s Corrennie Altissimo

BCC - Poile’s Kedvaiy Pascali

RBCC - Catto’s Birselaw Special Moment

BP - Frost’s Penticharm Black Jack

Best Veteran – Confue’s Ch Anjofra Charlie Tango

Yvonne Catto, DCC & BOB Ch/Am Ch. Birselaw  Trooper, Judge Kevin Holmes, BCC Kedvaiy Pascali & Jacky Poile




More Pictures after results, critique after pictures

Minor Puppy Dog (8, 2a)

  1. Frost’s Penticharm Black Jack
  2. Poile’s Kedvaiy Harlequin
  3. West’s Junetta Victor
  4. Croyman’s Croyanda Flashman
  5. Kelleher’s Show Time NAF


Puppy Dog (3,1a)

  1. Keeves’ Seveek Dream River
  2. Harrison & Formosa’s Carradine Percy Pickle


Junior Dog (9, 2a)

  1. Middlehurst’s Cannwood As If By Magic To Starveren
  2. Ehrenberg’s Carradine Master Tigger
  3. Peers’ Tweedisle That Special Man
  4. Gill’s Copseleaze Light Skies


Maiden Dog (2)

  1. Cannwood As If By Magic To Starveren
  2. Frost’s Penticharm Black Jack


Novice Dog (1)

  1. Roberts’ Cannwood Red Comet


Undergraduate Dog (1)

  1. Parker Tucker’s Uniquecottage Chipmunk


Post Graduate Dog (7, 3a)

  1. Thomas & Ward’s Vanajam Three Wishes For Tycadno
  2. Waites’ Seveek Country Rambler to Svendalens
  3. Fairweather’s Ock Ross I’m The Boss
  4. Davey’s Castleine Game Spirit


Limit Dog (6, 3a)

  1. Weinberger’s Correnie Altissimo
  2. Thompson’s Castleline Prince Harry
  3. Cadogan’s Dogan Jamesy Cotter



Open Dog (3, 1a)

  1. Hooper’s Ch/Am Ch Birselaw Super Trooper
  2. Roberts’ Cannwood Augurey


Beginners Dog (5, 1a)

  1. West’s Junetta Ludycrous
  2. Seveek Country Ramblet to Sevendalens
  3. Thompson’s Castleline Game Spirit
  4. Ough’s Ocedar Zephyr


Special Veteran Dog (1)

  1. Jennings’ Doonrae Virtuoso


Special Veteran Bitch (4, 4 a)


Special Veteran Dog or Bitch (4, 1a)

  1. Confue’s Ch Anjofra Charlie Tango
  2. Shaddick’s Maencairn Komet of Elcairn
  3. Shaddick’s Maencairn Sea Krystle of Elcairn



  1. Roberts
  2. Jennings

Minor Puppy Bitch (12, 4a)

  1. Catto’s Birselaw It’s My Moment
  2. Lee’s Berrybone Classical Lady
  3. Dolan’s Glenrood Rags To Riches NAF
  4. Waites’ Seveek Country Lover at Svendalens
  5. Kellerher’s Razzle Dazzle TAF


Puppy Bitch (9, 3a)

  1. Weinberger’s Correnie Irresistible
  2. Hewitt’s Little Acorn Tulin
  3. Weaver’s Copseleaze Harriet
  4. Moseley’s Spawyche Precious Jewel
  5. Templeton’s Larchlea Remember Remember


Junior Bitch (10, 2 a)

  1. Hooton’s Penticharm Deep Secret
  2. Weinberger’s Correnie Hi-Lily
  3. Moseley’s Spawyche Elizabethan Ruby
  4. Thompson’s Castleline Constellation
  5. Harrison & Formosa’s Carradine Cinnamon


Maiden Bitch (6)

  1. Osborn’s Tweslam Izzy Wizzy Get Bizzy
  2. Dolan’s Glenrood Dusty Pipit
  3. Jennings’ Doonrae Zestful
  4. Ough’s Ocedar Willow the Wisp
  5. Cox’s Jostnaro Mulner at Coxellot


Novice Bitch (7)

  1. Weinberger’s Correnie Felicia
  2. Roberts’ Cannwood Catcha Fallin Star
  3. Doonrae Zestful
  4. Peers’ Tweedisle Gorgeous Geena
  5. Templeton’s Larchlea Let me Entertain U


Undergraduate Bitch (11, 3a)

  1. Shopland’s Cherrycrack Chasing Aimee
  2. Harrison & Formosa’a Curtisey Foreign Affair at Carradine
  3. Osborn’s Tweslam Kalamazoo
  4. Jennings’ Doonrae Youthfulness
  5. Lee’s Berrybone Shadow Dancer


Post Graduate Bitch (12, 3a)

  1. Catto’s Birselaw Special Moment
  2. Moseley’s Spawyche Elizabethan Pearl
  3. Firth & Jones’ Cairngold Coral
  4. Middlehurst’s Starveren Chance To Dream
  5. Goud’s Beanoak Snug in The Blanket


Limit Bitch (15, 3a)

  1. Poile’s Kedvaiy Pascali
  2. Hooton’s Penticharm Time To Party
  3. Thomas’ Tycadno Memphis Belle
  4. Parker Tucker’s Uniquecottage Glengettie
  5. Firth & Jones’ Cairngold Cedar


Open Bitch (5, 1a)

  1. Dolan’s Glenrood Forever Beauty
  2. Goud’s Beanoak Scatter The Mud
  3. Oldale’s Cranae Cerinthe
  4. Buttress’ Uniquecottage Gold Tilly


Beginners Bitch (8)

  1. Seveek Country Lover at Svendalens
  2. Copseleaze Harriet
  3. Soper’s Glenmear Martine
  4. Maencairn Sea Krystle of Elcairn
  5. Ough’s Ocedar Morning Star

























Brace Class

Brace Winners

20th Anniversary Cake

Judge Cuts The Cake


Championship Show 23.10.04

My thanks for a very good entry and to the Committee for a well run show. I was well pleased with the quality, heads were very good, size, apart from a couple of bitches who nearly broke my arm when lifting them off the table was more even than I have seen for some time. Presentation was better than when I last judged and on the whole movement wasn't bad, nice to be positive about the breed.


M.P. Dog 8 (2)

I.Frost's Penticharm Black Jack, Best Puppy. Eight months old, dark brindle, liked him so much for type and soundness, hard muscular condition, all male, but correct size. Good head and expression real extrovert showman, with such ring presence, good topline and tailset so sound on the move in both directions, short of coat but correct texture, with maturity should have a bright future. 2. Poile's Kedvaiy Harlequin, seven month old red excellent outline good balance very good well furnished head keen expression, sound mover, has all the essentials and a good prospect for the future. 3. West's Junetta Victor.

PUPPY D 3 (1)

1. Keeves Seveek Dream River Wheaten seven months old, lovely head and expression, nice size good

balance, nice neck and shoulders, a bit of a handful. 2.Harrison and Formosa Carradine Percy Pickle, red,

liked him for size. A better showman and in better coat than 1 but movement let him down.

JUNIOR D 9 (2)

I.Middlehurst's Cannwood as if by Magic to Starveren, Liked this silver wheaten a lot, just out of puppy, lovely head, real showman, sound mover, in very good coat, balanced, good neck and shoulder, nice size. 2.Ehrenberg's Carradine Master Tigger, lovely headed youngster dark eye, nice size good mover but not the easiest one to show. 3. Peers Tweedisle That Special Man.


I.Cannwood as if by Magic to S. 2.Penticharm Black Jack.


I.Roberts Cannwood Red Comet, litter brother to "As If By Magic" and same type,medium sized good topline and taiset in excellent coat good neck and shoulder lovely expressive head, free sound mover in both directions.


1. ParkerTuckers Uniquecottage Chipmunk, striking eighteen month old silver wheaten with dark mask and ears, lovely head in good coat, all male but correct size, sound and balanced, sound mover in both directions and a real showman.


1. Thomas and Wards VanaJam Three Wishes for Tycandno, wheaten dark eye, very expressive head, good balance, in full coat and well presented, liked his size, lovely temperament, moved well both coming and going. 2.Waites Seveek Country Rambler to Sevendalens, lost out on showmanship, but well deserved his placing, liked his balance, outline, and size. 3Tairweather's Ock Ross I'm The Boss.

MID LT D 6 (3) Three nice males, movement was the deciding factor.

1.Weinberger's Correnie Altissimo, Res CC, sire of the Bitch CC winner, won on his excellent movement and type, beautiful head, short muzzle, good stop well placed ears, sound bite, dark eye. Good topline and tailset good balance, well presented in good coat, correct size, and showed really well. 2.Thompson's Castleline Prince Harry, liked him for type, masculine, good neck, head and expression in good coat, not as positive in front movement as 1. 3.Cadogan's Dogan Jamesy Cotter.

OPEN 3 (1)

Hooper's Ch & Am Ch Birselaw Supertrooper, CC, BIS, Excellent quality, beautifully presented in full good quality coat, moved soundly in both directions with drive, all male nice size, excellent head and expression, clean muscular neck, good topline and tailset, good outline and balanced throughout, never stopped showing. 2. Robert's Cannwood Augurey, liked him last time I judged and still do, eyecatching smart wheaten in good coat, sound real showman, very good head, and a sound mover.


1. West's Junetta Ludycrous attractive wheaten dark ears, good outline, well presented, nice size, good tailset moved well in both directions, showed and handled very well. 2. Waites Seveek Country Rambler To S. 3.Davey's Castleline Game Spirit.

SPECIAL VET D 7-10 years 1.

I.Jenning's Doonrae Virtuoso, dark brindle eight year old, in full coat, very good type, excellent showman who moved very well, lovely head dark eye nice masculine size and good balance.

SPECIAL VET BITCH 7  10 years 4 (4)


SPECIAL VET D or B llyears and over 4 (1)

1 Confue's Ch Anjofa Charlie Tango, Best Veteran, 12 year old red who denies her age, in good coat and well presented. So very feminine, good balance, nice head and expession, in very good condition. Sound mover who showed well. 2. . Shaddick's Maencaim Kornet of Elcaim, Best Veteran Male, 11 year old dark brindle dog of excellent type and still a good mover real showman, lovely head, well presented and shown. 3. Shaddick's Meancaim Sea Krystle of Elcaim.

M PUPPY Bitch 12 (3)

1. Catto's, Birselaw It's My Moment, mature eight month old very feminine who showed all out, so typical of this kennel, in excellent coat, lovely head, good topline and balance. Good neck and shoulder and a sound mover, a really good prospect. 2. Lee's, Berrybone Classical Lady, redbrindle, very different type but so much to like, and so feminine, a bit overcalled by it all but showed OK, good head and neck sound mover nice size and balance. 3. Dolan's Glenrood Rags to Riches.


1.Weinberger's Correnenie Irresisible, ten month old of outstanding type which won her this class, feminine, in beautiful coat andwell presented, lovelyhead and expression moved so well in both directions just needs to gain more confidence. 2.Hewitt's Litteacorn Tulin, extrovert wheaten, nice head dark eye, good bite, sound feminine, moved well showed all out. 3.Weavers's Copleaze Harriet.

JUNIOR B 10 (2)

1.Hooton's Pentichann Deep Secret, fourteen month old wheaten with a dark mask, typical Penticharm, lovely head, very good outline, sound mover , very feminine, sound mover. 2.Weinberger's Correnie Hi Lily, another wheaten, of the same age so similar in type, moved and showed well, little separated 1 and 2 both lovely type and so sound. 3.Moseley's Spawyche Elizabethan Ruby.


1.Osborn's Twesslam Izzy Wizzy Get Bizzy,Best Bitch Puppy, nice quality ten month old red, who showed really well, good straight front, clean neck, shoulders and outline, good head and expression, big enough. 2.Dolan's Glenrood Dusty Pipit, attractive six month old silver, litter sister to 3rd in MPB, giving a lot away in age in this class and obviously looked immature, but showed extremely well and well deserved her place, sound puppy who moved well, 3.Jenning's Doonrae Zestful


1. Weinbergers Correnie Felicia, ten month old bitch silver of lovely quality, and excellent type, so sound and a real eye catcher, put down in excellent coat and well presented. Feminine andof correct size. Lovely head, dark eye, good neck and shoulders, moving with drive, true in both directions, showed well,sired by the Res CC winning male. 2.Robert's Cannwood CatchaFallin Star litter sister to novice dog winner, and so very similar, red, in good coat well presented nice size showed well, just not as positive in front movement as 1. 3.D Zestfull. .


1. Shoplands Cherrycrack Chasing Aimee, mature finished wheaten brindle, in very good coat of correct texture and well presented, really sound free mover, good neck, shoulders and topline, showed well. 2.Harrision and Formosa's Curtisy Foreign Affair at Carradine, quality, very sound wheaten in good coat, nice size good balance, straight front good rear movement, showed well. Good head, neck, and clean shoulders, a close decision. 3. Osborn's Tweslam Kalamazoo.


I.Catto's Birselaw Special Moment, Res CC. Wheaten with a dark mask, very sound and lovely type, excellent head, in lovely coat and presented so well, free flowing mover true in both directions, balanced, feminine, good topline and tailset, showed all out, ran the CC winner close. 2. Moseley's Spawyche Elizabethan Pearl, quality bitch of very good type who 1 liked very much, in good coat, lovely hind mover but not so positive in ftont and not settled, which cost her the class. 3. Firth and Jones Cairngold Coral.

LIMIT B 15 (3) Excellent Class with some lovely bitches,

1. Poiles' Kedvaiy Pascali, CC, beautiful feminine red, in super coat and well presented. Excels in head, well funished, good stop, dark eye, good earset. In good body nice depth of rib, sound topline, good tailset, excellent outline, ultra sound mover in both directions and showed all out. 2. Hooton's Penticharm Time to Party, quality wheaten of very good type, sound and balanced excellent head good outline and balance, not so positive in front movement as 1. 3. Thomas's Tycadno Memphis Belle.

OPEN 5 (1)

I.Dolan's Ch Glenrood Forever Beauty, lovely type mature and finished wheaten, excellent head, feminine throughout, sound fluent mover, in good coat, showed very well. 2. Goud's, Beanoak Scatter The Mud, three year old, dark brindle, in excellent coat, sound mover, feminine, good topline and tailset, excelled in head and showed all out. 3. Oldales Crane Cerinthe.


1.Waites Seveek Country Lover at Svendalens, severn month old wheaten who was  in minor puppy, in good coat, good head, well grown and mature for age, confidently handled and showed well. 2.Weavers Copleaze Harriet, wheaten brindle, 3rd in Junior, in good coat, good balance, feminine, just lost out on front movement. 3.Soaper's Glenmear Martine

TREVOR EVANS MEMORIAL BRACE CLASS, 8. What a lovely way to remember Trevor, I'm sure he would have enjoyed seeing them all, By far the hardest class of the day to judge, all were so much the same, like peas in a pod, nice to see the exhibitors having some fun showing them.

1.. Roberts. both red, like identical twins..

2. Jenning's Dark brindles, so much the same in size and type.

3. Hooton's. Wheatens

Kevin Holmes.