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Border Union Championship Show

19th June 2009 - Cairn Terrier

Judge: Liam Dean (Orior)


DCC & BOB; Pollock’s Ch Larchlea Licence To Thrill At Stanedykes

RDCC; Templeton’s Larchlea Time To Entertain

BCC; Inett, Harrison & Clayton’s Carradine Magic Star

RBCC; Firth & Jones’ Ch Cairngold Avin A Paddy

BPIB Shaw’s Honeyhall Halliwell


Dawn Inett, BCC Carradine Magic Star,Liam Dean, Jim Pollock , DCC & BOB Ch Larchlea Licece To Thrill At Staedykes

Liam Dean , Iain Shaw, BPB & BPIB Honeyhall Halliwell





Puppy – Dog  4,0a

1st Brenndarcy Trouble At Mill (Shannon & Storr)

2nd Glenmear Marauder (Mears)

3rd Lindcoly Can We Fix It (Saich)

Res Birselaw Badger's Dream For Cornton (Miller)


Junior – Dog  4,0a

1st Birselaw Follow Your Dream (Catto)

2nd Cairngold Spin Of The Wheel (Firth & Jones)

3rd Cloverbrook Ray Of Sunshine Over Shearwater (Wall)

Res Jaeva Face The Music (Downie & Tate)


Novice – Dog 2,0a

1st Strathgarten Crackerjack (Marshall)

2nd Birselaw Badger's Dream For Cornton (Miller)


Post Graduate – Dog 4,2a

1st Noncom Inett Tu Winnit With Carradine (Inett & Harrison)

2nd Rocasovale Razzle Dazzle (Smith)


Limit – Dog 4,1a

1st Larchlea Time To Entertain (Templeton)

2nd Kiataia Masquerade (Saich)

3rd Tweedisle Guy Mannering (Peers)


Open – Dog 4,1a

1st Ch Larchlea Licence To Thrill At Stanedykes (Pollock)

2nd Zalazar Un Zipped ! At Starveren (Imp Dnk) (Middlehurst)

3rd Spawyche Elizabethan Onyx (Moseley & Inett)

Puppy – Bitch 9,1a

1st Honeyhall Halliwell (Shaw)

2nd Sybster Sonja (Berrecloth)

3rd Cloverbrook Xtra Factor (Braybrook)

Res Winetta Special Delivery (Percy)

Vhc Winetta My Kind Of Girl (Percy)


Junior – Bitch 9,0a

1st Brenndarcy Button It Jw (Shannon & Storr)

2nd Birselaw Bewitched (Catto)

3rd Luvemal Cherry Bea (Bambridge)

Res Lentrica Who's The Daddy (Clarke)

Vhc Empress Thistle Of Tweedisle (Peers)


Novice – Bitch 1,0a

1st Newfield Dawn Spirit (Mrs J Bradshaw)


Post Graduate – Bitch 6,0a

1st Noncom Minnie The Minx At Carradine (Inett & Harrison)

2nd Landbuck Jazz Hands (Felters & Rumens)

3rd Newfield Dawn Spirit (Bradshaw)

Res Larchlea Spirit In The Sky (Wren)

Vhc Noncom Miss Hat He Chewed (Burgin)


Limit – Bitch 9.0a

1st Cairngold Candlelight (Firth & Jones)

2nd Honeyhall Hide N Seek (Shaw)

3rd Conundrum Sweeter For Me For Lentrica Jw Shcm (Clarke)

Res Larchlea Light My Fire (Wren)

Vhc Sybster Spring Into Summer Shcm (Berrecloth)


Open – Bitch 4,1a

1st Carradine Magic Star (Inett, Harrison & Clayton)

2nd Ch Cairngold Avin A Paddy (Firth & Jones)

3rd Ned/Bel/Lux Ch Birselaw Emma (Catto)














Photographs by Alan & Linda Firth


Critique for Cairn Terriers at Border Union Agricultural Society, Kelso 20th June 2009.


I would like to thank the Committee of Border Union Agricultural Society for inviting me to judge the Cairns at their Championship Show, and to thank especially both the exhibitors present and all those who entered their cairns, for me to judge at my first CC appointment. I found the day very enjoyable and was generally impressed with the high level of quality cairns in the entry. Movement in general was good, and all cairn temperaments were excellent



Class 469 Puppy Dog (4, 0)


1st Shannon and Storr’s Brenndarcy Trouble at Mill.

A wheaten brindle dog with strong movement. A typical cairn with correct expression. He was both alert and lively in the ring, and moved well, front and back, with plenty of drive. Nice strong white teeth with the correct bite.


2nd Mears’s Glenmear Marauder

A dark brindle pup with a good double coat. Well proportioned with good length of leg and a correct firm top line and good tail set.


3rd Saich’s Lindcoly Can We Fix It



Class 470 Junior Dog (4, 0)


1st Catto’s Birselaw Follow Your Dream

A lovely well furnished brindle with an excellent harsh outer coat and soft undercoat.

A broad masculine head and strong jaw with large teeth and an obvious scissor bite.

With his excellent length of leg with a good bend of stifle, he moved with drive, with strong front and rear movement.


2nd Firth and Jones’s Cairngold Spin of the Wheel

A strong, well muscled wheaten dog, his movement was very free and he moved with drive. A strong level topside his tail set carriage was good. A little more furnishing needed.


3rd Wall’s Cloverbrook Ray of Sunshine over Shearwater



Class 471 Novice Dog (2, 0)


1st Marshall’s Strathgarten Crackerjack

A nice red dog with a good double coat, albeit on the short side. He had a typical broad head, excellent ear carriage, his dark hazel eyes wide apart made for a typical cairn expression.


2nd Miller’s Birselaw Badger’s Dream for Cornton

Grey Brindle, typical cairn expression with good ear and tail carriage.

With good length of back and leg, he moved well.

His coat let him down on the day



Class 472 Post Graduate Dog (4, 2)


1st Inett and Harrison Noncom Inett Tu Winnit with Carradine

A striking wheaten brindle, with lovely dark points and dark hazel eyes giving him a typical Cairn expression.

A strong muscular dog with well sprung ribs and a correct level back. He moved well with drive and strong front and rear movement.

Good weather resistant double coat.


2nd Smith’s Rocasovale Razzle Dazzle

A strong dark brindle dog, with well sloping shoulders, a good length of leg and level back. On the day he was short in coat, and didn’t move as well as 1



Class 473 Limit Dog (4, 1)


1st Templeton’s Larchlea Time to Entertain (RDCC)

A very nice dark brindle dog, with a well furnished head and an excellent double coat.

A good reach of neck and correct shoulders. Very strong quarters, good length of leg and a correct bend of stifle ensured he moved round the ring freely and with drive. Well presented, he showed well.


2nd Saich’s Kiataia Masquerade

A lovely red Dog with dark points on his ears, with a good heavy coat, although slightly short. Like 1, this dog had strong quarters and a good length of leg, although a little unsettled in the ring, his movement let him down on the day


3rd Peer’s Tweedisle Guy Mannering



Class 474 Open Dog (4, 1)


1st Pollock’s Ch Larchlea Licence to Thrill at Stanedykes (DCC and BOB)

An eye catching quality red brindle in excellent coat, with ideal head furnishings and strong dark points. Lovely broad head, good neck and shoulders and a firm backline leading to a correct tailset. Strong quarters with a good bend of stifle. He moved freely, with drive. He enjoyed the ring and at all times appeared “agile and alert”, he didn’t stop showing.


2nd Middlehurst’s Zalazar Un Zipped! at Starveren (IMP DNK)

A lovely red dog with a well structured double coat, although slightly short

A good reach of neck, well sloping shoulders, and excellent level back

Typical cairn expression, with a strong jaw, and nice big white teeth with the correct scissor bite.


3rd Moseley and Inett’s Spawyche Elizabethan Onyx



Class 475 Puppy Bitch (9, 1)


1st Shaw’s Honeyhall Halliwell (BP)

An impressive red puppy with a wonderful cairn expression. Typical head, well furnished with dark points, and a good reach of neck leading to a level back. A well constructed pup and well balanced, she moved freely driving from her strong hind quarters, and enjoyed the showing experience


2nd Berrecloth’s Sybster Sonja

A wheaten pup, with well furnished head, good stop and well placed ears. A good harsh outer coat and a nice soft undercoat. A good level back with good tail set.

She moved and showed well


3rd Braybrook’s Cloverbrook Xtra Factor



Class 476 Junior Bitch (9, 0)


1st Shannon and Storrs Brenndarcy Button IT JW

A lovely well furnished head on this bitch, with well placed eyes, an good stop, dark points, and well placed ears gave her a marvellous expression.

Well presented, she had an effective double coat, in excellent condition, balanced outline. She moved well, with plenty of drive, using her strong rear quarters to propel her.


2nd Catto’s Birselaw Bewitched

A lovely brindle bitch in excellent condition and well presented.

An excellent front, good length of neck set on well sloping shoulders, a correct top line, she looked well both standing and on the move.

She showed well


3rd Bambridge’s Luvemal Cherry Bea




Class 477 Novice Bitch (1, 0)


1st Bradshaw’s Newfield Dawn Spirit

 A red bitch with a lovely feminine cairn expression. A good broad head, with well placed eyes and ears. She had a good length of back and good length of leg, although didn’t move particularly well on the day. Her coat was not in great condition, although she was well presented.




Class 478 Post Graduate Bitch (6, 0)


1st Inett and Harrison’s Noncom Minnie The Minx at Carradine

An eye-catching wheaten bitch with lovely dark points, her coat was in excellent condition and well presented. A straight front, good length of neck, with correct angulations, level top line and strong thighs provided her with excellent free flowing front and rear movement .


2nd Felters and Rumens’s Landbuck Jazz Hands

A lovely wheaten bitch in good coat. Typical Cairn expression with well placed ears and lovely dark hazel eyes, well set apart. A good front, nice length of neck and back, a well constructed bitch, although she didn’t move as well as 1.


3rd Bradshaw’s Newfield Dawn Spirit



Class 479 Limit Bitch (9, 0)


1st Firth and Jones’s Cairngold Candlelight

A lovely red bitch with her coat in excellent condition, a soft and close under coat, and a harsh outer coat. A good broad head, nice furnishings and dark hazel eyes, with well positioned ears with their dark points gave her a wonderful feminine expression. Muscular quarters and strong pads ensured she moved well.


2nd Shaw’s Honeyhall Hide N Seek

A well presented red bitch, with dark points on her ears. A lovely feminine head with good strong teeth and correct ear placement. She was well balanced in good coat and condition. Well muscled hindquarters, and good front, neck & shoulders ensured she was equipped to move well and she did.


3rd Clarke’s Conundrum Sweeter for me for Lentrica JW SHCM




Class 480 Open Bitch (4, 1)


1st Inett, Harrison and Clayton’s Carradine Magic Star (BCC)

Dark Brindle with a lovely expression, an attractive head with mischievous dark eye, she performed well in the ring, showing a lively disposition. She stood well forward on her forelegs, and moved well with drive from well muscled rear quarters, and a very flow flowing stride. Well sprung ribs and level back. Very alert at all times in the ring, and showed well.


2nd Firth and Jones’s Cairngold Avin A Paddy (RBCC)

Dark Brindle, well furnished head with a lovely expression. She had large strong white teeth, a good stop and good ear placement, a good reach of neck, level back and excellent tail set. A very well balanced bitch with a good forechest, excellent front and level topline of correct length, she moved both freely and with purpose within the ring.


3rd Catto’s NED/BEL/LUX Ch Birselaw Emma



Liam Dean

Judge  20/06/2009