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Paignton Championship Show

2 August 2010

Fiona Cameron (Stryveling)


DCC & BOB; Smith’s Ch Rocasovale Razzle Dazzle
RDC : Weinberger’s Larchlea Come Fly With Me To Correnie
BCC : Smee’s Malmay Sky's The Limit
RBCC : Robinson’s Cruzo Caitlin
Best Puppy : Parker-Tucker’s Uniquecottage Jumbuck Naf


BCC Malmay Sky’s The Limit, Alma Smee, Judge Fiona Cameron, Jeanette Smith, DCC & BOB Ch Rocasovale Razzle Dazzle

Fiona with Judy Parker-Tucker & best Puppy Uniquecottage Jumbuck








Mpd (1,0a)
1st: Parker-Tucker’s Uniquecottage Jumbuck Naf

Pd (1,0a)
1st: Confue’s Anjofra I'm Not Going

Jd (2,0a)
1st: Thompson’s Castleline Bang On Time
2nd:  Goldfinch’s Kanawha Kaught In A Draught

 Pgd (4.0a)
1st: Shopland’s Cherrycrack Blackadder
2nd: Parker-Tucker’s Uniquecottage Raleigh
3rd:  Goud’s Vale Of Atholl's Shaggy Grey Buck
Res: Lamb’s Saltmarsh Mr B Birselaw Fable

Ld (6,0a)
1st: Weinberger’s Larchlea Come Fly With Me To Correnie
2nd: Mears’ Glenmear Marauder
3rd: King & Leighton’s Carradine Night Listener At Harkinleigh
Res: Goud’s Vale Of Atholl's At Long Last
Vhc:  Moseley & Inet’s Spawyche Elizabethan Onyx


Od (5,2a)
1st: Smith’s Ch Rocasovale Razzle Dazzle
2nd: Short’s Glenchess All In The Stars
3rd: Peers’ Tweedisle Guy Mannering

Mpb (3,1a )
1st:  Warne’s Cloverbrook Carousel At Spirebrooke
2nd: Inett, Harrison & Clayton’s Carradine Time To Shine

Pb (5,3a)
1st: Peers’ Tweedisle Sorrel
2nd:  Vosper’ Cairngold Guinevere

Jb (4,2a)
1st: Dolan’s Glenrood Masqerade
2nd:  Hewitt’s Littleacorn Stay In Touch

Pgb (7,2a)
1st: Osborn’s Tweslam Maid By Magic Jw
2nd: Parker-Tucker’s  Uniquecottage Sea Breeze
3rd: Goud’s  Vale Of Atholl's Bonnie Galloway
Res: Owens’ Honeyhall Handful At Caldwall
Vhc: Oldale’s Tweslam Dawn Chorus At Cranae

Lb (8,0a)
1st: Robinson’s Cruzo Caitlin
2nd: Hughes’ Gyncairn Royal Velvet
3rd: Thomas’ Tycadno Starlet
Res: Shannon & Storr’s Brenndarcy Button It Jw
Vhc: Poile’s Kedvaiy Liza With A Z

Ob (9,0a)
1st: Smee’s Malmay Sky's The Limit
2nd: Clarke’s Conundrum Sweeter For Me For Lentrica Jw Sh.Cm
3rd: Dolan’s Glenrood Warrior Princess
Res: Short’s Ch Glenchess Cut The Mustard
Vhc:  King, Leighton, Inett & Harrison’s Curtisey Foreign Account With Carradine














Photographs by Graham Peers


GP Out takes


Listen very carefully!

Just look over there!

Bill - it’s the way that you see it!

Or as he describes it!

Tracing flying bags by ipod!

A brief exposure!

An enlargement!

The show’s now done – Off with my coat – I hadn’t won!

Lucky dip – Iced Bun! – No tit bits for dog

Found me an armrest

Shedding a crocodile tear!

To abandon – but the show goes on

Why the fuss - |It’s a KC benched show

Ringside Gossip

Hand on heart it’s true

I’ll take the oath it’s true!

Can I convince you it’s on the level

Listening to the spiel!

Love the colour of your hair

Jenny the cheer leader – but wrong ring!



Monday 2 August 2010




I had a most enjoyable day at Paignton and thank the exhibitors for making the long journey.


The depth of quality in the bitches, as seems so often to be the case nowadays, was far greater than that in the dogs, but having said that I was pleased with my principal winners of both sexes.


I always try to judge the whole dog, but I do look for good movement as a very important factor  -  particularly when viewed from the side when the amount of reach and drive can be best seen, and that is one reason that I like to move the exhibits round the ring again at the end of each class so that the spectators hopefully will see at least one of the reasons for my placings.


On the plus side, there were some lovely heads, good mouths and all temperaments were excellent.  Coats were a bit in between and some too short, but I suspect the summer weather (well, not for some of us!) has contributed to this.  Movement was mixed.  Some exhibits are close behind and we have some wide, loose fronts.  Lack of muscle in some rear ends contributes to poor rear propulsion


MPD:  (1,0a)  Parker-Tucker’s Uniquecottage Jumbuck (naf)   Wheaten 8 month old full of quality.  Well shaped head, broad skull, excellent ear placement.  Good dark eye.  Excellent pigmentation.  Good length of neck flowing into well placed shoulders, level topline, strong quarters.  Profuse coat of correct quality, presented to perfection.  A little unsure of his surroundings at first, but quickly overcame this and moved well.  Very promising.  BP


PD:  (1, 0a)  Confue’s Anjofra I’m Not Going.  10 month old red brindle with attractive head and expression.   Level topline, good rear angulation, covered the ground well.   Would like to feel him body up a little more but he’s still just a baby so there’s lots of time.  Unfortunately his coat was well past its best but he’s a promising youngster and the coat is a temporary setback.

JD:  (2, 0a)  1.  Thompson’s Castleline Bang on Time.  13 month old red.  Nice head and expression, good mouth.  Level topline, good tailset and well angulated rear.  Moved well, with drive from behind.   A little short of coat but what was there was good quality.  2.  Goldfinch’s Kanawha Kaught in a Draught.   Red brindle of 15 months, a little smaller made than 1 but well proportioned.  Attractive head and alert expression, level topline, co-operated well with his handler on the move.  Not as positive in front as 1.  Could do with a little more coat.


PGD:  (4,0a)  1.  Shopland’s Cherrycrack Blackadder.  Red brindle with good outline.  Not a small dog, but well proportioned.  Good head and expression, nice length of neck, good shoulder placement, level topline, correct tailset.  Parallel hocks well let down.  Good quality coat.  Moved well both ways.  In my opinion still needs to mature a little for the top honours but his day will come.  2.  Parker-Tucker’s Uniquecottage Raleigh.  Soundly constructed red brindle in full coat.  Well shaped head, though not the expression of 1.  Nice outline.  Good depth and spring of rib, well muscled rear.  Moved well.  3.  Goud’s Vale of Atholl’s Shaggy Grey Buck.


LD:  (6, 0a)  1.  Weinberger’s Larchlea Come Fly with Me to Correnie.  Red brindle, up to size, but in proportion.  Lovely head and expression.  Good depth and spring of rib, level topline, correct tailset, well let down hocks.  Quality coat which when longer will make him look even better.  Moved well and with drive.  I see he is not yet two years old.  When he is fully mature he will be hard to beat.  RCC.  2.  Mears’ Glenmear Marauder.  Eye-catching dark grey brindle in full coat.  Nice size.  Lovely head with wicked expression in that dark face!  Well-proportioned body.  I would like just a little more weight on him.  Moved with enthusiasm, but, when he relaxed his tail when standing, it spoilt his outline for me.   3.  King & Leighton’s Carradine Night Listener to Harkinleigh.


OD:  (5, 2a)  1.  Smith’s Ch Rocasovale Razzle Dazzle.  Strongly made, masculine dog who took command of the ring the minute he stepped in.  Really beautiful head and expression.  Good stop.  Good bone.  Excellent legs and feet.  Plenty of brisket.  Good outline, deep, well sprung ribs, strong loin.  Hocks well let down.  Raring to go and once he settled he moved well and with purpose.  He is almost four years old, has matured beautifully and I think is right at the top of his game. Delighted to award him CC and BOB.  2.  Short’s Glenchess All in the Stars.  Dark grey brindle   Nice head with correct ear placement.  Good reach of neck, level topline, good depth of rib and supple loin.  Moved very well.  3.  Peers’ Tweedisle Guy Mannering.

MPB:  (3, 1a)  1.  Cloverbrook Carousel at Spirebrooke.  Very pretty and feminine 8 month old wheaten brindle just asking to be noticed.  Lovely head and expression.  Good mouth.  Good reach of neck running into well sloping shoulders, with plenty of upper arm.  Moved very well for one so young.  A happy, promising baby.  Her attention was distracted in the challenge for best puppy but her day will come.  2.  Inett, Harrison & Clayton’s Carradine Time to Shine.  Another very nice puppy.  Dark grey brindle, a little smaller than 1.  Well shaped head, good dark eye, good conformation throughout.  Moved very well.  Didn’t have quite the sparkle of 1 today but close decision. 


PB:  (5, 3a)  1.  Peers’ Tweedisle Sorrel.  10 month old wheaten.. Nice overall shape.  Pretty head and expression.  Good topline and tailset.  Moved well.  Needs to mature a lot but quite promising.  2.  Vosper’s Cairngold Guinevere.  9 and a half month old red in good coat.  Not quite as feminine a head as 1 and carrying a little too much weight.  Moved OK when she got going but didn’t seem to be enjoying her day out too much.


JB:  (4, 2a)  1.  Dolan’s Glenrood Masquerade.  Very pretty light red with a lovely head and sweet expression.  Good neck running into well placed shoulders, level topline, tail set spot on.  Good harsh coat coming in.  Good mover.  2.  Hewitt’s Little Acorn Stay in Touch.  Another very nice bitch with similar assets to 1.  Difficult decision but thought that this one didn’t move quite as well in front.


PGB:  (7, 2a) 1.  Osborns’ Tweslam Maid by Magic.  Red with nice head and expression.  Very good outline, dead straight topline, good tailset.  Coat short but good quality.  Moved very well.  2  Parker-Tucker’s Uniquecottage Sea Breeze.  Very sound red brindle.  Good depth and spring of rib, strong loin, good topline and tailset.  Parallel hocks well let down.  Moved well.  Preferred head and expression of 1.  3.  Gouds’ Vale of Atholl’s Bonnie Galloway.


LB:  (8, 0a)  A really lovely class.  Some very good exhibits had to go cardless.  1.  Robinson’s Cruzo Caitlin.  Soundly constructed red brindle in quality coat and good condition.  Lovely head and expression.  Good mouth.  Excellent forehand with plenty of upper arm allowing good forward reach when moving.  Topline level and held on the move.  Moved very well with plenty of drive.  Pleased to award her RCC.  2.  Hughes’ Gyncairn Royal Velvet.  Eye-catching, feminine wheaten brindle with the prettiest of heads.  Strong supple loin, well muscled rear.  Profuse good quality coat.  Moved very well.  3.  Thomas’s Tycadno Starlet.  Very close decision between these three bitches.

OB:  (9, 0a)  Another excellent class full of quality.  1.  Smee’s Malmay Sky’s the Limit.  Beautifully balanced grey brindle with feminine head and expression.  Good dark eye, good stop, correct bite, neat well placed ears.  Level topline held on the move.  Well muscled rear, hocks parallel and well let down.  Moved so well and happily around the ring and asked to be noticed.  Nice size, so well put together and full of Cairn spirit.  Delighted to award her the CC.  I understand I awarded the same honour to her mother a few years ago so I must like the type!  2.  Clarke’s Conundrum Sweeter for Me for Lentrica.   Grey brindle with the most beautiful head and expression.  Excellent front, lovely level topline, correct tail set , but above all she has attitude.  She fills the ring with her personality and her breed type.  She went around that ring as if she owned it.  She could perhaps be slightly better in rear movement, but one must take the whole dog into consideration and her other attributes won her second place in this lovely class.  3.  Dolan’s Glenrood Warrior Princess.




Fiona Cameron