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National Dog Show - Birmingham

 11th May 2008

Judge Mrs Judy Parker-Tucker


DCC; Cameron’s Stryveling Robb Ruadh
RDCC; Middlehurst’s Zalazar Un Zipped! At Starveren (Imp)
BCC; Short’s Glenchess Golden Wings
RBCC; Osborn’s Tweslam Izzy Wizzy Get Bizzy
Best Puppy; Felters & Rumens’ Landbuck Jazz Hands


DCC & BOB Stryveling Robb Ruadh, Judge Judy Parker-Tucker, BCC Glenchess Golden Wings, Elaine Short.






MPD (4,1a)
1st: King & Leighton’s Carradine May Be The Moon At Harkinleigh
2nd: Felters & Rumens’ Landbuck Colour Scheme
3rd: King & Leighton’s Carradine Night Listener At Harkinleigh

PD (4,2a)
1st: Peers’ Tweedisle That Guy Johnny
2nd: Keeves’ Conundrum Under Your Spell With Seveek

JD (7)
1st: Moseley & Inetts D H Spawyche Elizabethan Onyx
2nd: Wards Vanajam Pop Idol
3rd Pollock Larchlea Licence To Thrill At Stanedykes
Res: Rhead Copseleaze Chesterwoodboy
Vhc: Felters & Rumens Landbuck Jumbo

PGD (7,1a)
1st: Middlehurst’s Zalazar Un Zipped At Starveren (Imp)
2nd: Saich’s Kiataia Masquerade
3rd: Short’s Glenchess All In The Stars
Res: Dolan’s Glenrood Ice Man
Vhc: Birch’s Kinkim Kernul

 LD (5)
1st: Cameron Stryveling Robb Ruadh
2nd: Catto Birselaw Daydream Believer
3rd: Grainger Devil In Disquise
Res: Burgin Nutshki Dark Knight For Noncom
Vhc: Peers’ Tweedisle Piper Boy

 OD (6 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: Hooton, Shorter, & Nuttall’s Penticharm Prince Charming
2nd: Hogarty’s Ir Ch Cadagio The Unexpected
3rd: Shopland’s Cherrycrack Mack The Knife
Res: Percy’s Winetta Jimmy Mack
Vhc: Saich Hector Of The Glen

MPB (9,1a)
1st: Felters & Rumens Landbuck Jazz Hands
2nd: Burgin Noncom Miss Hat He Chewed
3rd: Powell  Noncom Mad Madam Mimm At Rosenez
Res: Strickland Tanteazle Tigerella
Vhc: Bishop Tanteazle Rosabelle

 PB (4,2a)
1st: Ward  Vanajam Chorus Line
2nd: Saich  Lindcoly Oki Doki

 JB (10,3a)
1st: Shaw Honeyhall Hide'n Seek
2nd  Confue Anjofra Me Me Me
3rd: Dolan Glenrood Forever Topps
Res: Petts Cairngold Gunning For Gold With Doonrae
Vhc: Chambers Cairngrove Clever Clogs

 PGB (12,3a)
1st: Robinson Cruzo Bannock Belle
2nd: Osborn Tweslam Bonnee Annee
3rd: Weinberger Correnie Crazy For You
Res: Munday Birselaw Firebird Of Stradivarius
Vhc: Moseley Carradine Sapphire At Spawyche

 LB (9,2a)
1st: Osborn Tweslam Izzy Wizzy Get Bizzy
2nd: Weinberger Correnie Anything Goes
3rd: Robinson Cruzo Cinderella
Res: Keeves Seveek The Mystery Of Dreams
Vhc: Marshall Strathgarten Kenmilfore Lady Marmalade

 OB (13 Entries) Abs: 8
1st: Short’s Glenchess Golden Wings
2nd: Smook-Van Koolbergen’s Ned Lux Ch Birselaw Emma
3rd: Hogarty’s Ir Ch Cadagio She's The One
Res: Shannon, Storr, & Culliford’s Ch Brenndarcy Be Bop Deluxe
Vhc: Burgin’s Curtisey Foreign Affair At Carradine





















BOB On The Move

 Cairn Terriers


MPD (4,1 a) I King & Leighton's Carradine May Be The Moon at Harkinleigh, 81/2 months, well grown & sturdy, good head, neck & shoulders, level back. Tail a little proud. Good length of leg. Coat needs attention. Shows well, movement steady; 2 Felters & Rumens' Landbuck Colour Scheme, 6 months, very young looking, good head, good eyes with dark rims. Very immature, needs plenty of time to develop & learn. Movement fair; 3 King & Leighton's Carradine Night Listener at Harkinleigh.

PD (4,2) I Peers' Tweedisle That Guy Johnny, cr/gr, good head, correct eye, good neck & shoulders, level back. Stands true in front, needs more coat behind. Moved well; 2 Keeves' Conundrum Under Your Spell with Seveek, light red, good head, neck& shoulders, correct level back. Needs to gain confidence. Nice size, movement fair.

JD (7) I Moseley & Inett's Spawyche Elizabethan Onyx, light cr/gr/br, nice head, round eye, good neck, nice length of leg, good shoulders & front, level back, correct size, moves, stands & shows well. Coat could be better; 2 Ward's Vanajam Pop Idol, very smart cream, very good head, dark eyes, neat ears, very good neck, shoulders & front, level topline, good tailset, movement fair; 3 Pollock's Larchlea Licence To Thrill at Stanedykes.

PGD (7,1) I Middlehurst's Zaiazar Un Zipped! at Starveren, bright red, liked his good head, neat ears, stands & shows all the time, good textured coat, firm level back, good front, strong hindquarters, moves with drive & fairly true; RCC; 2 Saich's Kiataia Masquerade, very good head, lovely eyes. Bright red coat, some trimming needed to show him off more. Good firm body, correct legs & feet. Has to learn to stand & show, just needs time. Good front, moved well; 3 Short's Glenchess All In The Stars.

LD (5) I Cameron's Stryveling Robb Ruadh, lovely bright red, excellent head, full of character, lovely correct eyes, mischievous expression, good stop, neat ears, nice neck, very good shoulders, lovely front legs of correct bone structure, nothing heavy or coarse, strong supple level back with matched hindquarters, good legs & feet. Moves effortlessly & true, perfect free flowing movement. Not big but well made & beautifully balanced. In challenge line-up just stood out. CC & BOB; 2 Catto's Birselaw Daydream Believe, very lovely head & expression, dark muzzle, very good eyes, good neck, correct shoulders, good front legs & feet, shapely ribcage, firm level back, strong hindquarters, good movement, stands well, plenty of coat in nice order; 3 Grainger's Devil In Disquise.

OD (6,1) I Hooton, Shorter & Nuttall's Penticharm Prince Charming, light grey, good shaped head, neatest of ears, liked his size & smartness, good front, level topline, good tail carriage, very steady movement, kept head up & looks nicely balanced as he goes. Coat let him down as short; 2 Hogarty's Ir Ch Cadagio The Unexpected, good grey. lovely head, nice neck & shoulders, strong level back & hindquarters, nice tail carriage, well balanced, nice size. Coat not at its best but of correct texture. Moved well; 3 Shopland's Cherrycrack Mack The Knife.

MPB (9,1) I Felters & Rumens' Landbuck Jazz Hands, lovely puppy, cream coat at its best, just as a puppy should be at 6 months, so happy & game. Moved well but would rather play. Most promising. BP; 2 Burgin's Noncom Miss Hat He Chewed, good gr/br, good head. nice expression, well put together, growing along correctly, neat legs & feet, moves well, learning to stand & show with enjoyment; 3 Powell's Noncom Mad Madam Mimm at Rosene.

PB (4,2) I Ward's Vanajam Chorus Line, dark gr/br, good head, dark eyes, neat ears, liked her shape & balanced body plus length of leg. movement good, stands nicely, harsh textured coat correctly trimmed, looks alert & happy; 2 Saich's Lindcoly Oki Doki, well grown bright red, pretty head, good eyes, stop & strong muzzle, firm body. Good to handle on table but not happy on floor, movement will come with time. Coat of good texture, could loose a few long wisps on legs.

JB (10,3) I Shaw's Honeyhall Hide'N Seek, red, well furnished head, pleasing expression, dark appealing eyes, correct size, nice balanced body, good length of leg, level topline, firm to handle, moves with good drive, stands well & looks happy, neatly trimmed coat; 2 Confue's Anjofra Me Me Me, very good showgirl, lovely head, neck & shoulders, firm & supple to handle, best of legs & feet. Good harsh coat, would like little more left on hindquarters. Very good tail carriage, good free movement; 3 Dolan's Glenrood Forever Topps.

PGB (12,3) I Robinson's Cruzo Bannock Belle, dark brindle, nicely shaped head, good expression, well made all over. Nice firm muscled body but coat could be better. Good length of leg, very good free movement, stands & shows throughout; 2 Osborn's Tweslam Bonnee Annee, most striking dark mask, dark red coat of good harsh quality, firm level back, strong well made hindquarters, good tail carriage, lively & happy showgirl with free movement; 3 Weinberger's Correnie Crazy For You.

LB (9,2) I Osborn's Tweslam IzzyWizzy Get Bizzy, bright dark rich red, good shaped head, wistful expression, very good neck,lovely shoulders, front legs & feet firm to handle, good bone, strong well muscled hindquarters, nice taitset, when asked to move went true front & back with good free stride, liked her, a picture to watch. RCC; 2 Weinberger's Correnie Anything Goes, dark gr/br, correct size, excellent standing, lovely to handle on table, good head, beautiful expression, dark speaking eyes, nice neck, excellent shoulders, level firm back, good tailset, stood & showed all the time, movement steady. Would prefer more coat left on; 3 Robinson's Cruzo Cinderella.

OB (13,8) I Short's Glenchess Golden Wings, wonderful showgirl in top form, lovely red coat in excellent order, beautiful head, appealing expression, nice eyes, strong muzzle, firm neck, good shoulders, front legs & neat feet, strong supple well made body, level back, well muscled hindquarters,tail always up, good free flowing movement, covers ground really well with handler in time. Well deserved 3rd CC; 2 Smook-van Koolbergen's Dutch/Lux Ch Birselaw Emma, dark brindle, very nice head, good expression, dark eyes, good neck & shoulders, nice straight front, firm chest, strong back. Good tail, up all the time. Very smart happy showgirl, never stopped showing & looking alert, lovely character to have, moved well. Coat just let down; 3 Hogarty's Ir Ch Cadagio She's The One.




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A Big thanks to Graham Peers’ for the photography and speed of delivery for publication.