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Ladies Kennel Asociation Championship Show

8th December 2007 Cairn Terrier

Dawn Inett (Carradine)



DCC : Percy’s Winetta Jimmy Mack
RDCC : Grainger’s Devil In Disquise
BCC & BOB : Shannon Storr & Culliford’s Brenndarcy Be Bop Deluxe
RBCC : Robinson’s Cruzo Bannock Belle
BP Winsley’s Davmar Silva Sox


BCC & BOB Brenndarcy Be Bop Deluxe, Brenda Shannon,

Judge Dawn Inett, Joan Percy & DCC Winetta Jimmy Mack








Mpd (6,3a)
1st: Felters,& Rumens Landbuck Jumbo
Conundrum Under Your Spell With Seveek
3rd: Peers
Tweedisle That Guy Johnny

Pd (4,2a)
1st: Peers Tweedisle Guy Mannering
2nd:Purvis Mosspur Licensed To Thrill

Jd (4,1a)
1st: Middlehurst Zalazar Un Zipped At Starveren (Imp)
2nd: Smee Malmay King Of The Road
3rd: Short Glenchess Its All In The Stars

Pgd (9 )
1st: Percy Winetta Jimmy Mack
2nd:Edney Cherrycrack Poacher
3rd:Lynch Fieldron Call My Bluff At Linacrelads
Res:Copley Cloverbrook Play The Game
Vhc: Waugh Tribannon Warlord

1st: Grainger Devil In Disquise
2nd: Stephinson Twohoots Barnabas Jw
3rd: Firth & Jones Cairngold Jackpot
Res: Shannon & Storr Brenndarcy Spellbinder
Vhc: Brown Cruzo Gold Charmer

Od (4 )
1st: Middlehurst Ch Cannwood As If By Magic To Starveren Jw
2nd: Thomas, & Hooton Ch Rasken's Romping Playboy (Imp)
3rd: Shopland Cherrycrack Mack The Knife
Res:Peers Tweedisle Piper Boy

Mpb (11,5a)
1st:Winsley Davmar Silva Sox
2nd:Evans Birselaw Hit The Lights At Kapplegill
3rd: Soper Elitecharm Only Girl
Res: Peers Tweedisle Town Topper
Vhc: Felters & Rumens Landbuck Silver Muse

Pb (7,4a)
1st: Petts Cairngold Gunning For Gold With Doonrae
2nd: Chambers Cairngrove Clever Clogs
3rd: Groves April Meadow
Jb (13,5a)
1st:Firth & Jones Cairngold Avin A Paddy
2nd:Smee Malmay Sky's The Limit
3rd: Thompson Castleline Bonnie
Res: Waugh Tribannon Arabella
Vhc:Clarke Carocairn As You Like It

Pgb (17,6a)
1st: Robinson Cruzo Bannock Belle
2nd: Clarke  Conundrum Sweeter For Me For Lentrica Jw
3rd: Hewitt Correnie Jazz Talk At Littleacorn
Res: Thompson Mrs E Castleline Tiger Lily
Vhc: Osborn Tweslam Bonnee Annee

Lb (7,3a)
1st:Shannon,Storr & Culliford Brenndarcy Be Bop Deluxe
2nd:Robinson Cruzo Cinderella
3rd: Brennan Cloverbrook Cayos
Res: Lifton Anjofra Treacle Tart At Liffycairn
Ob (8,3a)
1st: Short Glenchess Golden Wings
2nd: Middlehurst Camasmor Cuairteag To Starveren
3rd: Hewitt Littleacorn Keep In Touch
Res: Waugh Razzle Dazzle Glory At Tribannon
Vhc: Waites Seveek Country Lover To Svendalens




























Photographs by Alan Firth


Ladies Kennel Association   2007

Cairn Terriers


I would like to thank the Officers and Committee of LKA for inviting me to judge this show, my Stewards Pete Owen and Ray Smallwood, who kept me in line and of course, I must thank all the exhibitors for entering, without whom there would not have been a show!

I thoroughly enjoyed my day and hope that you enjoy my critique, you find it constructive, as is the intention and I do not apologise for its length!  I really do enjoying judging but also exhibiting so fully appreciate how a critique is eagerly awaited and what it can mean to exhibitors and observers alike.  There were a number of absentees but this I understand was due to the recent illnesses that seem to be going round.

I would like to mention a few things that I believe exhibitors should focus on with their breeding programmes.  Far too many exhibits are lacking in forechest (otherwise known as brisket), which I have written about in critiques before.  If a dog has no forechest its front assembly cannot be correct.   A dog, which is straight in the shoulder will not have a visible (or feelable) forechest and therefore it cannot move correctly as it is unable to reach forward.  The forechest is the external indicator that the internal angles are correct.  It is a very important part of the front assembly.  Whilst on the subject of front assembly I was pleased that I did not find many dogs that were “out at the elbow”.    Some dogs were too straight in both their front and rear assembly so whilst they appeared to have a balanced outline, it was in fact an incorrect balanced outline.  This is what I consider a serious fault that will produce a stilted stiff action when the dog is moving.  We must watch out for such imperfections and not allow them to become imbedded within our breeding programmes. 

Rear assembly is quite often forgotten in our quest for correct fronts.   Muscle in the rear assembly was often lacking and this results in sloppy movement.  A Cairn should drive from the rear with strong positive action.  However many dogs lacked the necessary muscle to enable them to do this.   If you have a dog that is straight in the rear combined with lack of muscle it cannot produce the drive necessarily to propel it around the ring and it totters along, one handler tried to correct this by stringing the dog up and helping it along, not a good way to correct a bad movement fault.  Rears are very important.  Movement is key to a quality Cairn and, I feel can if it is correct, be poetry in motion when watched in profile.  I do like to see a dog from both fore and aft but for me the real key to how good a dog moves is when it is in profile.  Stood side on to the moving dog you can see forward reach, rear drive, faults such as belly tapping or stilted fronts from straight shoulders, you can see the unbalanced dog that looses it topline and you can see head carriage.  All of these things are indicative of how the dog is made.

I do not wish to be harsh with my view of the breed but there were only a handful of dogs moving correctly, being both true front and rear with the required forward reach and drive from behind when viewed in profile.  This I find to be very disappointing. 

I feel I ought to discuss presentation.  Presentation is not just about grooming the dog, it includes the condition of the dog, is it fit for purpose?  The way its coat is presented, this is a show after all and the way it is handled and presented to me, the judge.  Some dogs were out of condition, being too fat or far too thin.  A dog in good hard condition is not one where the backbone can be felt!   One basic thing in today’s show ring is that dogs should be clean.  I was astonished with some exhibits that appeared to have been out in the rain all night, had dirty bottoms and sleep in their eyes.  This is a dog show and dogs should be shown clean.  A dog that is handled to advantage by someone who knows the dog and can get the best out of it creates a union between dog and handler that shouts,  “Look at us”.  If a handler appears to have a “couldn’t care less” attitude, then this transfers down the lead to the exhibit.  This was the failing of a couple of decent dogs who were sloppy and didn’t show.  A little encouragement and positivity from their handlers could have made all the difference.

Mouths were disappointing, far too many had small teeth and several only just making scissors bites, this is not good.  Our breed should have large teeth forming a scissor bite. A minority of exhibits had a full strong set of large teeth and correct scissor bite.

The Minor Puppy and Puppy Dog were sadly lacking in depth of quality. This is quite scary as these are our stud dogs for the future.  On a more positive note I was very pleased with my upper dog classes.    Limit Dog had plenty of good quality dogs present.   As is more commonly found throughout the breed bitches were as a whole, of better quality.  Post Grad, Limit and Open classes were full of quality and I wish I had more than one CC to award. 


Dog CC : PERCY Mrs J Winetta Jimmy Mack


A smart dog that just shouts male.  He is very full of himself and needs his handler to get him focused on the job in hand.  He has an excellent typical head with good strong muzzle and correct teeth and bite.  His expression is full of wickedness and his ears are set spot on.  He has a lovely length of neck flowing into well-placed shoulders with excellent bone.  He has forechest, he moved better in his class and the DCC challenge than he did for the BOB.  When he gets lazy and bored he does not put his correct assembly to proper use and he says “had enough now – show me something interesting”.  He can drive from behind; as he is made correctly with a good bend of stifle.  He has a correctly set tail, which is nice and thick to handle.  A lovely quality dog whom it was a pleasure to judge.

Res Dog CC : GRAINGER Mrs C Devil In Disquise


A smart upstanding male, who filled my eye when he came into the ring.  He has a lovely kind expression with correct eye shape and colour.  For me he is perhaps a slow maturer and needs another 12 mths on his back to be in full bloom.  When he is settled he is a sound mover but he is quite full of himself, being active, game and hardy!  Nothing is exaggerated about this male, a really lovely boy.

Bitch CC & BOB : SHANNON, B M, STORR, D & CULLIFORD M R Brenndarcy Be Bop Deluxe


A lovely wheaten/cream bitch.  Very sound to go over with everything where I want it to be.  She moves well with enough drive and forward reach.  Standing she is a picture and is beautifully balanced.  She has a good mouth with lovely strong teeth, correct head shape and feminine eye.  She is all terrier and ready to get them!   I understand that this was her all important 3rd CC.  Well done!

Res Bitch CC : ROBINSON Mrs G M Cruzo Bannock Belle


I was splitting hairs between this bitch and the CC winner, I wrote in my notes, lovely non-exaggerated bitch with excellent head and sound movement combined with a classic expression, well presented and shown in good condition.  I loved this bitch’s expression but in the final challenge for the CC she did not move with the drive of the CC winner so lost out today but I will watch her progress in the future with interest.

Best Puppy : WINSLEY Mr D Davmar Silva Sox

I understand this was her first time out today.  What a lovely baby, one that I could have taken home, she is feminine through out, soundly constructed with the most appealing head and expression, she lacked a lot of confidence in the ring but this could not be overlooked as her confirmation is just spot on.  A real sweetheart.

Class MPD (6 Entries) Abs: 3

1st: FELTERS, A & RUMENS, R A Messrs Landbuck Jumbo

Good-sized wheaten boy with excellent head, good neck and shoulders.  Needs to strengthen in movement but has time on his side, BPD

2nd: KEEVES Mrs J Conundrum Under Your Spell With Seveek

Very raw baby at just 6 mths old.  He has everything where  I would want it for one of his age but just needs more time and confidence

3rd: PEERS Mr & Mrs G S & Miss L E Tweedisle That Guy Johnny
Class PD (4 Entries) Abs: 2

1st: PEERS Mr & Mrs G S & Miss L E Tweedisle Guy Mannering

 A smart upstanding male who is lovely to go over with everything in the right place but, for me he lacks width throughout, which shows when he moves both fore and aft.  He has a wicked expression and presents a pleasing picture when standing.

2nd: PURVIS Mrs D E Mosspur Licensed To Thrill

Wheaten baby with masculine expression needing to tighten in movement but he has time on his side and was not in the best of coats today.

Class JD (4 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: MIDDLEHURST Mrs M Zalazar Un Zipped At Starveren (Imp)

A strong red male with an excellent head and expression, which I just loved! Would like to see him with slightly more positive front movement.  He excelled in coat and was shown in excellent condition.  This dog has the best of bites and my hands just flowed over him.  He is just a little immature at the moment but with another 6 mths on his back, he will be hard to beat.  I will watch his future with interest.

2nd: SMEE Mrs A Malmay King Of The Road

This dog has a typical head and expression and is a good quality male but out of a slightly finer mould than 1.  Shown in excellent coat and condition

3rd: SHORT Mr S W G & Mrs E R Glenchess Its All In The Stars

Class PGD (9 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: PERCY Mrs J Winetta Jimmy Mack, DCC

2nd: EDNEY, Mrs J & EDNEY Miss L Cherrycrack Poacher

A smart red male of correct size with lovely head and expression which impressed me but I preferred the more positive movement of 1 today.  This dog moves so well behind it was a pleasure to watch him going away from me. 

3rd: LYNCH Mrs J Fieldron Call My Bluff At Linacrelads

Class LD (7 Entries) Abs: 1
I thought this was one of the better dog classes today


1st: GRAINGER Mrs C Devil In Disquise, RCC

2nd: STEPHINSON Mr A J & Mrs C Twohoots Barnabas JW

A good  sound honest dog, he moved well and showed beautifully.  Is well put together but today I just preferred the overall look and finish of 1.  This dog was shown in excellent condition and presently immaculately.

3rd: FIRTH, Mr A & Mrs L & JONES, Mrs G & FIRTH Miss A Cairngold Jackpot
Class OD (4 Entries) Abs: 0

There was little splitting 1st and 2nd today and in the end it came down to a decision based on the showmanship of these dogs.  I felt that 1 sparkled and said “pick me, pick me” but on another day when 2 gets his act together they could, and I am sure, will swap places.  3rd place has really matured and was competing with two very, very good dogs.

1st: MIDDLEHURST Mrs M Ch Cannwood As If By Magic To Starveren JW

A grand dog and a pleasure to go over him, I have not judged him since he was in puppy and my, how he has matured.  He has a lovely head with correct eye and good bite, his neck flows over correctly placed shoulders which produces the best of front movements and his rib and loin is spot on for shape and balance.  His rear drives him forward, and for me, he moved better today than I have seen for a while.  I was pleasantly surprised to be placing him over 2.

2nd: THOMAS, Mr G & HOOTON Miss J E Ch Rasken's Romping Playboy (Imp)

An impressive male to whom I awarded the RCC last time I judged, today he did not shine as I have seen him before.  He is nevertheless a very worth champion with the best of heads.  He was presented in good hard condition and has a superb coat.  He was not totally cooperative with his handler on the move and through himself about a bit, giving the edge today to 1

3rd: SHOPLAND Mrs M Cherrycrack Mack The Knife
Class MPB (11 Entries) Abs: 5

1st: WINSLEY Mr D Davmar Silva Sox, BP

2nd: EVANS Mrs K Birselaw Hit The Lights At Kapplegill

A lovely puppy with pretty head and expression shown in good coat and condition but just not as positive on the move as 1, I am sure her time will come.  A lovely prospect for the future.

3rd: SOPER Mr & Mrs M E. C I Elitecharm Only Girl
Class PB (7 Entries) Abs: 4

1st: PETTS Mrs J & Mr C Cairngold Gunning For Gold With Doonrae

A lovely puppy who moved her way soundly round the ring, she is well put together with correct neck and shoulders, when she stands up and says look at me, you have to! She is lovely and a great prospect for the future.  For perfection and to top this quality puppy I would prefer a slightly more femine expression but nonetheless a lovely baby.

2nd: CHAMBERS Mr & Mrs C Cairngrove Clever Clogs

A well-put together puppy but one who is very raw at the moment and needs time to grow and mature.

3rd: GROVES Miss J April Meadow

Class JB (13 Entries) Abs: 5

I felt this was one of the strongest classes of the day and I was just splitting hairs between the first 5.  When you have to make a choice between 5 lovely bitches it comes down to “on the day” decisions.  1st was so showy, 2nd had the most beautiful head, 3rd just couldn’t match the expression of 2, 4th is well put together but let down by her presentation and 5th is a lovely bitch in fantastic company.


1st: FIRTH, Mr A & Mrs L & JONES, Mrs G & FIRTH Miss A Cairngold Avin A Paddy

Considered this bitch for top honours today, she is not exaggerated in anyway and shouts “look at me, who is 2nd ?”.  She is lovely to go over and has everything where is should be.  Her movement was at times at little erratic but when she settled she was sound.  Her bang on topline and tailset won over 2 today and she had plenty of ring presence giving her the edge in this good class.

2nd: SMEE Mrs A Malmay Sky's The Limit
This bitch had a lovely feminine head and kind expression she is sweet and feminine through out.  She is lovely to go over but today could not match 1 when moving in profile.

3rd: THOMPSON Mrs E Castleline Bonnie


Class PGB (17 Entries) Abs: 6

This was another very strong class and a lovely class full of quality bitches, the first 5 places were all worthy winners.  When judging one has to make compromises and today this class was full of them, the 5th place moved better than the 1st but the first just oozed breed type from her nose to the tip of her tail and 2nd was a little fat to win.  Oh the perils of judging!


1st: ROBINSON Mrs G M Cruzo Bannock Belle, RCC

2nd: CLARKE Mrs P Conundrum Sweeter For Me For Lentrica JW

A lovely quality bitch but carrying a little more weight today than I would like.  She has sound construction with correct movement, a lovely head and expression and was shown in good coat.

3rd: HEWITT Mrs C & Mr R J Correnie Jazz Talk At Littleacorn
Class LB (7 Entries) Abs: 3

1st: SHANNON, B M, STORR, D & CULLIFORD M R Brenndarcy Be Bop Deluxe, BCC & BOB

2nd: ROBINSON Mrs G M Cruzo Cinderella

She came in to challenge for RCC but was just a little bit too tired to be bothered with things! She has a fabulous typical head and expression.  She can be a little lazy with her ears but when she does use them they are of the correct shape and set.  A lovely bitch.

3rd: BRENNAN Mrs L Cloverbrook Cayos

Class OB (8 Entries) Abs: 3

I was very pleased with the overall quality of the 5 bitches in this class.  I really like 3rd place, she is a personal favourite but today she was not at all enthusiastic with her showing and looked rather bored, a great shame!

1st: SHORT Mr S W G & Mrs E R Glenchess Golden Wings

A wonderful showgirl just standing there and so much at one with her handler, it was wonderful to see the connection between handler and exhibit.  A very good quality bitch with it all in the right place and moving so true with lovely drive.  She looked a picture in the challenge but she is a little heavy set throughout for me but none the less a lovely bitch.

2nd: MIDDLEHURST Mrs M Camasmor Cuairteag to Starveren

A quality bitch with lots to like not so positive as 1 on the move but an excellent show girl and so feminine.

3rd: HEWITT Mrs C & Mr R J Littleacorn Keep In Touch



Dawn Inett