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25TH MARCH 2006 - Cairn Terriers

Judge: Mr Bill Cammish

DCC & BOB; Ehrenberg’s Carradine Master Tigger

RDCC; Middlehurst’s Ch. Cannwood As If By Magic To Starveren

BCC; Petts’ Cannwood Kasta Spell At Doonrae

RBCC; Smee’s Oudenarde Belle Amour

BPIB; Shannon & Storr’s Brenndarcy Spellbinder


Dawn Innett, DCC & BOB Carradine Master Tigger, Judge Bill Cammish, Julie Petts & BCC Cannwood Kasta Spell At Doonrae






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Critique After Pictures

Min Puppy – Dog 3,1a

1st Sybster Summer Night City (Mr & Mrs J A Berrecloth)

2nd Blendbetter Blade At Bengalhill (Mrs M Gowan)


 Puppy – Dog 4, 2a

1st Brenndarcy Spellbinder (Miss B & Mr D Shannon & Storr)


2nd Pinetop Redwood (Miss J M Smith)



 Junior – Dog 2,1a


1st  Pinetop Redwood (Miss J M Smith)


Novice – Dog 2,1a

1st  Laganside Red Barron (Mr H & Mrs A Dalzell)



Post Grad – Dog 5,1a

1st Landbuck Little Tyke (Messrs A & R A Felters & Rumens)

2nd Cairngold Cosmonaut (Mr A & Miss A, Mrs G Firth & Jones)

3rd Rocasovale Good Luck Charm (Mrs J Smith)

Res Minorcas Yours Truly (Mr L Burton)



Limit – Dog 4,1a

1st Carradine Master Tigger (Ms M Ehrenberg)

2nd Birselaw Billy The Kid Of Kapplegill (Mrs K L Evans)

3rd Cairngrae Phantom Menace (Mrs S Treglown)



Open – Dog 5,1a

1st Ch Cannwood As If By Magic To Starveren (Mrs M Middlehurst)

2nd Sybster Spring Time (Mr & Mrs J A Berrecloth)

3rd Kenmillto Jez (Mr H & Mrs A Dalzell)

Res Brenndarcy Danger Mouse (Mrs S Treglown)


Min Puppy – Bitch 6,3a

1st Carradine Magic Star (Miss D H Inett)

2nd  Minorcas Shoe String (Mr L Burton)

3rdSarachelle Leading Light (Mr M & Mrs E Watts)


Puppy – Bitch 7,3a

1st Brenndarcy Be Bop Deluxe (B M, D & M Shannon, Storr & Culliford)

2nd Brindleoak Bundle And Go (Ai) (Mr R & Mrs M Goud)

3rd Newfield Heather Magic (Mrs J D Bradshaw)

Res Eborvale Enchantress (Miss J M Shearsmith)


Junior – Bitch 9,2a

1st  Honeyhall Head Over Heels (Mrs E B & Mr I L B Shaw)

2ndStrathgarten Kenmilfore Lady Marmalade (Mrs C Marshall)

3rd Landbuck Heidi Claire (Messrs A & R A Felters & Rumens)

Res Deneland Catherine (Mrs M W Towers)

Vhc Tweslam Amber Nectar (Mr A & Mrs A Osborn)


Novice – Bitch 4,2a

1st Sybster Spring Song (Miss J M Smith)

2nd Black Rod Bo Peep (Mr J W & Mrs M E Dowling)


Post Grad – Bitch 10,2a

1st Glenmear Marcuella (Mr & Mrs B G Mears)

2nd Tweslam Izzy Wizzy Get Bizzy (Mr A & Mrs A Osborn)

3rd Sybster Spring Into Summer (Mr & Mrs J A Berrecloth)

Res Carradine Creme Brulee For Luvemal (Mrs P Bambridge)

Vhc Beanoak Brose And Butter (Mr R & Mrs M Goud)


Limit – Bitch 9,2a

1st Cannwood Kasta Spell At Doonrae (Mrs J & Mr C Petts)

2nd Birselaw It's My Moment (Miss Y Catto)

3rd Tweslam Kalamazoo (Mr A & Mrs A Osborn)

Res Cairngold Cedar (Mr A & Miss A, Mrs G Firth & Jones)

Vhc Cloverbrook Double Six At Eborvale (Miss J M Shearsmith)


Open – Bitch 4,2a

1st Oudenarde Belle Amour (Mrs A Smee)

2nd Larchlea Remember Remember (Mrs C Templeton


















Dawn Innett with BOB – Carradine Master Tigger

In The group

Brenda Shannon with BP Brenndarcy Spellbinder

In The Group

Dawn winning the Puppy Stakes

With Carradine Magic Star


Photographs By Alan Firth



A pleasing entry for this particular club but it was disappointing to have so many absentees.  A cause for concern is the lack of forechest which is becoming quite prevalent.  Heads were generally good with no light eyes, although there were a couple of exhibits with big round eyes which completely spoils the expression. I also found three or four mouths which were not acceptable to me.  If there may have been a question mark over any of my lower placings then all I can say is that those at the ringside do not see what the judge does!


MPD (3) - 1abs.


1.  Berrecloth's Sybster Summer Night City.  Cream with pleasing head and dark eye.  Correct balance.  Needs time.


2.  Gowan's Blendbetter Blade at Bengalhill.  Another cream of similar pattern to 1.


PD (4) - 2 abs.


1.  Shannon & Storr's Brenndarcy Spellbinder.  Most appealing cream with a very good head and eye.  Very well balanced, plenty of forechest and standing well forward.  Won Best Puppy with ease.


2.  Smith's Pinetop Redwood.


JD (2) - 1 abs.


1.  Pinetop Redwood.


ND (2) - 1 abs.


1.  Dalzell's Laganside Red Barron.  Pleasing red with good masculine head.  Good topline and tailset although too much hair taken off tail which detracted from overall appearance.


PGD (5) - 1 abs.


1.  Felters & Rumens' Landbuck Little Tyke.  Excellent headed red/br.  Neck, shoulders, topline all correct.  A very good mover and it was a pity that today his coat let him down when considering him for top honours.


2.  Firth & Jones' Cairngold Cosmonaut.  Quality brindle with very good head and eye.  Not quite the balance of winner but a very nice cairn nonetheless who will always be in the reckoning.


3.  Smith's Rocasovale Good Luck Charm.


LD (4) - 1 abs.


1.  Ehrenberg's Carradine Master Tigger.  This  red/br.dog has a head to die for.  Absolutely classic with deep stop, dark sunken eyes with a wonderful expression.  Immaculate front and in excellent coat and condition.   Presented and handled to perfection. One didn't need to use a spirit level to see that his topline was perfect.  O.K. to be hypercritical he could perhaps be a shade longer in back, and be slightly better behind but I could not overlook all his other virtues and I was pleased to award him his first CC and BOB.


2.  Evans' Birselaw Billy The Kid of Kapplegill.  Brindle with typical head who I have judged in the past and done well for.  Very good head as one would expect with this prefix.  Moved and showed well, as always.


3.  Treglown's Cairngrae PhantomMenace.


OD (5) - 1 abs.


1.  Middlehurst's Ch. Cannwood As If By Magic To Starveren.  Well known r/br champion, and a very worthy one.  Typical head and expression, good neck and shoulders.  Very well handled as usual.  A really lovely cairn but today just fell for CC winner who was in full bloom.  RCC.


2.   Berrecloth's Sybster Spring Time.  Silver/br, oozing cairn type.  Good head and eye with a well balanced profile. 


3.   Dalzell's Kenmill To Jez.


MPB (6) - 3 abs.


1.   Inett's Carradine Magic Star.  Pretty wh/br. with good neck, shoulders and topline.  Showed very well but would prefer a shade more length of leg to complete overall balance and she needs to tighten in movement.


2.  Burton's Minorcas Shoe String. Dark brindle, no mistaking her for a cairn!!  Needs some judicious tidying and ring training.


3.   Watts' Sarachelle Leading Light.


PB (7) - 3 abs.


1.   Shannon, Storr & Culliford's Brenndarcy Be Bop Deluxe.  Cream with a lovely head and a mischievous glint in her eyes.  Quite a charmer and was best puppy bitch but could not match maturity of Spellbinder today for best puppy.


2.   Goud's Brindleoak Bundle And Go.  Cream with all the requirements when one could assess her!  Gave her handler a hard time but with more experience her owners should have some fun with her.


3.   Bradshaw's Newfield Heather Magic.


JB (9) - 3 abs.


1.   Shaw's Honeyhall Head Over Heels.  Wheaten from the top drawer.  Another "Honeyhall" star in the ascendency.  Loved her head, neck, shoulders, topline and movement and, as always, she was expertly handled.  However, today her excessive head furnishings made her look a little top heavy which prevented her from taking top honours.  Her day shouldl not be long delayed.


2.   Marshall's Strathgarten Kenmilfore Lady Marmalade.  What a lovely red bitch!  I was very taken with this one and she gave "Head Over Heels" a good run for her money.  Loved her head, size, outline and movement. Should do well for her owner.


3.   Felters & Rumens' Landbuck Heidi Claire.


NB (4) - 2 abs.


1.  Smith's Sybster Spring Song.  Dark br. with the most gorgeous head and eye.  Typical cairn.


2.  Dowling's Black Rod Bo Peep.  Lovely headed red with the correct proportions.  Just would not co-operate with her handler today which was a pity.


PGB (10) - 3 abs.


1.  Mears' Glenmear Marcuella.   Top quality br. of lovely type.  Excellent head and eye. Very well balanced and moved well.  Much more will be heard of this one I'm quite sure.


2.  Osborn's Izzy Wizzy Get Bizzy.  Striking red who commands attention.  Melting expression.  Loved her shape.  Another top quality exhibit who was unlucky to meet winner today.


3.   Berrecloth's Sybster Spring Into Summer.


LB (9) - 0 abs.


1.   Petts' Cannwood Kasta Spell At Doonrae.  This lovely red/br. caught my eye as soon as she entered the ring.  Her proportions are absolutely correct.  Movement, presentation, handlng and showmanship could not be faulted and I was very pleased to award her the CC.  I understand this is her second and so I hope she will soon gain her crown which, in my view, she thoroughly deserves.


2.  Catto's Birselaw Its My Moment.  Well up to size but of undoubted quality.  She has the beautiful head which this exhibitor is renowned for. No disgrace to be second in this lovely class.


3.  Osborn's Tweslam Kalamazoo.


This was a class of lovely bitches.


OB (4) - 2 abs.


This was a difficult class to judge as I like both of the ones exhibited.


1.  Smee's Oudenarde Belle Amour.  Dark br. of excellent type.  Lovely head with wicked expression.  Very well put together.  Presented in very good order and she was a strong contender for the CC but on the final run-off just failed in hind action to CC winner. RCC.


2.   Templeton's Larchlea Remember Remember.  And I do remember her from the last time I judged when she won the class!  Another well up to size but her qualities cannot be denied.    I love her type and correct balance.  Close up to winner - the hardest decision of the day.