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Crufts 2010

 Cairn Terrier Judge –Sue Dolan (Glenrood)








Mary Middlehurst, DCC & BOB Zalazar Unzipped At Starveren , Judge Sue Dolan, BCC Tycadno Starlet, Geoff Thomas


DCC & RDCC Elisabeth Theodorsson, Hjohoos Hjo Are My Gold Nugget

BCC & RBCC Jensen’s Dk/Lv Ch Sensei's Charlie's Angles


BPIB Tweslam Maid For Magic


Veteran - Dog Entries: 7 Abs: 0

1st Ch/Nor/Fin/Dan/Swed Ch Birselaw Billy Fury (Re-Imp) ( Catto)

2nd Ch Shearwater Cae De Sonhas (Mrs A Wall)

3rd Ch Cloverbrook Loaded Dice (Mrs S Braybrook)

Res Ch Cannwood Augurey (Mr J T P & Mrs C M Roberts)

Vhc Ch Uniquecottage Gee Vor (Mrs M L Courant)


Special Puppy – Dog Entries: 9 Abs: 2

1st Carradines Crackaway Jack (Miss D H Inett)

2nd Landbuck Tillisch (Mr A & Mr R A Felters & Rumens)

3rd Winetta Sir Percy (Mrs J Percy)

Res Birselaw Fable (Ms J & Mr B Lamb & Saltmarsh)

Vhc Lindcoly Man He's Trouble (Mr C J & Mrs L M Saich)


Special Junior - Dog  Entries: 10 Abs: 0

1st Cherrycrack Blackadder (Mrs M E J Shopland)

2nd Correnie Tornado (Mrs S J Weinberger)

3rd Brenndarcy Trouble At Mill (Shannon & Storr)

Res Milindack What News Watson (Mrs L Brennan)

Vhc Elitecharm Dream Boy (Mrs C I Soper)


Yearling - Dog  Entries: 12 Abs: 0

1st Hjohoo¦S Hjo Are My Gold Nugget (Miss Theodorsson)

2nd Larchlea Come Fly With Me To Correnie ( Weinberger)

3rd Cloverbrook Ray Of Sunshine Over Shearwater Jw (Wall)

Res Glenmear Marauder (Mr & Mrs B Mears)

Vhc Hyde Castle Norman (Inett & Heidecker)


Post Graduate - Dog  Entries: 11 Abs: 3

1ST Cairngold Spin Of The Wheel ( Firth & Jones)

2nd Cannwood Zipper At Thackeston (Mrs J M Harland)

3rd Uniquecottage Raleigh (Mrs J G Parker-Tucker)

Res Carradine Night Listener At Harkinleigh ( King & Leighton)

Vhc  Mascalzone Latino  (Miss N Ravera)


Limit – Dog Entries: 11 Abs: 1

1st Rocasovale Razzle Dazzle (Mrs J Smith)

2nd Spawyche Elizabethan Onyx ( Moseley & Inett)

3rd Vanajam Pop Idol (Mrs G A Ward)

Res Glenchess All In The Stars (Mr S W G & Mrs E R Short)

Vhc Mascalzone Latino  (Miss N Ravera)


Open - Dog  Entries: 12 Abs: 0

1st Zalazar Un Zipped! At Starveren (Imp Dnk) ( Middlehurst)

2nd Sanderfield Pure Talent (Miss Heikkinen)

3rd Ch Noncom Inett Tu Winnit With Carradine Jw (Inett & Harrison)

Res Us Ch Zalazar Walk The Line (Ms S Bidegain)

Vhc  Ch Larchlea Time To Entertain (Mrs C Templeton)


Good Citizen Dog Scheme - Dog  Entries: 1 Abs: 0

1st  Seveek Dare Devil (Mrs J Keeves)


Veteran - Bitch  Entries: 3 Abs: 1

1st Ch Stradivarius Sonata (Mr R Munday)

2nd Ch Glenchess Golden Wings ( Short)


Special Puppy - Bitch  Entries: 11 Abs: 2

1st Tweslam Maid By Magic (Mr & Mrs A Osborn)

2nd Doonrae Joie De Vivre (Mr C & Mrs J Petts)

3rd Cannwood Remember Holly (Mrs P Harding)

Res Tweslam Winter Magic (Mrs A & Mr A Osborn)

Vhc Tweslam Dawn Chorus At Cranae (Mrs J A Oldale)

Special Junior - Bitch  Entries: 8 Abs: 0

1st Tycadno Starlet (Mr G Thomas)

2nd Winetta My Kind Of Girl (Mrs J Percy)

3rd Honeyhall Handful At Caldwall (Mr Pj & Mrs J Owen)

Res Brenndarcy Virginia Plain ( Shannon & Storr)

Vhc Elitecharm Brindled Beauty (Mrs C I Soper)


Yearling - Bitch  Entries: 16 Abs: 2

 1st Birselaw Bewitched (Miss Y Catto)

2nd Cadagio Make It Happen (Mrs M Hogarty)

3rd  Cloverbrook Cream O'the Crop At Eborvale ( Shearsmith)

Res Svendalens Crazy Diamond (Mrs A M Waites)

Vhc Trekhilli Piccallilli Jw (Mrs G Day)

Post Graduate - Bitch
Entries: 21 Abs: 3

1st Vanajam Leading Lady (Mrs G A Ward)

2nd  Cloverbrook Xtra Factor (Mrs S Braybrook)

3rd Sanderfield Magic Pearl [Atc Ak00967fin] ( Silfver & From)

Res Cairngold Treasure ( Firth & Jones)

Vhc Anjofra Welcome To La La Land ( Confue)

Limit – Bitch Entries: 15 Abs: 3

1st Larchlea Can't Remember (Mrs C Templeton)

2nd Cruzo Caitlin (Mrs G M Robinson)

3rd Hjohoo¦S For Hjour Eyes Only  (Miss Theodorsson)

Res Curtisey Foreign Account With Carradine ( King, Leighton, Inett &)

Vhc Don't Call Me Baby [Atc Ak00209ita] (Miss N Ravera)


Open – Bitch Entries: 15 Abs: 2

1st Dk/Lv Ch Sensei's Charlie's Angles  (Mrs Jensen)

2nd Ch Honeyhall Hide N Seek (Mrs E B & Mr I L B Shaw)

3rd Such Hjohoo¦S Hjour Love Is My Life Jw (Theodorsson)

Res Hjohoo's Hjo Give Love To My Life  ( Silfver & From)

Vhc Ch Landbuck Jazz Hands Jw (Mr A & Mr R A Felters & Rumens)


Good Citizen Dog Scheme - Bitch  Entries: 3 Abs: 0

1st Carradine Taffy's Girl (Mrs S Williams)

2nd  Curtisey Joint Venture (Mrs S Williams)

3rd Little Miss Tonka (Mrs V L Byrne)



















Photographs By Alan & Linda Firth


GP Out –Takes

Sorry; thought it was my leg!

Ladies; check it in your catalogue!


That’s one in the eye for you!

Look that away!

It’s this tooth!


Bliss is a good book & a comfy chair

A pensive moment



I’m at a loss for words

And what is your name and number

Two copycats!


Clutched by the Mummy’s Hand!

Don’t you turn your back on me!

One for the album!

Only tears from laughter


Why are we here!

I’ll sit here & bear it


Now just you listen to me!


At the end - a very happy lady!







12th March 2010


It was a great honour to be asked to judge the Cairn Terriers at Crufts. I was very impressed with the overall quality of the exhibits shown under me and thank the exhibitors for letting me judge their dogs. In some classes I wished that I had had more first prizes to go around. Movement on the whole was very good although there were a few dogs moving close behind and without the necessary drive. Temperaments were excellent. My main winners were:- Middlehurst’s Zalazar Un Zipped! At Starveren (IMP DNK), Dog C.C. and B.O.B. Theodorsson’s Hjohoos Hjo Are My Gold Nugget, Res D.C.C. Thomas’ Tycadno Starlet, Bitch C.C. Jensen’s DK/LV CH Sensei’s Charlie’s Angles, Res Bitch C.C. Tweslam Maid By Magic, Best Puppy.


VETERAN DOG (7) abs (0)


1st. Catto’s CH/NOR/FIN/DAN/SWED/CH Birselaw Billy Fury, 8 1/2 yrs old grey brindle. Well balanced shown in excellent condition, beautiful head of correct proportions. Good length of neck flowing into a level topline, and correct tailset. Coat of good quality. Moved well and never stopped showing.


2nd. Wall’s CH Shearwater Cae De Sonhas, another dark brindle not showing his age. Slightly longer coupled than 1, good mouth, head and eye, correct layback of shoulders and level topline. Moved well, just not showing as well as 1.


3rd. Braybrook’s CH Cloverbrook Loaded Dice, a well balanced dark brindle, very similar to 2.




1st. Inett’s Carradines Crackaway Jack, dark red brindle, lovely expression, good front, strong bone and feet, correct length of neck flowing into clean shoulders, moved with plenty of drive which won him this class. Very showy.


2nd. Felters’ & Rumens’ Landbuck Tillisch, wheaten, shorter coupled than 1, good mouth and eye, level topline and correct tailset. Another good mover, showed well.


3rd. Percy’s Winetta Sir Percy, red brindle, well up on leg, good head and expression, was just not showing as well as 1 & 2, moved well.




1st. Shopland’s Cherrycrack Blackadder, balanced upstanding dark grey brindle, good head. Straight front, excellent neck and shoulders, moved and showed well.  Still maturing.


2nd. Weinberger’s Correnie Tornado, grey brindle shorter in back than 1, excels in head, correct mouth with a wide scissor bite, good front with plenty of forechest. Shown in good coat of correct texture and length, moved well. A close decision, could change places with 1 at any time.


3rd. Shannon & Storr’s Brendarcy Trouble At Mill, well balanced red brindle, smaller than last 2, lovely head and expression, level topline maintained on the move, showed well.


YEARLING DOG (12) abs (0)


1st. Theodorsson’s Hjohoos Hjo Are My Gold Nugget, upstanding cream who excels in balance. Lovely expressive head in correct proportions, straight front with strong feet, good forechest, excellent length of neck flowing into correct layback of shoulders. Moved effortlessly around the ring with plenty of drive. A great showman. Pleased to award him Reserve Dog C.C.


2nd. Weinberger’s Larchlea Come Fly With Me To Correnie, well balanced red brindle with a good harsh coat although a little short at present. Well up on leg, correct eye, good mouth, and outline. Moved well both ways.


3rd. Wall’s Cloverbrook Ray Of Sunshine Over Shearwater JW, red brindle of smaller frame but well balanced. Good head and expression, moved well, never gave up showing.


POST GRADUATE DOG (11) abs (3)


1st. Firth & Jones’ Cairngold Spin Of The Wheel, nicely balanced wheaten, strong head and expression, wide jaw with large teeth, correct length of neck, clean shoulders. Coat of good quality and correct length, moved with purpose around the ring. Showed well.


2nd. Harland’s Cannwood Zipper At Thackeston, grey bigger than 1, with the correct

Cairn expression, level topline, moved well around the ring but did not give his all.


3rd. Parker-Tucker’s Uniquecottage Raleigh, nicely balanced red brindle, good neck and shoulders, moved okay when settled.


LIMIT DOG (11) abs (1)


1st. Smith’s Rocasovale Razzle Dazzle, upstanding grey brindle who excels in head, straight front, strong feet and legs, good bone, clean neck and shoulders, level topline, coarse coat although short at present, moved and showed well.


2nd. Moseley & Inett’s Spawyche Elizabethan Onyx, grey brindle of shorter mould, good head, correct mouth, length of neck and clean shoulders, tail well set on. Very showy, moved well in front.


3rd. Ward’s Vanajam Pop Idol, wheaten of larger type, well up on leg, clean neck and shoulders. Coat of correct texture although a little short at present which made him look longer on the leg. Movement true but gave up showing.


OPEN DOG (12) abs (0)


This was one of the best classes of the day, and placings could change another time.


1st. Middlehurst’s Zalazar Un Zipped! At Starveren (IMP DNK), red of excellent quality. Well proportioned head with a broad skull, wide bite and good teeth, good dark eye, straight front with strong feet and excellent bone, good length of neck flowing into clean shoulders, level topline which he kept on the move, tail well set.

Well balanced with a lovely outline. Moved with drive around the ring and never gave up showing. Immaculately presented. I judged this dog as a youngster and he has matured well. Delighted to award him Dog C.C. and B.O.B.


2nd. Heikkinen’s Sanderfield Pure Talent, well balanced grey brindle with lovely outline. Good head and expression, dark eye, correct mouth, strong legs and feet, good forechest, excellent layback of shoulders with a good spring of rib. Moved around the ring with purpose.


3rd. Inett and Harrison’s CH Noncom Inett Tu Winnit With Carradine JW, red brindle, good outline, with very clean lines, correct level topline which he kept on the move, good tailset. Moved out well and never stopped showing.


GOOD CITIZEN DOG (1) abs (0)


1st. Keeves’ Seveek Dare Devil, red on his own, shown in short coat but of good texture, dark eye, moved okay.


VETERAN BITCH (3) abs (1)


1st. Munday’s CH Stradivarius Sonata, grey brindle with a very pretty head and good dark eye, clean shoulders, level topline. Moved and showed well.


2nd. Short’s CH Glenchess Golden Wings, red with a lovely head and expression, good topline and tailset, moved around the ring with plenty of drive from rear.




1st. Osborn’s Tweslam Maid By Magic, lovely balanced red shown in immaculate coat of good quality. Good head and dark eye, correct mouth, straight front and good feet, good length of neck and correct tailset. Moved well with plenty of drive from rear. Never gave up showing. Best Puppy.


2nd. Petts’ Doonrae Joie De Vivre, another red smaller than 1 with a good mouth and correct expression, nice outline. Moved and showed well.


3rd. Harding’s Cannwood Remember Holly, wheaten with a beautiful head and

expression, strong mouth with correct scissor bite, good neck and shoulders, level





1st. Thomas’ Tycadno Starlet, lovely balanced wheaten bitch, good dark eye, beautiful head with wide jaw, correct bite, straight front standing well forward on front legs, strong feet and bone, correct length of neck with clean shoulders, level topline which she kept on the move. Moved well around the ring for one so young, never gave up showing and did not put a foot wrong. Should have a good future. Pleased to award her Bitch C.C.


2nd. Percy’s Winetta My Kind Of Girl, red not quite as mature as 1 but with lots of good points. Lovely head and mouth, correct texture of coat although a little short. Another great showgirl. Moved true both ways. I see she is sired by the Dog C.C winner.


3rd. Owen’s Honeyhall Handful At Caldwall, red brindle, pretty bitch with a good head, correct shoulders, just not co-operating as well with her handler when moving.


YEARLING BITCH (16) abs (2)


1st. Catto’s Birselaw Bewitched, lovely balanced wheaten brindle. Pretty head, lovely expression, good mouth, correct layback of shoulders, upper arm of correct length, level topline. As always from this kennel, movement was very good.


2nd. Hogarty’s Cadagio Make It Happen, red bigger than 1, straight front, clean neck and shoulders. Well balanced bitch. Moved okay.


3rd. Shearsmith’s Cloverbrook Cream O’The Crop At Eborvale, good headed bitch shown in a quality coat although a little short, correct mouth, straight front, good shoulders.




1st. Ward’s Vanajam Leading Lady, very eye catching cream with a lovely outline.

Attractive head and expression, good dark eye, excellent length of neck, level topline and good tailset, moved well around the ring and never stopped showing.


2nd. Braybrook’s Cloverbrook Xtra Factor, wheaten brindle of a smaller mould but made very well and of a similar type as 1. Unlucky to meet 1 and could change places another time.


3rd. Silfver & From’s Sanderfield Magic Pearl, very dark brindle of smaller type than last 2, excellent outline with a very clean neck and shoulders, correct topline and balanced length of back, good turn of stifle. Moved well both ways. A very extrovert bitch who never stopped showing,


LIMIT BITCH (15) abs (3)


1st. Templeton’s Larchlea Can’t Remember, very dark grey brindle. This bitch fits the breed standard very well. Excellent head with a wicked expression, good front, well muscled, strong forequarters, clean shoulders with the correct angulation, good topline and tailset. Never stopped showing.


2nd. Robinson’s Cruzo Caitlin, grey brindle bigger than 1, lovely head and expression, excellent mouth with wide bite and large teeth.  Good outline, moved true with plenty of drive. Very showy.


3rd. Theodorsson’s Hjohoos For Hjour Eyes Only, pretty headed red, good mouth, and head. Strong legs and feet, standing well over front, good neck and shoulders, well angulated rear. Movement good.


OPEN BITCH (15) abs (2)


This was another strong class and many worthy exhibits had to leave the ring without a prize. I could have done with more 1st prizes!


1st. Jensen’s DK/LV CH Sensei’s Charlie’s Angles, very pretty wheaten of correct size for the breed standard. She demanded attention. Lovely head with a correct mouth, neck and shoulders, dead level topline, good tailset. An excellent mover with true front movement and plenty of drive from the rear.  Never stopped showing. Reserve Bitch C.C.


2nd. Shaw’s CH Honeyhall Hide N Seek, wheaten similar in shape and points to 1.

Moved well and never stopped showing. Just was not as happy with her ears as 1 which spoilt the overall picture. Could change places with 1 on another day.


3rd. Theodorsson’s SU CH Hjohoos Hjour Love Is My Life JW, grey brindle with a lovely head and expression, good outline which she did not lose on the move, excellent movement but gave up showing at the end.




1st. Williams’ Carradine Taffy’s Girl, red brindle, coat of good texture but short, showed well and enjoying her day out.


2nd. Williams’ Curtisey Joint Venture, red brindle, smaller than 1, good head and expression. Enjoying herself.


3rd. Byrne’s Little Miss Tonka, pretty wheaten, nice dark eye, correct size for breed.