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2005 Reports


South Wales & West of England CTC

Saturday October 22nd  2005

Judge; Maggie Shopland (Cherrycrack)


DCC Templeton’s Larchlea If Looks Could Kill

RDCC Saich’s Hector Of The Glen

BCC & BOB Lindborg’s Such Rasken’s Rich Grey Lark

RBCC Catto’s Birselaw Special Moment

BPIS Felters & Rumens’ Landbuck Heidi Claire

Matts Lindborg, BCC & BOB Such Rasken’s Rich Grey Lark, Judge Maggie Shopland, Carole Templeton & DCC, BOS Larchlea If Looks Could Kill







More Pictures After Results Critique after Pictures

MPD (8, 2a)

    1      Birselaw Moment in Time (BPD)

    2      Copseleaze Corn Cracker

    3      Bencana Bonneville

    ResCastline King’s Trooper

    VHC            Lindcoly Just Bob


PD (5, 1a)

    1      Penticharm Prince Charming

    2      Uniquecottage Goldfinch

    3      Cloverbrook Dicey Business          

    ResLindcoly Just Bob


JD (4, 2a)

    1      Cloverbrook Play the Game

    2      Nutshki Boy Walton


MD (1)

    1      Uniquecottage Goldfinch


ND (3, 1a)

    1      Tweedisle That Special Man

    2      Penticharm Black Jack


UGD (3, 1a)

    1      Hector of the Glen (RDCC)

    2      Ocedar Zephyr


PGD (9, 2a)

    1      Cruzo Gold Charmer

    2      Landbuck Little Tyke

    3      Castleline Jackard

    ResRocasovale Good Luck charm

    VHC            Junetta Victor


LD (7, 3a)

    1      Sybster Spring Time

    2      Castleine Prince Henry

    3      Woodthorpe Just Bedazzled

    ResVanajam Three Wishes for Tycadno


OD (8, 2a)

    1      Larchlea If Looks Could Kill (DCC & BOS)

    2      Ch. Cannwood As If by Magic to Starveren

    3      Norduch Rasken’s Reach for the Top

    ResHoneyhall Hellavaguy

    VHC            Ock Ross I’m the Boss


Beginners Dog (3, 1a)

    1      Junetta Ludycrous

    2      Ocedar Zephyr


SVD 7-10 yrs (1, 1a)


SVB 7-10 yrs (2)

    1      Ch Tweslam Abracadabra

    2      Ock Enchanted Shadow


SPV D or B 11 yrs and over (4, 1a)

    1      Glenrood Snow Pippit

    2      Ch Starveren Chanc a Glance

    3      Stormy Weather



MPB (16, 5a)

     1       Birselaw Moment of Joy at Sharpamatt

     2       Honeyhall Head Over Heels

     3       Tweedisle Pillow Talk

     Res   Woodthorpe Rosemary N Tyme

     VHCBencana Eternal Flame


PB (12, 4a)

     1       Aizenay Eternal Flame

     2       Landbuck More Intrigue

     3       Bedrule Talja

     Res   Skimmerton Golod Dust

     VHCSpawyche Elizabethan Lace


JB          (10, 1a)

     1       Glenmear Marcuella

     2       Anjofra Queen of Tarts

     3       Glenrood Tanzanite Magic of Liffycairn

     Res   Castleline Vanilla Fudge

     VHCCastleline Clemintine


MB (8, 1a)

     1       Landbuck Heidi Claire (BPIS)

     2       Junetta Rosemary

     3       Berrybone Surprise Delight

     Res   Anjofra Treacle Tart of Liffycairn


NB (5, 2a)

     1       Lindcoly Miss Dolly

     2       Anjofra Nine West

     3       Castleline Clemintine


UGB (7, 1a)

     1       Birselaw It’s My Moment

     2       Becana Royal Sovereign

     3       Glenrood Dusty Pipit

     Res   Skimmerton Silver Sequal

     VHCTubereasa Midnight Song


PGB (14, 1a)

     1       Uniquecottage Gold Tarka

     2       Vanajam Hokcus Pokcus

     3       Roscasovale All That Jazz

     Res   Tweslam Izzy Wizzy Get Busy

     VNCSkimmerton Silver Touch


LB (12, 3a)

     1       Larchlea Remember Remember

     2       Tarcret Silver Star

     3       Spawyche Elizabethan Pearl

     Res   Bencana Crystal Clear

     VHCCopseleaze Harriet


OB (13, 4a)

     1       Such Rasken’s Rich Grey Lark (BCC & BOB)

     2       Birselaw Special Moment (RBCC)

     3       Ch. Uniquecottage Glengettie

     Res   Oudenarde Belle Amour

     VHCVanajam Piewaket


 Beginners Bitch (7, 4a)

     1       Tarcret Silver Star

     2       Castleline Clemintine

3               Anjofra Treacle Tart at Liffycairn


 Trevor Evans Memorial Brace Class (3. 2a)

     1       Skimmerton’s Silver Sequel & Silver Touch


























A Big Thank You To Graham Peers For Full Results and Pictures







The South Wales & West of England Cairn Terrier Club held their 21st Championship Show at Stratford Park Leisure Centre, a new venue after many years at Bridgwater.  I would like to thank the Officers and Committee for inviting me to judge.  It was an honour to judge such an excellent entry of 162 from 157 dogs.  Some of the classes were disappointing, however the higher classes in both dogs and bitches were quality, all the puppy classes had some exciting prospects.  I found a few incorrect mouths, but much more worrying is movement which is not improving.  All the committee worked hard to ensure everything ran smoothly.

BIS Su Ch Raskens Rich Grey Lark,  RBOB Larclea If Looks Could Kill

BP Landbuck Heidi Claire BV Ch Tweslam Abracadabra


MPD 8,2


Catto’s Birselaw Moment In Time: cream, balanced, correct head, good neck and shoulders, dead level top line well muscled rear, moved with ease and confidence

2  Weaver’s Copesleaze Corn Cracker all that really separated these two very nice puppies was the size I hope this one grows on a shade, he really is a very soundly constructed cairn, liked him a lot.

3  Brown’s Bencana Bonneville


PD  5,1


1  Hooton, Shorter & Nutall’s Penticharm Prince Charming; wheaten brindle just coming into new coat, best of heads, balanced, moved OK.

Parker Tuckers Uniquecottage Gold Finch; red brindle, expressive head, good neck & shoulders, very full of himself

Braybrook’s Cloverbrook Dicey Business


JD  4,2


Braybrook’s Cloverbrook Play The Game; wheaten with dark points, typical head, clean neck & shoulders, steady topline on the move on the small side for me but smart

on the move and standing.

Buttress’ Nutski Boy Walton; red brindle, lovely head, good head and correct shoulders, very profuse coat not so sound moving as 1


MD  1


Uniquecottage Goldfinch


ND  3,1


1   Peers Tweedisle That Special Man; really lovely head with melting expression, good to go over, soundly constructed, tends to drop his tail on the move which spoils his outline, hind action wayward, if he gets his act together he could trouble the best.

Frost’s Penticharm Black Jack; Aptly named grey brindle who tried very hard to put every foot wrong, typical cairn, made ok, would prefer a bit more of him,  good

coat coming which will make a huge difference.


UG  3,1


Saich’s Hector of The Glen; my type of cairn, balanced red, expressive head with true expression, well set neat ears, good neck, correct shoulders, dead level top line kept on the move, not overly confident but moved with real drive he well deserved the RCC for type

2  Ough’s Ocedar Zephyr; good head, liked his size and make couldn’t assess him on the move as he just would not co-operate with his handler, shame.


PGD  9,3


1    Brown’s Cruzo Gold Charmer: and what a charmer, eye catching cream, lovely head, neck, shoulders, top line, tailset correct, strong hindquarters meant he moved correctly, he did enough to win the class  but completely gave up in the challenge, could have been RCC winner.

Felters & Rumens Landbuck  Little Tyke;  red brindle, quality cairn, typical head and keen expression, sound to go over, moved true, needs time his day will come.

Thompson,s Castleline Jackard


LD  7,3


Berecloth,s Sybster Spring Time;  grey brindle, sound cairn, handles well on the table, nothing overstated, moved true very nice dog.

Thompson,s Castleline Prince Harry;  red brindle, soundly constructed all through, moved well, he has a correct head but it is sparsly furnished making him appear to have an incorrect expression, very nice dog otherwise.

Kinton,s Woodthorpe Jusr Bedazzled


OD  8,2


Templeton,s Larchlea If Looks Could Kill; dark grey brindle my type of cairn, all male, very typical head, correct neck and shoulders, dead level topline, sound rear, moved with drive, he never stopped showing had to win CC, BOS

2 Middlehurst,s Cannwood As If By Magic To Starveren;   well known champion now, he has a beautiful head and is soundly constructed, preferred 1 today.

Nordstrand & Londborg’s Raskens Reach The Top


BD  3,1


West,s Junetta Ludycrous: typy wheaten with dark points, most appealing head, correct bite, good shoulders , level topline moved well nice dog.

Ough,s Ocedar Zephyr;  new handler but still the wild child.


SVD 1a


SVB  2


Osborne,s Tweslam Abracadabra; seven years, in wonderful condition, correct coat very sound.

Fairweather’s Ock Enchanted Shadow; nine years old and in very good order moved well, youth had its day today.




Dolan,s Glenrood Snow Pipit;  11 years cream, looking marvellous, retaining her waistline, good coat real cairn.

Middlehurst,s Ch Starveren Chance A Glance;  12 years old, lovely cairn, so nice to see him


MPB  16,5


Matthew,s Birselaw Moment of Joy; 6 m/o wheaten, beautiful head, neat ears, correct bite, good neck shoulders and topline, well constructed rear, moved well, showed herself to perfection to win a fabulous class of puppies.

Shaw,s Honeyhall Head Over Heels; 8m/o her coat is not at its best that is all that separated these two lovely puppies very similar to 1 and exactly the same comments 

Peers’ Tweedisle Pillow Talk


PB  12,4


Green,s Aizenay Eternal Flame; loved her, 8m/o dark brindle, really appealed to me, beautiful head, correct bite, good neck and shoulders, level topline, strong rear, coat correct, moved very well, completely balanced, would love to have her at home.

Felters & Rumens Landbuck More Intrigue;  red brindle, lovely head, soundly made, very feminine, moved soundly, loved her type.

Turnbull,s Bedrule Talja


JB  10,1


Mears Glenmear Marcella; silver brindle, most appealing head, correct neck and shoulders, good topline, strong rear, she really powered round the ring, very stylish balanced bitch, she must have a bright future, lovely.

Confue,s Anjofra Queen Of Tarts;  typy red brindle very similar to 1, her head has not matured yet , she needs time promising.

Lifton’s Glenrood Tanzanite Magic of Liffycairn


MB  8,2


Felters & Rumens Landbuck Heidi Claire; loved this bitch just my type, red brindle, beautiful head, correct neck and shoulders, dead level topline, strong quarters, moved with drive, mature BPIS

West,s Junetta Rosemary; similar to 1 in type not quite as balanced yet but a true cairn nice

Fielder,s Berrybone Surprise Delight


NB 4,2


Saich,s Lindcoly Miss Dolly;  Dk Brindle, typical head, very good coat moved correctly, lacked sparkle in the challenge, nice bitch

Confue,s Anjofra Nine West;  she didn’t do herself any credit today and gave her handler a hard time, she is sound but like her sister needs more time.

Thompson,s Castleline Clementine


UGB  7,1


Catto,s Birselaw Its My Moment;  wheaten brindle, beautiful head, good neck and shoulders, level topline , good tail set, moved true soon will be her moment.

Brown,s Bencana Royal Sovereign;  dk brindle, rangier type, very sound, lovely head, moved correctly quality  cairn just  unlucky to meet 1

Dolans Dusty Pipit


PGB  14,6


1  ParkerTucker,s Uniquecottage Gold Tarka;  red brindle, full coat, she had nothing to hide though, good honest cairn, typical head, liked her.

Ward,s Vanajam Hocus Pocus;  different type to 1, wheaten, head full of expression, good neck and shoulders, level topline, correct rear, moved well, very showy and put down to perfection, two lovely cairns

Smith,s Rocasovale All That Jazz


LB  12,3


Templeton,s Remember Remember; very dark brindle, absolutely beautiful head, melting expression, good neck and lay back of shoulders, dead level topline, very strong rear end but not over angulated, moved with drive, a real star.

Carter,s Targret Silver Star;  a lovely bitch, silver brindle, loved her head, soundly made moved true not quite the showgirl of 1

Mosely,s Spawche Elizabethan Pearl



OB  13,4


An impressive class, I was spoilt for choice,

Norstrand & Lindborg,s SU Ch Raskens Rich Grey Lark;  she had everything I was looking for , most beautiful head, deep melting expression, correct neck and shoulders, level topline, strong rear, moved effortlessly, not over exaggerated in any way could not take my eyes off her, absolutely lovely.   BCC BIS

 Catto,s Birselaw Special Moment; quite remarkable how this kennel can keep on producing such wonderful cairns, loved this one too, beautiful head, good neck and shoulders, dead level topline moved out soundly, lost my heart to 1 though RCC

Parker Tucker’s Ch Unique Cottage Glengettie


BB  7,4


Carter’s Tacret Silver Star

Groves Castleline Clementine;  sound honest bitch, good head she needs more practice

Lifton’s Anjofra Treacle Tart at Liffycairn




Radford’s two very typical well matched dark grey brindles,sisters.



                                                             MARGARET SHOPLAND (JUDGE)