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Welsh Kennel Club

19th August 2006

Cairn Terrier Judge: Gill Ward (Vanajam)



DCC & BOB; Karlsen’s Nord Int Ch Kramer's Night Rider
RDCC : Poile’s Kedvaiy Harlequin
BCC : Hewitt’s Littleacorn Keep In Touch
RBCC : Catto’s Birselaw It's My Moment
Best Puppy : Templeton’s Larchlea Knot To Be Mist


BCC Littleacorn Keep In Touch, Chris Hewitt, Judge Gill Ward, Liz Hooton & Karlsen’s Nord Int Ch Kramer's Night Rider.

(Stewards in Background)





BPIP Larchlea Knot To Be Mist


MPD No Entries

PD (1)
1st: Weinberger’s Correnie Mister Bojangles

JD (4,1a)
1st: Cameron’s Stryveling Robb Ruadh
2nd: Soper’s Uniquecottage Ring Plover
3rd: Shannon & Storr’s Brenndarcy Sundance Kid

ND No Entries

GD No Entries

PGD (4)
1st: Felters & Rumens’ Landbuck Little Tyke
2nd: Thompson’s Castleline Jackard
3rd:  Birch’s Kinkim Kernul
Res: Buttress’ Nutshki Boy Walton

LD (5)
1st: Poile’s Kedvaiy Harlequin
2nd:Thompson’s Castleline Prince Harry
3rd: Waites’ Seveek Country Rambler To Svendalens
Res: Fairweather’s Ock Ross I'm The Boss
Vhc: Smith’s Rocasovale Good Luck Charm

OD (3)
1st: Karlsen’s Nord Int Ch Kramer's Night Rider
2nd: Weinberger’s Correnie Altissimo
3rd: Ehrenberg’s Ch Carradine Master Tigger

MPB (2)
1st: Templeton’s Larchlea Knot To Be Mist
2nd: Osborn’s Tweslam Bonne Annee

PB (2,1a)
1st: Hewitt’s Correnie Jazz Talk At Littleacorn

JB (2)
1st: Catto’s Birselaw Now Is The Moment
2nd: Davey’s Beranburgh The Black Pearl

NB (2)
1st: Davey’s Beranburgh The Black Pearl
2nd:Turnbull’s Bedrule Talja

GB (3)
1st: Inett’s Mac Clouds Vanity Affair With Carradine (Imp Deu)
2nd: Soper’s Glenmear Michelle At Elitecharm
3rd: Fielder’s Berrybone Surprise Delight

PGB (8)
1st: Hewitt’s Littleacorn Keep In Touch
2nd: Hooton’s Penticharm Caribbean Queen
3rd: Felters & Rumens’ Landbuck Heidi Claire
Res: Thompson’s Castleline Calico
Vhc: Cameron’s Stryveling Meg Merrilies

LB (2)
1st: Catto’s Birselaw It's My Moment
2nd: Moseley’s Spawyche Elizabethan Pearl
OB (4)
1st: Templeton’s Ch Larchlea Let Me Entertain U
2nd: Burgin’s Curtisey Foreign Affair At Carradine
3rd: Osborn’s Tweslam Kalamazoo
Res: Fielder’s Berrybone Surprise Delight















The Group

(Sorry the pics quality is a little grainy but the indoor lighting was terrible.)


Ps. I don’t know who got the biggest smile award today, Liz Hooton on making up Knight Rider or Chris Hewitt for getting her first CC!



The Welsh Kennel Club

 Championship Show

19th August 2006

 I would like to thank the exhibitors who brought their dogs under me. This wasn't the biggest entry for my first time awarding CCs but what it lacked in size it made up for in quality.  
MPD No entries

 PD (1) 1st Weinberger’s Correnie Mister Bojangles 10 mth, well Balanced Wheaten Brindle. Good bite, dark eye. Good neck & forechest, tail set well on. Move well behind but needs to tighten a little in front. A good show man.

 JD (4/ 1 abs) 1st Cameron’s Stryveling Robb Ruadh. 15 mth, Red Dog. Nicely made head with a good mouth and correct eye. Level Top line, and shown in a good coat. Moved well around the ring. Would like him a little shorter in loin. Showed well.

2nd. Soper’s Uniquecottage Ring Plover. Good head & correct bite with big teeth. Eye could be slightly darker, held top line on the move & showed well. Needs to tighten a bit in front.

 3rd Shannon & Storr’s Brenndarcy Sundance Kid.

 ND (no Entries)

 GD (no Entries)

 PGD (4) 1st Felters & Rumens’ Landbuck Little Tyke. Nicely made head with a good _expression & well placed ears. Good reach of neck into well laid shoulders. Tail could be set on a little higher. Good front and rear action & moved with drive around the ring, which won him this class. Showed well.

 2nd Thompson’s. Castline Jackard. An upstanding dog. Very well made head with correct eye and deep stop. Has a good  forechest and enough bone. In good coat and showed well. Not moving as well as class winner.

 3rd Birch’s Kinkim Kernul.

 LD (5) 1st Poiles Kedvaiy Harlequin. Red, Well balanced head, good reach of neck & clean shoulders into level top line. Tail well set on. Shown in good coat. Moved soundly both ends & showed well. Res CC.

2nd Thompson’s Prince Harry. Dark Brindle. Similar comments apply to this dog as class winner. So good to go over and moved well, unfortunately in need of a new jacket which let him down on the day.

 3rd Waites’ Seveek Country Rambler to Svendalens.

 OD (3) 1st Karlsen's Nord Int Ch Kramer’s Night Rider. Well made Masculine head without any hint of coarseness. He came into the ring as if he owned it and just demanded my attention. Well made front, with good neck, shoulders and forechest. Well sprung rib with firm topline. Strong quarters with a well set tail. So sound on the move and moving with drive from the rear. Pleased to award him his crowning CC and BOB.

 2nd Weinberger’s Correnie Altissimo, again another good dog with lots to like about him. Good in head with a dark eye and lovely long eyelashes. Good bite with big teeth. Good lay back of shoulder and held his topline on the move. Foot fall was correct. Showed well but in need of a new coat.

 3rd Ehrenberg’s Ch Carradine Master Tigger.

 MPB(2) 1st Templeten’s Larchlea Knot To Be Mist, 6mth dark brindle. How could you miss her. Up to size, Classy well balanced head with good bite. Moved well for her age, showing all the time. BP.

 2nd Osborn's Tweslam Bonne Annee, 7mth red. In good coat, with firm topline and well set tail. Moved and showed well. Preferred the balance of class winner.

 PB(2,1abs) 1st Hewitt’s Correnie Jazz Talk at Littleacorn, 10mth up to size wheaten brindle. Another quality puppy with a lovely head. Well balanced and held herself well on the move. A good show girl. In need of a new coat. One to watch.

 JB (2) 1st Catto’s Birselaw Now Is The Moment. Feminine in Head with small neat ears & Good stop. Straight front. Good lay back of shoulder and well angulated behind which showed in her sound movement.

 2nd Davey’s Berandurgh The Black Pearl. Dark Brindle, Very Good in head with dark eye. Shown in full coat. Showed well but preferred the movement of First.

 NB (2) 1st Davey’s Berandurgh The Black Pearl.

 2nd Turnbull’s Bedrule Talja. Red, Good bite & eye. In good coat, tail a little low set. It was hard to assess her movement as she was all over the place when moving. Handler and dog were not together.

GB(3)1st Inett’s Mac Clouds Vanity Affair With Carradine. Dark Brindle, typie in head with good stop and correct Bite. Clean shoulders, good forechest & topline. Front movement let her down in the challenge,

 2nd Soper’s Glenmear Michelle at Elitecharm. Taller type than first. Good Bite and nice eye. In need of head furnishings, the lack of them is giving a plain appearance. Moved well. Could do with a new coat.

 3rd Fielders Berrybone Suprise Delight.

 A very good Class of Bitches could have done with three firsts.
PGB (8) 1st Hewitt’s Littleacorn Keep in Touch. Such a beautiful feminine head, so well balanced in all parts, good bite with big teeth, deep stop, dark eye & well set ears. Has a good forechest & Elbows that fit into a well sprung rib. Correct front with good neck, lay back of shoulder and firm topline. Well made quarters with no hocking out or pinning in here. This construction allowed her to move very well. In good Coat. & showed so well. Happy to give her the CC, hope the next 2 will be on their way soon,

 2nd Hooton’s Penticharm Caribbean Queen, Another quality Bitch Good in all parts, moved so well, as one would expect from this kennel. Her lack of head furnishings let her down.

 3rd Felters & Rumens’ Landbuck Heidi Claire. Wonderful Mover.

 LB (2) 1st Catto’s Birselaw Its My Moment, another good head from this kennel. Good stop & dark eye that gave her such a  mischievous _expression. Correct shoulder placing.  Held it all together on the move. Good coming and going, never stop showing. Res CC, I’m sure her Moment for the 3 CC wont be long.

 2nd Moseley’s Spawyche Elizabethan Pearl. This girl had a lovely head and eye, good in neck, clean shoulders and a steady show girl. Preferred movement of first.

 OB (4) 1st Templeton’s Ch Let Me Entertain You. A quality Dark brindle bitch, up to size. Has a good feminine head. It was a joy to go over her, it all fitted in to the right place. Shown in good jacket. Moved & showed well.

 2nd Burgin’s Curtisey Foreign Affair at Carradine. Wheaten Brindle with a lovely black mask. Looked so full of cairn type. Nice head, good topline & tail set well on, moved OK. In good full coat.

 3rd Osborn’s Tweslam Kalamazoo.

 Judge Gillian Ward.