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Scottish Breeds Canine Club Championship Show

31st March 2007 - CAIRN TERRIER

Judge – Sally Latto (Pinetop)


DCC & BOB; Thomas’ & Hooton’s Ch Rasken's Romping Playboy

RDCC; Inett’s Ch Glenmore's Top Gun

BCC; Thomas’ Tycadno Wishing On A Star

RBCC; Shaw’s Honeyhall Head Over Heels

BP; Smith’s Rocasovale Razzle Dazzle


 Ch Cannwood As If By Magic To Starveren JW Was 2nd In The Champion Stakes

Curtisey Foreign Account with Carradine was 4th in the Purina Pro Plan puppy of the year stakes,

Ch Glenmore's Top Gun was 4th in the Champion Stakes and 2nd in the RCC stakes

(Not a Bad Show For The Cairns!) 

Geoff Thomas, DCC&BOB Ch Raskens Romping Playboy,

BCC Tycadno Wishing On A Star

More Photographs after results- Critique after Photos

MPD (1)

1st Rocasovale Razzle Dazzle (Mrs J Smith)


PD  (1)

1st Strathview Country Squire (Miss J M Smith)


JD (4,1a)

1st  Glenchess Gabriel Over Carradine (Miss D H & Mrs R A Inett & Harrison)

2nd Russcot Rising Star (Mr W & Mrs N Hodgkins)

3rd Minorcas Drummer Boy (Mr L Burton)


PGD  (3)

1st  Nutshki Boy Walton (Mr S & Mrs H E Buttress)

2nd Copseleaze Corn Cracker (Mrs A E Weaver)

3rd Soutra Little Lion (Mrs S Chirnside)


LD (5)

1st Cherrycrack Mack The Knife (Mrs M E J Shopland)

2nd Brenndarcy Spellbinder (Miss B & Mr D Shannon & Storr)

3rd  Sandaig Shearer (Mrs P Jeffrey)

Res Seveek Country Rambler To Svendalens (Mrs A M Waites)

Vhc Cairngrae Phantom Menace (Mrs S Treglown)


OD (4)

1st Ch Rasken's Romping Playboy (Imp) (Mr G & Miss J E Thomas & Hooton)

2nd Ch Glenmore's Top Gun [Atc Ae00779deu] (Miss D H Inett)

3rd Ch Sybster Spring Time Shcm (Mr & Mrs J A Berrecloth)

Res Brenndarcy Danger Mouse (Mrs S Treglown)


MPB (4)

1st  Cornton Eilanach (Miss H M P Miller)

2nd Cornton Riabhach (Miss H M P Miller)

3rd Curtisey Foreign Account For Carradine (Miss D H & Mrs R A Inett & Harrison)

Res  Rocasovale It's Up To You (Mrs J Smith)


PB (7,2a)

1st Cornton Eilanach (Miss H M P Miller)

2nd Winetta 'A' Your'e Adorable (Mrs J Percy)

3rd Strathview Country Grace (Miss J M Smith)

Res Cornton Riabhach (Miss H M P Miller)

Vhc  Svendalens Lucky In Love (Mrs A M Waites)


JB (3,1a)

1st  Larchlea Knot To Be Mist (Mrs C Templeton)

2nd Minorcas Heres To You (Mr L Burton)


NB (1)

1st Honeyhall Headstrong (Mrs E B & Mr I L B Shaw)


PGB (7, 2a)

1st Newfield Heather Magic Jw (Mrs J Bradshaw)

2nd Sarachelle Billie Holliday (Mr M & Mrs E Watts)

3rd Minorcas Shoe String (Mr L Burton)

Res Cornton Ruadh (Miss H M P Miller)

Vhc  Seveek Country Lover Of Svendalens (Mrs A M Waites)


LB (5,2a)

1st Tycadno Wishing On A Star (Mr G Thomas)

2nd Birselaw Now Is The Moment (Miss Y Catto)

3rd Winetta Who's That Girl (Mrs J Percy)


OB (2)

1st Honeyhall Head Over Heels (Mrs E B & Mr I L B Shaw)

2nd Carradine Creme Brulee For Luvemal (Mrs P Bambridge)























Pictures By John Berrecloth


Scottish Breeds Ch. Show Edinburgh. 31 Mar.2007




Many thanks to the Committee and ring stewards for their friendly welcome and hospitality, the Show ran on oiled wheels and it was a great pleasure to judge there.

The entry was one of quality rather than quantity and the majority of exhibits were clean and well presented. I found a few incorrect mouths, missing incisors and very small teeth, which usually related to the lack of strength of jaw. Rear movement generally was good but front movement was poor. I was a bit concerned that quite a few males looked bitchy, I think you should be able to tell the sex of a cairn  immediately you look at it, as was apparent with the two CC winners. Coats were varied the texture of some enhanced with the use of soap or similar substance, but there were quite a few with full coats, dare I hope that we are now beginning to read the Standard and act on it!!

Temperament was excellent.


BOB. Thomas & Hooton’s  Ch.Raskens Romping Playboy. This beautiful dog caught my eye the moment he entered the ring, perfectly balanced with a stunning masculine head, enhanced with dark points, clean outline and joy of joys shown in full coat expertly presented. He moves with drive and purpose and as he handles so well on the table I was surprised to see that his front movement could be a shade more positive. In view of his other assets he richly deserved the CC and BOB.


RDCC. Inett’s Ch.Glenmore’s Top Gun. Well balanced red in excellent condition, a little smaller than 1. I liked his head and expression, firm top line and strong quarters, which enabled him to move with drive A very sound dog and worthy champion.


BCC. Thomas’s Tycadno Wishing On A Star. Very feminine wh.br. with lovely head and mischievious expression. Correct length of neck flowing into well laid shoulders and level top          line, occasionally a little proud of her tail when moving. Profuse harsh coat, tidied to perfection, giving an all over rugged appearance. Very sound on the move, showing plenty of reach and drive.


RBCC Shaw’s Honeyhall Head Over Heels.  Quality wheaten. Lovely head and expression. I  liked  her length of neck, top line and tail set which shows a very  pleasing out line. She pressed hard for top honours but today, her coat not being at its best, let her down. She is an excellent mover, and shows all the time.


BP Smith’s Rocasovale Razzle Dazzle. A very promising 7months baby with good head and mouth, his neck, top line and tail set showing a well balanced outline, a quality harsh coat completing the picture. He moves very soundly for his age.


MPD. (1)  Smith’s Rocasovale Razzle Dazzle.


PD (1) Smith’s Strathview Country Squire. Stood alone but well deserved his first place. Masculine  puppy, very good head and expression, good mouth equipped with large teeth. A little longer in back than the MPD winner, moved  soundly, well presented



JD 94:1)  Inett’s & Harrison’s Glenchess Gabriel Over Carradine. This quality red has a     masculine   head, very good front, tail set and top line which he held when moving. Moved very freely, with style.

2. Hodgkin’s Russcot Rising Star.   Pleasing head with correct dark eye, good mouth, inbetween coats today but harsh new coat growing in. Preferred tail set of 1.

3.Burton’s Minorcas Drummer Boy.


PGD. (3) Buttress’s Nutshki Boy Walton. Very showy,  masculine dog of good size. Well angulated both front and rear, quality coat. Moved well.

2.Weaver’s Copseleaze Corn Cracker.  Typical head, straight top line and good tail set, not so out going as 1. Moved well

3. Chirnside’s Soutra Little Lion.


L.D. (5). Shopland’s Cherrycrack Mack The Knife. Very masculine dog , well up to size. Very nice  head. I thought him a shade long in back, but he has a very firm top line, which he holds whilst moving. New coat growing in, well presented, moved soundly.

2.Shannon & Storr’s Brenndarcy Spellbinder.Well balanced red with correct harsh coat, Very typical head with nice dark eye, moved well behind but a little wide in front.


OD (4)

This was a very good class.

 Thomas & Hooton’s Ch. Rasken’s Romping Playboy.

2. Inett’s Ch.Glenmore’s Top Gun

3. Berrecloth’s Ch. Sybster Spring Time


MPB. (4) Miller’s Cornton Eilanach. Promising wheaten shown in full coat, short of head furnishings today which pegged her back for BP. Handles soundly, moved well.

2. Miller’s Cornton Riabhach.   Litter sister to 1 but much smaller, also shown in full coat which was very thick at her tail which spoiled her topline and made her look short in back. Careful  trimming in his area would improve her overall appearance.

3. Inett & Harrison’s Curtisey Foreign  Account for Carradine.


PB (7: 2) Millers’s Cornton Eilanach.

2. Percy’s Winetta  ‘A’ Your Adorable. And so she is, lovely head, very feminine. Good topline and tailset, showed and moved well.  Would like to see more body on her.


JB (3: 1) Templeton’s Larchlea Knot To Be Missed. Quality brindle, excellent outline, very nice head and expression with correct dark eye. New harsh coat coming in but still a little short today. Moved very soundly, showed well

2.Burton’s Minocas HeresTo You. Feminine wheaten with attractive head, nice shoulders and quarters. Movement difficult to access as she was very ring shy.


NB (1) Shaw’s Honeyhall Headstrong. Well balanced wheaten with the most lovely head, I liked her sound construction which was reflected in her good movement.  With maturity she should  trouble the best.


PGB (7: 2)Bradshaw’s Newfield Heather Magic. Very attractive red br.I liked her length of neck, back & tailset. Well presented in good coat, moved very freely.

2.Watt’s Sarachelle Billie Holiday. Well balanced bitch, lovely head and expression enhanced with dark points, n ice outline, carrying extra weight today

3. Burton ’s Minorcas Shoe String.                                                                                       


LB (5:2) Thomas’s Tycadno Wishing On A Star

2. Catto’s Birselaw Now Is The Moment   Beautiful feminine red with super head and expression  Very sound throughout , very well presented, shows well. Very close up to 1.

3. Persey’s Winetta Whos That Girl


OB (2) Shaw’s Honeyhall Head Over Heels.

2.Bambridge’s Carradine Crème Brulee for Luvemal. Pretty red brindle, smaller than 1, shown in good coat, would prefer a little more length of leg.




Sally Latto