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21st April 2007

JUDGE; Ann Waugh (Tribannon)

Cochrane Hall Alva


DCC & BIS; Wentzel’s Ch Swed/Fin/Ger/Ned Glenmore’s Top Gun

RDCC; Middlehurst’s Ch Cannwood As If By Magic To Starveren JW

BCC; Felters & Rumens’ Landbuck Heidi Claire

RBCC; Hooton’s Penticharm Caribbean Queen

BP; Hydecastle Ozzy Oswald

BV; Cameron’s Ch Stryveling Ivanhoe


Alan Felters, BCC Landbuck Heidi Claire, Judge Ann Waugh, Dawn Inett, Dcc & BIS Ch Glenmore’s Top Gun

Awarding BPIS to Helen Buttress handling Hydecastle Ozzy Oswald



Awarding BCC

Awarding RBCC

More Photographs after Results, Critique after Photos.

VD (4,1a)

  1. Ch Stryveling Ivanhoe
  2. Doonrae Dragoon
  3. Ocedor Blue Moon


VB (10

  1. Ocedor Morning Star


 SVD/B (2)

  1. Stormy Weather
  2. Pinetop Petronella At Stryveling


MPD (4,1a)

  1. Croyanda Hamilton
  2. Rocasovale Raxzzle Dazzle
  3. Tweedisle The Good Guy


PD (5,2a)

  1. Hydcastle Ozzy Oswald
  2. Lindcoly Double Express
  3. Strathview Country Squire


JD (5)

  1. Twohoots Barnabas
  2. Glenchess Gabrielle Over Carradine
  3. Tweedisle That Special Son

Res. Minorcas Lucky Seven

VHC. Russcot Shining Star


YD (2)

  1. Lindcoly Golden Legend
  2. Brenndarcy Spellbinder


MD (1)

  1. Tweedisle Trouble Maker


ND (3)

  1. Birselaw Daydream Believer
  2. Soutra Little Lion
  3. Kilnknowe Gift Of Myrrh


GD (3,1a)

  1. Tweedisle Piper boy
  2. Ocedr Zephyr


PGD (8)

  1. Stryveling Robb Ruadh
  2. Gyncairn Rock N Roll
  3. Cadagio The Unexpected

Res. Lindcoly High Flyer

VHC. Nutshki Boy Walton


LD ( 7)

  1. Cherrycrack Mack The Knife
  2. Penticharm Prince Charming
  3. Cairngold Jackpot

Res. Tweedisle Sweet Talking Guy

VHC. Sandaig Shearer


OD (7,1a)

1.        Ch Swed/Fin/Ger/Ned Glenmore’s Top Gun

2.        Ch Cannwood As If By magic To Starveren

3.        Ch/Ir/Int Ch Cadagio As Good As It Gets

Res. Ch Sybster Sring Time

VHC Hector Of The Glen



  1. Soutra Little Lion
  2. Ocedor Zephyr


MPB (11)

  1. Tweedisle The Golden Touch
  2. Birselaw Firebird Of Stradivarius
  3. Birselaw Just A Moment

Res. Croyanda Verona

VHC. Rocasovale It’s Up To You


 PB (8)

  1. Winetta “a” You’re Adorable
  2. Cornton Eileanach
  3. StrathviewCountry Grace

Res. Cairngold Avin A Paddy

VHC. Winetta Anticipation At Thackeston


JB (8)

  1. Tweslam Bonne Annee
  2. Cairngold Chicory
  3. Lindcoly Christmas Lady

ResPinetop Blitz

VHC. Ocedor Look At Me


YB (3)

  1. Brenndarcy be Bop Deluxe
  2. Larchlea Knot To Be Mist
  3. Ocedor Look At Me


MB (6)

  1. Tweedisle The Golden Touch
  2. Cornton Eileanach
  3. Winetta Anticipation At Thacksteston

Res. Lindcoly Truly Unruly

VHC. Cornton Riabhach


NB (3,1a)

  1. Honeyhall Headstrong
  2. Doonrae Gold Digger


GB (6,1a)

  1. Newfield Heather magic
  2. Carradine Magic Star
  3. Copseleaze here’s Me At Haukantorppa

Res. Cornton Ruadh

VHC Sybster Springtime


PGB (7)

  1. Penticharm Caribbean Queen
  2. Strathgarten Kemmilfore Lady Marmalade
  3. Stryveling Meg Merrilees

Res Cornton Ruadh

VHC. Birselaw Supastar At Russcott


LB (10,2a)

  1. Landbuck heidi Claire
  2. Birselaw Now is the Moment
  3. Cadagio Stand By me

Res. Tweslam Izzy Wizzy Get Bizzy

VHC. Sybster Spring Into Summer


OB (9,1a)

  1. IR Ch Cadio Catch me If you Can
  2. Penticharm Deep Secret
  3. Curtisey Foreign Affair At Carradine

Res. Camasmor Quairteag To Starveren

VHC Tweslam Kalamazoo


SBB (5)

  1. Copseleaze here’s Me At Haukantorppa
  2. Ocedor Will Owisp
  3. Corton Ruadh

Res. Cairgold Canasta

























Pictures By Alan Firth

Keep fit class by Ann Waugh!

 My apologies for making the exhibitors work so hard in the ring but I cannot make decisions by just observing dogs standing. Fore and Aft movement tells you one thing, but the side gait tells you far more. I was pleased with the overall quality of the exhibits. In some classes I could have awarded a first prize to more than one and decisions  were very close

Veteran Dog(4,1a)

1st Cameron's Stryvelling Ivanhoe,7yrs,I have previously awarded this dog aC.C. and he still pleases me. In full bloom, excellent mouth. good showman, moved as well as ever. Best veteran.

2nd Petts'Doonrae Dragoon, 7yrs, another in good order with pleasing head, good movement and showmanship.

3rd OUgh's Ocedar Blue Moon.


Veteran Bitch(1)

1st Ough's Ocedar Morning Star. Pretty bitch, carrying a bit too much weight but she gave a good account of herself and was in good coat.


VintageDog or Bitch.(2)

1st Ough's Ocedar Stormy weather,13yrs red bitch with a very pleasing head, coat a little sparse but of good texture, movement a bit erratic.                                              

2nd Cameron's Pinetop Petronella at Stryvelling, 12 yrs,dk br bitch feminine head, very well covered body, moved well enough, difficult to assess her coat as she had been clipped.  


Minor Puppy Dog,(4,1a) This is where I had to make a difficult decision. Two very promising pups of totally different type , both 8 mths old. I needed two red cards here.                                       

1st Croyman's Croyanda Hamilton,wh.br. in good coat and condition, pleasing eye, mouth good stop, neat ears, topline carried well on the move. sound mover.                              2nd 2nd Smith'sRocasovale Razzle Dazzle, well grown gr.br. carrying a thick correct coat, very masculine head, good mouth and eye colour Good outline, moved well.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

3rd Peers' Tweedisle the Good Guy, 6mths and very much a baby in this company.    


Puppy dog,(5,2a) 

 1st Inett and Heidecker's Hydecastle Ozzy Oswald, 11mth wh br. assured youngster, well constructed body, moved very well, good head, coat and condition. B.P.I.S.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

2nd Saich's Lindcoly Double Express,10 mth wh.br. larger puppy, very short of coat but what was there was of correct texture. Close decision with ----

3rd Smith's Strathview Country Squire10 mth red br. Good coated dog with good mouth and eye colour but unfortunately not making the most of himself.


Junior Dog,(5)  

1st Stephinson's Twohoots Barnabas, a lovely example of the breed, masculine in outlook, in great coat and condition, correct balance, sound mover all round with ground covering action, nice size. I loved him.

2nd Inett and Harrison's Glenchess Gabriel over Carradine, wh.with pleasing head and expression, free mover strong outline carried well.

3rd Peers'Tweedisle That special Son, wh. with a lovely expression--not so mature as those above.


Yearling Dog,(2)

1st Saich's Lindcoly Golden Ledgend, well bodied and hard muscled red, good head with ex.mouth and eye, sound fore and aft movement with plenty of reach and drive in side action.

2nd Shannon and Storr's Brendarcy Spellbinder,wh. with well constructed head and pleasing expression, in very good all round condition also with well muscled quarters. Not so perfect in foot fall as above but satisfactory side action. Close up.


Maiden Dog,(1)

1st Peers'Tweedisle Troublemaker, another from this kennel with a lovely head and expression. immature in body making him appear leggy--a longer coat would help him.

Novice Dog(3)1st Catto's Daydream Believer, high quality wh.br. with a strong outline, masculine head without coarseness, good mouth neat ears and correct eye, infine all round condition. Very good showman. Moved well.

2nd Cairnside's Soutra LIttle Lion, red br. my notes say "misbehaving on the move"--therefore difficult to assess, but there is a lot to like here. well balanced strong outline, in good coat, head and eye all correct.

3rd Wilson'sKilnknowe Gift of Myrrh, cream, smaller pattern shown in clean but blown full coat ,pretty head, moved o.k.


Graduate dog (3,1a)

1st Peers' Tweedisle Piper boy, wh. with nice head good neck, level topline, well muscled. showed well.

2nd Ough's Ocedar Zephyr, red pleasing headeye and mouth in good condition. showed well ,not quite the outline of above.


Post graduate Dog(8)

1st Cameron's Stryvelling Robb Ruadh, masculine headed red br. with ex. mouth, good coat well presented, very free in movement. Showed well                                             

2nd Hughes'Gyncairn Rock and Roll, wh.br. another with a masculine and typical head. Handles well on the table, moves with purpose. Coat does not lie as flat as 1st making him appear bigger than he is.

3rd Hoggarty's Cadagio the Unexpected, handsome gr.br.a larger pattern than those above, but with lots to like.


Limit Dog(7)

1st Shopland's Cherrycrack Mack the Knife, Mature gr.br. in great body condition. Has to be handled to be appreciated. Very free and effortless movement. Showed well to win this good class.

2nd Hooton,Shorter and Nutall's Penticharm Prince Charming, wh.br. slightly taller than 1st and not so mature in body, lovely head and expression, correct bone, balanced very good outline. Showed well but I felt he needed a larger area to get into his stride.

3rd Firth's Cairngold Jackpot, wh. in hard condition pleasing head construction, good mouth and eye for shape and colour. Showed well.


Open Dog(7,Ia)  An excellent class of top quality dogs.

1st Wenzel's CHSwed/Fin/Ger/Ned/ CH.Glenmore's Top Gun.

2nd CH.Cannwood as if by Magic to Starveren.

I felt it was a privilege to be able to go over these two top quality dogs. very little separated them---both are beautiful examples of the breed. Their heads are superb. There is a flow of neck into an absolute topline on both dogs. They carry themselves regally and seem to know that they are both at the very top at this moment in time. I truly needed 2C.C. They were closely followed by-----

3rd Hogarty'sCH/IR CH/INT CH Cadagio as Good as it Gets, A dog I have often admired but today I did not feel he was looking his best. He seemed to have insufficient hair on his neck to balance that on the rest of his body. A transient illusion but since this is a beauty competition, he paid the penalty--- but he is a very worthy champion.


Sp. beginners Dog.

1st,Cairnside's Soutra Little Lion,2nd in Novice. He settled down in this class and moved well. to win.

2nd Ough's Ocedar Zephyr.



Minor Puppy bitch(11,1a)  A lovely class with a number of promising babies going out cardless.

1st Peers' Tweedisle the Golden Touch, The breeder has certainly struck gold here. A beautifully balanced wh.br. baby of just 6mths at her first show. Very feminine in good coat, pretty head, showed and moved well .A serious contender for best puppy but at the end of the show she 'd had enough.

2nd Munday'sBirselaw Firebird of Stradivarius, well grown wh.br.6mths well constructed body nice head, moved well. Beat her litter sister on maturity.

3rd Catto's Birselaw Just a moment,---a smaller pattern but just as nice


Puppy BItch(8)

1st Percy's Winetta "A"your Adorable,aptly named showy 11mth cream, expressive head, level topline, covered the ground well.

2nd Miller'sCornton Eileanach, 9mth cream, unplaced in previous class, not in the best of coats, but that is what is to be expected at this age. Very pretty head moved soundly and showed very well. Balanced throughout. Promising.

3rd Smith's Strathview Country Grace, well coated red with lovely eyes and dark muzzle Showed well.


Junior Bitch(8)A very pleasing exhibit had to retire because of lameness.

1st Osborn's Tweslam Bonne Anne, Very smart red br. in good coat and condition, pleasing head. strong outline sound free mover.

2nd Firth's Cairngold Chicory, another sound moving dk.br. coat of good texture, well made body, just needs more profuse head furnishings to complete the picture.

3rd Saich'sLindcoly Christmas Lady, well grown wh.br. well formed skull, in good muscular condition as were all from this kennel.


Yearling Bitch(3)

1st Shannon,Storr and Culliford's Brendarcy Be Bop Deluxe, wh. another with beautiful eyes, well formed head good neck and correct shoulder placement and rear assembly enabling her to move with the desired effortless free action. In ex all round condition. Showed well.

2nd Templeton's Larchlea Knot to be Mist, Dk br. balanced outline, in good coat and condition, handles well but I felt the 1st had the edge in movement today. Close up.

3rd Ough's Ocedar Look at Me, 5th in jun. bitch red br. in good order moved well.


Maiden bitch,(6,1a)

1st,Peers'tweedisle the Golden Touch.

2nd Miller's Cornton Eileanach.

3rd Harland's Winetta Anticipation at Thackeston,5th in pupy b. Well grown 11mth,pleasing head good outline new coat coming in.


Novice bitch (3,1a)

1st Shaw's Honeyhall Headstrong, feminine gr.br. lovely well formed head, good mouth and eye, soundly made body, coat and condition A 1. Moved and showed all out.

2nd Petts' Doonrae Gold Digger, dk.br. smaller than 1st but balanced, in good coat typical head and expression, moved and showed well. Unlucky to meet 1st in such sparkling form.


Graduate(6,1a) I had difficulty separating the first two .On another day they could easily change places.

1st Bradshaw's Newfield Heather Magic, expressive well constructed head, strong outline and general balance,

showed well.

2nd Inett's Carradine Magic Star, Smart wh.br. in great all round condition Showed well.

3rd Haukatsalo-Irving's Copsleaze Here's me at Haukantorppa, free moving dk.rd.br. pleasing head, showed well, coat a little wayward today.


Post Graduate Bitch(7,2a)

 1st Penticharm Caribbean Queen, Feminine wh. with very good head, mouth and eye, outline and general balance. Well constructed quarters enabling her to move with plenty of drive. Quite a glamour girl  and ex. showgirl--well deserved her  R.C.C.

2nd Marshall's Strathgarten Kenmilfore Lady Marmalade, red with a great deal of charisma, in good coat and condition, well made body, showed all out. Close up.

3rd Cameron's Stryvelling Meg Merrilies, pleasing red br. in good order covered the ground well, but tended to get bored standing.


Limit Bitch(10,2a)

1st  Felters and Rumens' Landbuck Heidi Claire, dk.rd.br. typical head and expression good mouth and eye, balanced body, neck flowing into correctly angulated shoulders, soundly made quarters, in good coat and condition, flowed around the ring with great freedom with correct extension and drive. I was pleased to award her with her 3rd C.C.

2nd Catto's Birselaw Now is the Moment, so typical of this kennel, lovely head neat ears, good mouth and eye, correct neckline into level topline presenting a balanced picture in profile, Showed and moved well. A strong contender for higher honours.

3rd Hogarty'sCadagio Stand by Me, smart gr.br. with a true expression, slightly bigger than those above. Covered the ground well.


Open Bitch,(9,3a)

 1st Hogarty's IR.CH. Cadagio Catch Me if You Can, gr.br. with a very good head and expression in good all round condition, powerful mover with ground covering action.

2nd Hooton's Penticharm Deep Secret, Dk.br .pleasing head with good eye for shape colour and placement, soundly made body showed well. and moved satisfactorily.

3rd Curtisey Foreign Affair at Carradine, gr.br. well made body good head and expression moved really well, such a lot to like but I preferred the balance of those above.


Special beginners(5,1a) 

1st Haukatsalo-Irving's Copsleaze Here's Me at Haukantorppa.

2nd Ough's Ocedar Willow the Wisp red br. pleasing head moved well but could show a bit better.

3rd Miller's Cornton Ruadh, red well grown in good coat, but not really interested in showing her good points.



Ann Waugh (judge)