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Midland Cairn Terrier Club Open Show,


5th March 2005

Judge: Catherine Butterfield (Camasmor)


BD & BOS Stephinsons Twohoots Arthur

RBD Mears’ Glenmear Malfoy

BB & BIS Jeffrey’s Sandaig Suilean Dubh

RBB & RBIS Sharp & Petts’ Cannwood Kasta Spell

BP Felters & Rumens’ Landbuck Little Tyke


Judge Catherine Butterfield Awarding BIS to Jim Jeffrey’s Sandaig Suilean Dubh


Awarding BD to Stephinsons Twohoots Arthur





More pictures after results, critique after pictures.

V D/B (7,1a)

1.    Fairweather’s Ock Enchanted Shadow

2.    Jennings’ Doonrae Virtuoso

3.    Jeffrey’s Sandaig Silent Wings

Res. Buttress’ Cloverbrook Cleopatra

VHC. Moore’s Cloverbrook Secret Weapon


MPD (2,1a)

     1. Peers’ Tweedisle Pathfinder


PD (3,1a)

1.    Felters & Rumens’ Landbuck Little Tyke

2.    Warne’s Royal Silver


JD (4,2a)

1.    Mears’ Glenmear Billy Flynn

2.    Chambers & Thomas’ Cairngrove Rascal


ND (3,2a)

1.    Peers’ That Special Man


PGD (8,3a)

1.    Waite’s Seveek Country Rambler To Svendalens

2.    Fairweather’s Ock Ross I’M The Boss

3.    Treglown’s Brenndarcy Danger Mouse

Res. Tracey’s Crowneast Landing Light

VHC. Culliford’s Brenndarcy Country Mouse


MLD (3)

1.    Stephenson’s Twohoots Arthur

2.    Ramsden’s Cairngold Spartacus

3.    Treglowns Cairngrae Phantom Menace


OD (3)

1.    Mears’ Glenmear Malfoy

2.    Pears’ Tweedisle Truffle


SBD ((5,1a)

     1, Waites’ Seveek Country Rambler To Svendalens

2.    Treglown’s Brenndarcy Danger Mouse

3.    Bradshaw’s Tweslam Magic Time

Res Treglown’s Cairgrae Phantom Menace



MPB (8,3a)

1.    Firth & Jones’ Cairngold Collusion

2.    Saich’s Lindcoly She’s the One

3.    Peers’ Tweedisle Sweet Encounter

Res. Saich’s Lindcoly Excuse Me

VHC. Collinson’s Am I The One At Calecairn


PB (6,3a)

1.    Braybrook’s Cloverbrook Cyclone

2.    Waite’s Seveek Country Lover Of Svedalens

3.    Saich’s Special Entertainment


JB (4,1a)

1.    Sharp & Petts’ Cannwood Kasta Spell

2.    Krzyszkowski’s Corrandula Carousel

3.    Peers’ Tweedisle Smitten By Gold


MB (5,2a)

1.    Jennings’ Doonrae Zestful

2.    Shannon & Storr’s Brenndarcy Miss Demeanour

3.    Saich’s Lindcoly Miss Dolly


NB (6,1a)

  1. Bradshaw’s Newfield Heather Honey
  2. Marshall’s Marvellous Mercedes
  3. Cadogan’s Brenndarcy Lucy Locket


PGB (6,1a)

1.    Weedall’s Clairevona Astranomical

2.    Jennings’ Doonrae Youthfulness

3.    Soper’s Glenmear Martine

Res Buttress’ Cloverbrook Copellia

VHC.Marshall’s Marvelous Mercedes


MLB (8,1a)

1.    Weedalls Clairevona Victorian Ice

2.    Shearsmith’s Cloverbrook Double Six At Eborvale

3.    Moore Countess In Clover

Res. Jeffrey’s Sandaig Skye Song

VHC Stephinson’s Twohoots cecilia


OB (3,1a)

1.    Jeffrey’s Sandaig Suilean Dubh

2.    Shannon & Storr’s Brenndarcy Solar Corona


SBB (9,3a)

1.    Bradshaw’s Newfield Heather Honey

2.    Soper’s Glenmear Martine

3.    Waite’s Seveek Country Lover Of Svendalens

Res Pearson’s Cloverbrook Corona Cracker

VHC. Cadogan’s Brenndarcy Lucy Locket






















Linda Firth & Jack Watson Presenting Leone Spence with flowers to celebrate her Golden Wedding.




Saturday 5 March 2005, Shirland Village Hall,

near Alfreton, Derbyshire


I greatly enjoyed this opportunity to judge and would like to thank the Officers and Committee for their kind hospitality.


Veteran Dog or Bitch (7, 1 abs).  1. Fairweather’s Ock Enchanted Shadow.  Lively, showy wheaten enjoying the ring.  In good coat and condition, plenty of bone, good length of neck and level topline, moved well.  2. Jennings’ Doonrae Virtuoso.  Masculine grey with nice, broad skull and keen expression.  Soundly made, good neck and shoulders.  3. Jeffrey’s Sandaig Silent Wings.


Minor Puppy Dog (2,1).  1. Peers’ Tweedisle Pathfinder.  Wheaten baby, just 6 months, in very full coat which somewhat masked his outline.  Handled his first day out very well and moved with confidence.


Puppy Dog (3,1).  1. Felters’ & Rumens’ Landbuck Little Tyke.  Confident, showy red brindle, new coat coming in.  Good head, broad skull with neat, well-placed ears, nice length of neck, good shoulder placement and deep ribcage.  Kept topline on the move and used his tail well.  BP.  2. Warne’s Royal Silver.  Wheaten, smaller build than 1, needs to body up and tighten in front, but well-constructed with good length of neck and good rear angulation.


Junior Dog (4,2).  1. Mears’ Glenmear Billy Flynn.  A rangy youngster.  Red brindle with lovely head and expression, enhanced by good stop.  Correct double coat, level topline and firm loin, moved and showed well.  2. Chambers’ Cairngrove Red Rascal.  Outgoing red brindle, attractive head and expression, showed well, movement not quite as positive as 1.


Maiden Dog.  No entries


Novice Dog (3,2).  1. Peers’ Tweedisle That Special Man.  Red brindle with attractive dark points.  Deep ribs, good topline and tailset, rear movement parallel.


Post Graduate Dog (8,3).  1. Waites’ Seveek Country Rambler to Svendalens.  Sound, balanced, well-built wheaten brindle in good, harsh coat with masculine head, broad skull and well-defined stop.  Level topline, firm quarters, moved well.  2. Fairweather’s Ock Ross I’m The Boss.  Smaller type than 1, red brindle, very showy with excellent head, well-defined stop, dark, neat ears and keen expression.  Moved OK.  3. Treglown’s Brenndarcy Danger Mouse.


Mid Limit Dog (3).  1. Stephinson’s Twohoots Arthur.  Red brindle with correctly proportioned head, enhanced by desirable dark points.  Sound and well-balanced, correctly put together, good bone and well-muscled,  good length of neck, level topline when moving, drove well from behind.  BD/BOS.  2. Ramsden’s Cairngold Sparticus.  Very masculine with excellent stop, giving that intense Cairn expression.  Good, double coat.  Well constructed overall, good rear angulation, moved well.  3. Treglown’s Cairngrae Phantom Menace.


Open Dog (2).  1. Mears’ Glenmear Malfoy.  Light red brindle, well-shaped head, enhanced by dark ears.  Good length of neck, level topline, drove well from behind.  RBD.  2. Peers’ Tweedisle Truffle.  Wheaten, well up to size, good broad skull, good length of neck


Special Beginners Dog (5,1).  1. S. Country Rambler to Svendalens.  2. Treglown’s Brenndarcy Danger Mouse.  Grey brindle with well-shaped head, dark eye and keen expression, good coat and furnishings.  3. Bradshaw’s Tweslam Magic Time.


Minor Puppy Bitch (8,3).  1. Firth & Jones’ Cairngold Collusion.  Smart and stylish red with that searching, but feminine, expression, helped by a good stop.  Well-balanced, everything in proportion and moved very well for a youngster. Good ring presence. 2. Saich’s Lindcoly She’s The One.  Immature youngster and her qualities were somewhat hidden under a profuse coat of good texture.  Not as finished as 1.  3. Peers’ Tweedisle Sweet Encounter.


Puppy Bitch (6,3).  1. Braybrook’s Cloverbrook Cyclone.  Dark grey of 10 months, well up to size, with most attractive head, good neck and shoulders.  Very showy and moved well when settled.  2. Waite’s Seveek Country Lover of Svendalens.  Rangy wheaten who needs to body up.  Good stop and head, level topline, just needs to mature.  3. Saich’s Special Entertainment.


Junior Bitch (4,1).  1. Sharp & Petts’ Cannwood Kasta Spell.  Rich red brindle with very attractive head, set off by neat, dark ears.  Good, medium size, well-proportioned, level topline and good tailset.  Moved extremely well and it was a pleasure to see her cooperating so well with her owner.  Clearly enjoyed the ring.  RBIS  2. Krzyszkowski’s Corrandulla Carousel.  Copper brindle, smaller type than 1, with well-defined stop and attractive head and expression.  Movement not quite as positive as 1.  3. Peers’ Tweedisle Smitten By Gold.


Maiden Bitch (5,2).  1. Jennings’ Doonrae Zestful.  Extrovert, showy grey with nicely-shaped head, good stop and eager expression.  Moved well when settled.  A tidy up would enhance her qualities.  2. Shannon & Storr’s Brenndarcy Miss Demeanour.  Wheaten with attractive dark points, not quite as outgoing as 1 but strode out well, keeping topline level.  3. Saich’s Lindcoly Miss Dolly.


Novice Bitch (6,2).  1. Bradshaw’s Newfield Heather Honey.  Red brindle, very feminine, with pretty head and expression.  In good coat and condition, well-balanced throughout, moved well.  2. Marshall’s Marvellous Mercedes.  Grey brindle with keen eye and alert expression.  Level topline and good tailset, a little quiet, perhaps feeling the heat.  3. L. Miss Dolly


Post Graduate Bitch (6,1)  1. Weedall’s Clairevona Astranomical.  Grey brindle of very nice type: nothing exaggerated.  Correct double coat, well-shaped head with that intense, real Cairn expression.  Nice straight front, good topline and tailset, moved well.  2. Jenning’s Doonrae Youthfulness.  Another extrovert from this kennel, full of herself.  Dark grey, sound and nicely-balanced, took time to settle but then moved OK.  Again, a tidy-up would improve her outline.  3. Soper’s Glenmear Martine.


Mid Limit Bitch (8,3)  A quality class.  1. Weedall’s Clairevona Victorian Ice.  Lovely grey brindle with good stop, well-proportioned head and feminine expression.  Very good coat.  Good reach of neck, correctly-placed shoulders, deep ribcage, level topline, all contributing to her good movement.  2. Shearsmith’s Cloverbrook Double Six at Eborvale.  Grey brindle, extrovert and busy.  Well-defined stop and keen expression.  Lacked a bit of concentration, but moved well when settled.  3. Moore’s Countess in Clover.


Open Bitch (3,1)  1. Jeffrey’s Sandaig Suilean Dubh.  Extrovert silver brindle, full of verve, with keenest of expressions, enhanced by good stop.  Firm topline, well sprung ribs, good bone and well-muscled, drove out well.  Quality emanated from her.  BIS.  2. Shannon & Storr’s Brenndarcy Solar Corona.  Wheaten, another showy one with attractive dark points.  Soundly built, in good coat, moved well and held topline level.


Special Beginners Bitch (9,3).  1. N. Heather Honey.  2. Soper’s Glenmear Martine.  Outgoing grey brindle with good stop and attractive expression.  Good reach of neck, straight front, good rear angulation.  3. S. Country Lover of Svendalens





Catherine Butterfield (Judge)