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South Wales & West Of England Cain Terrier Club Championship Show

23rd October 2011


Judge   Peggy Beisel-Mcllwaine


DCC & BOB; Felters & Rumensí Ch Landbuck Tillisch 

RDCC; Shoplandís Cherrycrack Blackadder

BCC, RBIS & BOS; Dolanís Glenrood Masqerade

RBCC ; Yates & Johnsonís Birselaw Only Make Believe To Pendley

BPIS; Petts & Shannonís Geordie Boy


 DCC & BOB Ch Landbuck Tillisch, Alan Felters, Judge Peggy Beisel-Mcllwaine

BCC, BOS & RBIS Glenrood Masqerade, Sue Dolan




Best Vet In Show Glenrood Magic Pipit (12 ĺ yrs) , DCC -BCC, Best Puppy In Show Geordie Boy


SVD (7-10) 2,2a


SVD/B (11+) 2,1a

1.      Glenrood Magic Pipit


MPD (4,1a)

1.      Geordie Boy

2.      Birselaw Bobby Darin

3.      Landbuck Para Handy


PD 1

1.      Cannwood Cut Above


JD 5,1a

1.      Cadagio More Than A Feeling

2.      Cruzo Bilbo Baggins

3.      Tweedisle Sea Scout

†††† Res. Renshaw There And Back Again


MD Ė No Entries


ND 3,1a

1.      Tyreeces Tricks At Pennidazzle

2.      Carradine Brian The Lion


UGD 1,1a


PGD 6,4a

1.      Hydecastle Reg The Rocket

2.      Birselaw Fable


LD 6,2a

1.      Castleline Bang On Time

2.      Dandi Boy Spud

3.      Anjofra Im Not Going

†††† Res.Strathgarten Crackerjack


OD 10,1a

1.      Ch. Landbuck Tillisch

2.      Cherrycrack Blackadder

3.      Ch Larchlea Come Fly with Me to Correnie

†††† Res.Ch vanajam Pop Idol

†††† Vhc.Carradineís Crackaway Jack


SBD Ė No Entries

SVB (7-10) 1

†††† 1.Ch Glenrood Magic Solitaire


MPB (5,0a)

††††† 1.Cadgio Turning Tables

††††† 2.Carradine I Am Florence With Harkinleigh

††††† 3.Cruzo Reed Bunting

†††††† Res. Aizenay Donít Call Me Baby

†††††† Vhc.Teddeana Ashana


PB 4,1a

†††† !. Vanajam Itís Cold Outside

†††† 2. Brenndarcy Snedronningen

3.      Jacqbridge sioux


JB 12, ?a

††††† 1.Tribannon Guardian Angel

2.      Pendley Playaway

3.      Carradine Ruby Tuesday At Pennidazzle

Res.Castleline Peggy Sue

†††† Vhc.Spawyche Elizabethan Dream


MB Ė 4,2a

†††† 1.Carradine Minnie The Moocha

†††† 2.Teddeana Jorga Fox


NB 3,2a

††††††† 1.Brenndarcy Dizzie Lizzie


UGB 5,0a

††††††† 1.Trekhilli Beanie Baby

††††††† 2.Doonrae Kast In Gold

††††††† 3.Tweslam Serendipity

†††††††† Res Woodthorpe Maybe This Thyme

†††††††† Vhc Tycadno Seren


PGB 15,4a

††††††† 1.Trekhilli Piccallilli JW

††† 2.Carradine Time To Shine JW

††††††† 3.Littleacorn Stay In Touch

††††††† Res Woodthorpe Playin For Thyme

††††††† Vhc Tribannon In The Limelite


LB 9,1a

†††††† 1.Glenrood Masqerade

†††††† 2.Birselaw only Make Believe To Pendley

†††††† 3.Carradine Come On Irene JW

†††††† Res Glenchess Chloe

†††††† Vhc .Teddeana Kentish Maid


OB 11,4a

†††††† 1.Tycadno Starlet

†††††† 2.Ch Birselaw Any Dream Will Do

††† †††3.Gyncairn Royal Velvet At Penticharm

†††††† Vhc. Curtisey Foreign Account With Carradine

††††††† Res. Glenrood Warrior Princess


SBB 4, 0a

†††††† 1.Trekhilli Beanie Baby

†††††† 2.Svendalens Crazy Diamond

†††††† 3.Little Miss Tonka

††††††† Res. Jacqbridge Sioux


V D/B 11+





















With Thanks To Graham Peers for Photographs


GP Out-takes

Short lead feet together

Both stony faced to her pleas


And they want the dog wrapped up!


There is much more to my repertoire

My dog is down there somewhere

Are you sure youíre not Kenny Dalgleish!

But I Donít play Basketball!

Wish I could afford a catalogue

Stewarding- Itís hard on the feet

Made for stall holders quiet moments

Crisp Crunchers ďOn AutoĒ

Aah Ö.I see a tempting Box of tea bags

I do it my way

Modelling for sponsors


South Wales and West of England Cairn Terrier Club

Sunday, 23rd October 2011

Before I get into the class critiques I must say that overall I think the UK Cairns suffer from many of the same problems we are seeing in the US. The breed is at a crossroads and hopefully with the dedicated breeders we have this lapse will only be temporary. I was disappointed with many of the heads, eyes, toplines and front assemblies, in particular the lack of a prosternum. Many heads had very small skulls, long, snipey muzzles and eyes that were light in color, large and protruding. Toplines were not strong and level and tails were set less than ideally. I was able to find several exhibits who I felt do meet the standard and I was very pleased with my winners. I found the bitches to be stronger than the males and in particular much stronger in the proper front assembly. The lack of prosternum in the males outnumbered the bitches. I was very pleased with the size of the exhibits as I found them to be within the desired range and only found one to be what I would consider over the top for me.

Special Veteran Dog, 2 entries, both absent

Special veteran dog or bitch,

1-      Dolanís, Glenrood Magic Pipit was a 12.5 year old wheaten bitch that did not show her age at all. She has the desired eye, of proper color, shape and size, a good stop and back skull with a pleasing head and expression. She was of good proportions and moved very well. She was my best veteran this day.

Minor puppy dog, an entry of 4 with one absentee,

1-      Petts and Shannonís Geordie Boy born2/3/11. He is a lovely brindle male with proper balance, good topline and tailset and proper carriage. He moved very well. He has a strong head and a good bite. Iíd prefer a darker eye.

2-      Catoís Birselaw Bobby Darin, a wheaten brindle with good harsh coat. He has a lovely expression, good bite strong level topline and tailset with proper carriage. He was a bit restricted in his movement on this day. In my opinion he was verging a bit on the square side.

Puppy dog, 1 entry,

1-      Robertsí Cannwood Cut Above. He is a wheaten youngster with good balance and proportions. He has good rear action, but his front needs maturity. He has plenty of skull and stop with a lovely bite and big teeth and a very pleasing expression.

Junior dog had 5 entries with 1 absentee.

1-      Hogartyís Cadagio More Than a Feeling. He is a wheaten dog with plenty of size and bone. He is in good proportion that moved well and has a lovely strong level topline. He has a good tailset but he carries his tail a little too gaily. He has a very pleasing expression.

2-      Robinsonís Cruzo Bilbo Baggins, another wheaten boy, not as mature as the Cadagio dog. He has a nice balanced outline, strong topline and tailset and carriage. He has a pleasing expression.

3-      Peersí Tweedisle Sea Scout.

Novice Dog had 3 entries with 1 absentee.

1-      Kinchenís Tyreeces Tricks at Pennidazzle, a brindle dog, not in coat yet, but had the advantage in head and movement.

2-      Byrne and InettísCarradine Brian the Lion, a rangy dog with beautiful harsh coat. He is a wheaten brindle with beautiful dark points. Lacked skull and maturity.

Undergraduate dog 1 entry which was absent.

Post Graduate dog had 6 entries, with 4 absentees.

1-      Inett and Heideckerís Hydecastle Reg the Rocket, a wheaten dog in good balance and proportion. He has a lovely head and expression with the proper eye and color. He showed well and had the advantage of movement. His coat was a little tight fitting but had lovely texture. I found his topline a little sloping and would prefer it more level.

2-      Lamb and Saltmarshís Birselaw Fable, a brindle boy with a lovely head, plenty of bone and a very happy attitude. I would prefer if he werenít so square in outline.

Limit Dog 6 entries with 2 absent.

1-      Thompsonís Castleline Bang On Time. A lovely sized red brindle male in proper balance and proportions. He has good bone and his side gait was very impressive. He has a lovely layback in shoulder and good rear action. His front action was a little loose at this age, but with maturity I am sure it will tighten up and be quite good. He has lovely dark points which adds to a lovely expression.

2-      BatemanísDandi Boy Spud, a silver brindle male that has a full set of large teeth. Proper level topline, tail set and carriage. Broad skull.His eye color is a little on the light side for my preference.His coat needs a little more time for it to be in proper length.

3-      Confueís Anjofra Imí Not Going JW

Open dog entry of 11 quality dogs with only 1 absentee.

1- also CC dog and BOB, went toFelters and Rumensí Ch. Landbuck Tillisch, a red dog of proper size and outline. He has a strong level topline with the proper tailset and carriage. He is properly angulated and moved extremely well with proper reach and drive and free and easy side gait. He has a lovely expression with a dark eye of proper shape and size, plenty of back skull, strong muzzle and small ears that are properly placed. He was in good coat and properly presented. He is a very correct representation of our breed.

3-      Shoplandís Cherrycrack Blackadder, a dark brindle dog that moved very well and has the proper make and shape and good front and rear angulation. He has a strong topline, tailset and proper carriage. He showed very well and was properly presented. He was my RCC as well.

4-      Weinbergerís Ch. Larchlea Come Fly With Me to Correnie

Beginners Dog, no entries.

Special Veteran bitch one entry

1-      Dolanís Ch. Glenrood Magic Solitaire is a quality bitch in beautiful condition. She is a lovely sized dark brindle of the desired proportions, dark eye, good bite, level topline, good bone and she showed well and had a very happy disposition.

Minor Puppy Bitch had all 5 entries present.

1-      Hogartyís, Cadagio Turning Tables. A lovely red brindle bitch of proper size with the correct proportions and balance and amount of bone. She moved very well around the ring, was in fantastic condition, showed well and has that inquisitive attitude a terrier needs and that draws us to the breed. She has a dark eye, level topline and proper tail carriage. She was unable to compete in the best puppy competition due to an emergency at home, I hope all is well.

2-      King, Leighton, Inett and Harrisonís Carradine I Am Florence with Harkinleigh. She is another red brindle of proper balance and showy attitude. Good topline, tailset and carriage. She has unfortunate brindling down her front legs which can be a distraction if you donít look beyond it. With age it will darken and not be an issue.

3-      Robinsonís Cruzo Reed Bunting.

Puppy Bitch had 4 entrees with 1 absentee.

1-      Wardís Vanajam Its Cold Out Side, a wheaten bitch that was slight and rangy at this stage and she was past her coat, but she had the advantage in topline and tailset, with a dark eye and lovely expression.

2-      Shannon and Storrís Brenndarcy Snedronningen, a beautifully coated wheaten bitch with dark eye and good bone. She had a very cute expression, but fell off at the croup giving her a low tailset.

3-      Williamsí Jacqbridge Sioux.

Junior bitches had 12 entries and they were all present. It was a high quality class.

1-      Waugh and Carlton-Smithís Tribannon Guardian Angel, a lovely red brindle bitch of proper size and balance. She has a strong level topline and an extremely lovely head and expression. She has a good stop and strong muzzle. She moved very well, has a very nice harsh coat. Her topline, tailset and carriage are all good and I strongly considered her for RCC.

2-      Yatesí Pendley Playaway is a wheaten bitch of proper size and balance, with a good topline, correct tailset and carriage. She has a gorgeous head and expression with desired dark points. She was nicely presented.

3-      Kinchinís Carradine Rugy Tuesday at Pennidazzle.

Maiden bitch had 4 entries 2 absent and 1 was transferred to open class.

1-      Ballingerís Carradine Minnie the Moocha was awarded the first place ribbon. She is a brindle bitch with proper balance and pleasing size. She showed nicely with correct terrier attitude. She is a nicely angulated feminine bitch.

Novice Bitch had 3 entries with 2 absentees.

1-      Carter and Shannonís Brenndarcy Dizzie Lizzie. She is a wheaten of good balance and proportion. She is a pleasing size with a harsh coat, lovely eye and expression. She moved well, but her tailset is a bit low.

Undergraduate bitch had all 5 entries show up.

1-      Dayís Trekhilli Beanie Baby, a brindle bitch of pleasing size with a lovely head and expression. She was nicely presented, had good side gait and was of the proper balance and proportions. She has a lovely correct eye and color. Her front movement needs a little more maturity.

2-      Pettsí, Doonrae Kast in Gold another brindle with proper balance and proportions and pleasing size. He has a keen expression and lovely head and was nicely presented. Her front movement is better than her rear action which is a little close.

3-      Osbornís Tweslam Serendipity.

Post Graduate bitches had an entry of 15, there were 4 absent from this class. This was a class deep in quality.

1-      Dayís Trekhilli Piccallilli JW, a dark brindle of proper size, good outline and balanced proportions. She moved well around the ring, had a lovley dark eye and expression. Her lovely harsh coat was nicely presented and she had a level topline, tailset and correct carriage. She had a lovely forechest and front assembly.

2-      Inett, Bambridge and Claytonís Carradine Time to Shine JW, a silver brindle of good balance and a fabulous head, eye and expression. She too had plenty of forechest, proper level topline, good tailset and carriage.

3-      Hewittís Littleacorn Stay in Touch.

Limit bitch had 9 entries with 1 absentee. This was a very high quality class. Both my CC and RCC winners came from this class.

1-      Dolanís Glenrood Masqerade.A lovely feminine sized wheaten colored bitch with correct balance, bone and proportions. She moved extremely well, carried a level topline with a good tailset and carriage. She had a pleasing head with a nice dark eye of the correct shape and very pleasing expression. She was beautifully presented and has the much desired harsh, dense coat.

2-      Yates and Johnsonís Birselaw Only Make Believe to Pendley a silver brindle bitch of similar outline to the first. She too is a lovely sized bitch. She was very similar to the first place bitch in head, eye, skull and muzzle also with a very pleasing expression. Her presentation was perfect and she moved well, just not quite as well as my first choice. Iíd be happy to have either of these bitches in my kennel.

3-      Inettís Carradine Come on Irene JW.

Open bitches had 12 entries with 4 absent.

1-      Thomasí Tycadno Starlet, a silver brindle bitch that was a very pleasing size. She had a lovely dark eye, head, bite and expression. She moved well, had good bone, tailset and carriage. Iíd prefer a little more leg under her, but she moved well and was presented in beautiful condition. She had the advantage in movement and eye.

2-      Cattoís Ch. Birselaw Any Dream Will Do, a lovely wheaten girl with good reach of neck, good head and bite and dark muzzle. She moved a little closer behind than I prefer. She has a lovely harsh coat that was perfectly presented. She showed very well.

3-      Hughes and Hooton, Gyncairn Royal Velvet at Penticharm

Beginner bitch had 4 entries, no absentees

1-      Dayís Trekhilli Beanie Baby who I had in a previous class, the undergraduate class, which she won.

2-      WaitesíSvendalens Crazy Diamond, a silver brindle female of correct size, harsh coat, pleasing head and expression. Her tailset could be set on a little better.

3-      Bryneís Little Miss Tonka.