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2008 Reports


Manchester Dog Show Society Championship Show

January 2008 – Cairn Terrier

Alma Smee (Malmay)  84-86


DCC & BOB: Shannon & Storr’s Brenndarcy Spellbinder
RDCC: Middlehurst's Zalazar Un Zipped! At Starveren (Imp)
BCC: Waugh’s Razzle Dazzle Glory At Tribannon
RBCC: Robinson’s Cruzo Cinderella
Best Puppy : Moseley’s & Inett’s Spawyche Elizabethan Onyx
Best Veteran :Wall’s Ch Shearwater Cae De Sonhas


DCC & BOB, Brenndarcy Spellbinder, Brenda Shannon, judge Alma Smee, BCC Razzle Dazzle Glory At Tribannon & Ann Waugh








PD (10,3a)
1ST Moseley & Inett Spawyche Elizabethan Onyx
2nd Felters & Rumens’ Landbuck Jumbo
3rd Newton.s Strathinver Such A Star
Res Keeves‘ Conundrum Under Your Spell With Seveek
Vhc Coffell’s Vanajam Split Decision At Ometto Naf

JD (5,2a)
1st Short Glenchess All In The Stars
2nd Dolan & Inett’s Glenrood Ice Man
3rd Peers’ Tweedisle Guy Mannering

PGD (8,2a)
1st Middlehurst’s Zalazar Un Zipped At Starveren (Imp)
2nd Edney’s Cherrycrack Poacher
3rd Copley’s Cloverbrook Play The Game
Res: Lynch’s Fieldron Call My Bluff At Linacrelads
Vhc: Watson’s Fieldron I've Got News For You

LD (6,1a)
1st Inett & Harrison’s Glenchess Gabriel Over Carradine
2nd Firth & Jones’ Cairngold Jackpot
3rd Percy’s Winetta Jimmy Mack
Res Stephinson’s Twohoots Barnabas JW
Vhc Soper’s Uniquecottage Ring Plover

OD (4)
1st Shannon & Storr’s Brenndarcy Spellbinder
2nd Waugh’s Tribannon Warlord
3rd Peers’ Tweedisle Sweet Talking Guy
Res Waites’ Seveek Country Rambler To Svendalens

1st Wall’s Ch Shearwater Cae De Sonhas
2nd Birch Ch Kinkim Prinzludy
3rd Davey’s Castleline Game Spirit At Beranburh

PB (13,7a)
1st Petts’ Cairngold Gunning For Gold With Doonrae
2nd Dolan  Glenrood Mystic Topaz
3rd Chambers’ Cairngrove Clever Clogs
Res Soper’s Elitecharm Only Girl
Vhc Parker.s Conundrum Qui Moi

JB (11,3a)
1st Weinberger Correnie Crazy For You
2nd Firth & Jones’ Cairngold Avin A Paddy
3rd Thompson’s Castleline Bonnie
Res  Dolan Mrs S E Glenrood Forever Topps
Vhc: 9579 Hacker Ms G Coxellot Best Shoes To Teddeana

PGB (13,5a)
1st Waugh’s Rivercottage Sandy's Legend
2nd Robinson;s Cruzo Bannock Belle
3rd Thompson’s Castleline Tiger Lily
Res Dolan’s Glenrood Forever Popsy
Vhc Shearsmith’s Eborvale Enchantress

LB (8,1a)
1st Robinson’s Cruzo Cinderella
2nd Shannon, Storr & Culliford Brenndarcy Be Bop Deluxe
3rd Keeves’ Seveek The Mystery Of Dreams
Res: Bambridge’s Carradine Creme Brulee For Luvemal
Vhc  Brennan’s Cloverbrook Cayos

Ob (5,2a)
1st: Waugh’s Razzle Dazzle Glory At Tribannon
2nd: Middlehurst’s  Camasmor Cuairteag To Starveren
3rd Harrison, Inett & Clayton;s Carradine Magic Star

VB (1)
1st Short’s Ch Glenchess Night Owl














Flushed With Success?

Nice to see Chris back on form

Photographs By Linda & Amy Firth





I would like to say thank you to the Committee for inviting me to judge and to all the exhibitors for their entries.

Last time I judged I found movement a worry and feel it has not really improved.  I also found that some exhibits were dirty and un-groomed.

My main winners were as follows:


D.C.C. and  B.O.B.     Shannon and Storr’s Brenndarcy Spellbinder

Wheaten dog with dark points. Good head and mouth. Level top line. Well balanced and well muscled who moved out well.


R.D.C.C.  Middlehursr’s Zalazar Unzipped at Starveren (Imp)

Good quality red dog.  Smaller made than C.C. winner but balanced and covered the ground well. Beautiful head and good teeth. Just lacking slightly on maturity at present.


B.C.C.  Waugh’s Razzle Dazzle Glory at Tribannon

Despite a profusion of coat this was a well made typey, rangy cream bitch. Level top line and tail spot on. An excellent head with good teeth and bite. Movement  was first class front and aft.


R.B.C.C.   Robinson;s Cruzo Cinderella

Well made bitch with everything as it should be. Lovely head and expression and moved out well. I’m sure her day will come.


Best Puppy  Moselely and Inett’s  Spawyche Elizabethan Onyx

Very smart 8 month wheaten dog. Nicely balanced, good head, top line and tail set. Moved very well.


Puppy Dog (10 Entries) 3abs

1st     Moseley and Inett’s Spawyche Elizabethan Onyx - Best Puppy

2nd    Felters and Rumen’s Landbuck Jumbo

          Well made wheaten dog well up to size. Lovely head and expression. Good mouth. Just beaten by 1st who had slightly more positive movement.

3rd     Newton’s Strathinver Such A Star


Junior Dog  (5 Entries) 2 abs

1st     Short’s Glenchess All In The Stars

          Lovely dog to go over, good neck and shoulders, typical head and big teeth. Level top line and the soundest of movement.

2nd     Dolan and Inett’s  Glenrood Ice Man

          The same comments as the 1st  apply but today movement not quite so positive behind .

3rd     Peers Tweedisle Guy Mannering


Post Graduate Dog  (8 Entries)  2abs

1st     Middlehurst’s Zalazar Unzipped at Stavaren (Imp R.C.C. Winner)

2nd     Edney’s Cherrycrack Poacher

          The 1st and 2nd in this class were really sound dogs with same attributes and I was splitting hairs but just slightly preferred the balance of 1st place.

3rd     Copley’s Cloverbrook Play The Game


Limit Dog (6 Entries) 1 abs

1st     Inett and Harrison’s Glenchess Gabriel Over Carrradine

          Rangy light red dog. Good head and best of movement. Level top line and good tail set.

2nd     Firth, Jones and Firth’s Cairngold Jackpot

          Good honest dog who covered the ground well. Nicely proportioned head with wicked expression.

3rd     Percy’s Winetta Jimmy Mack


Open Dog (4 Entries) 0 abs

1st     Shannon and Storr’s Brenndarcy Spellbinder C.C. and B.o.B.

2nd     Waugh’s Tribannon Warlord

          This was a well made dog who moved well. Although smaller type to 1st but more difficult to assess as he did not cooperate with his handler.

3rd     Peers Tweedisle Sweet Talking Guy


Veteran Dog (3 Entries) 0 abs

1st     Wall’s Ch. Shearwater Cae de Sonhas

          Still a beautiful 9½ year old dog to go over, who moved with drive and is a credit to his owner.

2nd     Birch’s Ch. Kimkim Prinzludy

          Another lovely 10 year old dog to go over. In good condition and well muscled. Although slightly heavier than 1st but still moved out well.

3rd     Davey’s Castleline Game Spirit at Beranburh


Puppy Bitch (13 Entries) 7 abs

1st    Pett’s Cairngold Gunning for Gold with Doonrae

          A very sound puppy who moved confidently round the ring. She had lovely neck and shoulders.  Level          top line and good tail set.  Just pipped at the post for Best Puppy on maturity.

2nd     Dolan’s Glenrood Mystic Topaz

          A sweet wheaten brindle baby of nearly 7 months. Looks very promising just needs to tighten in front but plenty of time for that.

3rd    Chambers Cairngrove Clever Clogs


Junior Bitch (11 Entries) 3 abs

 I thought this was a good strong class

1st       Weinberger’s Correnie Crazy for You

            A smart bitch with lovely outline who moved well but lacked enthusiasm.  Beautiful head and expression.

2nd     Firth, Jones and Firth’s Cairngold  Avin  a Paddy  

          Good quality silver bitch. Good topline and tail set and moved well but not quite the finish of 1st.

3rd     Thompson’s Castleline Bonnie.


Postgraduate Bitch

This was another strong class

1st       Waugh’s Rivercottage Sandy’s Legend

             Rangydark brindle with superb conformation, good neck and shoulders. Good topline and tailset could trouble the best when in full coat.

2nd      Robinson’s Cruzo Bannock Belle

              Smaller than 1st but well made bitch with typical head and expression. Moved well but would like to see a bit more coat.

3rd       Thompson’s Castleline Tiger Lily.


Limit Bitch (8 Entries) 1 abs 

1st        Robinson’s Cruzo Cinderella  R.C.C.

2nd      Shannon and Storr’s  Brenndarcy Be Bop Deluxe

            Cream bitch good to go over, good head and expression and well balanced

3rd       Keeves The Mystery of Dreams


Open Bitch (5 Entries) 2 abs

 1st      Waugh’s Razzle Dazzle Glory at Tribannon  C.C.

2nd      Middlehurst’s Camasmor Cuairteag  to Starveren

            idy neat bitch with everything in the right place, did not move as positively as 1st  but a good quality bitch.

3rd            Harrison, Inett and Clayton’s Carradine Magic Star.


Veteran Bitch (1 entry)

1st        Short’s Ch Glenchess Night  

           This beautiful bitch is in very good shape for her years and moved so positivelyround the ring obviously enjoying her outing.



          Alma Smee