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2006 Reports


Paignton & District F.A.

13th July 2006

Judge: Dawn Inett (Carradine)


DCC & BOB : Poile’s Kedvaiy Harlequin
RDCC :Thomas’ & Hooton’s Rasken's Romping Playboy (Imp)
Bitch Cc : Shaw’s Honeyhall Head Over Heels
RBCC; Thomas’ Tycadno Wishing On A Star
Best Puppy : Hewitt ‘s Correnie Jazz Talk

Jacky Poile, DCC & BOB Kedvaiy Harlequin






More Pictures after results, followed by critique  

MPD (2)
1st: Poile’s Kedvaiy Masquerade
2nd: Peers’ Tweedisle That Special Son

PD (3)
1st: Weinberger’s Correnie Bo-Jangles
2nd:Parker-Tucker’s Uniquecottage Sooty Bear
3rd: Ough’s Ocedar Sundance

JD (4)
1st: Thomas & Hooton’s Rasken's Romping Playboy (Imp)
2nd: Weaver’s Copseleaze Corn Cracker
3rd: Peer’s Tweedisle Sweet Talking Guy
Res:Soper’s Uniquecottage Ring Plover Taf

YD(1 )
1st: Carrington’s Chase The Ace

PGD (2 )
1st: Thompson’s Castleline Jackard
2nd: Ough’s Ocedar Zephyr
LD (3,1a)
1st: Poile’s Kedvaiy Harlequin
2nd: Waites’ Seveek Country Rambler To Svendalens

OD (3,1a)
1st: Short’s Glenchess Black Tie
2nd: Ough’s Ocedar Zephyr

MPB (4,1a)
1st: Smee’s Malmay Esmeralda
2nd: Exton’s Cairngrove Shadow Dancer
3rd: Keeves’ Seveek One For The Money

PB (7,1a)
1st: Hewitt’s Correnie Jazz Talk Taf
2nd: Thompson’s Castleline Soloist
3rd: Weinberger’s Correnie Show Time
Res: Dolan’s Glenrood Cascade
Vhc: Parker-Tucker’s Uniquecottage Goldilocks

JB (7,1a)
1st: Shaw’s Honeyhall Head Over Heels
2nd: Smee’s Malmay Can I Come In
3rd: Oldale’s Cranae New Dawn
Res: Davey’s Beranburgh The Black Pearl
Vhc: Weave’s Copseleaze Ruby Rocket

YB (8,1a)
1st: Thomas’ Tycadno Wishing On A Star
2nd: Hewitt’s Littleacorn Keep In Touch
3rd: Davey’s Beranburgh The Black Pearl
Res: Soper’s Glenmear Michelle At Elitecharm
Vhc: Confue’s Anjofra Nine West

PGB (4,2a)
1st: Confue’s Anjofra Queen Of Tarts
2nd: Dowling’s Honeyhall Hijump

LB (6,2a)
1st: Mears’ Glenmear Marcuella
2nd: Dolan’s Glenrood Dusty Pipit
3rd: Keeves’ Seveek Chasing Dreams
Res: Soper’s Glenmear Martine At Elitecharm


OB- No Entries















OB- No Entries!!

Class Pictures & Outakes by Graham Peers

The Judge At Work

Inspecting the Mouth

Height Of tail To Head

Seeking The last Drop

Judge in Concentration


Paignton Champ Show

Cairn Terriers

Judge: Miss Dawn H Inett

I must thank the Show committee and the ring stewards who supported me with excellent admin, also to Graham Peers for taking some lovely pictures! The entry wasn’t huge and there were a few absentees but nonetheless my final five winners and a few others were lovely specimens of our wonderful breed.  The most important thing for me when looking at our breed is that a dog should be masculine and bitches feminine.  I did find that some dogs would have faired better in bitch classes and certainly some of the bitches would have knocked socks off the lads.  In boys I like to see masculinity, strength and substance, not overdone in any way but boys should be boys.  With the girls they should have a feminine face and expression and should be feminine throughout.  A bitch should have the same construction and balance but she should be slightly lighter in bone than a boy and smaller all over.  Some of the bitches were far too chunky throughout and had huge bone, fine on a boy but not on a girl.  Mouths on the whole were fine, just one or two level bites.  Movement was good where it was good but awful otherwise. Cairns do need exercise to build muscle and some were lovely on the table but just wobbled around the ring with no muscle to drive them forward.  My top winners were all in fine fettle.

Dog CC BEST OF BREED: Mrs J P POILE Kedvaiy Harlequin.  I have admired this dog many times and was delighted to have the pleasure of judging him today.  For me this good-sized red brindle has it all, he has breed type through and through.  He is a typical Cairn and would not comply with his handler but did enough for tops honours.  His head is masculine and solid with excellent proportions, you can really feel his skull and muzzle in your hands, he oozes “Cairn” with that lovely kind expressive eye, my hands flowed down his lovely length of neck and over his correctly angulated shoulders along his level topline to his tailset. When settled he moved strongly both fore and aft but I did on occasions want to shout, “will you walk properly” as he does have the tendency to be distracted by things a little more interesting! He was presented in wonderful coat and fine fettle; pleased to award his 2nd CC & BOB, I am sure the third can’t be far away!

Res Dog CC : Miss J E HOOTON & Mr G THOMAS, Rasken's Romping Playboy (Imp) I like this boy for balance and breed type, he is a shade larger throughout than the CC winner and this combined with his youthfulness just lost him the CC this time round but I am sure his day will come.  He has a lovely head with a dark expressive eye, again a head you can feel under those head furnishings and he has substance which so many lack.  Loved his strong bone and his correct length of neck and correct shoulders.  He held his topline on the move and although not showing fantastically he did stand and present himself well.  To complete the picture I would like a little more width to him but he is young and has time on his side.  Good luck, he is lovely!

Bitch CC : Mrs E B & Mr I L B SHAW Honeyhall Head Over Heels.  Oh this kennel produces them out of the top drawer time and time again!  This bitch just had it all for me, feminine throughout and so much a Cairn. She had a sweet feminine head with lovely strong teeth and muzzle, spot on length of neck flowing into correct shoulders and a most beautiful front when standing.  On the table she was lovely to go over and if her coat had been better she would have taken BOB that let her down today but could not take away from her overall quality, I could not deny her the CC.  She stood and showed all out. She has attitude and quality a star combination.

Res Bitch CC : Mr G THOMAS Tycadno Wishing On A Star.  And today she was a little star; although she is not as feminine as the CC winner today she has a typical head and expression, lovely construction and moved round the ring like a train, her handler holding her back kept her head up and she said “come on, lets go” and off they went, a joy to watch flow round the ring.  She beat some lovely bitches in her class and I will enjoy watching how she does in the future.

Best Puppy : Mrs C & Mr R J HEWITT Correnie Jazz Talk TAF.  Oh what a baby, if she had another 12 mths on her, she would have been taking top honours today.  Lovely throughout and for me very much the same comments as for my BCC winner apply, just lacking that finish that comes with age and maturity.  I considered her for the top honours today but just couldn’t get past Wishing on a Star’s little bit extra as she strode round the ring.  Today, she was a baby in a big girls arena and that showed when they did their final lap but I loved her, she is a Cairn through and through with beautiful head, expression and construction.  Another that I will watch with interest.

Class 926 MPD (2 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: Mrs J P POILE Kedvaiy Masquerade

I really liked this young dogs type and head.  He wasn’t that settled on the move but he is made correctly and with the right environment his movement will come.  A lovely textured red brindle coat with masculine head and expression, not too many head furnishings at present but again they will come with time.  He had a good length of neck and correctly placed shoulders, held his topline on the move and showed very well for one so young.

2nd: Mr & Mrs G S PEERS Tweedisle That Special Son

In full coat with good head and expression but just not as together as 1.

Class 927 PD (3 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: Mrs S J WEINBERGER Correnie Bo-Jangles

A smart wheaten brindle that is a good size.  For me, I would like him a little longer in the back.  He was shown in full coat, which was on its way out/in! He had a good head with a lovely topline and tailset, good movement and he showed steadily.

2nd: Mrs J G PARKER-TUCKER Uniquecottage Sooty Bear

A good-sized dog that showed steadily but just did not have the substance of 1.


3rd: Miss J M OUGH Ocedar Sundance
Class 928 JD (4 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: Miss J E THOMAS, Mr G & HOOTON Rasken's Romping Playboy (Imp)

Have admired this chap and was delighted to get my hands on him!


2nd: Mrs A WEAVER Copseleaze Corn Cracker

A lovely type of Cairn but I would have liked him a shade longer on the leg.  A lovely clear wheaten with a typical head and expression being ultra mascaline, good shoulders and topline but I only hope he comes up on the leg.  He was however shown in lovely coat and condition

3rd: Mr & Mrs G S PEERS Tweedisle Sweet Talking Guy
Class 929 YD (1 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: Mrs A M CARRINGTON Chase the Ace

This light red had a fright before coming into the ring and this resulted in him not really showing.  He had under all his coat a good body shape and I liked his balance.  His head and eye were typical and he moved OK.

Class 930 PGD (2 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: Mrs E J A THOMPSON Castleline Jackard

A good-sized silver brindle dog with a moderate length of neck, straight front and was shown in good coat and condition.  Today he wasn’t holding his topline on the move so couldn’t be considered for anything more.

2nd: Miss J M OUGH Ocedar Zephyr

This chap had a lovely head and showed very well, he needed to settle on the move and for ideal I would have liked a little more length of leg to balance him up.

Class 931 LD (3 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: Mrs J P POILE Kedvaiy Harlequin

A lovely dog to judge – thank you!

2nd: Mrs A WAITES Seveek Country Rambler To Svendalens

A smart dog, I have often admired, he would have had to jump through hoops to beat 1st today.  He was however shown in a good coat and is all boy, his front legs were stripped a little short, which allowed me to see his front action!

Class 932 OD (3 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: Mr S W G & Mrs E R SHORT Glenchess Black Tie

A quality wheaten/cream dog that is up to size.  Looking longer cast today than I have seen him in the past.  He is positive in the front and had drive behind.  He is a solid chap whom you can really feel under your hands.  He relaxed a bit too much in the challenge to be considered for higher honours.

2nd: Miss J M OUGH Ocedar Zephyr

Class 933 MPB (4 Entries) Abs: 1


This class certainly won the prize for best hop, skip and jump!

1st: Mrs A SMEE Malmay Esmeralda

A lovely young wheaten brindle pup that was a handful today.  I saw about three strides out of four triangles but couldn’t deny her the class.  She is feminine throughout and constructed soundly.  Presented in good coat and condition, your hands just flow over her neck and shoulders and when settled she stood and showed well. I will watch her future with interest.

2nd: Mrs A EXTON Cairngrove Shadow Dancer

A lovely dark brindle bitch that showed steadily throughout the class.  Her front construction was lovely and she was presented in a good full jacket. 

3rd: Mrs J KEEVES Seveek One for the Money
Class 934 PB (7 Entries) Abs: 1


A good class of pups

1st: Mrs C & Mr R J HEWITT Correnie Jazz Talk TAF

I can’t wait to see how this young lady grows up! I thought she was a lovely silver brindle with spot on balance, having the desired length of back that so many are now lacking.  She is all Cairn.

2nd: Mrs E J A THOMPSON Castleline Soloist

A lovely cream puppy that showed consistently but her coat and presentation let her down.  She moved well and was feminine throughout.

3rd: Mrs S J WEINBERGER Correnie Show Time
Class 935 JB (7 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: Mrs E B & Mr I L B SHAW Honeyhall Head Over Heels

I wish she were mine….

2nd: Mrs A SMEE Malmay Can I Come In

A lovely dark brindle bitch with excellent feminine head and expression, not as together as the class winner but nevertheless a smart bitch with a bright future.

3rd: Mrs J A OLDALE Cranae New Dawn
Class 936 YB (8 Entries) Abs: 1


A couple of lovely girls headed this class

1st: Mr G THOMAS Tycadno Wishing On A Star

I loved this bitch’s enthusiasm for life.

2nd: Mrs C & Mr R J HEWITT Littleacorn Keep In Touch

I preferred the expression of this bitch to the class winner but she was not showing as well and lacked enthusiasm.  She was a super bitch to go over and everything is where it should be but I do like Cairns to show and 1st had the edge today.  There was not a lot to separate the two of them.

3rd: Mrs A J DAVEY Beranburgh The Black Pearl
Class 937 PGB (4 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: Mr F & Mrs C CONFUE Anjofra Queen of Tarts

A showy bitch with lovely dark points

2nd: Mr J W & Mrs M E DOWLING Honeyhall Hijump

A lovely head but sadly lacking in coat and she didn’t move as well as her construction suggested she should.

Class 938 LB (6 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: Mr & Mrs B G MEARS Glenmear Marcuella

This dark brindle bitch was an enigma for me.  She has a classic head with lovely neck, shoulders topline and tailset.  The complete picture really except that for me she is just too mescaline. This is the hard bit, as I can’t criticise her other than to say that for me she would give the boys a run for their money!  She moved well and showed good enough to win this class but I could not give her any more.  A lovely tomboy!

2nd: Mrs S E DOLAN Glenrood Dusty Pipit

This dark brindle bitch had lovely construction and moved well but was sadly out of coat today which detracted from her overall balance and made her look out of proportion.

3rd: Mrs J KEEVES Seveek Chasing Dreams
Class 939 OB (2 Entries) Abs: 2



Dawn Inett