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Welsh K.C.  Championship Show

21st  August 2010

Stuart Plane (Stuane) 52 – 54


DCC :Middlehurst’s Ch Zalazar Un Zipped! At Starveren (Imp)
RDC : Short’s Glenchess All In The Stars
BCC & BOB : Wren’s Larchlea Spirit In The Sky
RBCC : Dolan’s Glenrood Warrior Princess
Best Puppy : Inett, Harrison & Clayton’s Carradine Time To Shine


Judge Stuart Plane, Grace Wren, BOB & BCC Larchlea Spirit In The Sky, Sue Dolan, RBCC Glenrood Warrior Princess, DCC Ch Zalazar Unzipped! At Starveren, Mary Middlehurst.

Mary Middlehurst, DCC Ch Zalazar Unzipped! At Starveren,  & RDCC, Stuart Plane, Elaine Short, RDCC Glenchess All In The Stars


Jane Keeves, BPD Seveek Who Dares Wins, Stuart Plane, BPB & BPIB Carradine Time To Shine, Dawn Inett


Mpd (3) bp0
1st  Keeves’ Seveek Who Dares Wins
2nd Tutchings’ Crowneast Bad Boy Jack
3rd Peers’ Tweedisle Mac Nab

 Pd (1 )
1st Confue’s Anjofra I'm Not Going

 Jd (3,1a)
1st Felters & Rumens’ Landbuck Tillisch
2nd Buchan’s Auchinkyle Super Stan

 Nd (1,1a)

 Gd (2 )
1st Harland’s Cannwood Zipper At Thackeston
2nd Lamb & Saltmarsh’s Birselaw Fable

 Pgd (3 )
1st Shannon & Storr’s Brenndarcy Trouble At Mill
2nd Goud’s Vale Of Atholl's Shaggy Grey Buck
3rd Keeves’ Seveek Dare Devil

 Ld (8,3a)
1st  Firth’s  Cairngold Spin Of The Wheel
2nd King & Leighton’s Carradine Night Listener At Harkinleigh
3rd: Goud’s Vale Of Atholl's At Long Last
Res Mears’ Glenmear Marauder
Vhc Lynch’s Fieldron Call My Bluff At Linacrelads

 Od (6 )
1st Middlehurst’s Ch Zalazar Un Zipped! At Starveren (Imp)
2nd Short’s Glenchess All In The Stars
3rd Inett & Mosely’s Spawyche Elizabethan Onyx
Res Lindborg & Nordstrand’s Rasken's Riding Pawnee
Vhc Peers’ Tweedisle Guy Mannering

Mpb (1 )
1st Peers’ Tweedisle Tara

 Pb (4,2a )
1st Inett, Harrison & Clayton’s Carradine Time To Shine
2nd Vosper Mr A G & Mrs G C Cairngold Guinevere

 Jb (2 )
1st Wren’ Larchlea Could It Be Magic
2nd  Usher’s Stryveling Polly Flinders

 Nb (3 )
1st Dolan’s Glenrood Masqerade
2nd Goud’s Vale Of Atholl's Bonnie Galloway
3rd Usher’s Stryveling Polly Flinders

 Gb (3 )
1st: Osborn’s Tweslam Winter Magic
2nd Keeves’ Seveek Willows Dream

 Pgb (3,1a)
1st Osborn’s Tweslam Maid By Magic Jw
2nd Owen’s Honeyhall Handful At Caldwall

 Lb (4 )
1st Inett & Harrison’s Miradorose Little Gem Taf
2nd Thomas’ Tycadno Starlet
3rd Shannon & Storr’s Brenndarcy Button It Jw
Res Confue’s Anjofra Welcome To La La Land

 Ob (7,1a)
1st  Wren’s Larchlea Spirit In The Sky
2nd Dolan’s  Glenrood Warrior Princess
3rd King, Leighton, Inett & Harrison’s

Curtisey Foreign Account With Carradine
Res Firth’s Cairngold Candlelight
Vhc Osborn’s Tweslam Serendipity


















Photographs By Alan Firth, Reinier Goud & Graham Peers.


No Joe not EW, just for a straight win!

Just fine! now for the super glue to set!

Brian were not going to find water here!

Stop worrying,

we’ve got the lucky white heather

Lets keep it between the two of us!

It’s confidential-

I wouldn’t just tell anyone but…..

A lone drinker in a crowd!

That’s made it a more sociable scene

And the dog also looked puzzled!

Turning to drink!

It wasn’t Joseph who was wearing this!

In or just sitting this one out!

The dog had the best pieces

 but your welcome to have a bit

It’s the best one and

she’s coming home with me!

Ring style!


I spy a chap after a free lunch!

Free nosh n’booze, what more could he want!

Cairn Terriers

MPD (3)

I Keeves’ Seveek Who Dares Wins, well grown brindle,good balanced head, well shaped eye giving good expression, neatly placed ears, very sound in front, maintained outline on the move.lovetytextured coat;

2 Tutchings' Crowneast Bad Boy Jack, 6 months & not cooperating with his handler.Attractive head, correct mouth, well placed shoulders, well set tail;

3 Peers'Tweedisle Mac Nab.


PD (I)
Confue's Anjofra I'm Not Going
, gr/br of good type but completely out of coat.
Small head, dark eye. well set ears, very good front movement, nice topline, uses
tail well.


JD (3,1 a)

 I Felters & Kumens' Landbuck Tillisch, very alert wheaten who gave a good picture of himself. Balanced head, good eye & expression, well placed shoulders, straight front, enough bone, well set tail, very free moving;

2 Buchan's Auchinkyle Super Stan. fuller in coat than I. Strong head, correct mouth, neat ear.
Perhaps a shade upright in shoulder but of nice type. Showed well enough.


ND (I) A.


GD (2) I Harland's Cannwood Zipper at Thackeston, gr/br in super form, attractive expression from good head & ear, very good angles in front, good rib & coupling, strong hindquarters, used tail well;

2 Lamb & Saltmarsh's Birselaw Fable, stronger dog, touch heavier bone than I. Balanced head giving good expression. well set ears, level topline. Not quite the extension in front on the move.


(3) I Shannon & Storr's Brenndarcy Trouble At Mill
, in lovely condition, good head, very typical expression, straight front legs, strode out well on the move, gives a balanced picture throughout;

2 Goud's Vale Of Atholl's Shaggy Grey Buck, attractive but not as well finished as I. I liked his head & eye, true front, moves welt. Could have been more assertive;

3 Keeves' Seveek Dare Devil.


LD (8,3)

I Firth's Cairngotd Spin Of The Wheel, very attractive wheaten of correct type, kept outline
throughout, quality head, neat ears, well placed shoulders giving a true front, level topline, good rib, straight quarters, very true on the move;

2 King & Leighton's Carradine Night Listener at Harkinleigh, very well schooled dog who presented a good outline, attractive head, level topline. Not quite the shoulder placement of I
who had the edge in front movement;

3 Goud's Vale of Atholl's At Long Last.


OD (6)

I Middlehurst's Ch Zaiazar Un Zipped at Starveren, at first I thought this dog
would be too heavy for my liking but he was carrying a thick wheaten coat. Lovely
expression from a very good head, lovely neck & shoulder, enough body, so sound
on the move, maintaining his outline, steady showman. CC;

2 Short's Glenchess All In The Stars, attractive, excellent type & balance, lovely head, enough neck, true front standing, lovely topline & tailset. RCC;

3 Inett & Mosely's Spawyche Elizabethan Onyx.



I Peers'Tweedisle Tara, very raw baby who was not giving her best. On going over her she is well constructed. Needs time & patience to get the best out of her.


PB (4,2)

I Inett, Harrison & Clayton's Carradine Time To Shine, brindle of very good type. pleasing head gives a very alert expression, stands well & moves well in front, carrying a good body, used her tail well, happy attentive showgirl, should have a bright future. BP;

2 Vosper's Cairngold Guinevere, wheaten, not giving her best. Perhaps not the head of I but otherwise nice to go over as she carried a good rib & body.


JB (2)

 I Wren's Larchlea Could It Be Magic, dark brindle of excellent type & construction, sweet keen expression, lovely ear. straight front of good bone, shows well in her tight fitting coat. Should be better as time goes by;

2 Usher's Stryveling Polly Flinders, wheaten of nice type, attractive head, correct mouth to produce a good expression, pleasing topline, well set tail, happy showgirl.

NB (3)

 I Doian's Glenrood Masqerade, wheaten/br of good type, balanced head, good eye & expression, enough neck into well placed shoulders, level topline & strong quarters, true mover;

2 Goud's Vale of Atholl's Bonnie Galloway, so similar to 1. Lovely construction but not as settled on the move;

3 S Polly Flinders.


GB (3.1)

I Osborn's Tweslam Winter Magic, good type, well constructed.Would prefer a slightly better head but uses her ears giving typical expression. On the move she appeals very much, sound & keeping her outline;

2 Keeves' Seveek Willows Dream, happy extrovert of good type & construction. Not in her best outfit. Her tail never stopped.


PGB (3,1)

I Osborn's Tweslam Maid By Magic, I see she is sister to the previous class winner, perhaps better in head. Straight front, lovely neck & shoulder, good topline on her well constructed body, so sound on the move;

2 Owen's Honeyhall Handful at Caldwall, slightly taller brindle, balanced head, well constructed front, good ribbed body, tail set on correctly, happy shower-

LB (4)

I Inett & Harrison's Miradorose Little Gem, well schooled, good type, gives an attractive outline with balanced head, true front standing, level topline. Good quarters which she used on the move;

2 Thomas' Tycadno Starlet, very attractive. Not quite as accurate in front but she has a lot of breed points going for her;

3 Shannon & Storr's Brenndarcy Button It.


OB (7,i)

 I Wren's Larchlea Spirit In The Sky, I placed her in the group at National Terrier & wondered how she would look in breed competition. She filled my eye, so well constructed, small head on a good neck & shoulder kept outline moving, in super coat. CC & BOB;

2 Doian's Glenrood Warrior Princess, much to like about this bitch & so similar to I.Typical,
well constructed & sound on the move. RCC:

3 King, Leighton, Inelt & Harrison's Curtisey Foreign-Account with Carradine.                   STUART PLANE