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Midland Cairn Terrier Club Open Show, Feb 29th 2004

Judge Mr Peter Owen (Caldwall)


BB & BIS Weedall’s Clairevona Victorian Ice

BD, BOS & RBIS Brown’s Cloverbrook Talk Of The Town

RBD Harrison & Formosa’s Hyde Castle Flic Flac At Carradine 

RBB Mears’ Stanedykes Tosca

BPIS Curtisey Foreign Affair At Carradine

Judge Peter Owen with BD,  BOS & RBIS Cloverbrook Talk Of The Town with handler Alison Wragg

Claire Weedall  & BB * BIS Clairevona Victorian Ice

(Archive Picture)


 but the “gremlins” got at the camera on Sunday and sadly we have no pictures after The Dog challenge!

Normal service will be resumed at Crufts (I hope!!!!)


Veteran Dog/Bitch (10,4a)

  1. Cloverbrook Secret Weapon
  2. Doonrae Virtuoso
  3. Cloverbrook Cleopatra

Res. Fryuplain Velour At Brenndarcy

VHC. Cloverbrook Noella


Minor Puppy Dog (5,2a)

  1. Tweedisle That Special Man
  2. Retacy Melody King NAF
  3. Brenndarcy Country Mouse


Puppy Dog (5,3a)

  1. Cloverbrook jackpot For Loxleyridge
  2. Clairevona Vibrant Knight


Junior Dog (5, 1a)

      1   Ock Ross I’m The Boss

      2.  Twohoots Arthur

  1. Carradine Master Guy For Luvemal

Res Tweedisle Time Traveller


Maiden Dog (3,3a)


Novice Dog (5,2a)

      1. Cloverbrook Silver Rebel

      2. Ock Ross I’m The Boss

3.Clairevona Vibrant Knight


Post Graduate Dog (8, 2a)

  1. Teewdisle Chasing Vikings
  2. Cairngold Sparticus
  3. Brenndarcy Danger Mouse

Res.Glenmear Malfoy

VHC. Seveek Country Rambler To Svendalens


Mid Limit Dog (3)

  1. Hydecastle Flic Flac For Carradine
  2. Cairngrae Phantom Menace
  3. Twohoots Advent Oberon


Open Dog (3)

  1. Cloverbrook Talk Of The Town
  2. Spawyche Elizabethian Jet
  3. Glenchess Black Tie


Special Beginners Dog (3)

  1. Cloverbrook Silver Rebel
  2. Seveek Country Rambler To Svendalens
  3. Cloverbrook Jackpot For Loxleyridge


Minor Puppy Bitch (4,1a)

  1. Curtisey Foreign Affair At Carradine
  2. Klarylise Lost and Found NAF
  3. Tweedisle Only Makebelieve


Puppy Bitch (11,4a)

  1. Clairevona Astranomical
  2. Cloverbrook Double Six At Eborvale
  3. Nuvan Little Mo

Res. Tweedisle Sweet innocence

VHC. Brenndarcy Tigerlily


Junior Bitch (10,3a)

  1. Doonrae Forever Fern
  2. Kervaig Gemima
  3. Ock dark Truffles

Res Twohoots Cecilia

VHC Seveek Chasing Dreams


Maiden Bitch (4,1a)

    1. Ock Dark Truffles
    2. Doonrae Zestful
    3. Camasmor Capricious


Novice Bitch (7,1a)

  1. Doonrae Forever fern
  2. Carradine Echo
  3. Brenndarcy Miss Dormouse

Res Seveek One moment In Time With Maxiveek

VHC. Tweedisle Catch A Dream


Post Graduate Bitch (8,3a)

  1. Stanedykes Tosca
  2. Carocairn Moulin Rouge By Fieldron
  3. Spawyche Dawn Chorus At Gyncairn   

Res. Wilsummer Sea Lavender


Mid Limit Bitch (5)

  1. Clairevona Victorian Ice
  2. Spawyche Elizabethan Pearl
  3. Camasmor Coquette

Res.Glenchess Sugar Mouse

VHC Cloverbrook Copellia


Open Bitch (8,3a)

  1. Brenndarcy Solar Corona
  2. Cloverbrook Here To Stay
  3. Glenchess Silver Lining

      Res. Uniquecottage Gold Tilly

      VHC. Spawyche Forever Amber at Carradine


Special Beginners Bitch (5,3a)

  1. Shearwater High Jinks
  2. Cloverbrook Cleopatra














Midland Cairn Terrier Club Open Show – Sunday 29 February 2004 Shirland Village Hall, Shirland, Nr Alfreton, Derbys


I had a most enjoyable day judging my first breed open show for the MCTC .  Many thanks to the committee for the invitation and hospitality shown; thanks also to the exhibitors for their entries. 


Veteran Dog or Bitch: (10:4a)


1          Moore’s Cloverbrook Secret Weapon:  7 ½ years grey brindle d presented in a quality coat.  Masculine head with well set ears.  Good front, level topline, steady mover


2          Jenning’s Doonrae Virtuoso: 7 years dark brindle d, with well laid shoulders, level topline, moved well


3          Buttery’s Cloverbrook Cleopatra 


Minor Puppy Dog:  (5:2a)


1          Peer’s Tweedisle That Special Man: (BPD) promising 6 months old pup shown in a quality jacket.  Masculine head with a good reach of neck, correct shoulders and level topline. Moved well for age. A little overawed in the challenge for BPD, but quality could not be overlooked.


2          Tracey’s Retacy Melody King: 6 months wheaten youngster. Built on bigger lines than 1.  Good head, well made front, level topline with well let down hocks


3          Culliford’s  Brenndarcy Country Mouse


Puppy Dog: (5:3a)


1          Cruxon’s Cloverbrook Jackpot for Loxleyridge:  Wheaten brindle in a good double coat.  Keen expression with good eye colour and ear placement.   Showed well.


2          Weedall’s Clairevona Vibrant Knight: 9 months red, with small well placed ears, good length of neck and good rear angulation


Junior Dog: (5:1a)


1          Fairweather’s Ock Ross I’m the Boss: Harsh coated red brindle with a masculine head, good front angulation, and level topline.  Moved and showed well


2          Stephinson’s Twohoots Arthur: Balanced red with a strong head, good reach of neck, level top line, steady mover.


3          Bambridge’s Carradine Master Guy for Luvemal


Maiden Dog: (3:3a)


Novice Dog: (5:2a)


1          Leese’s Cloverbrook Silver Rebel:  Red brindle youngster with a keen expression, good front and rear quarters, moved well. 


2          Fairweather’s Ock Ross I’m the Boss


3          Weedall’s Clairevona Vibrant Knight


Post Graduate Dog: (8:2a)


1          Peer’s Tweedisle Chasing Vikings: Wheaten presented in a good coat, masculine head with a dark mask, level topline, good tailset, well let down hocks.


2          Ramsden’s Cairngold Sparticus: Grey brindle with a good head and keen expression, small neat ears, with good rear quarters


3          Treglown’s Brenndarcy Danger Mouse


Mid Limit Dog: (3:0a)


1          Harrison & Formosa’s Hydecastle Flic Flac at Carradine (RBD), Extrovert red presented in a good coat.  Expressive masculine head, good front and rear, level topline, good tailset, moved with drive


2          Treglown’s Cairngrae Phantom Menace: Grey brindle, nice expression, level topline, with well let down hocks


3          Stephinson’s Twoohoots Advent Oberon


Open Dog: (3:0a)


1          Brown’s Cloverbrook Talk of the Town (RBIS/BOS)   Masculine headed grey brindle d with a keen expression shown in a quality jacket.  Ideal for size and balance, correct front, level topline, with well let down hocks.  Maintained his shape on the move.


2          Shorter & Nuttall’s Spawche Elizabethian Jet:  Grey brindle compact d  with a masculine head with good front and rear quarters.  Shown in a quality double coat


3          Short’s Glenchess Black Tie        


Special Beginners Dog: (3:0a)


1          Leese’s Cloverbrook Silver Rebel 


2          Waite’s Seveek Country Rambler to Svendalens:  Nice head with keen expression, steady mover


3          Cruxon’s Cloverbrook Jackpot for Loxleyridge



Minor Puppy Bitch: (4:1a)


1          Harrison & Formosa’s Curtisey Foreign Affair at Carradine:  (BPIS)  Very promising  6 months old wheaten b shown in a good coat . Expressive feminine head.  Good reach of neck into well-laid shoulders with a level topline.  Showed and moved well


2          Houghton’s Klarylise Lost and Found:  7 months youngster with good eye colour, good front and topline, moved well


3          Peer’s Tweedisle Only Make Believe 



Puppy Bitch: (10:4a)


1          Weedall’s Clairevona Astronomical:  10 months old grey brindle b of lovely type with a good head and expression.  Showy youngster who moved well


2          Shearsmith’s Cloverbrook Double Six at Eborvale:   11 months wheaten b with a keen expression.  Good front, spring of rib and bend of stifle


3          Evan’s Nuvan Little Mo 


Junior Bitch (10:3a)


1          Sharp’s Doonrae Forever Fern: Showy brindle bitch with a nice head, neat ears, well bodied with strong rear quarters.  Steady mover


2          White’s Kervaig Gemima:  Brindle bitch with a nice expression, good front with good spring of rib and bend of stifle. 


3          Fairweather’s Ock Dark Truffles


Maiden Bitch: (4:1a)


1          Fairweather’s Ock Dark Truffles:  Expressive red brindle  with well set ears, well let down hocks.  Showy


2          Jenning’s Doonrae Zestful:  Brindle b with a good front and rear, well set tail


3          Butterfield’s Camasmor Capricious


Novice Bitch: (7:1a)


1          Sharp’s Doonrae Forever Fern


2          Harrison & Formosa’s Carradine Echo:  Red brindle b with a good front and keen expression, well set tail.  Presented in a good coat


3          Shannon & Storr’s Brenndarcy Miss Dormouse


Post Graduate Bitch: (8:4a)


1          Mear’s Stanedykes Tosca (RBB) Red brindle b who moved well.  Good head, correct front and rear with a level topline.  Keen showgirl who was presented in a good jacket.


2          Watson’s Carocairn Moulin Rouge by Fieldron:  Feminine headed cream b  shown in a good coat.  Good front and rear quarters. Moved well.


3          Hughes’ Spawyche Dawn Chorus at Gyncairn


Mid Limit Bitch: (5:0a)


1          Weedall’s Clairevona Victorian Ice: (BIS)  Eyecatching grey  brindle, ideal for size and nicely constructed.  Presented in a quality jacket.  Gorgeous expressive head.  Correct front and rear quarters with a level topline and well set tail.  Good mover. Full of animation.     


2          Moseley’s Spawyche Elizabethan Pearl:  Showy cream who moved well.  Good front and rear with well let down hocks


3          Butterfield’s Camasmor Coquette


Open Bitch: (9:3a)


1          Shannon & Storr’s Brenndarcy Solar Corona:  Nicely balanced light red with a feminine head, good front and level topline.  Moved well


2                    Braybrook’s Cloverbrook Here to Stay:  Grey brindle , with a good head, well laid shoulders, and good  rear quarters.  Moved well.


3          Short’s Glenchess Silver Lining


Special Beginners Bitch: (5:3a)


1       Purvis’ Shearwater High Jinks:  Cream b with a good front and body, good bend of stifle and well let down hocks


2       Buttery’s Cloverbrook Cleopatra: 3rd in veteran, grey brindle with a good eye and neat ears with a well-set tail.  Moved well for age.



Peter Owen (Judge)