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MCTC 2005 Awards Board




Wins In 2007

(Red figures in brackets show career to date awards)

* = BOB

Top Cairn For 2007

Ch Cannwood As If By Magic To Starveren JW

 = 18 points

5 CC   5 RCC  3 BOB


National Terrier Club; Ian Kettle

Birmingham Dog Show  Society; M Marshall

Scottish Kennel Club (May); Phillip Horspool

Bournemouth KA; Linda Firth

Driffield Agricultural Society; P Greenway


Crufts;  A R Parker- Tucker

Cairn Terrier Club; Ann Waugh

Southern Counties C.A.

 - Peggy Beisel-Mcilwaine (USA)

Paignton & District F.A.; Anthony Osborn

Midland Counties Canine  Society

-        Jeanette Smith

2004 = 9 BPIB + 2RDCC’s

2005 = 15CC   5RCC  12 BOB & 2 G3

2006 = 10 CC   6 RCC  7 BOB & 1 G3


Ch Cairngold Cosmos

Ch Avenelhouse Breasclete

Ch Uniquecottage Bristlebird

Avenelhouse Moresgale

Cairngold Constellation

Spirecairn Solar Systerm

Cairngold Catriona

Glenrood Magic Moment of Cannwood

Tribannon Warpaint

Ch Beaudesert Royal Viking

Tribannon Apache

Ch Glenrood Kinda Magic

Davmar Dooley

Uniquecottage Song Pipit


Wins In 2007

* = BOB

Best Opposite Sex

Ch. Benndarcy Be Bop Deluxe

= 11 points



South Wales & WOE CTC – Chris Roberts

*Midland CTC -Sue Kinton

* L.K.A. – Dawn Inett




Border Union - Graham Peers

Leeds & District – Alan Firth

Midland Counties C.S. Jeanette Smith



Ch Nor/Fin/Dan/Swed Ch Birselaw Billy Fury

Ch Birselaw Buddy Holly

Ch Crowneast Special Vintage

Birselaw Pretty Woman

Ch Penticharm Dusky Princess at Birselaw

Ch Vanajam Norse Voyger

Penticharm Secret Mission

Brenndarcy Solar Corona

Ch Kinkim Prinzludy

Ch Kinkim Ludvic

Ch Kinkim Yasmin Plummb

Fryuplain Velour at Brenndarcy

Strathinver Red Ruffian

Fryuplain Sunshine


Wins In 2007

Top Puppy = 4 Points

Glenrood Ice Man

4 Best Puppy Awards

Three Counties Agricultural  Society; David Winsley 

South Wales Kennel Association;  Sue Braybrook

Bournemouth Ka; Linda Firth

South Wales & West Of  England C.T.C  Chris Roberts 


Sch Finch Int Glenmore's Top Gun 

Birselaw Bobby Dazzler 

Ch Birselaw Buddy Holly 

Ch Penticharm Dusky Princess At Birselaw 

Kftch Vdhch Glenmore's Knickknak Kathy, 

Kftch Kft-Jgdch Rocket Man Of Barnsley, 

Strubbepeter La Vie En Rose 

Ch Glenrood Forevere Beauty 

Croyanda Cotton Spinner 

Glenrood Just Magic 

Uniquecottage Gold Kirsty 

Glenrood Forever Lucky 

Glenrood Hot Toddy 

Glenrood Forever Amber 




Progeny = 12 CC – 11 RCC – 6 BOB

Top Sire = 41 Points

Ch Nor/Fin/Swed? Ch. Birselaw Billy Fury


Ch Brenndarcy Be Bop Deluxe – 3CC 3RCC 2BOB

Ch Larchlea Knot To Be Mist  4CC 1BOB

Ch Birselaw Now Is The Moment 2CC 2RCC 1BOB

Birselaw Daydream Believer 1CC 3RCC 1BOB

CH Honeyhall Head Over Heels 1CC 1RCC

Ch & Ir Ch Cadagio As Good As It Gets  1CC 1BOB

Cairngold Jackpot 2RCC


Ch. Birselaw Buddy Holly

Ch. Crowneast Special Vintage

Ch. Harlight Hornblower

Crowneast March Rose

Birselaw Pretty Woman

Ch. Birselaw Countryman

Birselaw Pin-Up Girl

Ch. Penticharm Dusky Princess At Birselaw

Ch. Vanajam Norse Voyager

Ch. Beaudesert Royal Viking

Vanajam Gypsy’s Crystal Ball

Penticharm Secret Mission

Ch. Avenlehouse Breascleate

Penticharm Trade Secret




Progeny = 8 CC – 6 RCC – 4 BOB

Top Dam = 26 points

Glenrood Magic Moment of Cannwood


Ch Canwood As If By Magic To Starveren 5 CC   5 RCC  3 BOB

Ch Cannwood Kasta Spell At Doonrae 2CC 1BOB


Tribannon Warpaint

Ch Beaudesert Royal Viking

Ch. Penticharm Silver Rocket

Uniquecottage Fire Fairy

Tribannon Apache

Ch. Brindleoak Buck

Tribannon Vanity Fair

Ch Glenrood Kinda Magic

Davmar Dooley

Ch. Penticharm Guy Fawkes

Davmar Mixed Spice

Uniquecottage Song Pipit

Ch. Uniquecottage Bristle Bird

Uniquecottage Red Pipit



9 CC – 10 RCC -- 5 BOB

Top Kennel = 33 points

Penticharm (Liz, Pat & June Hooton)


Ch. Penticharm Party Knight - 4CC – 3RCC – 2BOB

Ch Penticharm Time To Party –3CC – 2RCC – 1BOB

Penticharm Prince Charming 2CC – 4RCC  - 2BOB

Penticharm Carribean  Queen –1RCC