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2008 Reports


North Of Ireland CTC

Championship Show  23rd February 2008

Judge: Fiona Cameron (Stryveling)








Brian Mears, BP Pollocks Larchlea Time To Entertain At Standykes, Maggie Shopland. BCC Short’s Glenchess Golden Wings, Judge Fiona Cameron, Joan Percy, DCC & BOB Winnetta Jimmy Mack





MPD 5.1a

  1. Uniquecottage Gold Barra
  2. Glenmear Magwitch
  3. Birselaw Buttons
  4. Minorcas Xmas Card


PD 3,1a

1.     Larchlea time To Entertain At Standykes

2.     Loughrask Not Bertie Again


JD 2

1.     Larchlea Licence To Thrill At Standykes

2.     Loughrask Batchelor


MD 2,1a

1.     Uniquecottage Gold Barra


ND 2

1.     Larchlea Time To Entertain At Standykes

2.     Uniquecottage Gold Barra


GD 5,1a

1.     Master Mackenzie Of Monea

2.     Calwin Archie

3.     Uniquecottage Gold Rrewe

Res. Minorcas Minstrel Boy



1.     Zalazar Unzipped! At Starveren

2.     Rocasovale Razzle Dazzle

3.     Russcot Rising Star

Res Eglish Forbes Macgregor

VHC Minorcas Lucky Seven


LD 5,2a

1.     Cherryceack Mack The Knife

2.     Twohoots Barnabas JW

3.     Slashwood Solomon Grundy


OD 6,2a

1.     Winetta Jimmy Mack

2.     Ch. Ir Ch Cadagio As Good As It Gets

3.     Ch. Brenndarcy Spellbinder

Res. Ir Ch. Cadagio The Unexpected


VD/B 5,4a

1.     Ch Stradivarvarius Sonata


  1. Minorcas Xmas Fairy
  2. Carradine Across The Miles


PB 3

1.     Eglish Lilys Of The Valley

2.     Cairngold Gunning For Gold At Doonrae


JB 3,2a

1.     Cadagio Let The Goodtimes Roll


MB 3,2a

    1.Birselaw Firebird Of Stradivarius


NB 2,2a


GB 5,2a

     1.Eglish Willow Run

     2.Minorcas She’s Mine

     3.Fairy Forest



     1.Winnetta ‘A’ You’re Adorable

  2.Rocasovale It’s Up To You.

      3.Craigycor Modern Millie


LB 4,1a

      1.Birselaw I Got You Babe

      2.Strathgarten Kenmilfore ###lady Marmalade

      3.Shabanagh Golden Amber


OB 7,3a

      1. Glenchess Golden Wings

      2. Camasmor Cuarteag To Starveren

  3.Ir Ch Cadagio Stand By Me

   Res Ch Brenndarcy Be Bop Deluxe



      1.Eglish Lily Of The Valley





Saturday 23 February 2008



My thanks to the NICTC for inviting me to judge their Championship Show at Ballyclare.  I had a most enjoyable day with a good entry.  I was particularly pleased to see the dog classes so well filled.  Overall there were some very nice dogs and particularly in the highest classes for both dogs and bitches I was spoilt for choice.  On the downside I found a few with round eyes which spoil the Cairn expression, and some had a level bite.  Some exhibits lacked forechest and had poor front movement without sufficient forward reach.


MPD 5 (1)


1.      Parker-Tucker’s Uniquecottage Gold Barra.  Very attractive 7 month old red with profuse coat of good quality.  Well proportioned, of correct medium size, good head and expression, excellent mouth, nice length of neck with good shoulder placement.  Correct front.  Level topline, good tailset.  Moved well.


2.    Mears’ Glenmear Magwitch Another very nice 7 month old puppy slightly bigger than 1, with happy outgoing attitude.  Good head and expression, good quality profuse wheaten brindle coat.  Moved well when settled.


3.      Catto’s Birselaw Buttons


PD  3 (1)


1.      Pollock’s Larchlea Time to Entertain at Stanedykes.  9 month old dark grey brindle.  Nicely balanced.  Lovely type with good  head and expression.  Good stop.  Correct mouth.  Good reach of neck, level topline, good tailset and well angulated rear quarters.  Good spring of rib.  Moved well once he settled.  One to watch.  BP


2        Linanne’s Loughrask Not Bertie Again.  Well-grown 8 month old wheaten with profuse coat of good quality.  Good bone.  Level topline.  Strong rear quarters.  Moved very well behind.  Not quite as positive as 1 in front movement .


JD  2


1        Pollock’s Larchlea Licence to Thrill at Stanedykes.  Litter brother to PD winner.  Red brindle well up to size.  Nice outline.  Attractive head, good mouth.  Correct front.  Moved very well.  Just preferred size and shape of his brother in the challenge for BDP, but two very nice puppies.  Will be interested to see how they develop.


2        Linanne’s Loughrask Batchelor.  8 month light red dog.  Good mouth.  Good coat.  Level topline and correct tailset.  Not as well balanced as 1.


MD 2 (1)


1        Uniquecottage Gold Barra


ND  2


1        Larchlea Time to Entertain at Stanedykes


2        Uniquecottage Gold Barra


I liked both of these puppies very much.  Felt 1 moved out a little more positively in this class now that he had settled, and was obviously the more mature. 


GD  5 (1)


1        Wedge’s Master Mackenzie of Monea.  Large red with lovely head.  Correct mouth.  Very short of coat which emphasized his length of back.  Moved OK.


2        Callanan’s Calwin Archie.  Red brindle, smaller than 1.  Coat not at its best.  Attractive head with mischievous expression.  Good mouth.  Moved OK behind.


3        Forbes’ Uniquecottage Gold Rewe


PGD  5


1        Middlehurst’s Zalazar UnZipped! at Starveren.  Eye-catching red dog in excellent coat and condition. Good head.   Good neckline and layback of shoulders, level topline, correct tailset.  Good spring of rib.  Strong quarters.  Drove well from behind.


2        Smith’s Rocasovale Razzle Dazzle.  Red brindle who was unfortunately very short of coat so didn’t do himself justice.  Nice head and expression, good neckline, topline and tailset.  Moved OK.  Quite showy.  Liked his type.


3        Hodgkins Russcot Rising Star



LD  5 (2)


1        Shopland’s Cherrycrack Mack The Knife.  Well balanced, dark grey brindle with masculine head, correct dark eye of good shape giving true Cairn expression.  Good quality coat.  Good reach of neck and well placed shoulders, with plenty of upper arm giving correct front.  Good depth and spring of rib.  Moved well and steadily.  A good honest Cairn, deserving of his placing.


2        Stephinson’s Twohoots Barnabas.  Beautifully presented light red.  Well shaped head though expression not quite as typical as that of 1.  Good mouth.  Level topline, correct tailset, well muscled rear.  On the move drove well from behind.  A very nice dog.  At not yet two, I’m sure his day will come.


3        Dockry’s Slishwood Solomon Grundy

OD  6 (2)


A very good class.


1        Percy’s Winetta Jimmy Mack.  Beautiful red brindle with a head to die for!  I loved his size and overall proportions.  Good reach of neck, well placed shoulders, good amount of forechest, elbows close in to the rib cage.  Level topline, good bend of stifle.  Good quality, well presented coat.  Moved well.  Super ring presence.  All male.  CC & BIS.


2        Hogarty’s Ch/Ir Ch Cadagio As Good As It Gets.  Another top quality dog.  Dark brindle in full coat with a lovely head, good stop, well set ears, and true Cairn expression.  Good front, excellent well angulated, well muscled rear quarters.  He moved out and covered the ground well.  A very worthy champion.  RCC


3        Shannon & Storr’s Ch Brenndarcy Spellbinder


VD/VB  5 (4)


1        Munday’s Ch Stradivarius Sonata.  Very attractive grey brindle bitch.  Good head with sweet feminine expression.  Very good quality, well presented coat.  Level topline, good tailset.  Moved very positively and well.  Although standing alone, deserved her 1st place.




1        Master Mackenzie of Monea.


MPB  2


1        Burton’s Minorcas Xmas Fairy.  Nicely proportioned 6½ month old red brindle.  Very good coat, nice head and good mouth.  Moved well once she settled down.  Just a baby and rather shy at her first show.


2.      Dockry’s Carradine Across The Miles.  Red brindle, 8 months old.  Very sweet head and expression.  Would have liked to see her more bodied.  Moved round the ring OK.  Coat neither here nor there, which can be a problem at this age. 


PB  4(1)


1        Dalzell’s Eglish Lilys of the Valley.  Well-grown, well-bodied 7 month old wheaten.  Nice front and good rear angulation.  Showed very well.  Would have preferred a slightly more feminine head and expression.


2        Petts’ Cairngold Gunning for Gold at Doonrae.  11 month old red.  For me, didn’t have quite the true Cairn expression.  Good angulation.  Moved OK.  Very short of coat at present but quality one coming in.



JB  3(2)


1        Hogarty’s Cadagio Let the Good Times Roll.  Nicely balanced red brindle with good head and feminine expression.  Good length of neck, well placed shoulders, good spring of rib, good angulation front and rear.  Moved well coming and going.  Promising.


MB  3(2)


1        Munday’s Birselaw Firebird of Stradivarius.  Another very attractive red brindle youngster with good feminine head and expression.  Well placed ears, good length of neck, shoulders well laid back, level topline, good angulation.  Moved with energy and drive.


GB  5 (2)


1        Forbes’ Eglish Willow Run.  Red brindle in full good quality harsh coat.  Lovely dark eye.  Moved OK.


2        Burton’s Minorcas She’s Mine.  Very dark brindle with feminine head.  Very short of coat, but good quality one coming in.  Moved OK coming and going.


3        Walker’s Fairy Forest



PGB  3


1        Percy’s Winetta ‘A’ You’re Adorable.  Well balanced wheaten with short but good quality coat.  Good outline, nice head and expression, well angulated rear quarters.  Moved well behind.  Presented an overall attractive picture.


2        Smith’s Rocasovale It’s Up To You.  Red brindle who didn’t like the hall and therefore did not show herself off very well which was unfortunate.  Correct mouth, level topline, good tailset.  Rather short of coat but what she had was good quality.  When she did finally settle she moved well enough to win her 2nd place. 


3        Stewart’s Craigycor Modern Millie


LB  4 (1)


1        Catto’s Birselaw I Got You Babe.  Dark brindle, full of bounce.  Attractive head and expression, good dark eye.   Good spring and depth of rib, moved out well with drive.  In full coat.  Showed very well.


2        Marshall’s Kenmilfore Lady Marmalade.  Very feminine red, of smaller proportions than 1. Good shape of head with neat, well-placed ears.  Nice length of back.  Strong quarters.  Moved OK, driving well from behind.  Needs more coat to complete the picture.


3        Kennan’s Shabanagh Golden Amber


OB 7 (3)


Four very nice quality bitches.  Close decision


1        Short’s Glenchess Golden Wings.  Well proportioned red in excellent coat and condition, beautifully presented.  Good head, well placed ears, excellent mouth, good reach of neck and layback of shoulders, excellent depth and spring of rib with elbows close in, level topline, very well muscled and angulated quarters, good bone.  Moved so well with the reach and drive which I love to see.  CC


2        Middlehurst’s Camasmor Cuairteag to Starveren.  A different type to 1 but so much to like.  Nicely balanced wheaten with delightfully feminine head and expression, good stop, neat well-placed ears, level topline, good tailset.  Excellent quality coat in tip-top condition.  Moved well though with not quite the drive of 1.  RCC


3        Hogarty’s Ir Ch Cadagio Stand By Me




1  Dalzell’s Eglish Lilys of the Vally


Fiona Cameron (Judge)