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2007 Reports


Southern Counties Canine Society

2nd June 2007

Judge *Mrs Peggy Beisel-Mcilwaine (USA)


DCC; Hooton’s Penticharm Party Knight

RDCC Middlehurst’sCh Cannwood As If By Magic To Starveren JW

BCC & BOBThomas’ Tycadno Wishing On A Star

RBCC Felters & Rumens’Landbuck Heidi Claire

BP Peers’ Tweedisle The Golden Touch


Geoff Thomas’,BCC & BOB Tycadno Wishing On A Star, Judge Peggy Beisel-Mcilwaing, Liz Hooton, DCC Penticharm Party Knight, Graham Peers & BP Tweedisle Golden Touch





More Photographs After Results Followed By the Critique

MPD 5,1a

1st Chezaku Sub Mariner (Mr D J & Mrs A C Kippen)

2nd Lindcoly Aztec Warrior Naf (Mr Cj & Mrs L M Saich)

3rd Tycadno Vidar (Mr G Thomas)

Res Glenrood Ice Man Naf Taf (Mrs S E & Miss D H Dolan & Inett)


PD 3

1st Chezaku Sub Mariner (Mr D J & Mrs A C Kippen)

2nd Malmay King Of The Road (Mrs A Smee)

3rd Lindcoly Aztec Warrior Naf (Mr Cj & Mrs L M Saich)


JD 7

1st Kiataia Masquerade (Mr Cj & Mrs L M Saich)

2nd Tribannon Warlord (Mrs A Waugh)

3rd Aizenay Toby Or Not Toby (Mrs C Green)

Res Hyde Castle Ozzy Oswald ( Inett & Heidecker)

Vhc Tweedisle That Special Son (Mr & Mrs G S Peers)


PGD 8,2a

1st Penticharm Party Knight (Miss J E Hooton)

2nd Devil In Disguise (Mrs C Grainger)

3rd Correnie Mister Bo-Jangles (Mrs S J Weinberger)

Res Glenrood Stormkeeper At Liffycairn (Mr M A & Mrs C Lifton)

Vhc Lindcoly Just Bud (Mr Cj & Mrs L M Saich)


LD 7,1a

1st Cruzo Gold Charmer (Mr C & Mrs S Brown)

2nd Brenndarcy Spellbinder (Miss B & Mr D Shannon & Storr)

3rd Cherrycrack Mack The Knife (Mrs M E J Shopland)

Res Ock Ross I'm The Boss (Mrs J M Fairweather)

Vhc Cairngold Jackpot ( Firth & Jones)


OD 8,3a

1st Ch Cannwood As If By Magic To Starveren Jw (Mrs M Middlehurst)

2nd Penticharm Prince Charming (Hooton, Shorter & Nuttall)

3rd Fin/Ger/Sw Glenmore's Top Gun  (Mrs C Wentzel)

Res Tweedisle Sweet Talking Guy (Mr & Mrs G S Peers)

Vhc Hector Of The Glen (Mr Cj & Mrs L M Saich)


VD/B 1

1st Ch Shearwater Cae De Sonhas (Mrs A Wall)


MPB 8,1a

1st Tweedisle The Golden Touch (Mr & Mrs G S Peers)

2nd Tycadno Freya (Mr G Thomas)

3rd Glenrood Forever Poppy Naf (Mrs S E Dolan)

Res Tribannon Hermione (Mrs A Waugh)

Vhc Correnie Anything Goes (Mrs S J Weinberger)



PB 6,1a

1st Castleline Bonnie (Mrs Eja Thompson)

2nd Tribannon Arabella (Mrs A Waugh)

3rd Glenrood Forever Topps Naf (Mrs S E Dolan)

Res Lindcoly I Luv To Boogie (Mr Cj & Mrs L M Saich)

Vhc Malmay Sky's The Limit (Mrs A Smee)


JB 13,3a

1st Castleline Tiger Lily (Mrs Eja Thompson)

2nd Aizenay Que Sera Sera (Mrs C Green)

3rd Splinterhill's Zip In Gold Of Uniquecottage (Imp) (Parker-Tucker)

Res Glenchess Scarlett Ribbons (Mr S W G & Mrs E R Short)

Vhc Tweslam Bonne Annee (Mr & Mrs A Osborn)


PGB 9,1a

1st Correnie Jazz Talk At Littleacorn (Mrs C & Mr R Hewitt)

2nd Seveek The Mystery Of Dreams (Mrs J Keeves)

3rd Tribannon Fair Lady (Mr & Mrs Dodd)

Res Glenrood Tanzanite Magic At Liffycairn (Mr M A & Mrs C Lifton)

Vhc Strathgarten Kenmilfore Lady Marmalade (Mrs C Marshall)


LB 13,3a

1st Tycadno Wishing On A Star (Mr G Thomas)

2nd Landbuck Heidi Claire (Mr A & Mr R A Felters & Rumens)

3rd Kedvaiy Can-Can (Mrs J P Poile)

Res Tweslam Izzy Wizzy Get Bizzy (Mr & Mrs A Osborn)

Vhc Brenndarcy Be Bop Deluxe (Shannon Storr & Culliford)


OB 8,2a

1st Penticharm Caribbean Queen (Miss J E Hooton)

2nd Penticharm Time To Party (Miss J E Hooton)

3rd Woodthorpe Luck Be A Lady (Mrs S Kinton)

Res Tweslam Kalamazoo (Mr & Mrs A Osborn)

Vhc Cairngold Cedar ( Firth & Jones)















 Photographs By Amy & Linda Firth


Southern Counties Canine Association 2007

Cairn Terrier


I must say what a glorious day I had judging such wonderful quality Cairns this day. I commend all; you are doing a much better job with your Cairns than I am currently seeing in the U.S. In an effort not to repeat myself I found the entry to be very consistent. I had only good eyes with that piercing keen expression we desire. Bone was strong but not heavy and only a couple a bit too fine. You’ve done well improving your size with only a couple I found a bit over the top size-wise. Thank you to all exhibitors for their lovely entry.


MPD 5,1a

1st Mr D J & Mrs A C Kippen’s Chezaku Sub Mariner.  A lovely wheaten brindle puppy with the correct outline and balance. Legs set well under, solid level topline and bang on tail set. Agile alert and natural in appearance. Moved beautifully, with ease, covering ground with efficiency.

2nd Mr CJ & Mrs L M Saich’s Lindcoly Aztec Warrior NAF. A nice sized wheaten pup was coming to the end. Proportions correct, well balanced with plenty of bone. He too moved with little effort, carrying a level topline and strong tailset.3rd Mr G Thomas’ Tycadno Vidar

PD 3

1st Mr D J & Mrs A C Kippen’s Chezaku Sub Mariner.

2nd Mrs A Smee’s Malmay King Of The Road. A silver brindle pup going thru the gangly as the male youngsters will do. Coming into a new coat, which appears to be of correct texture. He had a broad skull, proper ear placement, plenty of stop. He covered ground easily. 3rd Mr CJ & Mrs L M Saich’s Lindcoly Aztec Warrior NAF

 JD 7

1st Mr CJ & Mrs L M Saich’s  Kiataia Masquerade Lovely red dog in glorious coat and condition. Broad skull with correct ear placement. He is nicely angulated in forequarters and head with good forechest lending him to free and easy gait. Level topline with good set on tail.

2nd  Mrs A Waugh’s Tribannon Warlord. A promising young brindle dog of proper size and proportion. I feel he will really be quite something as he matures and develops a bit more in front. He moved with ease and carried a strong level topline thru out.  3rd Mrs C Green’s Aizenay Toby Or Not Toby

PGD 8,2a

1st Miss J E Hooton’s Penticharm Party Knight. This was a very good class with plenty to choose from. I went for this balanced wheaten dog taking all the way to the dog ticket. He has plenty of bone a pleasing masculine size without being overdone or coarse. Lovely head skull and muzzle in correct balance. God reach of neck, forechest, balanced angulation in front and rear, which let him, move free and easy. Shows beautifully & well presented

2nd Mrs C Grainger’s Devil In Disguise. This lovely red dog was of good size but not over the top. He also was a lovely mover with correct moderate angles at both ends. He has a lovely keen expression and beautiful harsh coat. 3rd   Mrs S J Weinberger’s Correnie Mister Bo-Jangles

LD 7,1a

1st Mr C & Mrs S Brown’s Cruzo Gold Charmer. A lovely dark wheaten dog in wonderful condition has the desired well balanced outline and proportion. Broad skull and deep stop lent itself to the desired keen expression. He moved very well and carried a level topline and tail set just right. Coat was absolutely perfect with the correct texture and density.

2nd Miss B & Mr D Shannon & Storr’s Brenndarcy Spellbinder. Another glorious conditioned dog with well balanced moderate angles. Outline was with the correct proportions/. Keen expression. He moved well but his front was thrown off because he was looking up for his next treat. Solid level topline and good tailset, showed very well but too focused on food while in motion. 3rd Mrs M E J Shopland Cherrycrack Mack The Knife

OD 8,3a

1st Mrs M Middlehurst Ch Cannwood As If By Magic To Starveren JW. This was another class full of quality. This dark brindle dog was smashing. A great showman that has the right proportions, reach of neck, balanced angles, level topline, typy head and keen expression. He moved with ease in the go around and down and back carrying a solid level topline. He had magnificent coat & was in perfect condition. He moved better in open class than he did for the CC. He was my RCC.)

2nd Hooton, Shorter & Nuttall Penticharm Prince Charming. Nice sized brindle dog with proper proportions giving him a very typy outline. Plenty of neck blending smoothly into a level topline and correct tailset. He had proper angulation in front with topline and correct bend of stifle which aided him in a smooth and efficient gait. His dark points added to his lovely keen expression. 3rd Mrs C Wentzel  Fin/Ger/Sw Glenmore's Top Gun  

VD/B 1

 1st Mrs A Wall’s Ch Shearwater Cae De Sonhas. This dark brindle veteran boy never missed a beat as he moved around the ring with such efficiency. He certainly didn’t show his age and moved as well as the other good movers. He was a lovely pleasing size with plenty of bone. He hasn’t coarsened up at all. His topline still remains solid. His rear movement was particularly strong. It was good seeing him enjoy himself. He showed with great pride and enthusiasm proving what a youthful breed we have, they just refuse to get old.


MPB 8,1a

1st Mr & Mrs G S Peers’ Tweedisle The Golden Touch. This cream brindle puppy in wonderful dense harsh coat was my best puppy. She is a lovely size with balanced proportions. She had a wonderful keen, impish expression and she moved extremely well on the down and back and go-around for such a youngster. She displayed free and easy movement that lends itself to great agility.

2nd Mr G Thomas’ Tycadno Freya. A lovely silver brindle bitch with wonderful dark points, which added to a lovely keen expression. She was a lovely size with correct proportions and nice reach of neck. She had balanced front & rear angulation. I think her front was thrown off by her looking up at her handler either waiting for a treat or his approval. She found the big ring very intriguing. 3rd Mrs S E Dolan’s Glenrood Forever Poppy NAF

PB 6,1a

1st Mrs E Thompson’s Castleline Bonnie. A typy wheaten bitch with lovely head and keen expression. She showed well and was in good dense harsh coat. Lovely balanced outline with correct proportions. She is a nice size and looked like a bitch.

2nd Mrs A Waugh’s Tribannon Arabella. Sweet young cream brindle bitch with a lovely dense coat. She moved well carrying a strong level topline thru=out. She gained confidence as we went along. Another lovely size and in good balance. 3rd Mrs S E Dolan’s Glenrood Forever Topps NAF

JB 13,3a. This was a large class with many exhibits acting up so it became a challenge.

1st Mrs E Thompson Castleline Tiger Lily. First went to a lovely feminine wheaten brindle bitch that was of correct size and balance. She had a lovely keen expression. She moved free and easily showing great agility. She was in lovely coat condition with the desired weather-resistant dense coat.

2nd Mrs C Green Aizenay Que Sera Sera.  A correctly sized red brindle bitch with good fill in front, a feature sadly missing in the US Cairns these days. She had a solid level topline and moved with great ease and efficiency.

3rd Parker-Tucker’s  Splinterhill's Zip In Gold Of Uniquecottage (Imp)

PGB 9,1a

1st Mrs C & Mr R Hewitt Correnie Jazz Talk At Littleacorn. A feminine silver brindle of lovely size and balance. Nice reach of neck blending into a solid level topline and correct tailset. Proper keen expression. She moved around the ring with ease and fluidity.

2nd Mrs J Keeves Seveek The Mystery Of Dreams. Very game and active dark brindle bitch of lovely type. This wonderful weather resistant coat was presented in lovely condition. Very typey head and keen expression, She had a solid level topline. She was in a hurry to get around the ring. She showed with great confidence and attitude

3rd Mr & Mrs Dodd Tribannon Fair Lady

LB 13,3a

1st Mr G Thomas’ Tycadno Wishing On A Star. My eventual BCC and breed winner caught my eye right away and she never disappointed me. Showed her heart out never letting up exhibiting the desired confidence only terriers posses. She is of good type, well balanced and in proportion. Standing well up on her forepaws. She was in lovely coat and condition, however could stand to lose a pound. She moved with great efficiency and her handler had a hard time keeping up. Lovely moderate angulation. Typey head with keen expression and dark points.

2nd   Mr A & Mr R A Felters & Rumens’ Landbuck Heidi Claire. This silver brindle bitch was very feminine of correct size and good outline. Beautiful head and expression. Plenty of neck and correct moderate bend of stifle. She moved around the ring nicely covering ground efficiently 3rd Mrs J P Poile’s Kedvaiy Can-Can

OB 8,2a

1st Miss J E Hooton’s Penticharm Caribbean Queen. A typy wheaten bitch giving her handler in this class a bit of a hard time. She showed better when in for the ticket.  Lovely feminine size with just the outline I’m looking for. She was in good balance and a lovely reach of neck. She had a lovely weather resistant short coat that was in proper form. She stood well over herself and carried a solid level topline. I could not have improved on her head and expression, it was spot on.

2nd   Miss J E Hooton’s Penticharm Time To Party. I loved this silver brindle bitch’s type as well. She had the correct outline, perfect head and expression. She was the right size with solid topline and correct tailset. She moved and showed very well. Had her coat been more to my liking she may have taken first. 3rd Mrs S Kinton’s Woodthorpe Luck Be A Lady

Peggy Beisel-McIlwaine (USA)