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Southern Cairn Terrier Club Championship Show

26 June 2010

Sue Braybrook (Cloverbrook)


DCC & BIS’ Weinberger’s Larchlea Come Fly With Me To Correnie

RDCC; Felters & Rumens’ Landbuck Tillisch

BCC & RBIS; Firth’s Cairngold Candlelight

RBCC; Thomas’ Tycadno Starlet

BPIS; Cannwood One Moment In Time

Best Veteran; Dolan’s Glenrood Magic Pipit


DCC & BOB Larchlea Come Fly With Me To Correnie, Susan Weinberger, judge Sue Braybrook, Linda Firth, BCC Cairngold Candlelight

BPD- Carol Confue, Anjofra Im not Going – Chris Roberts’ & BPB + BPIB Cannwood One Moment In Time





 Mpd 4,1a

1.      Anjofra Imnot Going

       2. Srtryveling Rocketman

       3. Tweedisle Macnab


Pd 1

1.      Hydecastle Reg The Rocket


Jd 2

1.      Landbuck Tillisch

2.      Birselaw Fable


Md 0 Entries


Nd 1

1.      Kanwha Kaught In A Draught


Ugd 3

1.      Kedvaiy Locomotion

2.      Carradine Crackaway Jack

3.      Ocedor Zephyr

4.      Tyreeces Tricks At Pennidazzle


Sbd 4,1a

1.      Kedvaiy Locomotion

2.      Birselaw Fable

3.      Tyreeces Tricks At Pennidazzle


Gd  4,1a

1.      Glenmear Marauder

2.      Hydecastle Norman

3.      Ocedar Zephyr


Pgd 9,1a

1.      Larchlea Come Fly With Me To Corrrenie

2.      Vanajam Dirty Dancing

3.      Carradine Night Listener At Harkinleigh

4.      Brenndarcy Trouble At Mill

5.      Uniquecottage Raleigh


Ld 6

1.      Spirebrook Dawn Raider

2.      Cairngold Spin Of The Wheel

3.      Strathgarten Crackerjack

4.      Spawyche Elisabethan Onyx

5.      Uniquecottage Ring Plover


Od 4,1a

1.      Raskens’ Riding Pawnee

2.      Vanajam Pop Idol

3.      Rocasovale Razzle Dazzle


Svd/B (7-9yrs) 6,3a

1.      Ch Glenrood Solitaire

2.      Ch. Uniquecottage Tidy Shoes

3.      Beanoak Snug In The Blanket


Svd/B 10yrs+ 4,2a

1.      Glenrood Magic Pipit

2.      Pebbles Of Elgol

Mpb 9,2a

1.      Stryveling Sweet Caroline

2.      Cairngold Kia

3.      Brenndarcy Pocahontas

4.      Cairngold Throwin A Wobbly

5.      Tweedisle Sorrel


Pb 5,1a

1.      Cannwood One Moment In Time

2.      Doonrae Kast In Gold

3.      Hydecastle  Roxanne

4.      Tweedisle Fancy Free


Jb 8,3a

1.      Cannwood Remember Holly

2.      Doonrae Joie De Vivre

3.      Tweslam Maid By Magic

4.      Chezakhu Love In A Mist

5.      Landbuck Scrumptious


Mb 4

1.      Cannwood Remember Holly

2.      Glenrood Masquerade

3.      Carradine Time To Shine

4.      Chezakhu Love In A Mist


Nb 1,1a


Ugb 3

1.      Carradine Come On Irene

2.      Tweslam Winter Magic

3.      Ocedar Puddle Dance


Sbb 7,2a

1.      Little Miss Tonka

2.      .

3.      .

4.      .

5.      .


Gb 7,2a

1.      Little Miss Tonka

2.      Lindcoly Precious Jem


Pgb 8,1a

1.      Cairngold Tresure

2.      High Class Baby At Malmay

3.      Svendalens Crazy Diamond

4.      Carradine Sapphire At Spawyche

5.      Uniquecottage Sea Breeze


Lb 11,2a

1.      Tycadno Starlet

2.      Glenrood Warrior Princess

3.      Brenndarcy Button It Jw

4.      Anjofra Welcome To La La Land

5.      Curtisey Foreign Account With Carradine


Ob 4,1a

1.      Cairngold Candlelight

2.      Malmay Sky’s The Limit

3.      Anjofra Nobody’s Perfect At Wizoz














SVD/B 10
















Our judge


Photographs by Alan & Linda Firth + Graham Peers


GP Out-Takes

Working hard in the classroom

Caught that pesky fly!

It’s the way that Chris Tells it!

There’s an eavesdropper about!

The puzzle – does the jug hold enough to fill the bowl

Wait – Is Alison receiving a message for Mary!

Time for a quick snack!

A celebratory cake

Say no More!

Look! They are up there

The ringing of the imaginary bells

Finding it’s a struggle to do a good job

I can still do the Hand Jive

Pulled-out from the line-up!

That’s quite took me aback!

I think we should have a One Day Sale to bring the punters in!

A two course meal

Conclusion – A time to wear protective gloves!

Seen something hilarious

Brian’s “Ostrich Story” captivated all of them

A sideways look


Saturday 26th June 2010

Judge: Mrs S Braybrook


First of all I would like to thank all the exhibitors for  a lovely entry.  Most of the dogs coped extremely well  with the heat – probably better than the exhibitors!  During my judging I was taking into account the whole picture before me.  Standards were variable throughout and I had some difficult decisions to make.  Rear movement in some exhibits was very poor, and needs to improve.  I also found incorrect bites and small, irregular teeth. 

My principal winners were:

BIS Weinberger’s Larchlea Come Fly With Me To Correnie

RDCC  Felters and Rumen’s Landbuck Tillisch

RBIS ,BoS  Firth’s Cairngold Candlelight

RBCC  Thomas’s Tycadno Starlet

BPIS Roberts’ Cannwood One Moment in Time

BVIS  Dolan’s Glenrood Magic Pipit


MPD (4,1a)

1)      Confue’s Anjofra I’m Not Going

8 month old, dark brindle, good head and typical expression.  Correct mouth, neck, shoulders, topline and tailset.  Well balanced thoughout.  Moved well. BPD

2)     Cameron’s Stryveling Rocket Man

Red brindle, attractive head and expression, nice neck, shoulders, topline and tailset.  Could changes places with one another day. A close decision.

3)     Peers’ Tweedisle McNab

PD (1)

1)     Heidecker and Inett’s  Hydecastle Reg The Rocket

Although he stood alone, a promising puppy.  Well made and has all the essentials – today he was just short of head furnishings and coat.


JD (2)

1)     Felters and Rumens Landbuck Tillisch

Good masculine head, dark eye, deep stop and excellent mouth.  Correct neck and shoulders, correct topline and tailset.  Well muscled quarters .  Moved true both ways. Shown in full coat, you need to have your hands on this dog to appreciate his quality. Pleased to award him the RCC.

2)     Lamb and Saltmarsh’s Birselaw Fable

Grey brindle, nicely balanced, typical expression.   Moved steadily, handled well.

MD (0)


ND (1)

1)     Goldfinch’s Kanawha Kaught in a Draught

Red brindle with good head and lovely expression.  A nice reach of neck and level topline, in lovely coat and moved well.

UGD (3)

         1) Morley’s Kedvaiy Locomotion

Smart, red dog with excellent head and expression.  Well bodied and in good coat.  Nicely balanced throughout.  Handled well.

         2) Inett’s Crackway jack

Good head, neck and shoulders, topline and tail set.  Shown in harsh jacket.  Unsettled on the move today.

          3) Kinchin’s Tyreece’s Trick at Pennidazzle.

Special Beginners Dog (4)

1)     Morley’s Kedvaiy Locamotion

2)     Lamb and Saltmarsh’s Birselaw Fable

3)     Ough’s Ocedar Zephyr

Graduate (4,1a)

1)     Mears’ Glenmear Marauder

Dark brindle typy dog, typical head, eye and expression.  Good mouth, nice reach of neck, level topline and in good coat.  Moved steadily.

2)     Heidecker and Inett’s Hydecastle Norman

Excellent head, good front, well muscled quarters and in correct coat.  Presented and shown well.

3)     Ough’s Ocedar Zephyr


 PGD (9,1a)

1)     Weinberger’s Larchlea Come Fly with Me to Correnie

Red brindle dog of excellent type.  Well furnished, masculine head, dark expressive eyes, good mouth, correct balance, good shoulder placement, correct depth and spring of rib.  Well let down hocks and plenty of drive from the rear covering the ground well. 

Presented in excellent coat and condition.  His excellent ring presence and showmanship enabled him to gain BIS.

2)     Ward’s Vanajam Dirty Dancing

Pleasing head, well bodied, in good coat and conformation.  Handled and showed well.

3)     King and Leighton’s Carradine Night Listener at Harkenleigh

Limit (6)

1)     Warne’s Spirebrook Dawn Raider

Grey brindle of excellent type.  Typical head and expression, super mouth, good neck and shoulders, well made, firm hindquarters.  In correct coat and condition.  Moved freely and with drive.  A true, honest dog who unfortunately lost interest in the challenge.  I’m sure his day will soon come.

2)     Firth’s Cairngold Spin of the Wheel

Cream, good head and expression. Well bodied and in good coat.  Nicely balanced throughout and very well presented.

3)     Marshall’s Strathgarten Crackerjack


1)     Lindborg and Norstrand’s Rasken’s Riding Pawnee

Smart red dog with superb head and expression.  Good mouth, neck and shoulders, correct balance throughout.  Shown in profuse coat today.  The heat got the better of him, however a worthy champion.

2)     Ward’s Vanajam Pop Idol

Cream, nicely balanced, correct neck and shoulders, correct angulation, moved steadily and very well presented.

3)     Smith’s Roscavale Razzle Dazzle

Special Veteran Dog/Bitch 7-9 (6,3a)

1)     Dolan’s Ch. Glenrood Solitaire

Dark brindle bitch, seven years old. Typical head and expression. In excellent coat and condition. Showed and handled very well

2)     Parker Tucker’s Uniquecottage Tidy Shoes

Nine and a half year old male. Good conformation throughout, enjoying his day out.

3)     McIntyres Beanoaks Snug in the Blanket

Special Veteran Dog/Bitch 10+ (4,2a)

1)     Dolan’s Glenrood Magic Pipit

Another lovely bitch from this kennel.  Beautiful head and expression. Lovely conformation, moved soundly, a credit to her owner – 11 years old.

2)     Ough’s Pebbles of Elgoll

A true vintage in full jacket enjoying her day out.

MPB (9,3a)

1)     Cameron’s Stryveling Sweet Caroline

A very alert wheaten apt to name (sweet!)  Lovely head and expression. Good mouth. Well made quarters and in lovely coat and condition.  Sound on the move – another promising puppy.

2)     Firth’s Cairngold Kia

Red brindle, beautiful head and expression, good mouth, nicely balanced and in full puppy coat.  Moved well when settled.

3)     Shannon and Storr’s Brenndarcy Pocahontas

PB (5,1a)

1)     Roberts’ cannwood One Moment in Time

Super quality cream puppy, beautiful head and expression. Good mouth, has all the essentials, well made quarters, nicely balanced throughout, moved and showed so well for one so young. BP

2)     Petts’ Doonrae Kast in Gold

Red brindle, lovely head, dark eye and good mouth, correct shoulders, level toplinr and tail set.  Shown in correct jacket, unlucky to meet one.

3)     Heidecker and Inetts Hydecastle Roxanne

JB (8,3a)

1)     Harding’s Cannwood Remember Holly

       Cream bitch with typical dark points, beautiful head and expression.  Good neck, shoulders, topline and tail set.  Well bodied and nicely balanced throughout.  Very well presented. 

2)     Petts’ Doonrae Joie De Vivre

Good head and expression, good topline and tail set, moved soundly and in excellent coat and condition.

3)     Osbourne’s Maid by Magic

MB (4)

1)     Harding’s Cannwood Remember Holly

2)     Dolan’s Glenrood Masquerade

Wheaten brindle, attractive bitch, good conformation, well muscled quarters, in lovely jacket unlucky to meet one.  A close decision between the two, could easily change places another day.

3)     Harrison, Clayton and Inett’s  Carradine Time to Shine

NB (1, 1a)

UGB (3)

1)     Inett’s Carradine Come on Irene

Very attractivbe brindle, good quality feminine head and expression.  Good mouth and lovely conformation throughout.  Strong hind quarters and moved with plenty of drive.  Presented in good coat and condition.  Considered for the reserve cc.  With maturity I’m sure her day will come.

2)     Osbourne’s Tweslam Winter Magic

Red brindle with correct coat, nicely balanced and with muscled quarters.  Moved soundly with drive.  Unlucky to meet one.

3)     Ocedar Puddle Dance

SPBB (7,3a)

1)     Bryne’s Little Miss Tonka

Good conformation, nice head and conformation, moved soundly and with drive.

2)     Ough’s Ocedar Puddle Dance

Attractive head and expression.  Not as well balanced as one, moved steadily.

3)     Newman’s Lindcoly Precious Gem

GB (7,5a)

1)     Bryne’s Little Miss Tonka

2)_Newman’s Lindcoly Special Gem

      Pleasing head and expression, needs new jacket to complete the picture.

PGB (8,1a)

1)     Firth’s Cairngold Treasure

Cream feminine bitch, good head and expression, good mouth, lovely conformation throughout.  Presented in excellent coat.  Covered the ground well. 

2)     Smee’s High Class Baby at Malmay

Red, nice head and expression.  Well balanced and in good coat.  Moved soundly and with plenty of drive.  Close decision between 1 and 2.  Two lovely bitches.

3)     Waites’ Svendalens  Crazy Diamond

Limit B (11,3a)

1)     Thomas’ Tycadno Starlet

Good quality wheaten bitch.  Feminine head and expression, good reach of neck into good shoulders, level topline and tailset.  Well muscled throughout.  Strong hindquarters.  Although coat not at best today I could not deny her the reserve cc due to superb conformation and movement .RCC

2)     Dolan’s Glenrood Warrior Princess

Typical head and expression, good mouth and well made quarters.  Moved soundly and with drive.  Handled well.

3)     Shannon and Storr’s Brenndarcy Button It

Open (4,2)

1)     Firth’s Cairngold Candlelight

Superb bitch, beautiful head and expression, good mouth, good reach of neck, topline and tail set, lovely conformation throughout.  Very free flowing movement – presented in excellent coat and put down to perfection.  Truly deserved to take home the bitch CC.

2)     Smee’s Malmay The Sky’s the Limit

Very typy grey brindle.  Good head, well balanced, excellent jacket.  Presented and moved very well.

Judge : Sue Braybrook