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20TH  JANUARY 2006 - Cairn Terriers

Judge: Mr Bryn Cadogan


DCC Berrecloth’s Syster Springtime

RDCC Middlehurst’s Ch. Cannwood As If By magic To Starveren

BCC Dolan’s Glenrood Magic Solitaire

RBCC Smee’s Oudenarde Belle Amour

BP Birselaw Now Is The Moment

BP Birselaw Now Is The Moment,Yvonne Catto, Sybil Berrecloth, DCC Sybster Springtime,

Judge Bryn Cadogan, Sue Dolan BCC & BOB Glenrood Magic Solitaire




Awarding BP



Awarding BCC

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PD (9)
1st:  Weaver’s Copseleaze Corn Cracker
2nd: Hughes’ Gyncairn Rock N Roll
3rd:  Longdin’s Wellingley What Magic
Res: Grainger’s Devil In Disquise
Vhc: Peers’ Tweedisle Sweet Talking Guy

JD (4,1a)
1st: Hooton, Shorter & Nuttall’s Penticharm Prince Charming
2nd: Braybrook’s Cloverbrook Play The Game
3rd: Keeves’ Seveek Its A Gift

PGD (8,1a)

1st:  Felters & Rumens’ Landbuck Little Tyke
2nd: Thompson’s Castleline Jackard
3rd:  Firth & Jones’ Cairngold Cosmonaut
Res: Birch’s Kinkim Kernul
Vhc: Waites’ Seveek Country Rambler To Svendalens

LD (5)
1st:  Berrecloth’s Sybster Spring Time
2nd: Ehrenberg’s Carradine Master Tigger
3rd: Crosby’s Tolimaura Chace
Res: Thompson’s Castleline Prince Harry
Vhc: Stephinson’s Twohoots Arthur

OD (2)
1st: Middlehurst’ Ch Cannwood As If By Magic To Starveren Jw
2nd: Short’s Glenchess Black Tie

VD (2,1)
1st: Birch’s Ch Kinkim Prinzludy

PB (16,2a)
1st: Catto’s Birselaw Now Is The Moment
2nd: Shannon, Storr & Culliford’s Brenndarcy Be Bop Deluxe
3rd: Shearsmith Eborvale Enchantress
Res: Smee’s Malmay Can I Come In
Vhc: Bradshaw’s Newfield Heather Magic

Jb (9,3a)
1st:  Felters & Rumens’ Landbuck Heidi Claire
2nd: Towers’ Deneland Catherine
3rd:  Shannon & Storr’s Brenndarcy Polly Flinders
Res: Turnbull’s Bedrule Talja
Vhc: Marshall’s Strathgarten Kenmilfore Lady Marmalade

Pgb (12,3a)
1st: Short’s Glenchess Little Blak Number
2nd: Dolan’s Glenrood Dusty Pipit
3rd: Ward’s Vanajam Hokcus Pokcus
Res: Osborn’s Tweslam Izzy Wizzy Get Bizzy
Vhc: Keeves’ Seveek The Mystery Of Dreams

LB (9)
1st:  Dolan’s Glenrood Magic Solitaire
2nd: Catto’s Birselaw It's My Moment
3rd: Petts, Cannwood Kasta Spell At Doonrae
Res: Osborn’s Tweslam Kalamazoo
Vhc: Firth & Jones’ Cairngold Cedar

OB (6,2a)
1st: Smee’s Oudenarde Belle Amour
2nd: Ward’s Vanajam Piewaket
3rd: Inett’s Curtisey Foreign Affair At Carradine
Res: Owen’s Crowneast Spinning Top At Caldwall

VB (1)
1st: Short’s Ch Glenchess Night Owl




















Nice entry, overall I thought the quality was quite good, I was very impressed with the puppy classes and forecast some bright futures for many of these.  Speaking generally I was looking for a workman like terrier, the medium length of back with the right length of leg to balance and still be in the standard (not an easy task), even in a breed like the Cairn presentation is important and some could have been presented better yet still keeping that rugged appearance, having said that I am pleased to say I did not have any present that were sculptured out as is the case with many I have seen in Scandinavia, I feel it would be a shame to loose the unique look of the Cairn that we admire.  Heads were generally very good as were mouths, just a few could be a little shorter in muzzle, movement on the whole was reasonable, main criticism was lack of drive behind and some tails were rather gay and distracted form the overall outline, but I will saythere were many on show that could compete and stand up to any I have seen in other countries.


PUPPY DOG  (9)  Quality class

1st     Weaver’s COPSLEAZE CORN CRACKER  Nine month wheaton liked him very much, well shaped head with good definition and well set ears, good front and bone, nicely ribbed back with level topline and good set-on, flagged a little at times but moved soundly, with a bit of luck should go all the way.

2nd     Hughes GYNCAIRN ROCK N ROLL  Seven months another very promising wheaton, liked his head and front assembly, not as mature as one and not quite the tail carriage, a sound typie youngster.

3rd       Longdin’s WELLINGLEY WHAT MAGIC



1st      Hooton, Shorter & Nuttall  PENTICHARM PRINCE CHARMING  Cracking young wheaten of fifteen months, scores in head and eye, clean front and shoulder, nicely bodied up with a good topline, moved out well, could have a little more drive behind, presented in good coat, strong contender in the challenge, should make up.

2nd     Braybrook’s CLOVERBROOK PLAY THE GAME  Wheaton have I have admired as apuppy now sixteen months, he has a good head but to-day lacked head furnishings and showing too much ear which made them look big, very good body and outline, moved out well, quality male.

3rd        Keeves  SEVEEK ITS A GIFT



1st      Felters & Rumens  LANDBUCK LITTLE TYKE  R/B not a big one but well balanced, pleasing head and expression, is all terrier, good front and topline, correct length of back to balance with quarters and carriage, well presented and moved out with good drive and presence.

2nd       Thompson’s CASTLELINE JACKARD  Impressive wheaton a size bigger to one, balanced with a well defined head, excellent mouth with big teeth, front and shoulder good, topline level, tail a litle heavily furnished which did not enhance outline, one I liked  very much.

3rd       Firth, Jones & Firth’s  CAIRNGOLD COSMONAUT



1st     Berrecloth’s SYBSTER SPRING TIME Gave him junior last time I judged the breed, typie brindle that sports a very good head and eye, pleasing front with ample body, presented in a well textured coat, his presence and movement  commands attention, pleased to award him the C.C.  In the challenge for best of breed was a little over enthusiastic.

2nd       Ehrenberg’s CARRADINE MASTER TIGGER Was also second to above last time, I still think highly of this boy smaller mould to one, super head and balance but looking a little bare to-day, movement and presence very good.

3rd       Cosby’s TOLIMURE CHACE



1st      Middlehurst’s CH CANWOOD AS IF BY MAGIC TO STAVERN JW  Brindle my best puppy last time I judged when I predicted a good future, has certainly lived up to his early promise; classic head with a well balanced body, he moves out well, in the challenge tended to loose interest which slackended his topline, worthy champion  R.C.C.

2nd     Short’s GLENCHESS BLACK TIE  Wheaton, slightly heavier type to one, well balanced, pleasing head, nicely ribbed back with good quarters which he uses well on the move, well presented in good coat, quality male.



1st      Birch’s  CH KINKIM PRINZLUDY  Eight years still showing an excellent mouth, pleasing head, has widened a little in front now, but easy to see why he has had such a wonderful past, was a pleasure to go over him.


PUPPY BITCH  (16)      Excellent class, spoilt for choice.

1st     Catto’s   BIRSELAW NOW IS THE MOMENT   Nine month R/W eyecatching youngster with such presence, lovely head with keen expression, well constructed with first class outline and carriage, moved true, presented in good coat, future looks rosey.  B.P.

2nd      Shannon, Storr & Culliford  BRENNDARCY BE BOP DELUXE  Seven month wheaton that is full of type and quality, liked her head and forehand, topline and outline good, not quite the tail carriage of one but sound on the move, close up, very promising.

3rd        Shearsmith’s EBORVALE ENCHANTRESS



1st     Felters & Rumens  LANDBUCK HEIDI CLAIRE  R/B fourteen months, very showy, feminine head with the wickedest of expressions, comes to hand easily, liked her outline and carriage, confident and sound on the move, should hear a lot more of her, presented in good coat.

2nd     Towers DENELAND CATHERINE  Brindle, fourteen months another that pleased very much, oozed quality and type, well defined feminine head, pleasing front with good outline, presented in good coat, moved out well not quite as positive behind as one, should go on to a good future.

3rd     Shannon & Storr  BRENNDARCY POLLY FLINDERS


POST GRADUATE BITCH   (12)    Strong class   

1st     Short’s GLENCHESS LITTLE BLACK NUMBER  D/B This little number appealed very much for her ring presence and overall balance, liked her head though muzzle could be a tad shorter, scores in front, topline and carriage, presented in good harsh coat.

2nd       Dolan’s GLENROOD DUSTY PIPIT  D/B  very much the same lines as one, liked her head and eye, clean front, outline , set-on and carriage good, a little short of coat and not quite the drive behind as one but still a bitch that belongs in the top drawer.



LIMIT BITCH  (9)    Good class

1st      Dolan’s GLENROOD MAGIC SOLITAIRE  My records show  this d/b bitch featured strongly in the challenge last time I judged, since then she has picked up two c.c’s pleased to give her the third and B.O.B to-day;  fills the ring with her presence, her type, balance and presentation coupled with sound movement and such  attitude made sure I  could not see past her for the top spot.

2nd      Catto’s BIRSELAW IT’S MY MOMENT  R/B very nice head with keen terrier expression, scores in outline and well ribbed up, coat texture o.k, moved soundly; second in a very strong line up.



1st       Smee’s OUDENARDE BELLE AMOUR  D/B  that has a lovely feminine head and expression, showing off her dark well set eye, well bodied with a pleasing outline, correct coat and nicely let down behind, moved true, not quite the presence of Solitaire but made for a close decision. R.C.C.

2nd      Ward’s VANAJAM PIEWACKET  D/B another that pleased very much, slightly bigger mould to one yet so well balanced, liked her head and outline, moved out well, again top drawer material.




1st     Short’s CH GLENCHESS NIGHT OWL   Seven years, still does credit to her title, carrying a little weight, coat texture and ring presence very good, a pleasure to handle.



                                                                                                                                                 BRYN CADOGAN