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Midland Cairn Terrier Club 2010 Championship Show

15th January 2011

Judge Elaine Short (Glenchess)


DCC & BOB; Middlehurstís Ch. Zalazar Un Zipped! At Starveren Dnk Imp

RDCC; Smithís Ch. Rocasovale Razzle Dazzle

BCC, BOS & RBIS; Templetonís Ch Larchlea Canít Remember

RBCC; Smithís Anjofra Plum Tart At Rocasovale

BPIB: Templetonís Larchlea I Want To Break Free

BOS Puppy: Waughís Tribannon Special Quest

Best Veteran: Middlehurstís Ch Cannwood As if By Magic To Starveren JW

Oldest Veteran; Jenningís Doonrae Virtuoso

Mary Middlehurst & DCC & BIS Ch Zalazar Un Zipped! At Starveren


Mary Middlehurst, DCC & BOB Ch Zalazar Un Zipped! At Starveren, Judge Elaine Short, Carole Templeton, BCC, BOS & RBIS Ch Larchlea Canít Remember

Best Puppies

BPD & BPIB Larchlea I want To Break Free &

BPB Tribannon Special Quest





Awarding BOS Clock


VDB 8,2a

1.    Ch Cannwood As If By Magic To Starveren

2.    Curtisey Foreign Affair At Carradine

3.    Ock Ross Iím The Boss

Res Doonrae Virtuoso

Vhc Doonrae Zestful


MPD 3,1a

1.    Tribannon For Your Eyes Only

2.    Cruzo Bilbo Baggins


PD 9,6a

1.    Larchlea I Want To Break Free

2.    Svendalens Mr Bojangles

3.    Lindcoly Hereís Dudley


JD 2,1a

1.    Anjofra Iím Not Going


MD 1

1.    Lindcoly Hereís Dudley


ND 2,2a


GD 3,1a

1.    Milindack What News Watson

2.    Birselaw Fable


PGD 9,3a

1.    Cairngold Spin Of The Wheel

2.    Cannwood Zipper At Thackeaston

3.    Carradine Crackaway Jack

Res Lindcoly Dark Enterprise

Vhc Tweedisle That Lone Guy

LD 8,4a

1.    Landbuck Tillisch

2.    Brenndarcy Trouble At Mill

3.    Carradine Night Listener At Harkinleigh

Res Strathgarten Crackerjack


OD 7,3a

1.    Ch Zalazar Un Zipped! At Starveren

2.    ChRocasovale Razzle Dazzle

3.    Ch Noncom Inett Tu Winnit For Carradine

Res Spirebrooke Dawn Raider


SBD 3,1a

1.    Svendalens Mr Bojangles

2.    Tweedisle Stargazer



MPB 11.3a

1.    Tribannon Special Quest

2.    Cloverbrook Precious Gift At Lentrica

3.    Lindcoly Red Adventure

Res Copseleaze Tartan Tara

Vhc Svendalens If Not For You


PB 6,5a

1.    Cloverbrook Carousel At Spirebrooke


JB 12,6a

†††† 1.Birselaw Sweet Breeze

†††† 2. Stryveling Sweet Caroline

†††† 3. Cannwood One Moment In Time

ResDoonrae Kast In Gold

Vhc Tweedisle Sorrel


MB 3,3a


NB 7,3a

1.    Anjofra Plum Tart At Rocasovale

2.    Carradine Time To Shine

3.    Stryveling Polly Flinders

Res Tweedisle Tansy


GB 5,1a

1.    Landbuck Scrumptious

2.    Noncom Lucy Locket

3.    Little Miss Tonka

Res Lindcoly Im Breaking Out


PGB 11,5a

1.    Doonrae Joie De Vivre

2.    Cairngold Treasure

3.    Tweslam Winter Magic

Res Milindack Miss Marple

Vhc Noncom Miss Hat He Chewed


LB 10,7a

1.    Birselaw Any Dream Will Do

2.    Cannwood Remember Holly

3.    Tweslam Maid By Magic


OB 13,10a

1.    Ch Larchlea Canít Remember

2.    Cloverbrook Cream Oíthe Crop At Eborvale

3.    Miradose Little Gem


SBB 7,4a

1.    Stryveling Polly Flinders

2.    Little Miss Tonka

3.    Copseleaze Miss Bagpipes


22 Brace 3

1.    Burgins

2.    Firths

  1. Jennings






















Champions Parade


Celebration Cake

Special Prize Cards




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A big Thank You To our main sponsors ROYAL CANIN

Fish 4 Dogs for the doggy treats given to every exhibitor

Plus the Following for their Generous Gifts and donations to the Show;

The MCTC Committee who sponsored individual classes, Mrs J Smith, Mrs U B Taylor, Mrs J Price, Allbrooks, Simpsons, & Petcetera.

Royal Canin Pet Food



Simpsons Online




Speedwell Rooms, Staveley, Chesterfield

15 January 2011


Pleased to stand in for Brian Mears.

I was looking for soundness and balance. With heads of the correct proportions of muzzle to skull. Mouths were good, only a couple with smaller and less even teeth.

I was extremely pleased with my bitch line-up and my principle winners.



Veteran Dog /Bitch 8 (2) absent

1 Middlehurst: Ch Cannwood As If By Magic To Staveren JW

Worthy winner, seven yrs. Good outline, sound, true mover keeping outline. Grey brindle coat of correct texture. Good proportions to head with correct expression. Showy and balanced with moderate angulation.

2 Burgin: Curtisey Foreign Affair at Carradine

Dark grey brindle bitch seven yrs. A bitch of good quality, correct type and substance, lovely outline, good balance, sound on the move, very showy.

3 Fairweather: Ock Ross Iím The Boss


Minor Puppy Dog 3 (1) absent

1 Waugh: Tribannon For your Eyes Only

A very nice puppy of good size with a correct texture to his coat. Has a very nicely proportioned head with a lovely expression. When settled, his movement was true.

Liked his length of leg to body, not long in loin with a good spring of rib and correct angulation.

2 Robinson: Cruzo Billbo Baggins

Another promising puppy, wheaten with a clean outline, good size and balance, very nice coat texture and well presented, just a little loose in front movement at the moment.Very showy.


Puppy Dog 9 (6) absent

1 Templeton: Larchlea I WantTo Break Free

Smart balanced puppy who shows like an old hand. Alert, responsive to his handler.

Head is developing well and has a keen expression, very good mouth. He is a well proportioned boy with correct angulation and correctly developed fore chest and well let down hocks. BEST PUPPY

2 Finbow: Svendalens Mr Bojangles

Wheaten , up to size , coat needs some attention, balanced , a little loose in front when moving

3 Saich: Lindcoly Hereís Dudley


Junior Dog 2 (1) absent

1 Confue: Anjofra Iím Not Going†† .

Dark Red Brindlewith a very good outline. Well proportioned head with a good expression. Level topline, good tailset and excellent overall balance, just wish he would stride out a little more.


Maiden Dog 1

1 Saich: Lindcoly Hereís Dudley

Red Brindle, still very immature at ten months, still a little narrow throughout. Good coat quality, good expression. Would like less length to hock to give more drive in rear.


Novice Dog 2 (2) absent


Graduate Dog 3 (1) absent

1 Brennan: Milindack What News Watson

Wheaten, nice size, well balanced, coat of correct length and texture. Head well proportioned. A sound dog with correct angulation and well let down hocks allowing him to move correctly.

2 Lamb: Birselaw Fable

A good sized dog with a grey brindle coat. Has a good expression, balanced and moves soudly, tail a little gay at times, little close in hock.


Post Graduate Dog 9 (3) absent

1 Firth: Cairngold Spin Of The Wheel

His spin of the wheel will come hopefully. Very nice sound dog who I considered for RCC. Happy dog with a wheaten coat of correct length and texture, good size and balance, correct front with layback and correctly angled rear with well let down hock. Sound on the move keeping topline and a very typical head and expression.

2 Harland: Cannwood Zipper at Thackeston

Grey brindle who moved soundly and has correct balance, in good coat with a well made head and keen expression

3 Bambridge & Inett: Carradine Crackaway Jack


Limit Dog 8 (4) absent

1 Felters & Rumens: Landbuck Tillisch

A sound young male with a fabulous head, bright red coat well presented, sound on the move and very showy. He is correctly made fore and aft and has a level topline kept on the move. Also pushed hard for RCC.

2 Shannon & Storr: Brenndarcy Trouble At Mill

Another very smart young male, balanced with a red brindle coat of correct texture, sound on the move, keeping topline. Correct angulation. Good expression.

3 King & Leighton: Carradine Night Listener at Harkinleigh


Open Dog 7 (3) absent

1 Middlehurst: Ch Zalazar Unzipped! At Starveren

Red male to whom I have awarded top honoursbefore. He is excellent to go over and has substance but not overdone. Balanced, sound on the move with correct outline. Fabulous head with a broad muzzle and deep stop, melting expression, good bite. Correct angulation fore and aft, standing well forward over front. BIS

2 Smith: Ch Rocasovale Razzle Dazzle

A very nice male of good size and balance with an excellent head and expression, who moved true. In correct textured coat with a very good outline. RCC

3 Inett & Harrison: CH: Noncom Inett To Winnit For Carradine


Special Beginners Dog 3 (1) absent

1 Svendalens: Mr Bojangles

See Puppy Dog

2 Davies: Tweedisle Stargazer

A balanced male in good coat with correct expression. Tended to hop on the move.


Minor Puppy Bitch 11(3)

1 Waugh: Tribannon Special Quest

Light red brindle. Lovely head with a keen expression and neat ears with a good mouth. Coat in good order of correct texture. Very good balance and outline, moved true. Correctly angulated. BB Puppy

2 Clarke: Cloverbrook Precious Gift at Lentricia

Dark grey brindle with appealing head and expression, neat ears. Very good balance and moved soundly with correct angulation.

3 Saich: Lindcoly Red Adventuress


Puppy Bitch 6 (5) absent

1 Warne: Cloverbrook Carousel At Spirebrooke

Light silver brindle, stood alone. Very good head and expression, correctly balanced and moved soundly.


Junior Bitch 12 (6) absent

1 Catto: Birselaw Sweet Breeze

Wheaten Brindle in very good coat of correct texture. Correct head with short broad muzzle and correct width to skull with neat ears and a melting expression. A smaller bitch with a very good rear,low set hocks, sound on the move.

2 Cameron: Stryveling Sweet Caroline

Light red, attractive head of good proportions, good balance and sound on the move, good in rear with well let down hocks, giving drive. Coat in between today but just needs time to mature.

3 Roberts: Cannwood One Moment In Time


Maiden Bitch 3 (3) absent


Novice Bitch 7 (3) absent

1 Smith: Anjofra Plum Tart at Rocasovale

Light red Brindle, fourteen months, gorgeous head. Muzzle not too long and broad ,good mouth, melting expression with correct eye. Sound and animated on the move, very true coming and going.. Coat in very good order, plenty of undercoat and correct texture. Balance correct for breed with correct front, good spring of rib and matching rear angulation. RCC

2 Inett,Harrison&Clayton: Carradine Time To Shine

Dark Grey Brindle, very good outline and balance. Small neat ears, good mouth, correct expression, sound mover

3 Usher: Stryveling Polly Flinders.


Graduate Bitch 5 (0)

1 Felters & Rumens: Landbuck Scrumtious

Light red brindle in very good coat. Lovely head of correct proportions with correct eye and expression. A smaller stamp but everything in harmony. Correct angulation front and rear, with well let down hocks and a well made front assembly, lovely outline, very sound on the move.

2 Burgin: Noncom Lucy Locket

Wheaten. Another sound bitch of attractive type with a well made head, with a correct eye. Good quality coat, very good outline held on the move. Correct tailset, balanced and sound.

3 Byrne: Little Miss Tonka


Post Graduate Bitch 11 (5)

1 Petts: Doonrae Joie de Vivre

Red Brindle with a very clean outline. Coat a little short, but nothing to hide. Very sound mover, keeping topline. Good size and balance. Correct head and eye and is a striking workmanlike bitch.

2 Firth: Cairngold Treasure

Cream of good type, very nice head and expression. Typical head of correct proportions. Coat of correct texture. Sound on the move with well let down hocks. Kept outline on the move.

3 Osborn: Tweslam Winter Magic


Limit Bitch 10 (7)

1 Catto: Birselaw Any Dream Will Do

Wheaten Brindle. Up to size. Marvellous head with correct expression. Didnít give up showing.Lovely coat. Very good rear with well let down hocks. Kept topline on the move. Excellent outline.

2 Harding: Cannwood Remember Holly JW

Wheaten, black mask. Well proportioned head and very good expression. Coat very good texture. Well angulated with a sound rear, sound on the move keeping topline.

3 Osborn Tweslam Maid By Magic JW


Open Bitch 13(9)

1 Templeton: Ch Larchlea Canít Remember

Dark Grey Brindle. Very showy and sound, a workmanlike bitch. Coat very well presented. Has pleasing angulation front and rear with well let down hocks, standing well forward with good straight front and correct spring of rib. Lovely outline kept on the move. Well proportioned head with mischievous expression. BB and RBIS BOS

2 Shearsmith: Cloverbrook Cream Oí The Crop at Eborvale

Light red, black mask. Very nice head with correct expression. Balanced in outlineandwith correct coat texture. Did not move as well as number one.

3 Fielder: Miradorose Little Gem


Special Beginners Bitch 7 (4)

1 Usher: Stryveling Polly Flinders

Light Red. Nice head with correct eye. Balanced, moved soundly to win here.

2 Byrne: Little Miss Tonka

Wheaten. Would like a stronger head. Sound when moving, keeping topline, showy, with a good textured coat

3 Pears: Copseleaze Miss Bagpipes



1 Burgin: best matched pair

2 Firth

3 Jennings

Judge Elaine Short