Midland Cairn Terrier Club Championship Show

Judge: Kevin Holmes (Brindleoak)

Saturday 2rd December 2006.


Class winners

Class 1      Veteran Dog or Bitch (7 years & over)       14 entries 5A


 6.    Ch Kinkim Prinzludy            

35    Glenrood Magic Pipit           

28   Fieldron Rose                       

41.  Ock Enchanted Shadow A.

44.   Ch Cairngold Constanze  A.   

51.   Bincairn Silver Moonbeam over Maridale    A.

81.   Doonrae Virtuoso

82.   Doonrae Youthfulness

84.  Seveek Cherrys n’ Dreams

104. Caldwall Chelsey  A.

108. Cloverbrook Corona Cracker Sh Cm

119. Doonrae Dragoon

124. Wilsummer Sea Lavendar  A.

170. Trbannon Cristal Blue


1st..Doonrae Dragoon            2nd.. Glenrood Magic Pipit          

3rd.  Doonrae Virtuoso            Res.. Cloverbrook Corona Cracker Sh Cm

VHC.Doonrae Youthfulness

Class 2      Minor Puppy Dog         17 entries  7A


13.  Kilnyard Knave and Rascal (NAF)

14.  Kilnyard King of The Castle (NAF)

23.  Birselaw Daydream Believer     

38.  Kapplegill No Quarter         

73.   Carradine Gold Digger   A.  

77.  Hydecastle Ozzy Oswald           

85.   Maximal Between Dreams with Seveek    A.   

96.   Fieldron Call My Bluff at Linacrelads

106. Uniquecottage Gold Wizard (NAF)  A.

115. Winetta Aint Misbehavin  A.

127. Cannwood Just Remember (NAF)

133. Lindcoly Storyteller (NAF)

153. Twohoots Barnabas

158. Tycadno Tophat   A.          

162. Svendalens The Charmer  A.

173. Fieldron I’ve Got News For You

174. Tribannon Warlord  A.


1st...  Birselaw Daydream Believer        2nd... Hydecastle Ozzy Oswald

3rd... Fieldron I’ve Got News For You    Res..Cannwood Just Remember (NAF

VHC  Kapplegill No Quarter

Class 3      Puppy Dog                                  6 entries  1A


74.   Glenchess Gabriel over Carradine

109. Tweedisle A Special Magic        

110. Tweedisle That Special Son     

163. Retacy Just For Fun  A.

13. Kilnyard Knave and Rascal (NAF)

133.Lindcoly Storyteller (NAF)


1st....Glenchess Gabriel over Carradine      2nd..Tweedisle A Special Magic

 3rd...Kilnyard Knave and Rascal (NAF       Res..Tweedisle That Special Son           

VHC..Lindcoly Storyteller (NAF

Class 4      Junior Dog                      6 entries 1A


45.  Cairngold Jackpot                

63.  Penticharm Party Knight      A.

93.  Glenrood Stormkeeper at Liffycairn 

111. Tweedisle Piper Boy

134. Lindcoly High Flyer

141. Brenndarcy Spellbinder


1st..Brenndarcy Spellbinder                       2nd..Cairngold Jackpot

3rd..Glenrood Stormkeeper at Liffycairn    Res..Tweedisle Piper Boy 

VHC.Lindcoly High Flyer

Class 5      Maiden Dog                 5 entries  2A


112. Tweedisle Trouble Maker  

135. Lindcoly Golden Legend    

14.  Kilnyard King of The Castle (NAF)

106 Uniquecottage Gold Wizard (NAF)

158 Tycadno Tophat


 1st..Lindcoly Golden Legend             2nd...Tweedisle Trouble Maker         

3rd..Kilnyard King of The Castle (NAF)    Res......             VHC...…

Class 6      Novice Dog                                 1 entry


135.          Lindcoly Golden Legend


 1st...... Lindcoly Golden Legend



Class 7      Graduate Dog                             7 entries


9.     Cloverbrook Precious Cargo   

48.  Penticharm Black Jack        

54.  Kilnyard Archie Spangles    

58.  Cadagio The Unexpected

70.  Gyncairn Rock and Roll

142. Brenndarcy Sundance Kid

151. Uniquecottage Ring Plover


1st... Gyncairn Rock N Roll                2nd...Cadagio The Unexpected

3rd...Cloverbrook Precious cargo..       Res..Penticharm Black Jack

VHC.Uniquecottage Ring Plover


Class 8      Post Graduate Dog                    9 entries


7.     Kinkim Kernul                       

16.  Nutshki Boy Walton              

17.   Stryveling Robb Ruadh       

20.  Cloverbrook Angus McLee of Casmhor       

69.  Penticharm Prince Charming   

92.  Cloverbrook Silver Rebel

113. Tweedisle Sweet Talking Guy 

136. Lindcoly Just Bud

148. Cherrycrack Mack the Knife

171. Royal Silver


1st... Penticharm Prince Charming        2nd...Nutshki Boy Walton

3rd....Stryveling Robb Ruadh..               Res..Kinkim Kernal

VHC..Cloverbrook Silver Rebel

Class 9      Limit Dog                         10 entries 2A


10.  Cloverbrook Play The Game    

27.   Cairngrove Red Rascal    A.   

32.   Tolimaura Chace                  

42.  Ock Ross I’m The Boss    A.   

79.  Sandaig Shearer                        

89.  Woodthorpe Just Bedazzled

122. Kedvaiy Harlequin

137. Hector of The Glen

161. Rasken’s Romping Playboy

164. Seveek Country Rambler to Svendalens    


1st...Rasken’s Rompin Playboy        2nd..Kedvaiy Harlequin

3rd...Hector In The Glen..                  Res.Woodthorpe Just Bedazzled

VHC.Cloverbrook Play The.Game.…

Class 10    Open Dog                      9 entries  1A


4.   Ch Sybster Spring Time Sh CM

37.  Ch Carradine Master Tigger    

39.   Birselaw Billy The Kid of Kapplegill 

59.  Ch & Ir Ch Cadagio As Good As It Gets                                

72.  Ger/Swe/Ned/Fin Ch Glenmore’s Top Gun

100. Ch Cannwood As If By Magic To Starveren JW

155. Twohoots Arthur   A.               

175. Correnie Altissimo

20.  Cloverbrook Angus McLee of Casmhor                       


1st..Ch & Ir Ch Cadagio As Good As It Gets    2nd..Ch Cannwood As If By Magic To Starveren JW

 3rd.Ger/Swe/Ned/Fin Ch Glenmore’s Top Gun.. Res....Ch Sybster Spring Time Sh CM

 VHC...… Correnie Altissimo

Class 11    Special Beginners Dog             4 entries 1A


20.  Cloverbrook Angus McLee of Casmhor

48. Penticharm Black Jack           

92. Cloverbrook Silver Rebel       A.                 

93. Glenrood Stormkeeper at Liffycairn


1st...Glenrood Stormkeeper at Liffycairn       2nd..Penticharm Black Jack  

3rd..Cloverbrook Angus McLee of Casmhor      Res…..     


Dog C.C.   Rasken’s Rompin Playboy 



Res. Dog C.C.  Ch & Ir Ch Cadagio As Good As It Gets         



Best Puppy Dog. Birselaw Daydream Believer         


Class 12    Minor Puppy Bitch     19 entries    5.A


2.    Maximal Merlot          

11.  Cloverbrook The Real Deal NAF       A.

29.  Conundrum Sweeter For Me For Lentrica    A.

49.  Tycadno Sasparilla TAF       

50.  Winetta Anticipation at Thackeston  

64.  Penticharm She’s The One

75.  Carradine Polly Flinders     

78.  Hyde Castle Oberon Oakley      A.

86.  Seveek Ultimate Dream       165.        

98.  Glenmear Morwenna

102. Carradine Sapphire at Spawyche

107. Uniquecottage Silver Trace (NAF)

116. Winetta “A” You’re Adorable    

128. Cannwood Touch The Dream

130. Cruzo Rambling Berry

138. Lindcoly Never Ending Story (NAF)

154. Twohoots Agnes

159. Tycadno Dizzy Blonde A.

165. Svendalens Lucky In Love


1st..Twohoots Agnes                      2nd. Winetta “A” You’re Adorable

3rd...Penticharm She’s The One      Res.Carradine Sapphire at Spawyche

VHC.Carradine Polly Flinders

Class 13    Puppy Bitch                 12 entries 4A.


3.    Maximal Little Dot                

40.  Cairngrove Shadow Dancer (TAF) A.

55.  Penticharm Light My Fire

65.  Penticharm Obsession   A.     

114. Tweedisle Special Lady      

117. Winetta Hey Good Lookin   

129. Cannwood Hold The Dream  A.

131. Cruzo Thornberry

139. Lindcoly Christmas Lady

145. Honeyhall Head Strong

149. Malmay Esmerelda   A.

167. Vanajam Klarvoyant


1st..Honeyhall Head Strong          2nd. Winetta Hey Good Lookin

3rd..Penticharm Light My Fire      Res..Vanajam Klarvoyant

VHC Cruzo Thornberry


Class 14    Junior Bitch                10 entries 2A.


8.    Newfield Heather Magic      

21.  Casmhor Peader’s Mian Orla   

26.  Cairngrove Goody Two Shoes 

31. Vanajam Dream Catcher      

33.  Orior Along Came Polly      A.

47.  Jaeva Lucky Dice (TAF)  A.

56.   Correnie Jazz Talk at Littleacorn

140.  Lindcoly Just A Spell

143. Brenndarcy Bewitched

172. Lady Jane Enraw


1st..Newfield Heather Magic            2nd..Vanajam Dream Catcher

3rd..Brenndarcy Bewitched            Res...Correnie Jazz Talk at Littleacorn

VHC Lady Jane Enraw


Class 15    Maiden Bitch               8 entries  3A


118. Winetta Who’s That Girl      

125.  Mosspur Solitaire Dot        

21.  Casmhor Peader’s Mian Orla

107. Uniquecottage Silver Trace (NAF).       

114. Tweedisle Special Lady

139. Lindcoly Christmas Lady

159. Tycadno Dizzy Blonde

165. Svendalens Lucky In Lov


1st...Winetta Who’s That Girl           2nd..Svendalens Lucky In Love

3rd...Lindcoly Christmas Lady          Res..Mosspur Solitaire Dot

VHC.Casmhor Peader’s Mian Orla

Class 16    Novice Bitch           9 entries   2A.


18.   Stryveling Isle of Taransay 

71.  Carradine Magic Star      A.   

90.  Woodthorpe Rosemary n’ Thyme   A.   

121. Doonrae Gold Digger          

123. Kedvaiy Can Can                 

144. Brenndarcy Be Bop Deluxe

176. Curtisey Joint Venture

125. Mosspur Solitaire Dot

165. Svendalens Lucky In Love


1st..Kedvaiy Can Can                 2nd..Stryveling Isle of Taransay      . 

3rd..Curtisey Joint Venture         Res..Doonrae Gold Digger

VHC Brenndarcy Be Bop Deluxe

Class 17    Graduate Bitch           11 entries   2A


36.  Glenrood Cascade               

83.  Doonrae Zestful                    

94.  Anjofra Treacle Tart At Liffycairn      

97.  Strathgarton Kenmilfore Lady Marmalade   

105. Caldwall Cordelia                 

126. Shearwater High Jinks        

147. Eborvale Enchantress

150. Malmay Can I Come In

157. Tanteazle Trojan Maid

8.   Newfield Heather Magic

176. Curtisey Joint Venture


1st..Malmay Can I Come In            2nd..Tanteazle Trojan Maid

3rd..Newfield Heather Magic            Res.Glenrood Cascade          

VHC.. Anjofra Treacle Tart At Liffycairn

Class 18    Post Graduate Bitch  10 entries  3A


1.    Carradine Crème Brulee for Luvemal          

30.  Tanteazle Tiger Lily for Lentrica       

52.  Maridale Moon In Zenith      A.

60.  Cadagio Stand By Me          

66.  Penticharm Caribbean Queen  

95.  Glenrood Tanzanite Magic at Liffycairn

103. Spawyche Elizabethan Ruby   A.

132. Cruzo Bannock Belle    A.

152. Glenmear Michelle at Elitecharm

166. Seveek Country Lover of Svendalens


1st..Penticharm Caribbean Queen           2nd..Cadagio Stand By Me

3rd..Carradine Crème Brulee for Luvemal   Res..Tanteazle Tiger Lily for Lentrica    

VHC.Glenrood Tanzanite Magic at Liffycairn.

Class 19    Limit Bitch                   21 entries


5.     Sybster Spring Into Summer    

15.  Camasmor Credence           

22.  Skimmerton Symphony of Casmhor  

24.  Birselaw Now Is The Moment   

34.  Orior Maggie                         

43.  Landbuck Heid Claire          

46.  Cairngold Coral                    

53.  Maridale Moonlight and Song  

57.  Littleacorn Keep In Touch  

61.  Cadagio She’s The One      

67.   Penticharm Deep Secret

76.  Mac Clouds Vanity Affair with Carradine (Imp)

80.  Sandaig Suilean Dubh

88.  Seveek One Moment in Time with Maxiveek

91.  Woodthorpe Luck Be A Lady

146. Honeyhall Head Over Heels

156. Twohoots Cecilia

160. Tycadno Wishing On A Star

168. Vanajam Hokcus Pokcus

95.  Glenrood Tanzanite Magic at Liffycairn

176. Curtisey Joint Venture


1st..Honeyhall Head Over Heels           2nd..Penticharm Deep Secret   

3rd..Mac Clouds Vanity Affair with Carradine (Imp)..      

Res.Birselaw Now Is The Moment     VHC.Landbuck HeidI Claire

Class 20    Open Bitch                 11 entries


12.  Curtisey Foreign Affair at Carradine 

19.  Inglecourt Magical Annie    

25.  Ch Birselaw It’s My Moment               

62.  Ir Ch Cadagio Catch Me If You Can

68.  Penticharm Time To Party                  

87.  Seveek Chasing Dreams

99.   Glenmear Marcuella

101. Camasmor Cuairteag To Starveren

120. Cannwood Kasta Spell at Doonrae

169. Vanajam Piewacket

22.   Skimmerton Symphony of Casmhor  


1st..Ch Birselaw It’s My Moment    2nd..Penticharm Time To Party

3rd..Vanajam Piewacket.             Res..Ir Ch Cadagio Catch Me If You Can

VHC.Curtisey Foreign Affair at Carradine

Class 21    Special Beginners Bitch6 entries


8.     Newfield Heather Magic         

21  . Casmhor Peader’s Mian Orla

94.  Anjofra Treacle Tart at Liffycairn  

125. Mosspur Solitaire Dot

144. Brenndarcy Be Bop Deluxe

165. Svendalens Lucky in Love


1st..Newfield Heather Magic             2nd..Anjofra Treacle Tart at Liffycairn..  

3rd..Brenndarcy Be Bop Deluxe        Res..Svendalens Lucky in Love

 VHC.Mosspur Solitaire Dot

Class 22    Brace                           6 entries


      Inett’s Brace                               Saich’s Brace

      Jennings’ Brace                         Saich’s Brace

      Peers’ Brace                              Shannon & Storr’s Brace


1st..Shannon & Storr’s Brace            2nd..Jennings’ Brace

3rd..Peers’ Brace          Res..Saich’s Brace            VHC...Saich’s Brace


Bitch C.C. ...... Honeyhall Head Over Heels


Best Bitch Bred by Exhibitor…..  Honeyhall Head Over Heels


 Res. Bitch C.C. ...… Penticharm Caribbean Queen           


Best Bitch Puppy ….......   Honeyhall Head Strong          .


Best in Show ..... Honeyhall Head Over Heels


Best Opposite Sex ..... Rasken’s Rompin Playboy 


Reserve Best in Show .. Rasken’s Rompin Playboy 


Best Puppy in Show .....Birselaw Daydream Believer         


Best Opposite Sex Puppy ..... Honeyhall Head Strong          .




Thank you for a super entry both in terms of quantity and quality. Many decisions where extremely close and I was splitting hairs. Thanks also to my hard working stewards who kept the ring running so well.


V D or B (14,5a)

  1. Petts’ Doonrae Dragoon, seven year old dark brindle in excellent coat & well presented. True Cairn head & expression, liked him for size, moved soundly in both directions & showed well.
  2. 2. Dolan’s Glenrood Magic Pipit, very feminine eight year old wheaten, good mover & showgirl, lots to like about her just not in coat of 1.
  3. Jennings’ Doonrae Virtuoso


MPD (17,7a)

  1. Catto’s Birselaw Daydream Believer. Best Puppy, well grown eight & half year old wheaten, all male. In full puppy coat, well presented, stood out for quality & breed type. Smart & balanced, so typical of this kennel, lovely well furnished head, nice dark eye. A real showman, so full of confidence for one so young, well handled, hope he doesn’t grow anymore. I liked his clean shoulders, straight front, sound hindquarters & free driving movement, good topline.
  2. Innett and Heidecker’s Hydecastle Ozzy Oswald, wheaten six month old, very much a baby, but showed very well, excellent head & so sound on the move, which secured his place.
  3. Watson’s Fieldron I’ve Got News For You


PD (6,1a)

  1. Inett’s Glenchess Gabriel Over Carradine, eight month old & well grown for his age. A real showman, in excellent coat, good head, sound mover with plenty of drive.
  2. Peers’ Tweedisle A Special Magic, appealing ten month old, liked him for size, in good coat, good head, sound mover, but just needed more confidence which should come.
  3. Burnett’s Kilnyard Knave and Rascal


JD (6,1a) Two nice youngsters little separated them.

  1. Shannon & Storr’s Brenndarcy Spellbinder, mature and balanced almost 18months, in excellent coat, nice size. Good shoulders, topline & tailset, good head, excellent in outline, good head & expression, sound steady mover.
  2. Firth & Jones’ Cairngold Jackpot, wheaten in good coat & well presented, very good head, excellent in outline, nice size, good sound mover and showed well.


M D (5,2a)

  1. Saich’s Lindcoly Golden Legend, red, up to size, won on showmanship, good head, in good coat, well presented and handled.
  2. Peers’ Tweedisle Trouble Maker, not in the best of coats, which made him look high on the leg, good front, showed steadily but needs to show more interest.
  3. Burnett’s Kilnyard King Of The Castle


ND (1)

  1. Saich’s Lindcoly Golden Legend


GD (7)

  1. Hughes’ Gyncairn Rock and Roll, quality wheaten with dark points excels in head, in good coat, well presented, a sound steady mover. Nice sized male, balanced outline, moved & showed very well.
  2. Hogarty’s Cadagio the Unexpected, close up to 1, real showman & an impressive youngster, just out of junior. Good head, neck & topline, in good coat, just not as positive as 1 on the move.
  3. Braybrook’s Precious Cargo


PGD (9)

  1. Hooton, Shorter & Nuttall’s Penticharm Prince Charming, and he is. Excellent quality male, who impressed me greatly for type & soundness, but then I had given both his sire and dam certificates. So that was no surprise. Just felt in the challenge he lacked the maturity & finish of the Open & Limit males, his day will come.
  2. Buttress’ Nutshki Boy Walton, two year old red brindle with dark points, mature & finished in good coat, I liked his size. Good neck, shoulders and topline, moved well in both directions & showed all out.
  3. Cameron’s Stryveling Robb Ruadh


LD (10,2a)

  1. Thomas & Hooton’s Rasken’s Romping Playboy, CC. An impressive male, wheaten brindle with a dark mask. Lovely head & expression, nice dark eye, good stop & ear set. Strong workman like male with good ribs. In very good coat, well presented, nice clean outline, good balance, correct topline & tailset, moved with drive. A handful at times, a real showman, certainly assertive but not aggressive.
  2. Poile’s Kedvaiy Harlequin, red brindle who I liked for type, good coat & well presented but was short on the under body making him look leggy. Sound mover, very good head, neck & shoulders, showed well.


OD (9,1a) A quality class three lovely dogs and some difficult decisions.

  1. Hogarty’s Ch. & Ir Ch Cadagio As Good as It Gets, RCC, dark brindle, mature & finished, in excellent coat & condition. Felt his lovely head gave him the edge in this class, showed all out & moved true in both directions. Good showman.
  2.  Middlehurst’s Ch Cannwood As If By Magic To Starveren JW, mature & finished, looked the part, sound, well balanced all through, showed all out, another excellent mover.


SBD (4,1a)

  1. Lifton’s Glenrood Stormkeeper at Liffycairn. 3rd in junior, good type, sound steady mover, wheaten with a dark mask, nice head & expression, 15 months, needs time to come on.
  2. Frost’s Penticharm Black Jack, liked him for type, excellent showman full of himself, lacking belly coat & so looked leggy.
  3. Castrey’s Cloverbrook Angus McLee of Casmhor


MPB (19,5a)

  1. Stephinson’s Twohoots Agnes, eight month old appealing cream, in good coat, liked her size, feminine and balanced. Dark eye, good ear set correct bite. Showed well, should be a good prospect.
  2. Percy’s Winetta A You’re Adorable, another cream, just six months, my notes say so similar to 1, they are both by the same sire. Same type and sound. Just lacked the confidence of 1.
  3. Hooton’s Penticharm She’s The One.


PB (12,4a)

  1. Shaw’s Honeyhall Headstrong. Best Bitch puppy, nine month old wheaten brindle of excellent quality, repeat mating of the bitch CC winner & just the same lovely type. Most attractive head, feminine throughout, nicely balanced. In good coat, nice size, clean neck & shoulder, extrovert shower & a true mover.
  2. Percy’s Winnetta Hey Good Looking, Litter sister to 2nd in the previous class, like peas in a pod. Cream sound, feminine, good head dark eye, nice mover & showed well.
  3. Hawkins’ Penticharm Light My Fire


JB (10,2a)

  1. Bradshaw’s Newfield Heather Magic, feminine red brindle of nice size, excellent clean outline. Very sound mover, but with a will of her own, showed all out, good coat & nice presentation, nice head and expression.
  2. Coffell’s Vanajam dream Catcher, nice type, good head, showed fairly well but not in the best of coats. Failed in front for me.
  3. Shannon & Storr’s Brenndarcy Bewitched


MB (8,2a)

  1. Percy’s Winnetta Who’s That Girl. Smart red brindle in good coat real shower, sound mover good head, nice size.
  2. Waites’ Svendalens Lucky in Love, wheaten, a minor puppy giving lots away in age, good type, very nice in front & showed well.
  3. Saich’s Lindcoly Christmas Lady


NB (9,2a)

  1. Poile’s Kedvaiy Can Can, mature & finished two year old. Correct sized extrovert shower, in good coat, pleasing head, clean in neck and shoulders, good front & topline.
  2. Cameron’s Stryveling Isle Of Taranjay, nice type, feminine & sound. Has a good head, just lacking length of coat. Showed well.
  3. Williams’ Curtisey Joint Venture


GB (11,2a)

  1. Smee’s Malmay Can I Come In, dark brindle just out of junior, in excellent coat & well presented, free flowing effortless mover. Good head, nice size, workman like, who showed well.
  2. Strickland’s Tanteazle Trojan Maid, another good mover really expressive head & expression in good coat, nice size, good balance, nearly threw it away.
  3. Bradshaw’s Newfield Heather Magic


PGB (11,2a)

  1. Hooton’s Penticharm Caribbean Queen, RCC. Litter sister to Post Grad Dog winner. Lovely quality wheaten who has it all, sound & balanced, good topline & correct tailset. Excellent head, in lovely coat & well presented. Feminine throughout, balanced, outgoing shower.
  2. Hogarty’s Cadagio Stand By Me, grey brindle of excellent quality, sound and in good coat. Has a lovely head, showed well, just preferred 1 for size.
  3. Bambridge’s Carradine Crème Brulèe for Luvemal


LB (21,6a) Excellent class, would have been more than happy to have placed all five first.

  1. Shaw’s Honeyhall Head Over Heels, CC & BIS. Wheaten, lovely quality feminine bitch of correct size. Really looked the part, in full coat & presented to perfection. Beautiful well furnished head, good stop, dark eye, neat ears. Sound topline, clean neck & shoulders, good tailset. Steady and effortless mover in both directions, never stopped showing.
  2. Hooton’s Penticharm Deep Secret, very attractive light grey, sound feminine and another good mover. 1 had the edge on showmanship & coat.
  3. Inett & Bambridge’s Mac Clouds Vanity Affair with Carradine


OB (11,3a)

  1. Catto’s Ch Birselaw It’s My Moment, lovely bitch well deserved champion, excellent head, showed very well. So feminine and balanced, good front, in the challenge felt she was just moving a little close behind.
  2. Hooton’s Penticharm Time To Party. Another good one with much to like, showed and moved well. Not in the length of coat as 1.
  3. Ward’s Vanajam Piewacket


SBB (6,0)

  1. Bradshaw’ Newfield Heather Magic
  2. Lifton’s Anjofra Treacle Tart at Liffycairn, VHC in graduate, red nice headed feminine 2 year old, steady shower & moved OK.
  3. Shannon Storr’s Brenndarcy Be Bop Deluxe


Brace (6,1a)

  1. Shannon & Storr’s
  2. Jennings'
  3. Peers’



Kevin Holmes






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