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18h April 2009

Judge; Albert Wight

Cochrane Hall Alva


DCC & BIS; Pollock’s Ch. Larchlea Licence To Thrill At Stanedykes

RDCC; Hogarty’s Ir Ch. Cadagio The Unexpected

BCC & RBIS; Wren’s Larchlea Spirit In The Sky

RBCC; Shaw’s  Honeyhall Hide N Seek

BP; Mears’ Glenmear Marauder

Best Veteran Ch Shearwater Cae De Sonhas
Jim Pollock, DCC & BIS Ch Larchlea Licence To Thrill At Stanedykes, Albert Wight, Marie Hogarty & RDCC Ir Ch Cadagio The Unexpected
Grace Wren, BCC & RBIS Larchlea Spirit In The Sky, Albert Wight, Iain Shaw & RBCC Honeyhall Hide N’Seek

Thanks To Yvonne Catto& CTC For Full Results






























Photographs by Alan Firth





To be invited to judge any breed Club Ch show is a huge honour, but it is even more so when it is the parent Breed Club who do the inviting.


The Cairnites are a wonderful lot of people once you are accepted but even at that it was with no little trepidation that I ventured into a veritable lions den to run the rule over an excellent entry of 102 from 93 exhibits.  On a previous occasion when I had judged the breed, my critique preamble was a little scathing towards the ringsiders attitude of virtual silence and a feeling of glumness with little appreciation being shown for anything but the CC winners.  So this time they had got together and decided to turn the tables on me almost orchestrating hearty & very generous applause for every placing.  It did make me smile.


As someone who does not get a chance to view the breed being judged very often, most of the exhibits were new to me.  The task was at times daunting as the breed is certainly extremely varied in  head type , skull width, ear size, light bone, heavy bone, long legged, short legged, short backed, over long backed and very few really had the true free flowing Cairn action with powerful hock use.  Add coats at various stages and others which seemingly had seldom, if ever, seen the inside of a showring and either performed like exhuberant circus dogs or else decided that lying flat to the floor was the safest option!  It made for an interesting day!


However, having gone through all of that, I was really quite delighted with the line up for  both challenges, though particularly the dogs as I felt that overall they had more quality in depth.  BIS went to the dog Pollock’s Ch LARCHLEA LICENCE TO THRILL AT STANEDYKES, Res. BIS & BOS to Wren’s LARCHLEA SPIRIT IN THE SKY, BP to  Mears’ GLEANMEAR MARAUDER and BVIS to the seemingly ageless Walls’ CH SHEARWATER CAE DE SONHAS.  In view of these results, it will be no surprise to read that the Breeders Group was won by the Larchlea kennel of Carol Templeton.


VD(3/2)  1st Ch. S. Cae de Sonhas, I was really chuffed to see this 11 year old once more.  Years ago I had given him a CC & BOB then some time later gave him  best overall in a Pedigree Chum Veteran Stakes  against exceptional competition.  He has lost none of his joie de vivre.  On the tip toe of expectation, the shape is still there, the ears never down, in fabulous body and coat condition and side on his action is a match for anything else.  Like us all he is greying a little in muzzle and his eye is now a little fuller than previously, but he is still, unquestionably, a star.


VB(3) 1st Munday’s Ch. Stradivarius Sonata this bitch may not have been well off for jacket but she excelled almost everywhere else.  Like Cae she has attitude to burn, eyes bright and shining with mischief, well balanced in head, ample neck, so well ribbed and a good tail set.  On the move she simply showed a clean pair of heel to the opposition and on the stack she is just a show off!  2nd Jeffrey’s Sandaig Suilean Dubh  a fully jacketed dark brindle bitch with a head of real quality and what beautiful eyes and expression.  Her neck is ample, the ribcage well sprung and she is a decent length.  Not quite the free stride of the winner as they circled the ring.  3rd Ough’s Ocedar Morning Star


Vintage DorB(2)  1st Miller’s Birselaw Brogach of Cornton nice for size, well boned, nice width in skull, well defined stop and lovely eye shape and colour.  Enough spring of rib, well muscled and in good coat.  2nd Ough’s Ocedar Kiwi rising 13 years and really on the small side for me.  However, what she lacks in size she makes up for in character, bright eyed, game for anything and her ears seem glued to be erect permanently. 


MPD(4)  1st & BPIS G. Marauder, I see is a son of the BIS winner!!  I liked almost everything about him.  All male, dark brindle with a wealth of good textured jacket, well balanced head, correct stop, beautiful eyes and expression and  a well set on neck of adequate length.  Is a bit loose in front action when fore viewed, shows good drive behind and side on is  quite purposeful and energetic.  It will be interesting to see how he progresses. 2nd Saich’s Lindcoly Can We Fix It fully coated red  with a good head, nice eye colour good reach of neck, lovely spring of rib and quite level in backline.  His tail is well set and carried and he is well off for weight of bone.   For me he is too short in length of leg and despite the qualities I liked, he simply could not match the overall balance and therefore type of the winner. 3rd Peer’s Tweedisle That Lone Guy


PD(3)  1st Saich’s Lindcoly Here’s Horace, one of my problem cases as this one just needed a set of hoops to successfully pass an audition as a circus dog!  However, for me he was the best proportioned  in the class, has a well balanced head, nice eyes and muzzle, ears could be a little smaller for my taste, excels in spring and depth of rib, level back and good bend of stifle to firm hocks. Quite sound on the move and a real show off once persuaded to keep all four feet on the ground. 2nd  Wall’s Cloverbrook Ray of Sunshine over Shearwater,  totally different to the winner and developing at a completely different rate.  I liked his head quality, beautiful eyes, ears and expression, decent neck, level backline and a good tail set and carriage. However, at present he looks gangly and somewhat raw in body and just needs time to lose the teenager look, gain in forechest, drop into his legs and then he could look something quite special.  3rd Miller’s Birselaw Badger’s Dream for Cornton


JD(7/2)  1st Downie & Tate’s Jaeva Face the Music   well coated dog with a degree of style I liked his head balance, decent skull width, real varminty expression and on the tip toe of expectation throughout.  Good neck, excellent backline and tailset , presented in excellent jacket and he moved with a sense of purpose, 2nd  Berrecloth’s Sybster Shiraz  dark pointed cream blessed with such a reach of neck, firm well sprung ribcage and the firmest of backlines.  Quite true in action both ways and side on he keeps his shape.  Nice head balance but I gave one the edge on having the better eye and expression. 3rd Harland’s Cannwood Zipper at Thackeston.


YD(2)  1st S. Shiraz  2nd Percy’s Landbuck Colour Scheme for Winetta this red was presented in immaculate coat condition.  Nice for size and substance, excellent neck and level backline, shade long in loin for me and I would prefer a little more length in upper arm .  He plays his handler up quite a bit and this exaggerated his looseness in front action.


MD(3/1)  1st C. Ray of Sunshine over S. 2nd B. Badger’s Dream for C.  I felt he was just top size for his sex and he belongs to the Jumping Jack brigade.  His head is very good, ample width in skull, extremely good eyes and expression, lacks a little in forechest, ribs amply deep and his coat a good texture.  Needs to settle on the move.


N(1)  1st B. Badgers Dream for C


G(1)  1st Smith’s Strathview Country Squire  handsome in headpiece with really good eyes for shape and expression.  I liked his head carriage, firm back and well set and carried tail.  Lacks a bit in hind angulation and when circling the ring he lacks decent hock action, being inclined to step a little short. In good jacket and well presented.


PGD(5/2)  1st Smith’s Rocasovale Razzle Dazzle, interesting to read he is by  the now famous Ch. Birselaw Billy Fury and that he is in fact the sire of todays Bitch CC winner!   I liked his head pattern, so balanced, oozing quality in expression as he has a correct stop, good muzzle, neat ears and lovely eye size and shape.  Scores in set on of neck, he is so well ribbed, presenting a lovely outline on the stack.  He is a bit of a handful on the move  which exaggerates his slight looseness in front and would look so much better if he would steady himself  when circling the ring.  2nd  Ough’s Ocedar Zephyr this red dog is on the compact side for me, but he has a pleasing head, beautiful eyes with well set and carried ears, uses his neck well and he is sufficiently sprung in rib.  His backline is level, the tail well set and he has excellent hindquarters.  Quite sound in action and uses his hocks well.  Immaculate in coat. 3rd Saich’s Lindcoly Ernest Eernie


LD(3)  1st  Templeton’s Larchlea Time to Entertain a dog of obvious class for sheer type.  On the stack he fills the eye, lovely size for his sex, amply weighted bone, excellent feet and his is so beautifully balanced in length/height ratios.   His head is a joy, that not too easy to achieve balance with a good stop , strong muzzle and those well set, dark and so expressive eyes adding to his appeal.  Side on his action is so even striding and impressive. I considered him  well in the challenge and he certainly complimented the line up .  2nd Peers’ Tweedisle Guy Mannering  a very sound moving dog with a good head pattern, well shaped eyes, ears could be a little higher for me, but his expression is fine. Has ample neck, ribs well sprung but compared to the winner I thought him to be trifle long in loin.  He is good for size, is well boned and was in good coat. 3rd Saich’s New Adventure


OD(8/2)  Easily the best class of the day with 6 top quality exhibits.  1st CC & BOB Pollock’s Ch. Larchlea Licence to Thrill at Standykes red brindle dog which ticks most of the boxes for me. Lovely size and substance for a male, beautifully headed with that superb combination of skull/muzzle  balance, the eye shape, colour and expression aided by perfectly set and carried ears all harmonising to give that stunning expression which for me exemplifies the breed and for which this prefix is renowned.  He is so well proportioned, lovely shoulders, ample forechest, tight in elbow and a spirit level backline leading to a good bend of stifle, the firmest of hocks and a perfectly set and carried tail. He had the most correct hock action of the day, co-operated well with his handler and looked every inch a worthy Champion. 2nd & Res. CC Hogarty’s Ir.Ch. Cadagio the Unexpected, a new face to me but a top quality example of the breed.  I liked everything about him.  He has a beautiful headpiece, stunning expression, almost too much neck such is his keenness on the stack, excellent spring and depth of rib, so balanced and oozing type and style in spades.  He was immaculate in coat and he circled the ring with an air of self belief with attitude to burn.  I believe he was BOB at Crufts last year and am surprised he is not yet crowned. He certainly deserves to be. 3rd Cameron’s Stryveling Robb Ruadh


Spec.Beg (2)  1st B. Badger’s Dream for C  2nd Ough’s Ocedar Benji  another character from this kennel.  A little on the compact side for me and he was so full of himself and played his handler up a treat!  In excellent body, pleasing head, eyes a shade full, neat ears, needs to learn how to move in a more controlled fashion.


MPB(11/2)  1st Shaw’s Honeyhall Halliwell  just a week over the 6 months but one with such assurance and confidence that she is hard to ignore.  She is pretty, lovely head balance, eyes full of mischief and expression, lovely outline on the stack and she is so controlled and balanced as she circled the ring.  Immaculate in presentation and so well handled. 2nd Templeton’s Larchlea Can’t Remember  another under the 7 months and not nearly so assured yet as the winner.  Handles so well on the table, that lovely head type yet again with the most engaging of expressions, perfect mouth, very good neck and ribs cage, shade longer in loin than Halliwell and she is a trifle fidgety on the stack and likes to stand a little overbuilt when it suits her.  Gave glimpses of good action but  had her mind on other things! 3rd Braybrook’s Cloverbrook To Die For


PB(7)  1st & BPB Braybrook’s Cloverbrook The X Factor,  I liked her a lot.  She has that look of quality which has instant appeal.  Her shape is excellent, she is a lovely size, beautiful headpiece with a winning expression, ample neck, lovely bodyshape and well set and carried tail. She has lovely bone, neat feet and was in excellent jacket.  Did enough to win BPB but in the challenge for BPIS she was misbehaving on the go around and threw the advantage to the dog.  I see she is another Ch Billy Fury grand-daughter!  She shows promise. 2nd Saich’s Lindcoly Lucky Lealo  heavy coated red which in truth lacks length of leg for me.  However, I felt she deserved this placing as she is sound moving, was in excellent body and coat,  is well balanced in head with good eyes, ears and a typical cairn expression.  On the move she never pulled, did everything like clockwork whilst a number of those against her just wanted to have fun! 3rd Hogarrty’s Cadagio Make It Happen


JB((11/7)  1st CC BOS & Res. BIS Wren’s Larchlea Spirit in the Sky.  This grey brindle  is quite stunning and is an exciting example of the breed in the female form.  Has the breed’s natural charm, looks capable of working, was in the firmest of body and muscle condition, showed her socks off and just has instant appeal.  On the table she confirmed everything I had thought when I first saw her.  Stunning head, again that “Larchlea” headpiece and expression from almost wicked eyes!  She is so balanced, oozes femininity, struts her stuff with arrogance on the move being utterly sound both ways then driving her way around the ring in profile. Beautifully presented and she is the ultimate show off. I believe this is her owner’s first ever CC after 30 years of dog showing.  I hope she goes on to her title, it would be most deserved.  2nd Berrecloth’s Sybster Sancerre, very showy deep cream in excellent coat and immaculate in presentation. She has a good head, definite stop, good reach of neck, very good ribcage and backline to a well set tail.  She moved soundly but on the go around she just lacked the “get up and go” of the winner. 3rd Braybrook’s Cloverbrook Here I Come


YB(5/2)  1st Cameron’s Pinetop Game Set N’Match for Stryveling.  A really good bitch which just was not too happy in this venue.   Handles so well on the table, well balanced head, good eyes, ears and mouth.  Is well bodied, ample bend of stifle and she is well boned. Did just enough on the move but in the challenge she just threw in the towel. 2nd Wren’s Larchlea Light My Fire  I liked this little bitch a lot. She is pretty headed, so well bodied is of good length/height balance and was in excellent body and coat.  For me she is just a bit straight in stifle and as a result she lacks any real drive as she circles the ring.  She certainly shows well. 3rd Dawson’s Sybster Sauvignon


MB(3/1) 1st Berrecloth’s Sybster Sonja , cream, pleasing head and eye, enough reach of neck, well bodied and as usual from this kennel, in stunning condition.  She was in season and on the go around she just didn’t seem to want to be bothered. Was VHC in MP. 2nd S. Sauvignon  cream, bit longer cast than the winner and slightly fuller in eye. Otherwise her head is a good shape, she has enough neck, is well ribbed and clearly is well exercised as she is strongly muscled. In excellent condition.


NB((3/1) 1st S. Sancerre  2nd Saich’s Lindcoly I’m Spinning Around  nice headpiece with a well shaped eye, enough neck, deep well sprung ribcage and in full jacket. Just a little too much of her for me.


GB(5/1) 1st Harland’s Winetta Anticipation for Thackeston dark grey which I thought was the best headed in the class with such a good eye and expression.  Nice size, well boned, so stylish in stance, ample spring of rib, ample hind angulation and the best mover in profile. 2nd Evans’ Birselaw Hit the Lights at Kapplegill  cream wheaten which could have a shade more length of leg to improve the overall balance.  Head a good shape, well defined stop, nice eyes, ears a trifle low which detract from her expression, made good use of hocks in profile action. 3rd Smith’ s Strawview Country Grace


PGB(1)  1st Dawson’s Sybster Summer Nights  cream in excellent jacket, well bodied and a good size.  For me I would like a longer length of leg and little more each of neck to give her overall balance a more typical look. Her head is a nice shape, well defined stop and very good eyes.


LB(7) 1st & Res. CC  Shaw’s Honeyhall Hide N Seek  light red with more than a degree of style .  This handler’s charges are always immaculately schooled, flawlessly presented, seem never to take their eyes of him and they show non stop.  When you have as much quality as this bitch has, it makes her hard to beat.  I see she is just over 2 years old and I am sure she will become a Champion.  Beautifully headed, stunning bodyshape with a more than useful reach of neck adding to her appeal. She is well angulated both ends and moves out with reach and drive. 2nd Clark’s Conundrum Sweeter for Me For Lentrica JW ShCM, what’s in a name indeed!!  This is another extremely nice bitch.  A grey with bags of charm from that delightful headpiece, the eyes having a coolly wicked air about them, ears ever alert and she was on her tiptoes most of the time.  In separating these two I gave the winner the nod on the go around where she just had the shade more fluent stride and balance. 3rd Firth & Jones’ Cairngold Candlelight


OB(6/2) A hard class to judge.  1st  Firth & Jones’ Ch. Cairngold Avin A Paddy This is a worthy Champion bitch, of correct size, beautifully balanced headpiece, dark well shaped eyes which are so alive.  She has a fair reach of neck, well laid shoulders and tight elbows.  The backline is steady both in stance and on the move.  She circled the ring showing a fluent, light stride and is a most co-operative showgirl. 2nd Templeton’s Ch. Larchlea Remember Remember, I have previously awarded this lovely dark brindle bitch a RCC and still like her.  For sheer type she is a tough nut to crack.  The head is so correct , the expression is quite beautiful and she is so well put together in construction.  Shown in excellent jacket she matched the others as they circled the ring.  Came towards me a fraction wider in front than the winner and against todays opposition I felt I would have liked her just one size smaller.  3rd Clarke’s Tanteazle Tiger Lily for Lentrica


Spec.Beg.B(2)  1st Bustard’s Larchlea My Elusive Dream  & 2nd Ough’s Ocedar Just Fancy.  The winner is a grey brindle scoring in head, eye and expression, being the better proportioned in length/height.  The second is a red of lovely size and substance, in good jacket but with a mind of his own and just too full of himself.  Both in need of the Barbara Woodhouse touch ( for those old enough to remember her!).


Breeders Group(4)  Interesting collection but I felt the Larchlea quartet bred by Carol Templeton were good winners.  They certainly have an air of quality, excel in breed type and have true Cairn expressions.


Albert Wight (Judge)