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Border Union Agricultural Society Championship Show

18th June 2006 - CAIRN TERRIER

Judge: Mr Albert Wight


DCC & BOB; Berrecloth’s Ch Sybster Spring Time

RDCC; Linborg & Nordstrand's Rasken's Respected Billy Joel 

BCC; Catto’s Birselaw It’s My Moment

RBCC; Templetons Ch Larchlea Remember Remember

BPIB; Parker-Tucker’s Uniquecottage Sooty Bear

Sybil Berrecloth, DCC & BOB Ch. Sybster Spring Time, Judge Albert Wight, Yvonne Catto & BCC Birselaw It’s My Moment




 More Pictures After Results

PD (4)

1st Uniquecottage Sooty Bear (Mrs J G Parker-Tucker)

2nd Sybster Summer Night City (Mr & Mrs J A Berrecloth)

3rd Wellingley What Magic (Mrs E J Longdin)

Res Maurolines Baclava (Mrs I Richardson)


JD (2)

1st Stryveling Robb Ruadh (Mrs F S Cameron)

2nd Maurolines Baclava (Mrs I Richardson)


ND (1)

1st  Uniquecottage Sooty Bear (Mrs J G Parker-Tucker)


PGD (2)

1st Sandaig Shearer (Mrs P Jeffrey)

2nd Country Charlie At Bengalhill (Mrs M Gowan)


LD (4)

1st Rasken´S Respected Billy Joel (Mr M & Miss E Lindborg & Nordstrand)

2nd Rocasovale Good Luck Charm (Mrs J Smith)

3rd Cairngrove Red Rascal (Mr C & Mrs C Chambers & Thomas)

Res Cairngrae Phantom Menace (Mrs S Treglown)


OD (4)


1st Ch Sybster Spring Time Shcm (Mr & Mrs J A Berrecloth)

2nd Int Ch Rasken´S Royal Trade Mark (Mr M & Miss E Lindborg & Nordstrand)

3rd Ch Cannwood As If By Magic To Starveren Jw (Mrs M Middlehurst)

Res Brenndarcy Danger Mouse (Mrs S Treglown)

MBP (2,1a)

1st Cairngrove Shadow Dancer (Mrs A M Exton)

PB (5,1a)

1st Sybster Summer Nights (Mr & Mrs J A Berrecloth)

2nd Doonrae Gold Digger (Mrs J & Mr C & Mrs M Petts & Jennings)

3rd Uniquecottage Goldilocks (Mrs J G Parker-Tucker)

Res Sybster Summer Holiday At Waldenhof (Mr R G & Mrs C E Taylor)


JB (3)

1st Honeyhall Head Over Heels (Mrs E B & Mr I L B Shaw)

2nd Winetta Who's That Girl (Mrs J Percy)

3rd Eborvale Enchantress (Miss J M Shearsmith)


NB (3)

1st Newfield Heather Magic (Mrs J D Bradshaw)

2nd Uniquecottage Goldilocks (Mrs J G Parker-Tucker)

3rd Kenmill To Sue (Miss G Graham)



1st Sybster Spring Into Summer (Mr & Mrs J A Berrecloth)

2nd Stryveling Meg Merrilies (Mrs F S Cameron)

3rd Jaeva En Vogue (Mr M Phillips)

Res Strathinver Soloist (Mrs N R Newton)

Vhc Birselaw Supastar Via Russcot (Mr W & Mrs N Hodgkins)


LB (6)

1st Birselaw It's My Moment (Miss Y Catto)

2nd Glenmear Marcuella (Mr & Mrs B G Mears)

3rd Cannwood Kasta Spell At Doonrae (Mrs J & Mr C Petts)

Res Camasmor Credence (Mr R & Mrs C J Butterfield)

Vhc Sandaig Suilean Dubh (Mrs P Jeffrey)


OB (5,3a)

1st Larchlea Remember Remember (Mrs C Templeton)

2nd Such Rasken´S Rich Grey Lark (Mr M & Miss E Lindborg & Nordstrand




















With Thanks To John Berrecloth Our Scottish Photographer


BORDER UNION CH SHOW 2006 Cairn Terrier report


Not a big entry but I was blessed with some very nice examples of the breed to judge.  Coats at this time of the year can be a problem and so it proved today.  I was interested to read in the catalogue that the Bitch CC, the res Dog CC and the JB winner were all sired by Ch. Birselaw Billy Fury.  It had slipped my memory that Cairnites are a somewhat stoic audience, visually alert but with a motto of silence is golden!!!


PD(4) 1st & BP Parker-Tucker’s Uniquecottage Sooty Bear  looking a bit younger than his 10 months but lovely to go over on the table.  Pleasing head, excellent reach of neck, well laid shoulders, very good spring and depth of rib, backline steady as a rock and correctly set and carried tail.  Found the grass smells almost irresistible but gave glimpses of  a lovely balanced stride with good un-exaggerated hock use. Could finish well once his head finishes and he gets a little more width in chest.  2nd Berrecloth’s Sybster Summer Night City loved his head balance, the eye shape and colour and that expression of youthful devilment. In excellent body and condition he is at that awkward teenage stage where he seems a little leggy and stands a shade long.  Then he pulls himself together and the picture changes.  3rd Longdin’s Wellingley What Magic


JD(2) 1st Cameron’s Stryveling Robb Ruadh  deep cream with a lovely head for breadth in skull, good stop and neat ears.  His stop is obvious, the eyes dark and he has such a well weighted muzzle. He has a good spring and depth of rib, enough forechest, well muscled hams and enough bend of stifle.  In excellent jacket, he was just a bit reluctant to really stride out – another attracted or perhaps distracted by the grass odours.  2nd Richardson’s Maurolines  Baclava  small dog which is a bit light in substance all through and to make matters worse, he is out of coat.  A bit plain in head for me but nice dark eyes, excellent spring and depth of ribbing and his tail is well set and carried.  Didn’t do himself justice on the move.    


ND(1) 1st U. Sooty Bear


PGD(2) 1st Jeffrey’s Sandaig Shearer a stylish dog with lots to like.  Good size and well balanced shape, very good headpiece with an excellent mouth and the darkest of eyes. He is really well bodied, firm in loin and so well muscled in hindquarters.  He was in very good coat and caused to me smile by his cavalier attitude to his handlers pleas for him to walk properly!!  Clearly a self willed character – but he did finally condescend to move out long enough to show that he can do it when he wants.  2nd Gowans’ Country Charlie at Bengalhill   red with a pleasing headpiece, darkest of well set eyes and good ears.  Shown in very good coat and condition, his neck is well set on and his topline firm.  Disappointingly steps short on the move and would need some ring training to really learn how to do himself justice.


LD(4) 1st & Res.CC Lindborg & Nordstrand’s Rasken’s Respected Billy Joel , I see is a visitor from Sweden.  I really liked this dog.  A showy red, he has style, attitude, a wonderful head carriage and shows a terrific interest in all around him so that he is constantly on the alert and looking his best.  He has an air of quality in his head, totally male, excellent eye shape and small ears, the neck has a little length to it, the shoulders and rear assemblies are spot on and he was in excellent coat. Really motored on the move without ever over doing it and so losing his shape. I’m sure if he was campaigned here, he would get his title. 2nd Smith’s Rocasovale Good Luck Charm another very handsome dog shown in excellent coat and body condition.  Lovely size and well weighted boned, very good feet and a well sprung ribcage.  I liked his head especially the darkness of his eye, lovely neck and head carriage.  A trifle longer cast than Billy J and in stance his topline was not quite so level which enable me to split two very nice dogs. 3rd Chambers & Thomas’ Cairngrove Red Rascal


OD(4)  A small class but full of quality.  1st CC & BOB Berrecloth’s Ch. Sybster Spring Time ShCM came into the ring with all the style and swagger of a dog in top form.  You want tip toe of expectation in a cairn? – well he had it here in spadefuls!!   Lovely headed, super fore assembly, uses every inch of his neck to impress, rock steady backline  enough hind angulation, so supple in muscle tone and in full coat.  For one so charged up he co-operated brilliantly with his handler both in stance and on the move where he stepped out with style and purpose and with not a little but a chunk of arrogance and self importance which I loved.  It was this quality which edged the BOB card his way. 2nd  Lindborg & Nordstrand’s Int.Ch. Rasken’s Royal Trade Mark,  a beautifully constructed dog of lovely make and shape and like the winner he has attitude to burn.  I liked his head balance, the skull has breadth, the mouth is perfect, the muzzle strong and the ears quite neat.  He has the darkest of eyes which are  well spaced but somehow not quite the lovely expression Spring Time. Spirit level backline, a powerhouse on the move and in full coat.  In the challenge for the RCC I felt his kennel mate from Limit had more appeal in expression for me in a tight photo finish.  3rd Middlehurst’s Ch. Cannwood As if By Magic to Starveren JW.


MPB(2/1) 1st Exton’s Cairgrove Shadow Dancer,  lovely happy temperament on this 6months old brindle baby.  Nice head, the darkest of eyes, well balanced head, neat ears and enough neck.  Her backline is level and she was in lovely coat.  Movement hard to assess as she found the grass just a little too inviting .


PB(5/1) 1st & BPB Berrecloth’s Sybster Summer Nights, easily the most accomplished and settled mover here.  Is at a similar stage of development to her brother though not as leggy.  Pretty headed, the darkest of eyes, excellent pigmentation and a lovely set of teeth.  2nd  Petts & Jenning’s Doonrae Gold Digger  had I judged on head, eye and expression alone, the red card would have been hers. Pretty a s picture there, lovely ribbing with a good loin and firm backline.  Her tail carriage is exemplary and she was in good bloom. Regrettably she is a bit short in leg length and on the go around she was somewhat restricted in stride when compared to the winner. But one with lots of charm.  3rd Parker-Tucker’s Uniquecottage Goldlocks


JB(3) 1st Shaw’s Honeyhall Head Over Heels royally bred cream and it shows. Extremely stylish, totally feminine throughout yet well bodied with ample bone, excellent feet, well let down hocks and her tail carried correctly.  Pleasing head, eyes and expression, she has a decent forechest and was sound moving both ways and in profile.  In the challenge she looked her age against the older bitches but I am sure her time will come. 2nd Percy’s Winetta Who’s That Girl, brindle bitch with lots to like but between coats at present.  I like her head balance, lovely stop and such a good muzzle.  Her eyes are well set, they are dark and so expressive.  A good size she uses her neck well ins tance, showed extremely well and side on her stride is even with good hock use.  Can firm up a little when fore viewed. 3rd Smith’s Eborvale Enchantress


NB(3)  1st Bradshaw’s Newfield Heather Magic  brindle, shade long cast but pretty headpiece with the darkest of well shaped eyes and a decent neck.  Backline the firmest in this class and she shows non stop.  In excellent condition. 2nd U. Goldilocks, baby light red bitch puppy which needs to fill out all over.  Head shape is good, lovely muzzle, perfect mouth and a level backline.  Compared to the winner she looked raw and unfinished, but her time could well come. 3rd Graham’s Kenmill to Sue


PGB(8/3) 1st Berrecloth’s Sybster Spring into Summer, completing a remarkable day for this exhibitor.  Spankingly conditioned black masked grey with a lovely headpiece, those wide set, sparkling almost impish eyes aiding her expression and appeal.  Big ribbed, strong backline, well carried tail and again one which can move with a deceptively easy stride.  I see she is little sister to the BOB winner and could well emulate his success.  2nd Cameron’s Stryveling Meg Merrilies  what a fidget this dark shaded red bitch was.  Very good head, lovely muzzle and neat ears.  He neck is well set on and although she is a trifle long in loin for me, her topline is level and her hocks true and straight when rear viewed. As always from this exhibitor, spotless in presentation.  She found some smell in the grass near the table to be offensive and she never really put her heart and soul into moving despite her owner’s best efforts. 3rd Phillips’ Jaeva En Vogue


LB(6) 1st & CC Catto’s Birselaw It’s My Moment, one of those which has the ability to attract from the word go  - it’s just the balanced shape and that head carriage which have impact.  Good to go over, very good head, excellent body with a lovely front, strong well angulated hindquarters and in such good coat.  She circled the ring with an easy, balanced stride, holding her shape and looking the class act.   She does have style, the bits all fit so well and the result is a top class cairn bitch.  I believe this is her 2nd CC. 2nd Mears’ Glenmear Marcuella  another extremely nice bitch this brindle was a delight to go over.  I liked her head pattern, such dark eyes which are brimful of wilfulness in expression, strong muzzle and a decent length of neck.  Shoulders well laid, straight fronted and so well ribbed.  On the move she uses herself well and keeps her shape.  In stance she can be a little impatient, loses concentration and ends up u necked and looking long cast. Despite that, she is an extremely nice bitch.  3rd Potts’ Cannwood Kasta Spell at Doonrae


OB(5/3) 1st & Res. CC  Templeton’s Larchlea Remember Remember, this exhibitor is usually guaranteed to produce something I like and she has done it again.  Excellent type, so lovely to go over.  Her head is extremely well balanced, the eyes well spaced and the foreface has ample power. Excellent arch to her neck which is well set on, the ribs are well sprung and the backline quite firm. On the go around she displays reach and drive without any exaggeration.  Ran the ticket winner desperately close. 2nd Lindborg & Nordstrand’s Sw.Ch. Raskens Rich Grey lark  another I liked enormously.  She too has style, is shapely, covers the ground with such purpose and an ease of stride  which would be the envy of many.  I liked her width in skull, neat ears and her eyes are so very dark.  This was one of several very hard decisions I had to make today and in the final analysis I felt that the winner was that fraction better in muzzle balance for her skull.


Albert Wight (Judge)