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Three Counties Championship Show

11th June 2007 - Cairn Terriers

Judge: Mr David Winsley (Davmar)


DCC & BOB : Thomas & Hooton's Ch Rasken's Romping Playboy Imp
RDCC: Hooton, Shorter & Nattall's Penticharm Prince Charming
BCC: Hooton's Penticharm Time To Party
RBCC: Thomas' Tycadno Wishing On A Star
Best Puppy: Dolan & Inett's Glenrood Ice Man Naf Taf


Liz Hooton, BCC Penticharm Time To Party, Judge David Winsley, Geoff Thomas & DCC & BOB Ch. Raskens Romping Playboy

Best Puppy Glenrood Ice Man





1st: : Dolan & Inett's Glenrood Ice Man Naf Taf
2nd: : Peers' Tweedisle The Good Guy
3rd: : Thomas' Tycadno Vidar

1st: : Smee's Malmay King Of The Road

1st: : Catto's Birselaw Daydream Believer
2nd: : Stephinson's Twohoots Barnabas
3rd: : Saich's Kiataia Masquerade

1st: : Hooton's Penticharm Party Knight
2nd: : Saich's Lindcoly Golden Legend
3rd: : Weinberger's Correnie Mister Bo-Jangles

1st: : Shopland's Cherrycrack Mack The Knife
2nd: : Firth's Cairngold Jackpot
3rd: : Brown's Cruzo Gold Charmer

1st: : Thomas & Hooton's Ch Rasken's Romping Playboy Imp
2nd: : Hooton's Penticharm Prince Charming
3rd: : Inett's Ch & Swed/Ger/Fin/Ned Ch Glenmore's Top Gun (Ae007

1st: : Dolan's Glenrood Forever Topps
2nd: : Saich's Lindcoly Golden Light Naf
3rd: : Waugh's Tribannon Hermione

1st: : Thompson's Castleline Bonnie
2nd: : Weinberger's Correnie Crazy For You
3rd: : Weinberger's Correnie Anything Goes

1st: : Clarke's Conundrum Sweeter For Me For Lentrica
2nd: : Shaw's Honeyhall Headstrong
3rd: : Thompson's Castleline Tiger Lily

1st: : Inett's Carradine Magic Star
2nd: : Hewitt's Correnie Jazz Talk At Littleacorn
3rd: : Robinson's Cruzo Bannock Belle

1st: : Thomas' Tycadno Wishing On A Star
2nd: : Poile's Kedvaiy Can-Can
3rd: : Hewitt's Littleacorn Keep In Touch

1st: : Hooton's Penticharm Time To Party
2nd: : Shaw's Honeyhall Head Over Heels
3rd: : Burgin's Curtisey Foreign Affair At Carradine
















Awarding DCC


Awarding BCC

June Hooton, BCC Penticharm Time To Party & Liz Hooton

Photographs By Linda Firth & Alison Wragg


Cairn Terriers

I enjoyed my day judging this my first breed, I found heads on the whole were improving though some mouths are virtually level. Breed type was certainly stamped in many exhibits. Body condition needs to be watched, some were too thin & others over weight. Movement is improving, though we can't be complacent. Coats on the whole were good, but they are temporary. Many were stacked like 'rocking horses',

Cairns should stand well over their front!

M PuppyDog. (4.1)

1. Dolan & Inett's Glenrood Ice Man. Wheaten baby, quite a pleasing head, nice dark eye & short muzzle. Nice balanced shape, good fore-chest, level topline, In good order, nice coat, moved & showed well. Best puppy.

2. Peer's Tweedsisle The Good Guy. Wheaten with a very nice head, dark eye, short muzzle. Nice shape, would prefer more width in front, good turn of stifle. In full coat, moved & showed well.

3. Thomas's Tycadno Vidar

Puppy Dog. (1)

1. Smee's Malmay King Of The Road. Wheaten brindle, nice head, well balanced shape. Unfortunately totally out of coat, but nothing to hide. Good tail-set, moved & showed well.

Junior Dog. (6)

1. Catto's Birselaw Daydream Believer. Wheaten, not a big boy but he has a lovely head piece^ well defined stop, dark eye and keen expression. Lovely breed type, nicely balanced body, good front. Good coat, correct tail-set & nice showman, would like a bit more width behind. Typical of this kennel.

2. Stephenson's Twohoots Barnabas. Wheaten, another one with a pleasing head & expression. Has a masculine outlook, nicely balanced. Good coat texture, moved & showed well.

3. Saich's Kiataia Masquerade

P/Graduate Dog. (9)

1. Hooton's Penticharm Party Knight. Wheaten, very nice head, piece, neat well placed ears & dark eye. Good neck & shoulders, lovely body and type, nice bone. Nice outline, good topline & correct tail-set. Coat needs improving, lovely sound mover & showed very well.

2. Saich's Lindcoly Golden Legend. Red boy up to size. Nice head, good fore-face and correct ear placement. Nicely balanced body, correct tail-set. Good straight coat, lovely width behind, active mover.

3. Weinberger's Correnie Mister Bo-Jangles

Limit Dog. (6.1)

1. Shopland's Cherrycrack Mack The Knife. Silver male, up to size. Nice head, correct keen expression. Good reach of neck, has a decent fore-chest, mature & nicely balanced shape. In nice coat & condition, moved out well & shows very well.

2. Firth's Caimgold Jackpot. Similar to 1 in many ways, really nice head &

expression. Good breed type & shape, tail well placed. In good coat & condition. Not really co-operating well with his handler today.

3. Brown's Cruzo Gold Charm


Open Dog. (7.2)

1. Thomas & Hooton's Ch Rasken's Romping Playboy. Instantly took my eye when he came in the ring. Lovely expressive head, good muzzle, well placed eyes & ears. Good neck & fore-chest, deep body with well sprung ribs, ideal proportions. Correct tail set, lovely outline which he keeps on the move, one of the few dogs with great feet! In full coat & condition, moved out fluently & showing himself off well. CC &

BOB. Pleased to hear he was short-listed in the group.

2. Hooton, Shorter & Nuttalls Penticharm Prince Charming. Wheaten brindle who has a lovely head, good stop, well filled fore-face. Good neck & shoulders, good well balanced body. Correct tail-set, a little short of belly coat which makes him look rangy. Lacks the maturity of 1 today. Well deserved the RCC.

3. Inetfs Ch & Swed/Ger/Fin/Ned Ch Glenmore's Top Gun

M/Puppy Bitch. (15.1)

1. Dolan's Glenrood Forever Topps. Wheaten, very pretty feminine head &

expression. Nice body shape, very nice turn of stifle. Good coat, moved & showed well for a baby. Very promising.

2. Saich's Lindcoly Golden Light. Another nice puppy who needs time to mature. Not so well developed in head as 1. Nice body and shape. In full coat, moves out quite well.

3. Waugh's Tribannon Hermione

Puppy Bitch. (9.1)

1. Thompson's Castleline Bonnie. Wheaten of nice type. Pleasing head with a good expression, nicely balanced shape. Full coat of correct texture, ideal size & nice sound mover. Showed well.

2. Weinberger's Correnie Crazy For You. Wheaten brindle with a lovely feminine head, good expression. Lovely straight front, lovely turn of stifle. Nice outline, held on the move. Moved & showed well.

3. Weinberger's Correnie Anything Goes

Junior Bitch. (12.2)

1. Clarke's Conundrum Sweeter For Me For Lentrica. Silver brindle who has a very appealing head, nice dark eye, neat ears that are well set. Very good front, nice mature body, lovely turn of stifle. I like her balanced outline, in good coat & moves really well. Should have a good future,

2. Shaw's Honeyhall Headstrong. Pretty headed girl, excellent neck & shoulders, nice body though a touch short coupled giving her a square shape. Tail bang in place, moving & showing well, coat not at its best today.

3. Thompson's Castleline Tiger Lily.


Post Graduate Bitch. (13.3)

1. Inetfs Carradine Magic Star. Wheaten with nice dark points that enhanced her lovely feminine head. Good length of neck & correct shoulders, lovely balanced shape with a level topline that she kept on the move. Good strong hind-quarters, lovely positive & fluent mover, shows very well.

2. Hewitfs Correnie Jazz Talk at Littleacom. Silver who has a very nice head, good expression, lovely neck & shoulders. Nice size & balance, good breed type, correct tail-set. Not in the best of coats today, can move very well when she settles to the job.

3. Robinson's Cruza Bannock Belle

Limit Bitch. (10.2) My best class of the day, full of quality girls, wish I had had more cards to hand out.

1. Thomas's Tycadno Wishing On A Star. Wheaten brindle who takes the eye as soon as she enters the ring. Has tons of breed type, looks balanced which ever way she stands. Has a very good head & expression, lovely body shape, a touch over weight today. Great hindquarters & in full coat. Just takes off on the move, so fluent. RCC

2. Poile's Kedvaiy Can-Can. Lovely red girl, another who has good breed type. Lovely expressive head, neat well placed ears. Good neck, shoulders and balanced body. Strong hind-quarters which she knows how to use. In great coat & condition, shows well.

3. Hewitfs Littleacom Keep In Touch

Open Bitch. (5)

1. Hooton's Penticharm Time To Party. Wheaten brindle. Ideal head, good width of skull, correct stop, well placed eyes & neat well set ears. Good length of neck blending into correct shoulder, good fore-chest & balanced body which has a good spring of rib & maturity. Nice turn of stifle, correct tail -set, sound & effortless mover. Showed well, worthy of the CC; her second.

2. Shaw's Honeyhall Head Over Heels. Expressive feminine head, lovely dark eye. Great neck, shoulders & well developed fore-chest. Balanced body, excellent turn of stifle, tail well set on. Moved & showed well, pity she wasn't in better coat.

3. Burgin's Curtisey Foreign Affair At Carradine

Judge - David Winsley