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2006 Reports


South Wales & West of England CTC

Saturday  21st October  2006

Mr Jim Pollock (Standykes)

169 dogs 199 entries


DCC & BOB; Thomas & Hooton’s Rasken’s Rompin Playboy (Imp)

RDCC; Berrecloth’s Ch. Sybster Springtime ShCM

BCC; Catto’s Birselaw Now Is The Moment

RBCC; Templeton’s Ch. Larchlea Let Me Entertain U

BPIB; Robinson’s Cruzo Bright Beam


Geoff Thomas, DCC & BOB Raskens Romping Playboy, Judge Jim Pollock, Bcc Birselaw Now Is The Moment and Yvonne Catto

Gerry Robinson with Best Puppy Cruzo Bright Beam




Class 1 – Minor Puppy Dog (10)

  1. Birselaw Daydream Believer
  2. Carradine Gold Digger
  3. Tribannon Warlord
  4. Kiataia Masquerade TAF
  5. Anjofra Mucky Boots


Class 2 – Puppy Dog (5)

  1. Penticharm Party Night
  2. Kiataia Masquerade TAF
  3. Tweedisle That Special Son
  4. Mimora Buster
  5. Sharpamatt The Party’s Here


Class 3 – Junior Dog (9, 2A)

  1. Cairngold Jackpot
  2. Uniquecottage Ring Plover
  3. Lindcoly Golden Legend
  4. Tweedisle Piper Boy
  5. Uniquecottage Sooty Bear


Class 4 – Maiden Dog (3,1A)

  1. Lindcoly High Flyer
  2. Glenchess Gabriel over Carradine


Class 5 – Novice Dog (1, 1A)


Class 6 – Undergraduate Dog (3)

  1. Uniquecottage Sooty Bear
  2. Kilnyard Archie Spangles
  3. Ocedar Zephyr


Class 7 – Post Graduate Dog (10)

  1. Penticharm Prince Charming
  2. Cherrycrack Mack The Knife
  3. Cadagio The Unexpected
  4. Stryveling Robb Ruadh
  5. Castleline Jackard


Class 8 – Limit Dog (7, 1A)

  1. Raskens Romping Playboy (Imp)
  2. Kedvaiy Harlequin
  3. Cruzo Gold Charmer
  4. Rocasovale Good Luck Charm
  5. Ock Ross I’m The Boss


Class 9 – Open Dog (8, 2A)

  1. Ch Sybster Spring Time SHCM
  2. Ch/Ir Ch Cagagio As Good As It Gets
  3. Multi Ch Glenmore’s Top Gun
  4. Hector of The Glen
  5. Ch Carradine Master Tigger


Class 10 – Beginners Dog (5)

  1. Uniquecottage Ring Plover
  2. Seveek Country Rambler to Svendalens
  3. Glenrood Stormkeeper at Liffycairn
  4. Ocedar Zephyr
  5. Cloverbrook Angus Mclee


Class 11 – Special Veteran Dog (7 – 10 years) (5, 2A)

  1. Uniquecottage Oyster Catcher
  2. Doonrae Virtuoso
  3. Ch Kinkim Prinzludy


Class 12 – Special Veteran Bitch (7 – 10 years) (7, 3A)

  1. Ch Tweslam Abracadabra
  2. Caldwall Chelsey
  3. Tweslam Charlie’s Angel
  4. Doonrae Youthfulness


Class 13 – Special Veteran Dog or Bitch (11 years & over) (5, 1A)

  1. Sw/Dan Ch Vanajam Bon Voyage
  2. Ch Spawyche Elizabethan Cameo
  3. Stormy Weather
  4. Wildmoor Sea Holly

Class 14 – Minor Puppy Bitch (18, 3 A)

  1. Larchlea Knot to be Mist
  2. Cruzo Brisk Breeze (NAF)
  3. Penticharm Obsession
  4. Cairngold Bucks Fizz
  5. Carradine Sapphire at Spawyche


Class 15 – Puppy Bitch (6, 2 A)

  1. Cruzo Bright Beam (NAF)
  2. Tweslam Bonnie Annee
  3. Bencana Tickle Pink
  4. Lindcoly Miss Razzle Dazzle


Class 16 – Junior Bitch (7, 4A)

  1. Landbuck Lemoncello
  2. Doonrae Gold Digger
  3. Casmhor Peaders Nianorla


Class 17 – Maiden Bitch (11, ?A)

  1. Kedvaiy Can Can
  2. Uniquecottage Goldilocks
  3. Anjofra Tarte Tatin
  1. Casmhor Peaders Nianorla
  2. Uniquecottage Griselda TAF


Class 18 – Novice Bitch (7, 4A)

  1. Glenrood Cascade
  2. Tweslam Amber Nectar
  3. Castleline Clementine


Class 19 – Undergraduate Bitch (11, ?A)

  1. Cruzo Bannock Belle
  2. Malmay Can I Come In
  3. Cranae New Dawn
  4. Birselaw Moment of Joy at Sharpamatt
  5. Seveek Country Lover at Svendalens


Class 20 – Post Graduate Bitch (13, ?A)

  1. Birselaw Now is The Moment
  2. Penticharm Caribbean Queen
  3. Tribannon Fair Lady
  4. Glenrood Tanzanite Magic at Liffycairn
  5. Glenmear Michelle at Elitecharm


Class 21 – Limit Bitch (22, ?A)

  1. Penticharm Deep Secret
  2. Landbuck Heidi Claire
  3. Cadagio She’s The One
  4. Sybster Spring Into Summer
  5. Cannwood Kasta Spell at Doonrae


Open Bitch (15, 3A)

  1. Ch Larchlea Let Me Entertain u
  2. Vanajam Piewaket
  3. Cadagio Catch me If You Can
  4. Ch Uniquecottage Glengettie
  5. Tweslam Kalamazoo


Beginners Bitch (5)

  1. Seveek Country Lover at Svendalens
  2. Anjofra Treacle Tart at Liffycairn
  3. Maximal Fly Me To The Moon


Trevor Evans Memorial Brace

  1. Osborne’s Brace
  2. Jennings’ Brace
  3. Ough’s Brace
  4. Brown’s Brace
  5. Lifton’s Brace





























                Photographs by Linda Firth & Alison Wragg



It is always an honour to judge a club Ch.show and a good entry provides an opportunity to assess where our breed stands at present. As usual the bitches were of better quality than the dogs and like everyone else, I cannot understand why this should be. In a large entry it is inevitable that some nice exhibits had to stand down the line.

Some exhibits were too thin. I know we want them in hard condition but there is a limit. I tried not to fault judge and where faults existed, to consider the overall merits of the dog.

My biggest disappointment was heads. I feel we are very close to losing the one characteristic that for me defines our breed. Snipey foreface, no stop, ears too close together. Some exhibits had eyes that were too large and round, almost bulging from the head. Yes I know a cairn does not walk on it’s head but once we lose good heads what breed are we left with? Please breeders, find the dogs with good heads and use them.

Mouths were on the whole good, one or two by the smallest of margins just made a scissor bite.

That said, there were a lot of lovely cairns on show. We have quality in depth, particularly in bitches.

 Dog C.C.and B.I.S.,Thomas and Hootons, Raskens  Romping Playboy.Most attractive grey brindle,standing on the table looked a picture and was a pleasure to go over.An all male head that shouts cairn.Good neck,running into well placed shoulders,excellent spring of rib,strong quarters,level top line,good but not exaggerated bend of stifle.In good coat and well presented.Could be more positive in front action,but set beside his virtues this is a minor problem.19 months old and just coming to his best.I was pleased to award him his first C.C.

Bitch C.C.and reserve best in show,Catto’s Birselaw Now Is The Moment,certainly was.Another from this kennel which seems to  turn out cairns of the highest quality almost as a matter of course.Wheaten brindle,best of heads,enough neck,good shoulders,level top line.Sufficient spring of rib,good depth of brisket which was lacking in some other exhibits.

In the usual good condition one would expect of this kennel.Moved well and shows all out.At 18 months I was delighted to  award her  first C.C..It will be interesting to  watch her progress as she further matures.

                                                                            Minor Puppy Dog.   10


First,Catto’s Birselaw Daydream Believer,light wheaten,very assured seven month old.Attractive head but I would like it a little stronger for a male.Handles well on the table,neck,shoulders spring of rib and body all as they should be .In very good coat and moved well.Very showy.Best Dog Pup.

Second,Inett and Harrison’s Carradine Gold Digger. Grey brindle,six month baby,bigger and longer cast than first,handles well on the table.Needs to tighten up in front but has plenty of time.

Third.Waugh’s Tribannon War Lord.


                                                                                Puppy Dog      5


First,Penticharm Party night,Upstanding wheaten,strong head,good neck and shoulders,well bodied,in excellent condition moved o.k. and shown as we expect from this kennel.

Second,Saich’s Kiataia Masquerade t.a.f. Well grown red with lots to like,enough neck,decent spring of rib,good coat.at times his movement can be all over the place.needs time to settle down.

Third,Peer’s Tweedisle That Special Son.


                                                                                  Junior Dog.     9  (2)


First,Firth’s Cairngold Jackpot.Light red,up to size,nice dog to go over,neck shoulders and top line all o.k.Coat of correct texture.Good showman and moved o.k.          

Second ,Soper’s Uniquecottage Ring Plover,Wheaten with lots to like,nice outline with enough neck and well placed shoulders.Lack of head furnishings helped peg him back.

Third,Saich’s Lindcoly Golden Legend.


                                                                                   Maiden Dog   3 (1)


First,Saich’s Lindcoly High Flyer.Upstanding wheaten in good coat ,well balanced ,handled o.k.on the table, showed well.

Second,Inett and Harrison’s Glenchess Gabriel Over Carradine.Red,thought he could lose weight to his advantage.lost his top line on the move.Otherwise lots to like


                                                                                     Novice Dog  1 (1)


                                                                                      Undergraduate Dog  3

First,Parker-Tucker’s Uniquecottage Sooty Bear,well named dark brindle,nice outline,good neck running into well placed shoulders,level top line .Short of furnishings which didn’t help his head.

Second,Hawkin’s Kilnyard Archie Spangles,Wheaten,another with lots to like,needs more experience and ring training.

Third,Ough’s Ocedar Zephyr.


                                                                                       Postgraduate Dog  10

First, Hooton, Shorter and Nuttal’s,Penticharm Prince Charming,very nice wheaten in excellent condition,handles well on the table.Masculine head,enough neck,clean shoulders,well bodied with good spring of rib,strong quarters, good turn of stifle.Good coat.Can look slightly wide in front when standing.Showed well.Did not dismiss him lightly in the challenge.

Second,Shopland’s Cherrycrack Mack The Knife.Well known grey brindle,up to size,slightly longer cast than 1 but balanced,nice head,good neck running in to well placed  shoulders,well bodied with good turn of stifle.Loses his top line a little on the move.

Third.Hoggarty’s Cadagio The Unexpected.


                                                                                       Limit Dog  7  (1)

First.Thomas’s Raskens Romping Playboy.

Second.Poile’s Kedvaiy Harlequin.Red dog with lots of quality, very attractive standing and to go over.Built on racier lines than the winner,Pleasing head, very good neck and shoulders,good enough spring of rib for his build.Good quarters and bend of stifle.Level top line which he retains on the move.Moved o.k.and showed well.

Third,Brown’s Cruzo Gold Charmer.


                                                                                        Open Dog  8


First,Berrecloth’s Ch.Sybster Spring Time.Well known Grey brindle at the top of his game.All male,could not be other than a cairn, teeming with breed type.Has all the fire and dash that I look for in a cairn dog in his prime.Very pleasing head,good eye,correct for colour and size,enough neck and good shoulders,excellent spring of rib and deep brisket.Good bend of stifle.Coat of correct length and texture,stands foursquare on good legs and feet.No cairn is perfect and there are some things that could be improved but his many virtues outweigh them.RC.C.

Second.Hogarty’s Ch./IR.CH..Cadagio As Good As It Gets.Another well known Champion.Much the same remarks apply,handles very well on the table.Well balanced,enough neck,good body etc.A glance tells you he is a quality dog.A shade smaller than 1 but that is not to detract from him.Shows very well.Today I thought he was a little wayward in front action and moving close behind.

Third.Wenzl’s Glenmore Top Gun.


                                                                                           Beginners Dog  5

 First,Uniquecottage Ring Plover.

Second,Waites’s Seveek Country Rambler to Svendalens ,Upstanding brindle,very typical,well bodied with a good coat.Could carry a little less weight.

Third,Lifton’s Glenrood Stormkeeper at Liffycairn.


                                                                                           Special Veteran 7 to 10 Years   5 (1)

 First,Parker-Tucker’s Uniquecottage Oyster Catcher.Nice Wheaten,ten years old but still in good nick.

Second,Jennings Doonrae Virtuoso,Almost ten years to the day.Brindle as one would expect from this kennel.Sired by Curveside Cabin Boy.I remember him well.

Third,Ch.Kinkim.Prinz Ludy.


                                                                                       Special Veteran Bitch 7 to 10 years   7  (2)

First,Oldale’s Ch.Tweslam Abracadabra.Hard to believe this well know bitch is now a veteran still looks pretty good.

Second,Owen’s Caldwall Chelsey,Wheaten bitch still in good condition.

Osborn’s Tweslam Charlies Angel.


                                                                                       Special Veteran Dog or Bitch 11 or Over    5  (1)

First,Ward’s Sw./Dan.Ch.Vanajam Bon Voyage.Hard to believe this bitch is over ten and a half.Still handles well on the table and moves to give the lie to her age.

Second. Moseley’Ch.Spawyche Elizabethan Cameo.Well known Ch.in her day, still looks the part.

Third.Ough’s Stormy Weather.


                                                                                     Minor Puppy Bitch.  18 (3)

First.Templeton’s Larchlea Knot To Be Mist.Well grown brindle and typical of this kennel.Nice dark eye,good mouth,o.k.for neck and shoulders,well bodied up and good bend of stifle.Showed well.

Second,Robinson’s Cruzo Brisk Breeze,red,handled well on the table,thought first had the edge in neck and shoulders.Could lose a little puppy fat.Showed well.

Third,Hooton’s Penticharm Obsession.


                                                                                      Puppy Bitch  6 (2)


First,Robinson’s Cruzo Bright Beam. Red,litter sister to second in minor puppy and more advanced .Pleasing head,enough neck,good shoulders,good spring of rib for her age.Good coat.well balanced, which helped in the decision for best pup.B.P.I.S.

Second,Osborn’s Tweslam Bonne Annee.Nice red bitch ,again handles well on the table,much the same age as first and like her mature for her age.Thought a little better bend of stifle would help and she lost her top line on the move.

Third,Brown’s Bencana Tickled Pink.


                                                                                            Junior Bitch  7  (4 )


 First,Felters and Rumens Landbuck Lemoncello.Nice brindle,well up to size.Good head and eye,o.k.for neck and shoulders,well bodied with good spring of rib and depth of brisket,Good quarters and plenty behind her tail i.e.good bend of stifle.Shown in full coat.Moved with drive.

Second.Petts and Jennings Doonrae Gold Digger.brindle,nice head and expression,handles well on the table,good rib,well bodied,in good coat.Lost her top line a little on the move.My notes say,”nice,could come on further”

Castrey’sCasmhor Peaders Nianorla.


                                                                                   Maiden Bitch.  11 (6)


First.Poile Kedvaiy Can Can,attractive red ,good head,pleasing outline,neck shoulders top line all correct,good coat,moved o.k. and showed well.

 Second,Parker-Tucker’s Uniquecottage Goldilocks,light red,again handles well on the table,nice dark eye ,well bodied,in good coat.Needs time to develop and to cooperate with handler.

Third.Confue’sAnjofra Tarte Tatin.


                                                                                     Novice Bitch  7  ((4)

 First,Dolan’s Glenrood Cascade,light red,nice outline,good reach of neck,good shoulders,level back.Cooperates well with her handler.

Second.Osborn’s Tweslam Amber Nectar.Red,well bodied ,good spring of rib,o.k.for coat. Not as assured as 1.

Third.Groves,Casteline Clemintine.


                                                                                      Undergraduate Bitch.  13  (3)


First,Robertson’s Cruso Bannock Belle,Dark brindle,very typical,good head and eye,handles well on the table.Enough neck,correct shoulders,good rib and deep brisket for her size.Level top line retained on the move.Well balanced,in good coat,showed and moved well.

Second,Smee’s Malmay Can I Come In.Dark brindle,longer in leg than 1,but balanced,very feminine bitch  in good condition.level top,good turn of stifle,in good coat coat.showed well and moved o.k..

Third,Oldale’s Cranae new Dawn.


                                                                                     Post Grad. 13 (3)


First,Birselaw Now Is The Moment.

Second,Hooton’s Penticharm Caribbean Queen.Wheaten bitch out of the top drawer.Very nice to go over, as usual very well presented.Didn’t feel she was co-operating fully with her handler today and as a consequence her movement was a little erratic and lost her top line on the move.

Third,Dodd’s Tribannon Fair Lady.


                                                                                       Limit bitch   22  (8)


Hooton’s Penticharm Deep Secret.Grey brindle,Nice head, enough neck,well bodied with good rib,level top and sufficient turn of stifle.In good coat and condition.Moved o.k.and showed well.

Second.Felters and Rumens,Landbuck Heidi Claire.Brindle,slightly bigger than first but that is not to take anything from her.Typical head with dark eye,good neck and shoulders,well bodied up and balanced throughout.Moved o.k.when she settled.

Third.Hogarty’s Cadagio She’s The One.

 I thought this a good class.


                                                                                        Open Bitch   15  (7)


First,Templeton’s Ch.Larchlea Let Me Entertain You.Dark brindle,nice head,dark eye,good mouth.Good neck running into good shoulder lay back.Enough spring of rib,well let down hocks.Coat of correct texture,shown in very good condition.R.C.C.

Second.Ward’s Vanajam Piewaket.Dark brindle,pleasing head,good neck running to correct shoulders,well bodied and in decent coat.Not as firm in top line as 1

Third.Hogarty’s Catch Me If You Can.


                                                                                         Beginners Bitch 5   (2)

First.Waites,Seveek Country Lover At Svendalens,Wheaten with lots to like,good neck, clean shoulders,o.k.for spring of rib, nice outline.Back movement lets her down otherwise a nice bitch.

Second,Lifton’sAnjofra Treacle Tart At Liffycairn.Red,much the same remarks apply,Preferred the head and overall outline of 1.

Third,Bennet’s Maximal Fly Me To The Moon.


                                                                         Trevor Evans Memorial  Brace.7


First.Osborne’s Brace


Third.Ough’s Brace.                                            



                                                                                 Jim Pollock, Judge.