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2005 Reports


National Dog Show - Birmingham

8th May 2005

Judge Mary Towers


DCC & BOB: Roberts’ Ch Cannwood Augurey
RDCC: Berrecloth’s Sybster Spring Time
BCC: Poile’s Kedvaiy Pascali
RBCC: Parker-Tucker’s Uniquecottage Glengettie
BP: Thompson’s Castleline Jackard

BCC Kedvaiy Pascali, Jackie Poile, Judge Mary Towers, Chris Roberts, DCC & BOB Ch Cannwood Augurey

Liz Thompson & BP Castleline Jackard





More pictures after results, critique after results. 

1st: Mrs P Jeffrey Sandaig Shearer
2nd:Mr S & Mrs H E Buttress Nutshki Boy Walton
3rd: Mr & Mrs G S Peers Tweedisle Pathfinder
Res: Mr M J & Mrs B Burgin Nutshki Dark Knight Taf

PD (3,1 )
1st: Mrs E J A Thompson Castleline Jackard
2nd: Mr D J & Mrs A C Kippen Chezaku Helmsman

JD (5)
1st: Mrs J P Poile Kedvaiy Harlequin
2nd: Messrs Felters, A & Rumens, R A Landbuck Little Tyke
3rd: Mrs Birch Kinkim Kernul
Res: Mrs J M Kelleher Sun Dance
Vhc: Mrs S Frost Penticharm Black Jack

PGD (8,1)
1st: Mr & Mrs J A Berrecloth Sybster Spring Time
2nd: Mrs M Crosby Tolimaura Chace
3rd: Mr & Mrs C Brown Cruzo Gold Charmer
Res: Mrs J Smith Rocasovale Good Luck Charm
Vhc:  Mr & Mrs G S Peers Tweedisle That Special Man


LD (7)
1st: Middlehurst’s Cannwood As If By Magic To Starveren JW
2nd: Evans’ Birselaw Billy The Kid Of Kapplegill
3rd:  Harrison & Inett Hydecastle Flic-Flac For Carradine (Imp)
Res:  Thompson’s Castleline Prince Harry
Vhc:   West’s  Junetta Ludycrous

OD(5 )
1st: Mr & Mrs J T P Roberts Ch Cannwood Augurey
2nd: Mrs S J Weinberger Correnie Altissimo
3rd:  Mrs C Templeton Larchlea If Looks Could Kill
Res: Mrs A Wall Ch Shearwater Cae De Sonhas
Vhc:  Mr & Mrs S W G Short Glenchess Black Tie

 MPB (4 )

1st: Mr & Mrs B G Mears Glenmear Marcuella
2nd: Mrs A J West Junetta Rosemary
3rd:  Mr R J & Mrs C Hewitt Littleacorn Keep In Touch Naf
Res: Mr M E & Mrs C I Soper Glenmear Michelle Taf

 PB (6,3)
1st: Mrs F S Cameron Stryveling Georgie Girl
2nd: Mrs E J A Thompson Castleline Calico
3rd: Mr & Mrs S W G Short Glenchess Maid To Measure

JB (13,4)
1st: Miss Y Catto Birselaw It's My Moment
2nd: Mr & Mrs A Osborn Tweslam Izzy Wizzy Get Bizzy
3rd: Mrs F S Cameron Stryveling Meg Merrilees
Res: Mrs S J Weinberger Correnie Irresistible
Vhc: Mrs A Weaver Copseleaze Harriet

PGB (15,5 )
1st: Mrs W V Moseley Spawyche Elizabethan Ruby
2nd: Mr & Mrs A Osborn Tweslam Kalamazoo
3rd:  Mr & Mrs P Brown Bencana Royal Sovereign
Res: Mr R L Fyfe Andrum Love In A Mist
Vhc: Miss J E Hooton Penticharm Deep Secret

LB (7,2)
1st: Mrs J P Poile Kedvaiy Pascali
2nd: Miss Y Catto Birselaw Special Moment
3rd:  Mrs P Jeffrey Sandaig Suilean Dubh
Res:  Mrs J Keeves Seveek Chasing Dreams
Vhc: Mr & Mrs G S Peers Tweedisle Gorgeous Geena

OB (5,1)

1st:  Mrs J G Parker-Tucker Uniquecottage Glengettie
2nd:  Mr & Mrs S W G Short Glenchess Golden Wings
3rd: Mrs A Smee Oudenarde Belle Amour
Res:  Miss J E Hooton Penticharm Burning Desire















Cairn Terriers

An average entry. Overall quality was lacking in the lower dog classes. Presentation overall could be improved. I found four with incorrect mouths, this should be watched. However, there was a good choice for top honours, bitches were far superior in quality & decisions dose at times.

MPD (5,1a) I Jeffrey Sandaig Shearer. Well made 6 month old, in excellent coat. Good strong head. Level topline & firm loin. covered theground well 2 Buttress' Nutshki Boy Walton. 81/2 months, lovely held & expression, good dark eye & excellent mouth, showed well. Not quite as settled on the move as I; 3 Peers' Tweedisle Pathfinder

PD (3.1) I Thompson’s Castleline Jackard. well presented wheaten. pleasing neck, shoulders, topline & tailset correct. Attractive dark points, one to watch. BP; 2 Kippen’s Chezaku Helmsman, well made youngster who just made this class by 2 days. correct eye. Excellent mouth, nice head, fair body construction. Coat not at it’s best.

JD (5) Poile's  Kedvaiy Harlequin. Good quality, excellent construction, expressive head, good dark eye, correct coat sound movement,

covered the ground well. 2 Felters & Rumens Landbuck LittleTyke. nice type with good head & expression, well balanced with good outline. Firm body, good length of back. Not so steady on the move as 1; 3 Birch’s Kinkim Kernul 

PGD (8,1a) Berrecloth's Sybster Spring Time.excellent quality, very true to type, well balanced, nice size, goodneck. topime & tail carriage. good angulation & movement, very good head with correct dark eyes looking at me, in excellent coat condition RCC;2 Crosby's Tolimaura Chace.well presented Cairn along similar lines to I, but not so forward. Nicely made head with correct eye, good ear placement, correct proportions, nicely set tail, well balanced; 3 Brown's Cruzo Gold Channel

LD(7) Middlehurst’s Cannwood As lf By Magic at Starveren, good quality Cairn, correct neck & shoulders, good level topline & tailcet, in excellent coat, moved with drive & covered the ground well;2 Evans'Birsebw Billy The Kid of Kapplegill, smart dog, nicety balanced of correct size.good angulation, excellent mouth with strong teeth. Did not co-operate too well when on the move; 3;Hamson & Innett's Hydecastle Flic Flac For Carradine.

OD (5) I Roberts' Ch Cannwood Augurey, excellent quality dog, in tip-top condition, with a keen expression, great showman & he knows it. CC & BOB; 2 Weinberger's Corrennie Altisslmo. very nice showy dog who moved soundly &t well, pleasing front, legs & feet, good body. 3;Templeton's Larchlea If Looks Could Kill.

MPB (4) I Mears' Glenmear Marcuella, well grown youngster, good front, nice length of leg movement OK, correct dark eye with that true Calm expression; 2 West's Junetta Rosemary, very promising with an excellent coat, good head, correct overall, not so confident as I on the move; 2; Hewitt's littlecorn Keep In Touch.

PB (6,3) I Cameron's Striveling Georgie Girl, good coated 11 month old, feminine attractive head & of pleasIng size, good body & ribcage, excellent front nicely rounded strong quarters, moved well; 2 Thompson's Castleine Calico, attractive youngster, same remarks apply but preferred movement of 1; 3 Short's Glenchess Maid To Measure.

JB (13,4) I Catto's Birselaw Its My Moment, most pleasing appearance, nice neck, topline & tailset excellent coat, good angulation & movement, correct head, mouth & well placed ears; 2 Osbom's Tweslam izzy Wizzy Get Bizzy, very close up to I in almost every way; 3 Cameron's Stryveling Meg Merilees.

PGB (15.5) I Mosley’s Spawyche Elizabethan Ruby, well constructed throughout, very feminine head, excellent neck & shoulders, good level topline, correct tailset, lovely flowing movement; 2 Osborn’s Tweslam Kalamazoo, well balanced bitch with good head & expression, excellent reach of neck, nice topline, good bone, coat of correct texture; 3 Browns BencanaSoverign.

LB (7,2) I Poile’s Kedvaiy Pascali, very feminine young lady, lovely head, super coat, correct in all departments, covered the ground well to win her 3rd CC 2 Catto's Birselaw SpecialMoment, well proportioned top class bitch. quality head, lovely dark eyes & expression. In good

coat; 3 Jeffrey's Sandaig Suilean Dubh.

OB (5,1) I Parker Tucker's Uniquecottage Glengettie, true Cairn of quality, correct in all departments, likedher head & wistful expression, correct coat. RCC; 2 Short's Glenchess Golden Wings, pleasing outline, typical head, good neckline & level topline, well set tail, sound on the move; 3 Smee's Oudenarde Belle Amour.