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2008 Reports


Midland Cairn Terrier Club Championship Show

6th December 2008

 Ann Waugh (Tribannon)


DCC, BOS & RBIS; Pollock’s Larchlea Licence To Thrill At Stanedykes

RDCC; Cameron’s Stryveling Robb Ruadh

BCC & BIS; Munday’s Ch. Birselaw Firebird Of Stradivarius

RBCC; Middlehurst’s Ch. Camasmor Cuairteag To Starveren 

Best Puppy; Shannon & Storr’s Brenndarcy Button It

Best Veteran; Wall’s Ch Shearwater Cae De Sonhas


Jim Pollock,DCC,BOS & RBIS Larchlea Licence To Thrill At Stanedykes,Ann Waugh,Ray Munday, BCC & BIS Birselaw Firebird Of Stradivarius

BPB & BPIS Brenndarcy Button It, Brenda Shannon, Ann Waugh, Yvonne Catto, BPD & BOS Puppy Birselaw  Follow Your Dream





VD/B 8,1a

  1. Ch Shearwater Cae De Sonhas
  2. Ch Stradivarius Sonata
  3. Ch Spawyche Elizabethan Opal At Honeyhall

Res Glenchess Gold Myrtle

Vhc Sandaig Suilean Dubh


MPD  6,0a

  1. Birselaw Follow Your Dream
  2. Cloverbrook Ray Of Sunshine (Taf)
  3. Maximal Tinkers Moon

Res. Spirebrook Dawn Raider

Vhc Doddydodah Snowdancer


PD   9,0a

  1. Jaeva Face The Music
  2. Cairngold Mirage
  3. Cannwood Zipper At Thackeston
  4. Cairngold Roulette
  5. Crowneast Sandpiper


JD   4,0a

  1. Landbuck Colour Code
  2. Strathgarten Crackerjack
  3. Tweedisle Krazy Koot
  4. Carradine Maybe The Moon At Harkinleigh


MD    2,1a

  1. Tweedisle Stargazer


ND   3

  1. Tanteazle Tailor Cut
  2. Tweedisle Krazy Koot
  3. Roachdee Mystery Of The Full Moon


GD    1,0a

  1. Mosspur Licensed To Thrill


PGD 6,0a

      1.   Rocasovale Razzle Dazzle

  1. Glenrood Iceman
  2. Tweedisle Guy Mannering
  3. Strathinver Such A Star
  4. Maximal Between Dreams with Seveek


LD   10,0a

      1.  Stryveling Robb Ruadh

  1. Zalazar Unzipped! At Starveren
  2. Larchlea Time To Entertain
  3. Vale Of Atholl’s At Long Last
  4. Vanajam Pop Idol


OD   6,2a

  1. Larchlea Licence To Thrill At Stanedykes
  2. Ch Cannwood As If By Magic To Starveren JW
  3. Ch Birselaw Daydream Believer
  4. SeveekCountry Rambler To Svendalens


SBD   5,1a

  1. Tanteazle Tailor Cut
  2. SeveekCountry Rambler To Svendalens
  3. Roachdee Mystery Of The Full Moon
  4. Mosspur Licensed To Thrill



MPB 12,3a

      1.  High Class Baby For Malmay

  1. Lentrica Who’s The Daddy
  2. Birselaw Bewitched
  3. Cloverbrook Here I Come
  4. Cloverbrook Cream o’Crop at Eborvale


PB 15,3a

      1.   Brenndarcy Button It

  1. Vanajam Leading Lady
  2. Anjofra Welcome To La La Land
  3. Cloverbrook Cream o’Crop at Eborvale
  4. Newfield Dawn Spirit


JB 8,2a

      1.   Landbuck Jazz Hands

  1. Cannwood Razz-A-Ma-Tazz
  2. NoncomMiss Hat He Chewed
  3. Doonrae Interstellar
  4. Noncom Lucy Lockett


MB 8,3a

      1.   Landbuck Jazz Hands

  1. Vanajam Disco Diva
  2. Strathinver Sheenagh
  3. Sybster Sancerre
  4. Little Miss Tonka


NB 3,1a

  1. Landbuck Jazz Hands
  2. Empress Thistle Of Tweedisle


GB 6,2a

  1. Honeyhall Hide N’Seek
  2. Cairngold Gunning For Gold With Doonrae
  3. Anjofra Me Me Me
  4. Winetta Anticipation At Thackeston


PGB  12,5a

      1.  Carradine Sapphire At Spawyche

  1. Glenchess Scarlett Ribbons
  1. Vanajam Dream Catcher At Ometto
  2. Caingrove Clever Clogs
  3. SpirebrookLady Jade Enraw


LB   6,1a

  1. Malmay’s Sky’s The Limit
  2. Tweslam Bonne Annee
  3. ConundrumSweeter For Me For Lentrica ShCM
  4. SeveekThe Mystery Of Dreams
  5. Jaeva En Vogue


OB 10,2a

  1. Ch Birselaw Firebird Of Stradivarius
  2. Ch Camasmor Cuairteag To Starveren
  3. Cairngold Avin A Paddy
  4. Carradine Magic Star
  5. Glenchess Vivienne Westwood


SBB 3,2a

        1.   Newfield Heather Magic


Brace   3,2a

  1. Strathgarten Brace



























Cups,Trophies & Rossettes on offer




Photographs By Alan Firth

Critique -

Even though I had an enjoyable day--on reflection some of the Cairns that I judged had the worse heads that I have ever had to judge. A Cairn's head is its crowning glory--some even say that without a typical head you have a terrier but not a Cairn terrier. Cairns without a stop are not typical and there were too many without a stop. The formation of the skull was wrong, and the true Cairn expression was missing. I looked in my catalogue to see if a particular sire was producing such stock but I could not find any one sire responsible for the fault. It seems to be endemic and as breeders and people responsible for producing future stock we need to think to where we are progressing (If the dog you want to use has a poor head then do not use it) Surely good heads are not going to be so much in the minority that new people to the breed (if there are any!!)Will hardly ever see a Cairn with that wistful yet mischievous expression that is the hallmark of this breed

On the positive side I think side gait has improved but the fore and aft gait still needs improving--some elbowed their way towards me while others displayed weak cow hocked movement going away from me


Veteran. (8,1)

          This was the best class of the day. I did not want to judge it. They were all 1st prize winners the competition was hot.

1st Wall's CH Shearwater Cae de Sonas. At 10, still on his toes, keeping his dead level topline on the move. Masculine head, nicely boned good feet and still in great muscle tone. He was truly enjoying himself. A great ambassador for the breed. Because of his many enduring qualities I kept him in the final 4 for consideration for further honours.


2nd Munday's CH.Stradivarius Sonata, good headed ultra sound bathmat times got over enthusiastic but settled down eventually to gain her position in this excellent class. 


3rd Shaw’s CH.Spawyche Elizabethan Opal at Honeyhall, Presented in cracking order showed all out.


  Minor Puppy Dog (6)

 1st Catto's Birselaw Follow Your Dream, 8mths,well up to size but with luck will have finished growing. Typical head, in great puppy coat, well balanced body, moving just a trifle slack in topline at present but this is a youthful and temporary failing. Best puppy dog.


2nd Wall's Cloverbrook Ray of Sunshine, only 6 mths by my veteran winner, well grown showy pup a bit wayward at times but did just enough to warrant his placing.


3rd Bennett's Maximal Tinker's Moon.


Puppy Dog. (9)

 1st Downie and Tate's Jaeva Face the Music,11mth dk.br. Full of Cairn type. A quality exhibit with a strong balanced outline carried well. Correct well formed head good mouth neat ears in good all round condition, but lost out for best puppy as I felt he needed more hair left on his foreface especially under his chin. It just spoilt the perfect picture for me.


2nd Firth's Cairngold Mirage, 9mth dk.br. Pleasing masculine head well coated and conditioned strong outline, good showman.


3rd Armitages' Cairngold Roulette.


Junior Dog (4)

 1st Felters and Rumens' Landbuck Colour Code, cream with good stop, small ears, strong topline, sound mover, presented in good order.


2nd Marshall's Strathgarten Crackerjack, light red, with the most appealing expression. Here was the stop I was looking for. Neat small ears dk. eyes well muscled and in good coat. Lost out in rear action to the 1st.


3rd Peers' Tweedisle Krazy Koot.


Maiden (2,1)

 1st Davis' Tweedisle Stargazer, cream 11mth old, stood alone, good coat, but not the best of heads or topline -unplaced in previous class---needs further ring training.


 Novice dog (3)

 1st Mara's Tanteazle Tailor Cut, dk.br. with pleasing head and typical expression, good topline balanced body Coat could be harsher. Fore and aft movement acceptable but needs to show more propulsion in side gait.


2nd Peers' Tweedisle krazy Koot, well coated cream with a lovely head and experssion, level topline covered the ground well but needs to widen in front but has time on his side. Lost out on maturity to 1st


3rd Parkin's Mystery of the full Moon.



Graduate (1)

 1st Purvis' Mosspur licenced to Thrill, cream in good harsh coat good head, but fails in movement both fore and aft but side movement, quite good.


Post Grad. Dog (6)

 1st Smith's Rocasovale Razzle Dazzle, all male, well balanced, grey br. good head and expression, wide mouth, in good coat and condition, well put together, moved well all round. Not an easy dog to show but eventually settled down enough to win this class. 


2nd Dolan and Inett's Glenrood Ice Man, cream smaller pattern than 1st but masculine enough, moved well and was in good coat. I just preferred the balance of the 1st.


3rd Peers' Tweedisle Guy Mannering.


Limit Dog. (10)

  A very good class with some lovely exhibits going out cardless


1st Cameron's Stryveling Robb Ruadh, red dk pts. In peak condition, coat and body wise, good head with the desired deep stop, superb mouth with big teeth well placed ears. Moved with great purpose and is foot perfect when viewed for and aft. Showed well to win this competitive class but started to flag in the challenge but could not be denied the R.C.C.   


2nd Middlehurst's Zalazar Unzipped! At Starveren. Another red, with a very pleasing head, widest of mouths eyes correct for size and shape well constructed body in good condition, moved really well A hard decision to separate these two high quality dogs.           


3rd Templeton's Larchlea Time to Entertain


Open Dog

 Pollock's Larchlea Licence to Thrill at Stanedykes, most handsome red brindle, all male epitomising Cairnyness balanced body, level topline, in excellent coat and condition, beautiful head, neat ears and a deep stop Moved well with a ground covering action. Not a small dog has stallion quality and in my opinion can never be overlooked. D.C.C. and R.B.I.S.                


2nd Middlehurst's CH.Cannwood as if by Magic to Starveren, I did not recognise this dog as his coat has darkened so much since I last judged him. Most beautiful and correctly formed masculine head. Superb flow of neck into clean shoulders, level topline held well, 1st was a little more free in movement to day but this dog is a most worthy example of our breed.   Close up for consideration for the reserve.


3rd Catto's CH. Birselaw Daydream Believer.


Minor Puppy Bitch. (12,3)

 1st Smee's High Class baby for Malmay 8 mths aptly named, light red showed with the assurance of a veteran, nicely put together, typical head sound mover with good extension and drive. Promising


2nd Clarke's Lentrica Who's the Daddy grey brindle, I really fell for this delightful 6 mth old puppy. She showed so well, sweet head and expression also moved well.


3rd Catto's Birselaw Bewitched.


Puppy Bitch (15,3)


1st Shannon & Storr's Brenndarcy Button It.  10 month cream, lovely high quality exhibit with correct head formation good eye colour and small ears.  Presented in excellent coat and condition.  Moved well all round showing good body construction.  On top of this she showed non stop.  Could not be denied Best Puppy in Show.  Promising.


2nd Ward’s Vanajam Leading Lady.  Cream, dark points 11 months, well grown with desired head, good neck, level topline, in good quality coat.  Did not settle at first but went well later.  A very good show lady.  Promising.


3rd Confue’s Anjofra Welcome to La La Land.


Junior Bitch (8,1)


1st Felters & Rumens' Landbuck Jazz Hands.  Cream with a pretty feminine head, everything correct.  Coat and condition excellent.  What struck me most about this exhibit was her free movement, with such extension and drive - not too much but just right for a Cairn Terrier.  Surely a star of the future.  Great showgirl.


2nd Roberts's Cannwood Razz-A-Ma-Tazz.  Cream in good form, well made skull with desired expression, little ears and good eye colour.  Level topline, carried well on the move.  Showed well.  Lots to like here - unlucky to meet 1st.


3rd Burgin’s Noncom Miss Hat He Chewed.


Maiden Bitch (8,3)

 1st Felters & Rumens' Landbuck Jazz Hands.


2nd Ward’s Vanajam Disco Diva.  Cream, dark points.  Very feminine with a lovely expression, neat ears, correct eye for colour and shape, in good all round condition - not a big girl but balanced body.  Very good showgirl.  Movement not as positive as 1st.


3rd Newton’s Strathinver Sheenagh.


Novice Bitch (3,1)

 1st Felters & Rumens' Landbuck Jazz Hands - still showing all out and loving it.


2nd Peers’ Empress Thistle of Tweedisle.  Unplaced in the puppy class.  Very pretty and sound light grey brindle.  Not enjoying herself as much as 1st.


Graduate Bitch (6,2)

1st Shaw’s Honeyhall Hide n' Seek.  Cream, dark points, good well made head with desired stop, neat ears, level topline and good tailset.  Moved well, covering the ground with ease.  Showed her heart out.


2nd Petts’ Cairngold Gunning for Gold with Doonrae.  Light red, dark points.  Strong and well made head, excellent coat for length and texture.  Moved well, showed well but not with quite the enthusiasm of 1st.


3rd Confue’s Anjofra Me Me Me.


Post Graduate Bitch (12,5)

 1st Moseley's Carradine Sapphire at Spawyche.  Grey brindle with a pleasing head.  Nice free mover, showed well.


2nd Short’s Glenchess Scarlett Ribbons.  Red in good all round form.  She showed well but tended to fore-shorten herself on the slippery part of the floor, this spoilt her outline on the move.


3rd Coffell’s Vanajam Dream Catcher at Ometto.


Limit Bitch (6,1)

A very difficult class to judge.


1st Smee’s Malmay Sky's the Limit.  Grey brindle with an appealing head and expression, well balanced body with strong outline kept on the move.  Showed well.


2nd Osborn’s Tweslam Bonne Annee.  Similar remarks apply.  I just preferred the expression of 1st but on another day they could exchange places.


3rd.  Clarke's Conundrum Sweeter for Me for Lentrica.


Open Bitch  (10,2)

 There were some quality bitches in this class and separating them was quite difficult.


1st Munday’s Ch. Birselaw Firebird of Stradivarius.  Grey brindle with a most feminine and appealing head, balanced and strong outline.  In very good coat and condition.  Showed really well to win this class.  CC and BOB.


2nd Middlehurst’s Ch. Camasmor Cuairteag To Staveren.  A cream I had judged before and did not place highly as I thought she looked stuffy.  How wrong I was.  It just goes to show that no one should pre judge - Cairn terriers can change in coat and also sometimes in body condition from show to show.  This time the bitch's neck was so evident showing a lovely flow into her topline.  She never put a foot wrong and went on to win RCC, beating another good bitch into 3rd. place.


3rd.  Firth's Cairngold Avin a Paddy.


Special Beginners Bitch (3,2)

 1st Bradshaw’s Newfield Heather Magic, stood alone.  Dark brindle with a sweet expression.  Well formed head, strong outline in good coat.  Deserved her 1st placement.


Brace (3,2)

 1st Marshall's.  Rudolph appeared with his little helpers.  At first they moved in unison but one had a mind of his own and disappeared momentarily into the delighted spectators.  A well matched pair in red coats.


Ann Waugh