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Leeds & District Canine Association

22nd July 2006

Cairn Terrier Judge:Mr Peter Bakewell


DCC&BOB; Middlehurst’s Ch Cannwood As If By Magic To Starveren JW
RDCC; Karlsen’s Nord Int Ch Kramer's Night Rider
BCC; Middlehurst’s Camasmor Cuairteag To Starveren
RBCC; Short’s Glenchess Golden Wings
Best Puppy; Felters & Rumens’ Landbuck Lemon Cello


Joan Percy  handling Middlehurst’s BCC Camasmor Cuairteag To Starveren, Judge Peter Bakewell, Mary Middlehurst, DCC & BOB, Ch Cannwood As If By Magic To Starveren

Richard Rumens, Best Puppy Landbuck Lemon Cello & Judge Peter Bakewell



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Critique after Photos 

MPD (1)
1st: Peers’ Tweedisle That Special Son

 PD (3,3a)

 JD (7,1a)
1st: Braybrook’s Cloverbrook Precious Cargo
2nd: Cameron’s Stryveling Robb Ruadh
3rd: Peers’ Tweedisle Sweet Talking Guy
Res: Soper’s Uniquecottage Ring Plover Taf
Vhc: Shannon & Storr’s Brenndarcy Spellbinder

 ND (4)
1st: Braybrook’s Cloverbrook Play The Game
2nd: Frost’s Penticharm Black Jack
3rd: Shannon & Storr’s Brenndarcy Sundance Kid

 PGD (3)
1st: Felters & Rumens’ Landbuck Little Tyke
2nd: Warne’s Royal Silver
3rd: Jeffrey’s Sandaig Shearer

LD (6,2a)
1st: Leese’s Cloverbrook Silver Rebel
2nd: Firth, & Jones’ Cairngold Cosmonaut
3rd: Stephinson’s Twohoots Arthur
Res: Chambers & Thomas’ Cairngrove Red Rascal

 OD (5)
1st: Middlehurst’s Ch Cannwood As If By Magic To Starveren Jw
2nd: Karlsen’s Nord Int Ch Kramer's Night Rider
3rd: Braybrook’s Ch Cloverbrook Loaded Dice
Res: Berrecloth’s Ch Sybster Spring Time Sh.Cm
Vhc: Short’s Glenchess Black Tie

MPB (5,2a)
1st: Keeves’ Seveek One For The Money
2nd: Warne’s Lady Jade Enraw
3rd: Clarke’s Carocairn Chilli Spice

 PB (3,1a)
1st: Felters, A & Rumens’s Landbuck Lemon Cello
2nd: Foy & Phillips’ Jaeva Lucky Dice Taf

 JB (5,3a)
1st: Shearsmith’s Eborvale Enchantress
2nd: Shannon, Storr’s Culliford Brenndarcy Be Bop Deluxe

 NB (7)
1st: Bradshaw’s Newfield Heather Magic
2nd: Percy’s  Winetta Who's That Girl
3rd: Strickland’s Tanteazle Trojan Maid
Res: Shannon & Storr’s Brenndarcy Bewitched
Vhc: Shannon, Storr & Culliford’s Brenndarcy Be Bop Deluxe

PGB (7,1a)
1st: Keeves’ Seveek The Mystery Of Dreams
2nd: Cameron’s Stryveling Meg Merrilees
3rd: Short’s Glenchess Little Black Number
Res: Soper’s Glenmear Michelle At Elitecharm
Vhc: Osborn’s Tweslam Amber Nectar

LB (14)
1st: Berrecloth’s Sybster Spring Into Summer
2nd: Hooton’s Penticharm Caribbean Queen
3rd: Mears’ Glenmear Marcuella
Res: Moseley’s Spawyche Elizabethan Pearl
Vhc: Petts’ Cannwood Kasta Spell At Doonrae

OB (8)
1st: Middlehurst’s Camasmor Cuairteag To Starveren
2nd: Short’s Glenchess Golden Wings
3rd: Firth & Jones’ Cairngold Cedar
Res: Osborn’s Tweslam Kalamazoo
Vhc: Keeves’ Seveek Chasing Dreams















How many men does it take?

Photographs by Alan Firth


Cairn Terriers


A nice entry of 76 Cairns with 11 absentees on my first time awarding C.C.’s to the breed to which I felt honoured. I have always continued to take an interest in the breed since I first started showing with a Cairn in the late 60’s. I was pleased with the overall quality and standard of the Cairns entered. Thank you for allowing me the privilege of judging your dogs.


Minor Puppy Dog (1).

1. Peers, Tweedisle That Special Son, a typey 7month old, head balanced with dark eye, nice neck and shoulders, level topline, carrying a little excessive weight, could be more positive behind when moving.


Puppy Dog (3).



Junior Dog (7 -1a).

1. Braybrook’s, Cloverbrook Precious Cargo, good type, good head correctly proportioned and balanced, defined stop, good eye and expression, nice neck, shoulders and forequarters, well made body, level topline, well set tail. Good hindquarters, moved well.

2. Cameron’s, Stryveling Robb Ruadh, good head balanced, defined stop, good expression, good forequarters, well made body, nicely angulated hindquarters, moved well.

3. Peers, Tweedisle Sweet Talking Guy.


Novice Dog (4).

1. Braybrook’s, Cloverbrook Play The Game, a soundly made dog, good outline and overall balance, Good head, eye and ears, alert expression, nice neck flowing into well placed shoulders and good topline, good quarters fore and aft, good tail set. Moved and showed very well.

2. Frost’s, Penticharm Black Jack, a typey dog, nice head and expression, a little narrow in front, nicely angulated hindquarters, a steady mover once settled.

3. Shannon & Storr’s, Brenndarcy Sundance Kid.


Post Graduate Dog (3).

1. Felters & Rumens, a nicely made dog, good head, balanced with neat ears, good expression, well placed shoulders, good ribs and body, level topline, good tail set, hindquarters. Good coat. Moved and showed well.

2. Warne’s, Royal Silver, Very typical, nice head with dark points, level topline, good tail set, moved well.

3. Jeffrey’s, Sandaig Shearer.


Limit Dog (6 -2a).

1. Leese, Cloverbrook Silver Rebel, Masculine head, balanced, good eye and expression, soundly made quarters fore and aft, well sprung ribs, good body, and level topline. Moved very well.

2. Firth & Jones, Cairngold Cosmonaut, another nicely made dog, good type, head and expression, nice neck and shoulders, well made body, good angulated hindquarters moves well behind, not as positive in front movement as 1. Good overall outline and balance.

3. Stephenson’s, Twohoots Arthur.


Open Dog (5). A lovely quality class.

1.  Middlehurst’s, Ch. Canwood As If By Magic, a lovely soundly made dog of good type, pleasing in outline and overall balance. Good head and eye, defined stop, good alert expression, good neck well placed shoulder, sound quarters fore and aft, well made body.  Moved and showed well. C.C. & Best of Breed.

2. Karlsen, Nord Int Ch. Kramer’s Night Rider, another nicely made dog, masculine head, balanced with good alert expression,  soundly made quarters, well sprung ribs, strong loin, muscular hindquarters, good tail set. Well presented, moved and showed well. Res. C.C.

3. Braybrook’s, Ch. Cloverbrook Loaded Dice, completes a trio of soundly made dog, good type, head, eye and expression, head well furnished but lacking in body coat today. Moves and shows very well.


Minor Puppy Bitch (5- 2a).

1. Keeves, Seveek One For The Money, 7 month old a shade on the small side but well balanced and very full of herself. Very typical, lovely expression, nicely made quarters and body, level topline. Moves and shows very well. Would have liked more of her but she could not be denied her place.

2. Warne’s, Lady Jade Enraw, nice size, outline and overall balance. Typey head balanced with dark eye, nice quarters.

3. Clarke’s, Carocairn Chilli Spice.


Puppy Bitch (3 -1a).

1. Felters & Rumens, Landbuck Lemon Cello, A soundly made puppy of good type, pleasing in outline and overall balance. Good head and expression well placed shoulders good quarters fore and aft. Moved well. Best Puppy

2. Foy & Phillip’s, Jaeva Lucky Dice, Good head and type, dark eye, nice neck and fore quarters, ok in body, level topline. Moving a shade close behind.


Junior Bitch (5 -3a).

1. Shearsmith, Eborvale Enchantress. A typey bitch, nice outline and overall balance. Dark eye, nice ribs and body, hindquarters nicely angulated, low set hocks..  

2. Shannon & Storr, Brenndarcy Be Bop Deluxe, not giving her handler the best today. Very typical, good head and expression, nice neck and shoulder, level topline,


Novice Bitch (7).

1. Bradshaw’s, Newfield Heather Magic, A well balanced bitch, feminine head with good expression, Good quarters fore and aft, good ribs and body, well set tail. Moved well.

2. Percy’s, Winetta Who’That Girl, Very typical, head balanced, well placed shoulders, nicely sprung ribs, ok in body.

3. Strickland’s, Tanteazle Trojan Maid,


Post Graduate Bitch (7 -1a).

1. Keeves, Seveek The Mystery Of Dreams, A nicely made bitch of good type, Good head, eye and expression. Well placed shoulder good forequarters, well sprung ribs, good hindquarters.

2. Cameron’s, Stryveling Meg Merrilees, another nicely made bitch of good type, good head, nice quarters fore and aft, ok in ribs and body.

3. Short’s, Clenchess Little Black Number


Limit Bitch (14). A good strong class.

1. Berrecloth, Sybster Spring into Summer, A smart bitch, good type, feminine head, good eye and expression, nice neck and shoulders, level topline, good tail set, good hindquarters. 

2. Hooton’s, Penticharm Carribean Queen, a nicely made bitch, pleasing in outline and overall balance, head balanced with good expression, nice neck flowing into level topline. Nice forequarters, good body, low set hocks. good coat.

3. Mear’s, Glenmear Marcuella


Open Bitch (8).

1. Middlehurst Camasor Cuairteag To Starveren, a nicely made bitch, good type, and head balanced with neat ears, defined stop, alert expression, nice forequarters and body. low set hocks, good coat. Moved well. C.C.

2. Short’s, Glenchess Golden Wings, similar to 1, nice outline and overall balance, moved well. Res. C.C.

3. Firth & Jones, Cairngold Cedar,


Peter E. Bakewell Judge.