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Northern Ireland C.T.C. Championship Show


Mary Middlehurst  (Starveren) 27th February 2010

52 dogs


DCC & BIS; Pollock’s Ch Larchlea Licence To Thrill At Stanedykes

RDCC & RBIS; Catto’s Birselaw Follow Your Dream

BCC; King, Leighton, Inett & Harrison’s Curtisey Foreign Account With Carradine

RBCC; Catto’s Birselaw Any Dream Will Do

BPIS; Catto’s  Birselaw Any Dream Will Do


DCC & BIS Ch Larchlea Licence To Thrill At Stanedykes, Jim Pollock, Judge Mary Middlehurst, Yvonne Catto, Birselaw Follow Your Dream, Jeanette Smith handling BPIS Birselaw Any Dream Will Do





Vet Pebbles Of Elgol (Almost 16)




1,  Cadagio No Doubt About It


PD 2,1a

  1. Carradine Crackaway Jack


JD No Entries


MD  No Entries


ND 1

  1. Eglish Brooklyn Brees


GD 1

  1. Ocedor Zephyr


PGD 7,3a

  1. Birselaw Follow Your Dream
  2. Master Mckenzie
  3. Ocedor Zephyr

Res Uniquecottage Gold Rewe


LD 5,3a

1.      Spawyche Elizabethan Onyx

2.      Dream Boy Bobby


OD 5,2a

  1. Ch. Larchlea Licence To Thrill At Stanedykes
  2. Rocasovale Razzle Dazzle
  3. Cadagio The Unexpected



1. Ocedor Zephyr


VD/B 4,3a

  1. Pebbles Of Elgol

MPB 4,2a

1. Cadagio Secret Liaison

2. Larchlea Could it be Magic


PB 3,1a

1. Birselaw Any Dream Will Do

2. Carradine Come on Irene


JB 1

 1.Ocedor Puddle Dance


 MB 4,2a

1. Ocedar Puddle Dance

2. Minorcas Annmirella Girl


NB 3,2a

1. Ocedor Puddle Dance


GB 2,1a

1.Ocedor Look At Me


PGB 4,2a

1. Little Miss Tonka

2. Ocedar Willow the Wisp


LB 6,2a

1. Curtisey Foreign Account

2. Birselaw Bewitched

3. Larchlea Light My Fire

Res. Cadagio Sultry Siren


OB 5,1a

 1. Ir.Ch Cadagio Make it Happen

2. Larchlea Spirit in the Sky

3. Miradose Little Gem

4. Ir.Ch. Orior Along Came Polly


SBB  3

1.Little Miss Tonka

2.Ocedor Puddle Dance

3. Ocedar Willow the Wisp


















Chairperson Leanne Alexander, Treasurer

Theresa & Secretary Liam Dean

A loaded Trophy Table

Judge hard at work

Has the bus just gone?

What time’s the next one Jim?

Photographs by Chris Roberts


North Of Ireland Cairn Terrier Club Championship Show.

27th February 2010.


I wish to thank the committee for the warm Irish hospitality throughout the w/e. My excellent ring stewards, and the exhibitors for bringing their cairns for my opinion.

A mixed bag awaited me today, great variation in type and quality. We are losing our breed type and the true cairn head and expression. Movement left a lot to be desired especially in the rear. I found a couple with suspect dentition. Coats varied but all were double coated and clean, grooming and presentation was poor in some exhibits.  Temperaments  were excellent.

I was pleased with my final line up all of good breed type with true cairn heads and expressions.


1 Hogarty’s  Cadagio No Doubt About It, eye catching D/G/B almost 9months.Well grown sturdy puppy, defined stop, strong muzzle, exuberant personality movement steady.


PD 2(1)

1 Inetts, Carradine Crackaway Jack, red brindle, head developing, flowing neckline, good length of back but not holding himself together at times due to a lack of confidence  and immaturity, presentation and show condition spot on, free mover.


JD No entries.


MD No entries


ND 1

1 Forbes, Eglish Brooklin Bress, wheaten, correct shaped expressive eye, broad strong muzzle, large teeth, sturdy body, in-between coats and carrying a little excess weight.

 GD 1

1 Oughs, Ocedar Zephyr, wheaten, well formed head with cairn expression, shapely body, level top line, nice bend of stifle, needing a new coat. Had one of the best rear movements of the day.


PGD 5 (3)

1 Catto’s Birselaw Follow Your Dream, Grey brindle well up to size, desirable cairn head and expression, stands well forward, elegant neck flowing into good shoulder placement. Moved freely, excels in outline, standing and on the move, holds himself together so well and full of confidence. .R.C.C.

2 Wedge’s Master Mackenzie Of Monea, clear red, all male, strongly made upstanding dog. Attractive head displaying broad skull & correct ear set, ample fore chest a little proud of his tail at times. Double coat of correct texture, well presented, never stopped showing.


LD 5(2)

1 Moseley’s & Inetts, Spawyche Elizabethan Onyx, Grey, attractive dog with nice size and balance, head of equilateral proportions, correct bite, large teeth, super top line and tail set, show condition and presentation excellent, moving freely.

2 Alexander’s Dream Boy Bobby, aptly named as he never stopped showing, wheaten, very short on coat, attentive expression, sturdy compact body carrying a little extra weight, tail bang on top which never stopped wagging, short hocks movement steady.


OD 5 (2)

1, Pollock’s  Ch Larchlea Licenced To Thrill At Stanedykes,

Up to size red copper brindle, good head, stands well forward, flowing neckline into strong level top line, good bodily proportions, muscled quarters, moved freely, lacked  animation at times but did enough to win the CC. Came out all guns blazing in the challenge to take  Best In Show.


2 Smith’s Rocasovale Razzle Dazzle, dark brindle, masculine head, deep stop, darkest of eyes, strong muzzle, large teeth, well bodied with nicely angulated quarters, sound movement, on the day I thought the winner was in better show condition and held himself together better in profile on the move.


3 Hogarty’s Ir Ch. Cadagio The Unexpected.


Vet/ D/B 4(3)

Ough’s  Pebbles Of  Elgol, Almost 16 years her looks belie her age. Wheaten, feminine head & expression, in good body condition, steady movement enjoying her day.  B.V.


S/B/D. Ough’s O Zephyr.


M.P.B. 4 (2)


1 Hogarty’s Cadagio Secret Liaison, G/B with sweetest of heads, correct dark eye, well set neat ears, stands well forward, coat coming through. Needs to settle in movement but still a baby.


2 Wren’s Larchlea Could It Be Magic, D/G/B longer in back and a larger model, darkest of eyes, alert and attentive to handler, preferred head ,size and outline of winner.


P/B 3 (1)

1 Catto’s  Birselaw Any Dream Will Do, my star of the day, Wheaten, classic cairn head and expression, so pretty and appealing, built on correct lines, I just loved her, so typical of the breed , super coat and condition ,moved around the ring with great presence. Must have a bright future, R.C.C  & B.P.I S.


2 Inett’s Carradine Come On Irene, another nice puppy, D/G/B appealing head & expression, liked her overall make and shape, excellent show condition and presentation, moved around the ring with verve.



1 Ough’s Puddle Dancer, light red with dark points, feminine cairn head, size wise conforms to the standard, double coated in need of tidying up, showy.


M/B 3 (2)

1 Ough’s Puddle Dancer,

2  Wedge’s Minorcas Annmirella Girl, D/B nice size, beautifully presented, just preferred the more feminine head and outline of winner.



N/B 3(2) 

Ough’s O Puddle Dancer.


G/B 2(1)

1 Ough’s Ocedar Look At Me, light grey, pretty head, deep stop, dark eye, well placed neat ears, deep ribcage, well bodied, steady mover, coat requiring attention.


P/G/B 4 (2)

1 Byrne’s Little Miss Tonka, wheaten, expressive eyes, good length of back, in excellent double coat, well presented, steady mover.

2 Ough’s Ocedar Willow The Wisp, dark grey brindle, shorter coupled than winner, moved well for and aft but lacked drive on the day.


L/B 6 (2) best class of the day, lovely bitches all with heads to match the breed standard.

1 King, Leighton, Inett & Harrison, Curtisey Foreign Account With Carradine, this extrovert show girl was in bloom today, well put together my hands just flowed over her, everything just fitted into place, super top line and tail set held on the move, strong free movement driving from the rear. Presented and handled with finesse. Pleased to award her the C.C.

2 Catto’s Birselaw Bewitched, enchanting head with the mischievous  dark eye and wistful expression, shade smaller than winner, excellent front assembly, elegant neckline into level top line, profuse coat in good order, moved with style.

3 Wren’s Larchlea Light my Fire.


O/B  5 (1)

1 Hogarty’s Ir Ch Cadagio Make It Happen, clear red rangy bitch, pleasing head, well balanced, nicely angulated quarters, beautifully presented, stylish mover, could be a little firmer in top line on the move.

2 Wren’s Larchlea Spirit In The Sky, dark grey brindle, smaller bitch, pretty head with an appealing dark eye, nice outline & tail set, fully coated and well presented, happy show girl, free mover.


3 Fielder’s Miradorse Little Gem.



1 Byrne’s Little Miss Tonka,

2 Ough’s O. Puddle Dancer

3 Ough’s O Willow The Wisp.


Judge:  Mary Middlehurst