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2010 Reports



Birmingham National Championship Show

Phil Roberts (Cannwood) (60-66)

7th May 2010


DCC & BOB; Middlehurst’s Ch. Zalazar Un Zipped! At Starveren (Imp Dnk) (shortlisted in group)

RDCC; Catto’s Birselaw Follow your Dream

BCC; Shearsmith’s Cloverbrook Cream O'the Crop At Eborvale

RBCC; Felters & Rumens Ch Landbuck Jazz Hands JW

BP; Percy’s Winetta Sir Percy


Mary Middlehurst, DCC & BOB Ch Zalazar Unzipped! At Starveren (Dnk Imp) Judge Phil Roberts, Alison Wragg handling Jean Shearsmith’s BCC Cloverbrook Cream O’the Crop at Eborvale





Joan Percy with BPB & BPD/BPIB Winetta Sir Percy


Puppy – Dog 2.0a

1st Winetta Sir Percy (Mrs J Percy)

2nd Landbuck Tillisch (Mr A & Mr R A Felters & Rumens)


Junior – Dog 2,0a

1st Correnie Tornado. (Mrs S J Weinberger)

2nd Milindack What News Watson (Mrs L Brennan)


Post Graduate – Dog  8,1a

1st Birselaw Followyour Dream (Miss Y Catto)

2nd Larchlea Come Fly With Me To Correnie. (S J Weinberger)

3rd Brenndarcy Trouble At Mill (B & D Shannon & Storr)

Res Tribannon Gypsy King At Crowneast (Mrs S M Tutchings)

Vhc Elitecharm Dream Boy (Mrs C I Soper)


Limit – Dog 5,0a

1st Spirebrooke Dawn Raider (Mr M & Mrs K Warne)

2nd Strathgarten Crackerjack (Mrs C Marshall)

3rd Uniquecottage Ring Plover (Mrs C I Soper)

Res Maximal Tinkers Moon (Mrs M Bennett)

Vhc Tweedisle Krazy Koot (Mr & Mrs G S, Miss L E Peers)


Open – Dog 3,0a

1st Ch. Zalazar Un Zipped! At Starveren (Imp Dnk) (M Middlehurst)

2nd Rocasovale Razzle Dazzle (Mrs J Smith)

3rd Maximal Tinkers Moon (Mrs M Bennet)

Minor Puppy – Bitch 4,0a

1st Tribannon In The Limelite (Mrs A Waugh)

2nd Cairngrove Ring My Bell ( Chambers & Exton)

3rd Tweedisle Tansy (Mr & Mrs G S, Miss L E Peers)

Res Anjofra Plum Tart At Rocasovale (Mrs J Smith)

Puppy – Bitch 8,4a

1st Winetta Miss Independant (Mrs J Percy)

2nd Tweedisle Fancyfree (Mr & Mrs G S, Miss L E Peers)

3rd Seveek Cast Your Spell (Mrs M J Keeves)

Res Roachdee Treacle Bon Bon (Ms Pauline Melia)

Junior – Bitch 6,2a

1st Doonrae Joie De Vivre (Mr C & Mrs J Petts)

2nd Tweslam Maid By Magic (Mrs A & Mr A Osborn)

3rd Stryveling Polly Flinders (Mrs S Usher)

Res Roachdee Treacle Bon Bon (Ms Pauline Melia)

Post Graduate – Bitch 13,5a

1st Cloverbrook Cream O'the Crop At Eborvale (J M Shearsmith)

2nd High Class Baby At Malmay (Mrs A Smee)

3rd Newfield Dawn Spirit (Mrs J Bradshaw)

Res Tweslam Serendipity (Mrs A & Mr A Osborn)

Vhc Honeyhall Handful At Caldwall (Mr P J & Mrs J Owen)

Limit – Bitch 6.0a

1st Cruzo Caitlin (Mrs G M Robinson)

2nd Copseleaze Miss Bagpipes (Mr D & Mrs C Pears)

3rd Brenndarcy Button It Jw (B & D Shannon & Storr)

Res Birselaw Bewitched (Miss Y Catto)

Vhc Larchlea Can't Remember (Mrs C Templeton)

Open – Bitch 5,1a

1st Ch Landbuck Jazz Hands Jw ( Felters & Rumens)

2nd Noncom Lucy Locket (Mr M J & Mrs B Burgin)

3rd Conundrum Sweeter For Me For Lentrica Jw Shcm (P Clarke)

Res Malmay Sky's The Limit (Mrs A Smee)
























Class photographs by Graham Peers assisted by Brenda


GP Out-Takes (All his own work!)

It’s no good begging for a bite

It’s all mine!

All for a mint with a hole in it!

I want it all!

Could have warned me it was cold!

I’m happy doing rubbish jobs!

I’m praying it’s not that one!

Who would have thought it!

Could have sworn you put it in your back pocket

Close the eyes & think its..wine!

Judging exciting! It’s nail biting

I have this special power in my hands!

That one’s not for me!

Difficult with no tripod

But Alan I thought it to be about this size


Thanks! Tea for two will be fine

Must be careful not to spill any!





I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the exhibits and there were a number which on another day, under another judge, might have won their class. In some exhibits I found it difficult to write complimentary reports. When I was taught to judge I should look for the good features in exhibits and not their faults.


Heads, the stop & general the bone structure of the head shape, were good, although some had a poorly defined stop & lacked width between the ears, which is not typically of a Cairn. Length of neck is important to me and some suffered because they looked “stuffy”.


A good straight front, with legs dropping straight down from the shoulders is also important if you want to see good front movement. Almost all of the exhibits had a good depth of brisket and length of ribs compared with overall length.


Top lines were generally good and held whilst on the move. Tail sets were generally good, as was the angulation of the hind legs, the latter being essential for good drive.



Class  968 MIN PUPPY DOG         Entries 0     Absentees   0


Class  969   PUPPY DOG              Entries 2     Absentees   0

1st 4990  Mrs J Percy – Winetta Sir Percy

This was a lovely red dog with dark points which must have a bright future. Good mouth and teeth. Sound head bone structure. Good ear placement. Excellent confirmation & well up to size but does not need to grow much more. Good length of neck and level top line which he held whilst moving. Front legs - one of the best – straight - dropping from good shoulder placement. Good sound body & tail set. Excellent rear leg angulation. His movement, front & rear, was one of the best on the day. Best Puppy.


2nd 4972  Mr A & Mr R Felters & Rumens – Landbuck Tillisch

Very similar in many respects to 1. Nice front legs & good angulation on rear, but not as pleasing as 1.


Class  970  JUNIOR DOG               Entries 2   Absentees 0


1st 5011 Mrs S Weinberger – Correnie Tornado

Silver brindle. V.good head & neck length Good front and tail set. Juniors are seldom at their best but this one is very promising. Good on the move.


2nd 4958 Mrs L Brennan – Milindack What News Watson .

Light red with dark points. A very different type to 1. Good front - short in back. Level top line.



Class 971 Post Graduate Dog    Entries 8   Absentees  1

1st 4962 Miss Y Catto – Birselaw Followyour Dream

Grey Brindle. Excellent head and neck. Good shoulder placement and straight front. Good coat. Sound body, level top line and good tail set. Good angulation of hind quarters. Very good on the move. Thoroughly deserved his placing and should go on to higher honours. A lovely dog.

Res CC.



2nd 5012 Mrs S Weinberger – Larchlea Come Fly With Me To Correnie.

Another grey brindle. Similar in many respects to 1. Well angulated hind quarters which helped give him excellent movement. The first three in this class could well go on to higher placings under another judge.


Class  972     Limit Dog                  Entries 5       Absentees 0

1st 5009 Mr M & Mrs K Warne – Spirebrook Dawn Raider.

A grey brindle with excellent general appearance. Good sound head & ear placement. Level top line. Good depth of brisket. Level top line &good tail set. Good angulation which produced excellent drive. A worthy winner.


2nd 4978 Mrs C Marshall – Strathgarten Crackerjack.

A red with dark points. Good head with sound structure. Good length of neck, level top line and good tail set. Sound rear quarters. Moved with drive.


Class 973      Open Dog                 Entries 3       Absentees 0

1st 4979 Mrs M Middlehurst – Zalazar Un Zipped At Starveren   (IMP DNK)

Lovely red with dark points. Superb double coat. Good head with excellent ear placing, best of length of neck,  good straight front legs, level top line held on the move. Excellent tail set. Showed well throughout. CC & BOB Later, I was very pleased to hear he had been short listed in the Terrier Group


2nd   5000 Mrs J Smith – Rocasovale Razzle Dazzle

Grey brindle with dark points. A size bigger than 1. Good head & neck length. Level top line & good tail set. Good on the move.



Class 974      Min Puppy B                        Entries 4       Absentees 0

 1st   5010 Mrs A Waugh – Tribannon in the Limelite

Wheaten with dark points. Moved well for a youngster. Nice head, good shoulders & front legs. Sound in body. Good coat, top line & tail set.


2nd  4965 Mr, Mrs C & Mrs A Chambers & Exton – Cairngrove Ring My Bell

A very nice dark brindle which had most of the essentials I was looking for. Unfortunately she didn't put all in as far as showing was concerned. The same applied to others in this class.


Class 975      Puppy B                    Entries 8       Absentees 4

1st  4991 Mrs J Percy – Winetta Miss Independent.

Another lovely puppy. Red with dark points. Excellent confirmation. Head, one of the best, good length of neck & top line. Good angulation of rear legs. Moved very well keeping her shape.


2nd  4988  Mr & Mrs G S, & Miss L Peers – Tweedisle Fancyfree

Another very nice puppy whose mind seemed set on things other than showing. Cream with dark points. Level top line. Good body.


Class 976      Junior B                    Entries 6       Absentees 2

1st  4992  Mr C & Mrs J Petts – Doonrae Joie De Vivre

Joire De Vivre indeed. She must have a bright future. Red with dark points. One of the best on the move on the day. Lovely head & length of neck Good front, body & top line. Excellent tail set.


2nd  4980 Mr & Mrs A Osborne – Tweslam Maid by Magic

Unlucky to meet 1 on the day. Another red but not quite as stylish as 1. Soundly built with good head, neck, top line & tail set. Moved well.


Class 977      Post Grad B             Entries 13     Absentees 5

1st  4996 Miss J M Shearsmith – Cloverbrook Cream O’the Crop at Eborvale

Red with dark points. This exhibit had everything I was looking for. Excellent head & neck, sound front & depth of brisket. Lovely straight front legs, sound in body. Good coat & tail set. Good tail set and rear end. BCC


2nd  4998 Mrs A Smee – High Class Baby at Malmay

“Not a Baby” Well matured red with dark points. Good front, level top line, coat & top line. Well set on tail. Moved well front & rear.


Class 978      Limit B                       Entries 6       Absentees 0

1st  4993 Mrs G M Robinson – Cruzo Caitlin

Grey Brindle with excellent head & neck. Good front, coat & top line held on the move. Excellent tail set and good angulation of hind legs. Moved well


2nd  4985 Mr D & Mrs C Pears – Copseleaze Miss Bagpipes

Wheaten with dark points. Shorter neck than 1. Good front & top line. Excellent tail set. Moved well.


Class 979      Open B                      Entries 5       Absentees 1

1st  4973 Mr A &Mr R A Felters & Rumens – Ch Landbuck Jazz Hands JW

Cream with dark points. Well balanced i.e. good confirmation. Good straight front beautiful top line sound body & perferct tail set.. Moved well as you would expect. Res CC.


2nd 4961 Mr M J & Mrs B Burgin – Noncom Lucy Locket

Light red with dark points. Good head & length of neck. Sound front level top line and tail set. Moved well.


Philip Roberts