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Manchester Dog Show Society Championship Show

21st January 2010 – Cairn Terrier

Bill Cammish (75-79)


DCC & BOB: Smith’s  Rocasovale Razzle Dazzle
RDCC : Shopland’s Cherrycrack Blackadder
BCC: Munday’s Ch Birselaw Firebird Of Stradivarius
RBCC : Felters & Rumens’ Ch Landbuck Jazz Hands Jw
Best Puppy : Harding’s Cannwood Remember Holly
Best Veteran : Munday’s Ch Stradivarius Sonata


Jeanette Smith, DCC & BOB Rocasovale Razzle Dazzle, Judge Bill Cammish, BCC Ch. Birselaw Firebird of Stradivarius, Ray Munday.

BPB & BPIB Cannwood Remember Holly, BPD Winnetta Sir Percy





PD (4 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: Percy’s Winetta’s Sir Percy
2nd: Felters & Rumens’ Landbuck Tillisch
3rd: Thompson’s Castleline Bang On Time
Res: Hogarty’s Cadagio No Doubt About It

JD (5 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: Shopland’s Cherrycrack Blackadder
2nd: Mears’ Glenmear Marauder
3rd:  Weinberger’s Correnie Tornado
Res: Shannon & Storr’s Brenndarcy Trouble At Mill
Vhc: Lamb & Saltmarsh’s Birselaw Fable

PGD (7 Entries) Abs: 2
1st:  Weinberger’s Larchlea Come Fly With Me To Correnie
2nd: Firth & Jones’ Cairngold Spin Of The Wheel
3rd:  Morley  Kedvaiy Locamotion
Res: Peers  Tweedisle Krazy Koot
Vhc: Parkin’s  Roachdee Mystery Of The Full Moon

LD (9 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: Smith’s Rocasovale Razzle Dazzle
2nd: Warne Spirebrooke Dawn Raider
3rd:  Peers Tweedisle Guy Mannering
Res: King & Leighton Carradine Night Listener At Harkinleigh
Vhc: Watson Fieldron I've Got News For You

O (3 Entries) Abs: 0
1st:  Hogarty’s Ir Ch Cadagio The Unexpected
2nd: Moseley & Inett’s Spawyche Elizabethan Onyx
3rd: King & Leighton’s Carradine May Be The Moon At Harkinleigh

 VD (1 Entries) Abs: 1

PB (12 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: Harding’s Cannwood Remember Holly
2nd: Petts’ Doonrae Joie De Vivre
3rd: Felters & Rumens’ Landbuck Scrumptious
Res: Wren’s Larchlea Could It Be Magic
Vhc: Dolan’s Glenrood Masqerade Naf

JB (10 Entries) Abs: 3
1st: Templeton’s Larchlea Can't Remember
2nd: Braybrook’s Cloverbrook Xtra Factor
3rd: Owen’s Honeyhall Handful At Caldwall
Res: Percy’s Winetta Special Delivery
Vhc: Peers’ Tweedisle Pillow Dream

PGB (9 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: Shannon & Storr’s Brenndarcy Button It Jw
2nd: Dolan’s Glenrood Warrior Princess Naf
3rd: Clarke’s Lentrica Who's The Daddy
Res: Smee’s High Class Baby At Malmay
Vhc: Day’s Trekhilli Piccallilli Jw

LB (9 Entries) Abs: 3
1st:  King, Leighton, Inett & Harrison Curtisey Foreign Account With Carradine
2nd: Clarke’s Conundrum Sweeter For Me For Lentrica Jw Sh.Cm
3rd: Wren’s Larchlea Spirit In The Sky
Res: Bambridge’s Luvemal Cherry Bea
Vhc:  Williams’ Curtisey Joint Venture

 OB (9 Entries) Abs: 3
1st: Munday’s Ch Birselaw Firebird Of Stradivarius
2nd:  Felters & Rumens’ Ch Landbuck Jazz Hands Jw
3rd: Smee’s Malmay Sky's The Limit
Res: Wren’s Larchlea Light My Fire
Vhc: Hogarty’s Cadagio Make It Happen

VB (1 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 1259 Munday’s Ch Stradivarius Sonata












Photographs by Graham Peers ably assisted by Brenda & Julie



A Trio Of GP Out takes

In yer face!

Just me And my Baby!

No homework - Critique Being  written






For the first time ever I found this was not an easy show to judge.  So many  different shapes and sizes with no uniform pattern. Also I was disappointed there was not a minor puppy class as, obviously, some very young babies would have fared better if there had been


My BOB was Smith's Rocasovale Razzle Dazzle.  A dark grey brindle who excels in head, eye and overall balance. In excellent coat. Good legs and feet, good front, very well muscled and when he put his mind to it one can see free, parallel ,movement. I understand this was his second CC so let's hope his third will not be long delayed..


My bitch CC was Munday's Ch. Birselaw Firebird of Stradivarius.  This red brindle has a head to die for -  such an enchanting expression - so typical and feminine as one would expect from her breeding.  She moved effortlessly and, indeed, I thought she was the best mover of the day.  Sadly she is not the best showgirl in the world (which cost her BOB) but I could not overlook her very  many other virtues.


Best Puppy was Harding's Cannwood Remember Holly.  I thought this cream bitch was the star of the show - what a charmer..  Beautiful head, in very good coat.  Very well presented and handled.  O.K. She was not perfect all the time going round the ring but she is just a puppy with lots of time to get her act together completely.  I was captivated with her and predict that she will have a very bright future.


Puppy dog (4)


1.  Percy's Winetta Sir Percy - red brindle, mature pup possessing a good head and outline and a good harsh coat if perhaps a little short. A bit wayward on the move to start with but eventually managed to do enough to win the class.


2.  Felters & Rumens Landbuck Tillisch - Nice cream pup in good coat. Not quite the balance of winner.


Junior dog (5)


1.  Shopland's Cherrycrack Blackadder.  Stylish red brindle with pleasing balanced outline.  Reach of neck, topline, tailset all good.  Liked him enough to award him the RCC.  In a few months time when he is fully matured should trouble the best.


2.  Mears' Glenmear Marauder.  Very typy dark brindle with typical head and eye.  In very coat.  Liked him a lot but lost out to winner on performance.


Postgraduate dog (7) (2 abs,)


1. Weinberger's Larchlea Come Fly With Me to Corrennie.  Another stylish red brindle with the correct balance.  Nice harsh jacket, plenty of daylight which I like to see  Good masculine head.


2.  Firth & Jones' Cairngold Spin Of The Wheel.  Appealing cream with very good head   Showed and handled well.  Close up to winner.


Limit dog (9) (1 abs.)


1. Rocasovale Razzle Dazzle.


2.  Warne's Spirebrook Dawn Raider.  Very pleasing dark brindle who took my eye when he entered the ring.  Moderate in every way.  Excellent head with intense expression.  In the best of coats.  Moved very well.  Close decision.


Open dog (3)


1.  Hogarty's Ir, Ch. Cadagio Tbe Unexpected.  Very good headed dark brindle oozing breed type but today did not feel his movement matched the CC and RCC winners.


2.  Moseley & Inett's Spawyche Elizabethan Onyx.This dark red brindle was my best puppy when I judged National Terrier but today the same remarks apply as winner.  Very close decision.


Puppy bitch (12) (1 abs.)


1 Cannwood Remember Holly.


2.  Petts' Doonrae Joie de Vivre. Promising pup with a very good balanced outline.  Plenty of neck with good topline and tailset.  So unlucky to meet my lovely best puppy winner.


Junior bitch (10) (3 abs)


1.  Templeton;s Larchlea Can't Remember.  Well I certainly can remember this dark brindle  as I thought she was lovely! .Lovely head with a mischievous glint in her eyes, so typical of this breeder's cairns who never ceases to amaze me at the consistency of the quality cairns she produces.  Perfectly presented and handled but today I preferred the movement of the CC and RCC winners.  Her day will come.


2.  Braybrook's Cloverbrook Xtra Factor.  Very feminine wheaten brindle who went round the ring like a rocket. Very animated which I like to see. Lovely head with melting expression.  Would just prefer a harsher coat.


Post graduate bitch (9) (2 abs.)


1.  Shannon & Storr's Brenndarcy Button It.  Classy cream, very well put together.  In excellent coat.  Moved and showed really well and, in fact, was one I considered for top honours.    This is another very nice specimen whose day will come,.


2,  Dolan;s Glenrood Warrior Princess.  Dark brindle who I have admired from the ringside and today did not disappoint.  Very nice profile, typical head and expression, so very typy. 


Limit bitch (9) (3 abs.)


1.  King, Leighton, Inett & Harrison's Curtsey Foreign Account with Carradine. Dark red brindle with very good head.  Good stop, neat ears, good harsh jacket, moved and showed very well.  Very nice bitch.


2.  Clarke's Conundrum Sweeter for me for Lentrica.  Liked this dark brindle with appealing head.  She also moved and showed well and gave the winner a run for her money.


Open bitch (9) (3 abs.)


1.  Ch. Birselaw Firebird of Stradivarius.


2.  Felters & Rumen s' Ch. Landbuck Jazz Hands.  I have always greatly admired this lovely cream from the ringside and think she is a very worthy champion.  Head, neck, shoulders, topline, tailset - all good.  Very good mover and a great showgirl   My RCC winner.


Veteran bitch (1)


1.  Munxday;s Ch. Stradivarius Sonata.  Just one veteran turned up today so this lovely dark red brindle bitch also won Best Veteran and she was also placed second in the Veterans Stakes, so well done to a good ambassador of the breed.