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Darlington Championship Show

17 September  2010

Maud Hawkes (Maridale)


DCC & BOB; Smith’s Ch. Rocasovale Razzle Dazzle
Catto’s Ch Norw Dan Fin Swed Birselaw Billy Fury
BCC : Braybrook’s Cloverbrook Xtra Factor
RBCC : Harding’s Cannwood Remember Holly
Best Puppy : Braybrook’s Cloverbrook Code Breaker

Best Veteran : Catto’s Ch Norw Dan Fin Swed Birselaw Billy Fury (3rd In Veteran Group!)



Best Vet & RDCC Ch Birselaw Billy Fury, Yvonne Catto, judge Maud Hawkes, Sue Braybrook, BCC Cloverbrook Xtra Factor, Alison Wragg handling BPD & BPIB Cloverbrook Codebreaker, BPB Brenndarcy Pocahontas, Brenda Shannon, Jeanette Smith, DCC & BOB Ch Rocasovale Razzle Dazzle









 VD (1)
1st Catto’s Ch Norw Dan Fin Swed Birselaw Billy Fury

MPD (1)
1st Templeton’s Larchlea I Want To Break Free

PD (1)

1st Braybrook’s Cloverbrook Codebreaker

JD (1)
1st Felters & Rumens’ Landbuck Tillisch

 PGD (3)
1st Harland’s Cannwood Zipper At Thackeston
2nd Shannon & Storr Brenndarcy Trouble At Mill
3rd  Lamb & Saltmarsh  Birselaw Fable

L D (5,0)
1st Firth’s  Cairngold Spin Of The Wheel
2nd King & Leighton Mr G Carradine Night Listener At Harkinleigh
3rd Warne’s Spirebrooke Dawn Raider
Res Wall’s Cloverbrook Ray Of Sunshine Over Shearwater Jw
Vhc Marshal’s Strathgarten Crackerjack

 OD (2,1A)
1st Smith Mrs J Ch Rocasovale Razzle Dazzle


VB (1,1A)

MPB No Entries

PB (6)
1st Shannon & Storrs Brenndarcy Pocahontas
2nd Warne’s Cloverbrook Carousel At Spirebrooke
3rd Smith’s Anjofra Plum Tart At Rocasovale
Res Berrecloth’s  Sybster Sunday Best
Vhc Samet’s Cloverbrook Black Diamond

JB (3)
1st Harding’sCannwood Remember Holly
2nd Roberts’ Cannwood One Moment In Time
3rd Miller’s Cornton Badger's Hope

PGB (5,1A)
1st Petts’ Doonrae Joie De Vivre
2nd Osborn’s Tweslam Maid By Magic Jw
3rd Miller’s Cornton Reay
Res Bowness’ Birselaw Folksong

LB (3 )
1st Braybrook’s  Cloverbrook Xtra Factor
2nd Catto’s Birselaw Bewitched
3rd Shannon & Storr’s Brenndarcy Button It Jw

OB (5)
1st Shearsmith’s Cloverbrook Cream O'the Crop At Eborvale
2nd Templeton’s Ch Larchlea Can't Remember
3rd Firth’s Cairngold Candlelight
Res Osborn’s Tweslam Serendipity
Vhc King,, Leighton,  Inett & Harrison Curtisey Foreign Account With Carradine














Photographss By Alan & Llinda Firth wih a little help from Mike Harland & Brenda’s Camera!

Darlington Championship Show 2010


Sincere apologies for delayed submission of report due to illness with associated problems and commitments.  Many thanks to the committee of the Darlington Dog Show Society for giving me the pleasure of judging at their hospitable show and to the exhibitors for making the journey and braving the Friday traffic. Many of the dogs were excellent and I was pleased to find that most bites were acceptable. It was however disappointing that front and/or rear assemblies were not always so good and therefore affecting movement.  It was a pleasure to watch Ch Norw Dan Fin Swed Birselaw Billy Fury being placed 3rd in the Veteran Group under Brenda Banbury and then find that he is not only the Sire of the BOB winner but also the Grandsire of both the Bitch CC winner and the Best Puppy.




VD  (1)  1  Catto’s Ch Norw Dan Fin Swed Birselaw Billy Fury.  A dog of great balance and so very pleasing to go over.  Excellent head with strong, correct bite, keen expression and well placed, neat ears. Excellent angulations fore and aft. Lovely neck and shoulder.  Good depth and spring of rib and strong loin. Level topline and correct tailset. Well presented in quality, double jacket and superb condition.  Moved with effortless drive and showed himself off to full advantage. A very special dog. Res CC and Best Veteran.


MPD  (1)  1  Templeton’s Larchlea I Want To Break Free.   Very promising, dark grey brindle baby.  Lovely head with cheeky expression and correct bite with large teeth.  Well bodied with good forechest, strong feet and level back. Very good double coat.  Moved freely and showed so well.


PD  (1)  1  Braybrook’s Cloverbrook Codebreaker. Very well balanced puppy, full of promise.  Masculine head with well carried ears, varminty expression and strong jaw and correct bite.  Good bone, strong feet and well let down hocks.  Nice reach of neck into level back; good tailset & carriage.  Correct double coat in best order.  Showed with great confidence and moved out soundly.  BP.  


JD  (1)  1  Felters & Rumens’ Landbuck Tillisch.  Attractive red youngster with pleasing head and expression. Well balanced with good reach of neck; nice outline and good tailset.  Harsh double coat.  Showed and moved out well.


PGD  (3)  1  Harland’s Cannwood Zipper At Thackeston.  Dark brindle with good head.  Well carried neat ears, good stop, expressive eyes and good mouth.  Good angulations fore and aft. Nice reach of neck; deep ribs and strong loin and level back.  A well balanced dog, presented in excellent jacket.  Moved soundly with drive.  2  Shannon’s Brenndarcy Trouble At Mill.  Well made masculine head with dark eyes and good expression.  Attractive dark points to neat ears.  Well bodied and shown in nice harsh coat.  Moved and showed well. 3  Lamb & Saltmarsh’s Birselaw Fable.


LD  (5)  1  Firth’s Cairngold Spin Of the Wheel.  Well made head with neat ears and dark eyes with varminty expression.  Good front with lovely neck and shoulder.  Good rib to loin ratio and rear angulation.  A balanced dog moving with drive, shown in good condition and harsh jacket.  2  King & Leighton’s Carradine Night Listener.  Another nice dog with a super head and attractive dark points.  Balanced with good topline and tailcarriage; well let own hocks.  Double coat in good condition.  Moved and showed well.  3  Warne’s Spirebrooke Dawn Raider.


OD  (2;1)  1  Smith’s Ch Rocasovale Razzle Dazzle. This dog really ticks all the boxes for me.  Well made masculine head, excellent expression and good bite with large teeth and strong jaw. Good bone and feet. Lovely reach of neck, excellent front and matching rear angulation, firm topline with good depth and length of rib and strong loin; correct tailset & carriage.  Very well presented with harsh jacket in best order and super fit condition.  Moved soundly with drive and showed non-stop to deserve his CC and BOB.


VB  (1;1)


MPB  (0)


PB  (6)   1  Shannon’s Brenndarcy Pocahontas.  Promising cream baby.  Feminine head with keen expression and good body and outline.   Good coat quality.  Very showy and confident.  Moved very well. 2  Warne’s Cloverbrook Carousel At Spirebrooke.  Very pretty puppy with lovely head and expression. Well constructed throughout but did not show and move out as well as 1. 3  Smith’s Anjofra Plum Tart At Rocasovale.


JB  (3)  1  Harding’s Cannwood Remember Holly. Outstanding youngster in cream with attractive dark points.  Lovely, feminine head with good stop and wicked expression.  Excellent confirmation throughout with good reach of neck and level back.  Well presented in hard condition and excellent coat.  Moved freely and with drive and showed so very well. Res CC.  2  Robert’s Cannwood One Moment In Time.   Another attractive young bitch from this kennel.   Lovely head, enough neck and good topline. Quality coat coming on nicely. Showed and moved well.  3  Miller’s Cornton Badger’s Hope.


PGB  (5)  1  Pett’s Doonrae Joie De Vivre.  Very attractive red with dark points.  Good head, neat ears and dark eyes with lovely expression.  Nicely bodied and balanced with good angulations fore & aft.  Excellent condition and jacket. Moved with drive and showed very well. 2  Osborn’s Tweslam Maid By Magic JW. Lovely bitch with good head and appealing expression. Well constructed and balanced with good outline.  Well presented in good quality coat.  Movement not quite as positive as that of 1. 3  Miller’s Cornton Reay.


LB  (3)  1  Braybrook’s Cloverbrook Xtra Factor.  A truly happy show girl of great quality and balance.  Lovely head with neat, well carried ears, good stop and dark eyes with that wicked expression.  So well made throughout and with good bone and strong feet. Nice reach of neck and level back over deep ribs.  Excellent harsh wheaten brindle jacket with attractive dark points.  Presented in top condition.  Moved with free- flowing stride and drive and never stopped showing.  Pleased to award her first CC.  2  Catto’s Birselaw Bewitched. Attractive dark grey brindle quality bitch with feminine head, good stop, correct bite and lovely expression.  Well balanced with good body and outline, correct tailset and good double coat.  Showed well and moved with drive.   3  Shannon’s Brenndarcy Button It JW.


OB  (5)  1  Shearsmith’s Cloverbrook Cream Of The Crop at Eborvale.  Lovely wheaten bitch with nice dark points.  Well-made head, neat ears and varminty expression.  Good front and rear assembly, well sprung rib and strong loin. Correct tailset.  Good coat quality. Moved very soundly with drive and showed well.  2  Templeton’s Ch Larchlea Can’t Remember.  Feminine dark brindle bitch with lovely head and expression. Well constructed with good reach of neck and nice outline with good tailset. Harsh double coat in best order.  Showed and moved well.   3  Firth’s Cairngold Candlelight.


Maud Hawkes