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Midland Cairn Terrier Club Championship Show

5th December 2009

Cairn Terrier- Judge Geir Flyckt Pederson


DCC & BIS Catto’s Ch. Nor/Fin/Dan/Swed Ch Birselaw Billy Fury

RDCC & RBIS; Pollock’s Ch Larchlea Licence To Thrill At Stanedykes

BCC & BOS; Short’s Glenchess Cut The Mustard

RBCC Clarke’s Conundrum Sweeter For Me For Lentrica

Best Puppy; Inett’s Carradine Crackaway Jack

Best Veteran; Catto’s Ch. Nor/Fin/Dan/Swed Ch Birselaw Billy Fury


DCC & BIS Ch. Nor/Fin/Dan/Swed Ch Birselaw Billy Fury, Yvonne Catto, Jim Pollock, RDCC & RBIS Ch Larchlea Licence To Thrill At Stanedykes, Judge Geir Flyckt Pederson, Elaine Short, BCC & RBIS Glenchess Cut The Mustard







Class 1     Veteran Dog or Bitch (7 years & over)        13 entries


5.   Ch Cloverbrook Loaded Dice                                     61.     Cornton Ruadh

a 13 Skimmerton Symphony of Casmhor                                 66.     Ch Stradivarius Sonata

15.  Ch. Nor/Fin/Dan/Swed Ch Birselaw Billy Fury    102.   Glenchess Gold Myrtle

a 26. Glenrood Magic Pipit                                                          116.     Seveek Country Rambler to Svendalens

a 45. Sandaig Suilean Dubh                                             119.   Ch Shearwater Cae de Sonhas WW02

46. Doonrae Virtuoso                                                                   124.     Tribannon Cristal Blue

47. Doonrae Youthfulness


      1st...15...      2nd..5         3rd..102        Res 116          VHC..119.…


Class 2     Minor Puppy Dog                                                        4 entries


39.             Carradine Crackaway Jack             87.       Cannwood Stop Press

78.             Winetta Sir Percy NAF                                   89.       Lindcoly Man He’s Trouble NAF


      1st....39           2nd....78         3rd...89           Res...87...            


Class 3     Puppy Dog                       2 entries


A 8.            Milindack What News Watson                                             89.       Lindcoly Man He’s Trouble NAF


      1st....89..             2nd......


Class 4     Junior Dog                       6 entries


43.             Hydecastle Norman                            72.       Tweedisle That Lone Guy

48.             Seveek Dare Devil                   99.   Cherrycrack Blackadder

59.             Glenmear Marauder                106.    Elitecharm Dream Boy


      1st....43         2nd....99        3rd.....59        Res....72       VHC…106..          


Class 5     Maiden Dog                           1 entry


90.   Lindcoly Dark Enterprise




  Class 6   Novice Dog                4 entries


62. Birselaw Badgers Hope For Cornton.       114.    Retacy Blazing Desert

91.  Lindcoly Can We Fix It                                 

95. Brenndarcy Trouble At Mill   


      1st....95      2nd....91         3rd....62         Res....114.     VHC…..          


 Class 7    Graduate Dog            4 entries


23.  Tweedisle Stargazer           125. Spirebrooke Dawn Raider    

52.  Tyreece’s Tricks              120. Cloverbrook Ray of Sunshine over Shearwater



      1st...120            2nd..125..             3rd....52..     Res....23                                                    


Class 8     Post Graduate Dog  9 entries


31. Cairngold Spin of The Wheel                                   a 68.   Strathinver Such A Star

35. Cannwood Zipper at Thackeston                            73.       Tweedisle Krazy Koot

44. Spawyche Elizabethan Onyx                                   a 86.   Mosspur Licensed To Thrill

49. Maximal Between Deams with Seveek                  121.    Vanajam Dirty Dancing

53. Carradine Night Listener at Harkinleigh



      1st...44         2nd....31      3rd.....35         Res....121     VHC...49…


Class 9     Limit Dog                    8 entries


2.   Maximal Tinkers Moon                                    101.    Glenchess All In The Stars

57. Fieldron Call My Bluff at Linacrelads                   105.      Rocasovale Razzle Dazzle

a 58. Strathgarten Crackerjack                                     107.      Uniquecottage Ring Plover

74. Tweedisle Guy Mannering                                       110.      Twohoots Barnabas JW


      1st....105         2nd...101      3rd...74       Res...107      VHC...2…


Class 10   Open Dog                   7 entries


32.  Cairngold Cosmonaut                                                         112.      Ch Larchlea Time To Entertain  

a 41.  Ch Noncom Inett Tu Winnit with Carradine JW           122.    Vanajam Pop Idol

60.  Zalazar Unzipped! At Starveren (Imp Dnk)                       52.       Tyreece’s Tricks

84. Ch Larchlea Licence To Thrill at Stanedykes


      1st..84...     2nd....60        3rd...122         Res...112           VHC..32.…


Class 11   Special Beginners Dog          6 entries


54.Carradine Maybe The Moon at Harkinleigh           a 86.   Mosspur Licensed To Thrill

23. Tweedisle Stargazer                                                      116.    Seveek Country Rambler to Svendalens

52  Tyreece’s Tricks                                                             125.    Spirebrooke Dawn Raider  

23 Tweedisle Stargazer

      1st....116        2nd.....125        3rd....23        Res......54       VHC….23


Class 12   Minor Puppy Bitch   10 entries


16.             Birselaw Any Dream Will Do 50.       Seveek Aprils New Dream

18.             Cairngrove Kinky Boots                   63.        Cornton Reay

29.             Landbuck Scrumptious                   79.         Winetta Miss Independand

34.             Cannwood Remember Holly            92.       Lindcoly I’m Breaking Out NAF

40.             Carradine Come On Irene     115.    Stryveling Polly Flinders


      1st....40      2nd...16           3rd...92         Res...29        VHC....34..


Class 13   Puppy Bitch              4 entries


9.   Milindack Miss Marple              82.    Doonrae Joie de Vivre

75. Tweedisle Pillow Dream           93.    Lindcoly Simply Irresistible


      1st....82         2nd....75         3rd.....9          Res.....93.            


Class 14   Junior Bitch               9 entries


A 3. Sybster Sonja                                               103.      Glenchess Mitsoukou

19. Lentrica Who’s The Daddy                           108.    Elitecharm Brindle Beauty

a 22 Carocairn Spice Queen                               113. Larchlea Can’t Remember

a 76. Tweedisle Silver Lady                               117.      Svendalens Crazy Diamond

a 100. Rasken’s Rich Baroness Imp Swe


      1st...113       2nd...117         3rd......19        Res...103       VHC..108.…


Class 15   Maiden Bitch             4 entries


6.   Cloverbrook Here I Come                      63.   Cornton Reay

80. Winetta My Kind of Girl                               93.          Lindcoly Simply Irresistible


      1st...6         2nd...80     3rd....63          Res....93..            


 Class 16  Novice Bitch              4 entries


10. Noncome Lucy Locket             81.    Winetta Special Delivery

12. Little Miss Tonka                        a 97. Cloverbrook Cream O’ The Crop at Eborvale


      1st....81         2nd...12           3rd...10...             Res......          


Class 17   Graduate Bitch         11 entries


1.   Luvemal Cherry Bea                                        a 36.   Maridale Lunar Mission

4.   Newfield Dawn Spirit                                       a 69.   Starthinver Sheenagh

7.   Cloverbrook Xtra Factor                                    88.    Cannwood Danish Affair

11. Noncom Miss Hat He Chewed                     126.    Spirebrooke Morning Glory

24. Trekhilli Piccallilli JW                                      a 3.      Sybster Sonja

a 27. Glenrood Warrior Princess


      1st....88        2nd....7          3rd...4          Res......1        VHC....126..


 Class 18  Post Graduate Bitch      12 entries


A 14. Casmhor Peader’s Mianorla                                 85.       Noncom Mad Madam Mimm at Rosenez

a 37. Maridale Monopoly                                                 94.        Lindcoly Star Turn

64. Cornton Eileanach                                                     96.        Brenndarcy Button It JW

65. Carradine Sapphire at Spawyche               109.    Elitecharm Only Girl

70. Copseleaze Miss Bagpipes                          111.    Twohoots Martha

a 77.Empress Thistle at Tweedisle                                118.    Svendalens Lucky in Love


      1st...... 118        2nd....96       3rd......65       Res......70        VHC....94..         


Class 19   Limit Bitch                  12 entries


a17. Birselaw Bewitched                                                                           a 56.  Woodthorpe Rosemary N’ Thyme

20. Conundrum Sweeter For Me For Lentrica JW ShCM     a 71.  Cloverbrook Commotion

a 28. Glenrood Forever Topps                                                                   83.    Cairngold Gunning For Gold with Doonrae

38. Maridale Space Odyssey                                                          98.    Eborvale Enchantress

51. Seveek The Mystery of Dreams                                                         123.  Vanajam Leading Lady

55.Curtisey Foreign Account with Carradine                          127.  Larchlea Spirit in The Sky


1st...20       2nd...55          3rd...123         Res....83       VHC....127


Class 20   Open Bitch                9 entries


21. Tanteazle Tiger Lily For Lentrica                 67.       Ch Birselaw Firebird of Stradivarius

a 25. Orior Along Came Polly                              104.    Glenchess Cut The Mustard

30. Ch Landbuck Jazz Hands                            128.    Larchlea Light My Fire

33. Cairngold Candlelight                                    a 14.   Casmhor Peader’s Mianorla

42. Ch Noncom Minnie The Minx at Carradine                                  


      1st......104         2nd....42          3rd......67         Res.....30        VHC...…21


Class 21   Special Beginners Bitch        5 entries


12.             Little Miss Tonka                                   117.    Svendalens Crazy Diamond

a 24.          Trekhilli Piccallilli JW                          126.    Spirebrooke Morning Glory

70.             Copseleaze Miss Bagpipes


      1st...117        2nd....126       3rd....70         Res.....12           VHC...…


Class 22   Brace                           4 entries

      2nd     Clarke’s Brace

      res. Inett’s Brace

      1st Ward’s Brace

      3rd Warne’s Brace














Awarding DCC

Awarding RDCC











Awarding BCC

Awarding RBCC


Our Patron Milly Jennings awarding the trophies for L to R – BIS, RBIS, BOS, BPIS




I  was invited to judge this show while still living in England- and have looked forward to it ever since –and now that it is all over , I will rate it amongst my most pleasant and interesting judging experiences! The number of dogs  and their quality was great !

President Jack Watson and wife Shirley deserve praise for the way they looked after us and made us feel welcome. As does secretary Linda Firth and her crew. And to top it all, my steward was that pro Philip Horspool assisted by the very pleasant and efficient Mrs J. Fairweather.

And what a sporting lot the exhibitors seemed to be- and thank you for the sporting ways my placings were received. All classes were applauded, which I think is so nice for the winners- and maybe even for the judge !


I love judging terriers, observing their character, temperament and curiosity for all that is happening around them. I am very pleased to say that I did not find a single dog shy or refusing handling! One or two dogs talked to me very discreetly, but as I have owned a couple of harmless “talkers” myself over the years, I don’t think they were serious about it !?  99% showed off their ears and expression when encouraged to do so, which  is of major importance in all terrier breeds.

I did feel sorry for a few dogs whose performance let them down- and who probably could have done so much better with that little bit more ring-training ! I keep saying it is fairly easy to teach any dog to walk round the ring plus down and back in a straight line, on a lose lead ! And dogs, like people, look so much better and more impressive if they are confident  and know what they are doing.

And why spend money on entries and travel if you have forgotten to properly lead-break your dog ?  The old saying :”You only have one chance to make a first impression” is so true  and worth remembering !!!!!!!


Another observation I found interesting: A number of dogs were rather dirty , but shown by people themselves perfectly turned out.

I wonder if many people still live by the old rule –that you cannot bath a terrier, which of course is so wrong . If you have the correct coat, use the right shampoo, luke warm water, keep an eye on the coat while it is drying (never blow-dry), you will find that within a couple of days the coat is back to its normal texture! The first few times you will probably have to do some extra trimming, but you will have a dog whose coat has life and lustre, who looks better- and is more pleasant for the judges as well as yourselves to handle.

And I am stupid enough to believe that the dog feels better- and if he feels better, he looks better !....and will probably do better in the show ring .


I believe all dogs were new to me and so were most exhibitors.

Veteran D/B 13 (3):

1 DCC & BIS  Catto’s  Ch. Nor.Swed.Fin.Dan.Ch Birselaw Billy Fury. This is certainly an exciting dog.8 yrs old.  Excellent type, super outline , well constructed ,correct angulation, great head and expression, super neck, topline and tailset. I liked everything about him-has that stallion look about him and he showed off all his assets with style and confidence.

  Reading the catalogue, I realize that he is not a bad sire either!!!.Congratulations

2. Braybrook’s Ch Cloverbrooks Loaded Dice. Another 8 yr old male of excellent type and size. Lovely head and expression, balanced neck, excellent topline and tailset.In great form , moved and showed well. Very much in the running for the final top awards along with his class-mate !

3. Short’s Glenchess Gold Myrtle.

MPD 4:

1 and BPIS Inett’s Carradine Crackaway Jack  Just over 6 mths of age. So well behaved and well trained ! Performing like a veteran ! Lovely type and size, good body and topline. To describe a puppy this age in detail is a waste of time- as so much will happen in the next few month, but he shows great promise and moved and showed so well.Lovely legs and feet , good bone . May I also mention , that this owner/handler showed a number of dogs during the day. ALL well trained and well presented.              An example to follow !

2. Percy’s Winetta Sir Percy (NAF)

 Nice puppy with a pleasing head and expression. Still very raw and inexperienced, but has lots to like about him.Good coat and his temperament is lovely.

3.Saich’s Lindcoly Man He’s Trouble

PD 2(1):

 l.L Man He’s Trouble. An attractive dog who’s looking better every time he enters the ring ! Nice head, good neck and body for his age. Moved and showed better in this class. Lovely temperament.

JD 6  : 1.

Inett & Heideckers  Hydecastle Norman, Very typy ,very masculine and rather mature looking for his age. I Liked his head and expression ,good ears, excellent  topline and tail carriage, good bone, legs and feet. Well angulated front and aft . Moved and showed well.

2. Shoplands  Cherrycrack Blackadder. This dog has an attractive head and outline. Good hindquarters and good coat.Moved very well from all angles and was well handled. Just needs  to body up and mature to complete the picture.

3. Mear’s Glenmear Marauder.

Maiden D 1 :

1  Saich’ Lindcoly Dark Enterprise. Alone, but a nice type, pleasing head and expression. Excellent neck and topline. Move ok in front and from the side , but rather erratic behind. In good coat.

ND 4: 1

  Shannon and Storr’s Brenndarcy Trouble At Mill. Quite a nice dog, pleasing head and expression. Standing looked very nice, also moved well. Well angulated both ends. Nice temperament.

2. Saich’ Lindcoly Can We Fix It. Another one who looked better the longer he was in the ring ! Nice head and expression, good ears, body and angulation. A little unsettled on the move, but with more routine he should do better.

3.Millers Birselaw Badgers Hope For Cornton

Grad D 4 : 1.

Wall’s Cloverbrook Ray of Sunshine over Shearwater. Lovely type and outline. Good head with lovely eyes and expression. Balanced neck, good body and good hindquarters.In good coat and condition. Moved and showed so well.

2.Warne’s  Spirebrooke Dawn Raider. This dog is very well put together, has a nice head and expression. Good angulation both end and a good tailset. He moved well coming and going, but went rather reluctantly round the ring.

3.Kinchin’s  Tyreece Tricks

PGD 9 (2): 1.

 Inett & Moseley’s  Spawyche Elisabethan Onyx. Brindle dog of excellent type who makes a nice overall picture, good head, excellent body and proportions. Well angulated, moved very well from the side and in front. Toes in a little behind. Excellent condition, moved and showed well.

2 Firth’ Cairngold Spin Of The Wheel  Wheaten dog. Like him a lot. Excellent head and expression, good neck , excellent body with a good tailset. Good bone. Moved well round the ring. Very stylish.

3.Harlands  Cannwood Zipper at Thackeston

LD 9 (1):

1.  Smith’s Rocasovale Razzle Dazzle. Strong, masculine dog of excellent type, good head and expr. Good length of neck, excellent body and a good tailset. Well angulated both and shown in good coat and condition. Moved well from all angles. I see he is sired by the CC winner. Showed with character and temperament..

2. Short’s Glenchess All In The Stars. Another very attractive dog, excellent head and expr.Balanced neck and length of body. Excellent coat and presentation. Moved and showed well.

3. Peer’s Tweedisle Guy Mannering

OD 10 :

1 res CC and res BIS  Pollock’s Ch Larchlea Licence To Thrill at Stanedykes. A very impressive dog from any angle. Well made, masculine head with a good expression excellent overall proportions, moved and showed well and was in good coat and condition. Lost to his sire in the challenge, but they should both be proud of each other.

2. Middlehurst’ Zalazar Unzipped! at Starveren. I found this dog really appealing and he certainly gave the winner a run for his money ! Lovely type and size.Good head with an ok expression. Very well constructed and put together. Moved with style, temperament and precision. Shown in perfect coat and condition. Very ably handled and presented.

3.Ward’s  Vanajam Pop Idol.

Special Beginners D 6: 1 Waites  Seveek Country Rambler to Svendalens. Nice dog with a pleasing head.Good neck ,body and bone. Good coat Moved ok. Good coat

2. Spirebrooke Dawn Raider

3.Tyreece’s Tricks

MPB 10

1. Inett’s Carradine Come On Irene.Very sweet and ultra feminine.I like her outline and overall balance.Good head,body and bone .Moved and showed so well for her young age.

2. Catto’s Birselaw Any Dream Will Do. When she first entered the ring, was playful and rather unsettled. But the longer she was in there the better she looked.Not much wrong with her and when she gets her act together should have a very bright future. Moved well and was full of lovely terrier character.

3.Saich’ Lindcoly I’m Breaking Out.

PB 4:

 1. Petts Doonrae Joie de Vivre Very happy and outgoing. Feminine head, good length of neck, good body for her age and well angulated both ends. Moved and showed with style and temperament, which you would only expect with a name like hers.Very promising !

2.Peers  Tweedisle  Pillow Dream. Wheaten girl who has a pleasing head, good neck and she is altogether quite well put together, with adequate angulation. I wish she would show herself off with more temperament and enthusiasm, but with more experience should do better.

3.Brennan’s Milindack Miss Marple.

JB 9(4):

 1.Templeton’s Larchlea  Can’t Remember. Lovely dark brindle bitch who has an excellent head and expression. Good length of neck, excellent body and tailset.Good bone, well angulated front and aft. Moved and showed well. In excellent coat and condition. Liked her a lot.

2.Waites Svendalens Crazy Diamond . Very showy and charming little bitch who has a nice head and expression. Balanced neck, good topline, ample bone.Very sweet and attractive. Moved and showed so well.

3. Clarke’s Lentrica Who’s The Daddy

Maiden B 4:

 1. Braybrookes  Cloverbrook Here I Come.Very typical with a lovely head and expression.Good ears, neck and body. Her coat is of good texture. Full of life. Moved ok.

2. Percy’s Winetta My Kind of Girl.  Nice bitch, fair head Good body, but would like better tailset.More coat would improve the overall picture. Moved and showed well.

3. Millers  Cornton Reay

Novice B 4 (1):

 1 Percy’s Winetta Special Delivery. Very sweet and attractive bitch, Balanced neck,  excellent body and topline plus tail carriage. Good bone. Moved and showed very well . In good coat and condition.

2.Byrne’s Little Miss Tonka. Bitch of pleasing quality, her head is ok, but would like  a stronger foreface. Moved ok . In good coat and condition

3.Burgin’s Noncom Lucy Locket

Grad B 11 (4): 1 Roberts Cannwood Danish Affair. Wheaten bitch with a lovely head and expression. Good length of neck, excellent body and topline.Well angulated. Good coat and condition. Moved and showed very well. Very appealing.

2.Braybrookes Cloverbrook Xtra Factor. A high-spitired brindle bitch, full of life. Nice head and expression. Balanced neck, good body and topline. Good tailset. Normal angulation  .Lovely temperament.  Moved well.

3.Bradshaws Newfield Dawn Spirit.

PGB 12 (3) :

1  Waites Svendalens Lucky In Love. Very showy, sweet and feminine. A good head with a typical expression and good ears. ok length of neck , good body and bone. In good coat and condition. Moved and showed well.

2. Shannon & Storr’s  Brenndarcy Button It JW. Different type to 1, but still very attractive. She has a balanced neck, good body proportions, bone and she shows herself off so well. Moved well. Two lovely bitches.

3.Moseley’s  Carradine Sapphire at Spawyche.

LB 12 (4):

 1 and res CC Clarke’s Conundrum Sweeter For Me For Lentrica. This girl is certainly an eyecatcher. Lovely type and overall balance, excellent neck, topline .tailset and angulation. She was shown in excellent condition, moved and showed so well. Superb display of temperament and character, on her toes all the time- never putting a foot wrong. Loved her.

2.King, Leighton, Inett & Harrisons Curtisey Foreign Account with Carradine. Sounds as if she’s owned by a firm of solicitors !Good head and  balanced neck. She is well put together and moved and showed well . In good form.

3.Ward’s Vanajam Leading Lady.

OB  9(2):

 1 and CC Short’s Glenchess Cut The Mustard. A lovely, freemoving bitch who has an excellent outline and overall balance. Lovely head and expression, good neck and excellent length of back with a good tailset. Shown in good muscular condition and excellent coat. Lovely temperament. So typical and well presented.Was told this was her second CC. Good luck!

2.Inett & Harrison’s  Ch Noncom Minnie the Minx at Carradine. Another excellent bitch who was a strong contender for the top honours. Excellent head and expression, well angulated. Moved round the ring with style and temperament. Very attractive and responding so well to her excellent handler !

3.Mundays Ch Birselaw  Firebird of Stradivarius.

Special Beginners:

 1. Svendalens Crazy Diamond. 2.  Spirebrooke Morning Glory . Brindle girl who has lots to like about her.Looks good in profile going round the ring, but a little wide in front. Pleasing head, good coat and condition. Well handled.3. Copseleaze Miss Bagpipes.


1. Ward’s  2. Clarke’s 3. Warnes

Geir Flyckt-Pedersen (Judge)