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2012 Reports



Southern Cairn Terrier Club


Alma Smee (Malmay)


DCC & BIS; Braybrook’s Cloverbrook Codebreaker

RDCC & RBIS; Shopland’s Ch. Cherrycrack Blackadder

BCC & BOS; Dolan’s Ch.Glenrood Masquerade

RBCC; Waugh & Carlton-Smith’s Tribannon Guardian Angel

BPD & BPIS Felers & Rumens’ Landbuck Para Handy

BPB Burnett’s Kilnyard Good Heavens

Best Veteran: Dolan’s Glenrood Magic Pipit


BV Glenrood Magic Pipit, Sue Dolan, BB & BOS Glenrood Masqerade, Sue Braybrook, DCC & BOB Cloverbrook Codebreaker, Judge Alma Smee, Maggie Shopland, RDCC & RBIS Ch Cherrycrack Blackadder, Alan Felters & BPIS Landbuck Parahabdy





Class 1 – Minor Puppy Dog (0)

Class 2 – Puppy Dog (2)
1st Felters & Rumens Landbuck Para Handy
2nd Saich’s Lindcoly Dark Knight

Class 3 – Junior Dog (5, 1 Abs)
1st Percy's Winetta Stand And Deliver
2nd Roberts' Cannwood Cut Above
3rd Fyfe's Andrum Hawkeye
Res Lamb & Saltmarsh's Renshaw There And Back Again

Class 4 – Maiden Dog (1)
1st Saich’s Lindcoly Dark Knight

Class 5 – Novice Dog (0)

Class 6 – Undergraduate Dog (1, 0 Abs)
1st Byrne & Inett's Carradine Brian The Lion

Class 7 – Special Beginners Dog (1)
1st Morley’s Kedvaiy Locamotion

Class 8 – Graduate Dog (4)
1st Parker-Tucker's Uniquecottage Jumbuck
2nd Peers Tweedisle Sea Scout
3rd Keeves & Bennett's Seveek Who Dares Wins
Res Lamb & Saltmarsh's Birselaw Fable

Class 9 – Post Graduate Dog (2)
1st Saich’s Lindcoly Here’s Dudley
2nd Morley’s Kedvaiy Locamotion

Class 10 – Limit Dog (7, 1 Abs)
1st Braybrook's Cloverbrook Codebreaker
2nd Percy's Winetta Sir Percy
3rd Confue's Anjofra Im Not Going Jw
Res Parker-Tucker's Uniquecottage Raleigh
Vhc Bateman & Sach's Dandi Boy Spud

Class 11 – Open Dog (7)
1st Shopland’s Ch. Cherrycrack Blackadder
2nd Shannon & Storr's Ch. Brenndarcy Trouble At Mill
3rd Ward's Ch. Vanajam Pop Idol
Res Saich’s Lindcoly Dark Enterprise
Vhc Keeves & Bennett's Seveek Who Dares Wins

Class 12 – Special Veteran Dog Or Bitch (7 – 9 Years Inclusive) (2)
1st Dolan’s Ch. Glenrood Magic Solitaire Jw
2nd Mcintyre’s Beanoak Snug In The Blanket

Class 13 – Special Veteran Dog Or Bitch (10 Years And Over) (2)
1st Dolan’s Glenrood Magic Pipit
2nd Hewitt's Vanajam Touch Of Gold At Littleacorn




Class 14 – Minor Puppy Bitch (4)
1st Saich's Lindcoly Turn Back Time Naf
2nd Clarke's Lentrica Sweet Sensation
3rd Burnett's Kilnyard The Best Of Luck
Res Laker's Wizoz Miss Backchat

Class 15 – Puppy Bitch (5, 3 Abs)
1st Burnett's Kilnyard Good Heavens
2nd Waites & Purvis's Svendalens Memoire Cherie

Class 16 – Junior Bitch (5)
1st Roberts Cannwood Continue The Dream
2nd Robinson's Cruzo Reed Bunting
3rd Percy's Winetta Rebel Rebel
Res Shannon & Storr's Brenndarcy Snedonningen
Vhc Saich's Lindcoly Golden Plum


Class 17 - Maiden Bitch (5, 1 Abs)
1st Parker-Tucker's Uniquecottage Snowy Egret
2nd Burnett's Kilnyard Good Heavens
3rd Peers Tweedisle Sea Breeze
Res Wither's Cannwood Magical Encounter

Class 18 – Novice Bitch (1, 1 Abs)

Class 19 – Undergraduate Bitch (4, 1 Abs)
1st Dolan's Castleline Peggy Sue Taf
2nd Hawkins Mazlar Once Upon A Dream
3rd Kippen’s Chezaku Love In A Mist

Class 20 – Special Beginners Bitch (7, 2 Abs)
1st Day's Trekhilli Beanie Baby Jw Shcm
2nd Laker's Wizoz Miss Backchat
3rd Byrne’s Little Miss Tonka
Res Smith's Glenmear Sproxton Lass Of Gethlee
Vhc Wither's Cannwood Magical Encounter

Class 21 – Graduate Bitch (5, 1 Abs)
1st Kinton's Woodthorpe Maybe This Thyme
2nd Parker-Tucker's Uniquecottage Sea Breeze
3rd Warne's Cloverbrook Carousel At Spirebrooke Jw
Res Kippen’s Chezaku Love In A Mist

Class 22 – Post Graduate Bitch (8, 4 Abs)
1st Waugh & Carlton-Smith's Tribannon Guardian Angel
2nd Saich's Lindcoly Golden Bridget
3rd Onstad's Pinetop Jocasta From Scotchbroom
Res Smith's Glenmear Sproxton Lass Of Gethlee

Class 23 – Limit Bitch (8, 2 Abs)
1st Waugh's Tribannon In The Limelite
2nd Yates & Johnson's Pendley Playaway
3rd Kinton's Woodthorpe Playin For Thyme
Res Dolan's Glenrood Warrior Princess
Vhc Mcintyre's Glenchess Chloe

Class 24 – Open Bitch (4)
1st Dolan's Glenrood Masqerade
2nd Owen's Honeyhall Handful At Caldwell
3rd Braybrook's Cloverbrook Xtra Factor
Res Peers Tweedisle Sorrel

Our Judge Alma Smee














VD/B 7-10

SVB  10+
















Photographs By Graham Peers


GP Out-Takes


The trophies to be won

A greeting smile

The cat who go the cream


Ringside artist at work

Does it suit me

Introducing Brian Keeves

Told them to stop the traffic

Beecher’s Brook next- I just went for it

It’s good but these are for two

See it includes sign language

Just wait, I’ll have the last laugh

On my guides honour – It’s true

sitting in the back row

Award for the biggest smile

And some only get plastic beakers


The Southern Cairn Terrier Club Championship Show

25th February 2012


It was an honour to judge this show, I had a very enjoyable day and was pleased with the quality of my winners.




PD 2               1 Felters & Rumens’ LANDBUCK PARA HANDY Dark brindle, lacking coat today and on the upper end of limit for size. Typical head with neat ears and lovely big teeth. Good deep rib, level topline and well set on tail. Moved well. BPIS


2 Saich’s LINDCOLY DARK KNIGHT Smaller and not as mature as 1st, nicely made and moved well.



JD 5(1)           1 Percy’s WINETTA STAND AND DELIVER Good quality red brindle with a beautiful head, neat ears and good teeth. Liked his outline, well laid shoulders, level topline, well set on tail, moved with drive. Look forward to seeing him mature.


2 Roberts’ CANWOOD CUT ABOVE Well balanced dog with strong head, good neck, shoulders, topline and tailset. Just preferred the front movement of 1st  today.


                        3 Fyfe’s ANDRUM HAWKEYE



MD 1               1  Saich’s LINDCOLY DARK KNIGHT



ND 0


UGD 2(1)       1 Bryne & Inett’s CARRADINE BRIAN THE LION Good head with nice dark eye and neat ears. Good forechest and topline but a shade long in the back. Moved OK



SBD 1            1 Morley’s KEDVAIY LOCAMOTION Smart brindle dog with beautiful head, dark eye. neat ears and big teeth. Outline spot on, at one with his handler and moved OK.



GD 4               1 Parker-Tucker’s UNIQUECOTTAGE JUMBUCK Beautiful cream who despite a poor start got himself together and showed all out. Masculine head, wide skull, dark eye, good stop and correct mouth. Looked slightly heavy due to his prolific coat. Good outline, moved well and pressed hard in the challenge.


2 Peer’s TWEEDISLE SEA SCOUT Brindle with good head of correct proportions and desirable dark mask. Slighter than 1st but well balanced and moved OK.


                        3  Keeves & Bennett’s SEVEEK WHO DARES WINS



PGD 2            1 Saich’s LINDCOLY HERE’S DUDLEY Well balanced red dog who moved out freely.  Masculine head, good neck, well laid shoulders running into level topline and correct tailset.


2        Morley’s KEDVAIY LOCAMOTION



LD 7(1)           1 Braybrook’s CLOVERBROOK CODEBREAKER Quality dog in good coat and well presented. Excellent head with true Cairn expression and dark mask. Good bone, correct length of neck into well laid shoulders, level topline and well set on tail.. Showing a lovely balanced outline, moved well, I was pleased to award him his first CC & BIS


2 Percy’s WINETTA SIR PERCY Another lovely dog with beautiful head, good big teeth, deep stop and dark eye, correctly balanced and proportioned throughout. Slightly smaller than 1st, but on his toes and moved well.


3        Confue’s ANJORFRA I’M NOT GOING JW



OD 7(1)          1 Shopland’s CH CHERRYCRACK BLACKADDER Excellent head with good stop, dark eye and correct mouth. Deep rib and well laid shoulders, level topline and good tailset. Well muscled and moved with drive. RCC & RBIS


2        Shannon & Storr’s CH BRENDARCY TROUBLE AT MILL Another lovely dog although

smaller than 1st, but well made with all the essentials as above, just slightly preferred the head of 1st. Moved well.






7-9 years       1 Dolan’s CH GLENROOD MAGIC SOLITAIRE  9 year old bitch, really on her toes and enjoying her day out. Moved steadily showing off her lovely outline and correct proportions.


2 McIntyre’s BEANOAK SNUG IN THE BLANKET 9 year old bitch, displaying same attributes as 1st but beaten by a slimmer waistline!




10 years

& over            1 Dolan’s GLENROOD MAGIC PIPIT  13 years wheaten full of energy and raring to go, beautifully presented, still kept her figure and enjoyment of life. BVIS


2 Hewitt’s VANAJAM TOUCH OF GOLD AT LITTLEACORN 101/2 years grey brindle bitch, in good condition, enjoying herself, just not quite as much as 1st!



MPB 4            1 Saich’s LINDCOLY TURN BACK TIME NAF 8 months old brindle in good coat with balanced outline. Head of correct proportions, good topline and tailset. Needs to strengthen up on hind movement.


2 Clarke’s LENTRICA SWEET SENSATION Another 8 month old in good coat. Sweetest of heads, good neck, topline and tailset. Needs to strengthen in hind movement. Just preferred the balance of 1st.


3        Burnett’s KILNYARD THE BEST OF LUCK



PB 5(3)          1 Burnett’s KILNYARD GOOD HEAVENS  Just 6 months old, sweet little cream bitch with dark points. Well made with all the essentials. Full of energy and verve, when she settled moved very well.


2 Waites & Purvis’ SVENDALENS MEMOIRE CHERIE 9 months old light red with correct head, good neck, topline and tailset. Movement needs to tighten up.


JB 5                1 Roberts’ CANNWOOD CONTINUE THE DREAM Wheaten with excellent head and mischieviuos expression, dark eye, good stop and correct mouth. Nicely up to size, level topline and tailset bang on top. Together with all this was her very good movement which won her the class.


2 Robinson’s CRUZO REED BUNTING Well made red brindle with good head, balanced outline, good deep rib and nice lay of shoulders. Level topline and tail well set on. Just preferred the movement of 1st today.


                        3 Percy’s WINETTA REBEL REBEL                       




MB 5(1)          1 Parker-Tucker’s UNIQUECOTTAGE SNOWY EGRET Well balanced bitch who showed throughout. In good coat, feminine head and expression, dark eye, good stop and correct mouth. Moved with drive and this won her the class.


2        Burnett’s KILNYARD GOOD HEAVENS




NB 1(1)


UGB 4 (1)      1 Dolan’s CASTLELINE PEGGY SUE TAF Very feminine cream bitch, lovely expressive head with dark eye, good stop and correct mouth. Very well balanced all in correct proportions. Moved out well and was enjoying herself.


2 Hawkins’ MAZLAR ONCE UPON A DREAM Very well made bitch with the sweetest of heads. Good lay of shoulder, level topline, well muscled body with deep rib. Moved well but just preferred the balance of 1st


                        3 Kippen’s CHEZAKU LOVE IN THE MIST



SBB 7(2)       1 Day’s TREKHILLI BEANIE BABY JW ShCM Beautiful bitch in tip top condition, head and expression to die for. Good neck, well laid shoulders, level topline and good tailset, Moved very well, a little reticent but did enough to win this class.


2 Laker’s WIZWOZ MISS BACKCHAT Much smaller bitch but balanced. Good head, level topline and good tailset. Very attentive to handler.


                        3 Bryne’s LITTLE MISS TONKA



GB 5(1)          1 Kinton’s WOODTHORPE MAYBE THIS TIME This bitch was well balanced and moved very well. Had a feminine head with appealing expression. Good mouth, topline and tailset together with well laid shoulders and all put together produced the desired movement


2 Parker-Tucker’s UNIQUECOTTAGE SEA BREEZE This was another lovely bitch with the same attributes as 1st whose head I just preferred.


                        3 Warne’s CLOVERBROOK CAROUSEL AT SPIREBROOK JW



PGB 8(4)       1 Waugh & Carlton-Smith’s TRIBANNON GUARDIAN ANGEL Beautiful red brindle bitch who showed a well balanced outline, good length of leg, well laid shoulders. Good bone expressive head, good mouth and moved out well. This bitch has quality in her favour but for really top honours her presentation could be improved. I was pleased to award her the RCC


2 Saich’s LINDCOLY GOLDEN BRIDGET Another nice quality bitch with feminine head, good neck, well laid shoulders, good topline and tailset. She was a little finer than 1st and not in quite such good coat. Moved well.


                        3 Onstad’s PINETOP JOCASTA FROM SCOTCHBROOM



LB 8(2)           1 Waugh’s TRIBANNON IN THE LIMELITE Another quality bitch from this kennel, but presentation needs attention. Beautiful head with desired dark mark. Well balanced, good length of leg, good shoulder placement, level topline and well set on tail. Moved with plenty of drive from rear..


2 Yates & Johnson’s PENDLEY PLAYAWAY Another quality bitch who presented a more polished outline together with a lovely feminine head and expression and correct bite. Good lay of shoulders, level topline, good tailset and moved OK. I just preferred the type of 1st.


                        3  Kinton’s WOODTHORPE PLAYIN FOR THYME



OB 4               1 Dolan’s CH GLENROOD MASQERADE  Well balanced who showed throughout. In good coat, feminine head, mischievous expression, good mouth, well bodied, good shoulders. Moved with drive at rear and true straight front. This bitch was in full bloom and presented beautifully, pleased to award her the CC & BOSIS


2 Owen’s HONEYHALL HANDFUL OF CALDWALL  Another beautiful bitch who I have admired in the past – a true handful. Expressive head with lovely dark eye and good stop, level topline and good tailset. Nicely presented but coat not quite as good as 1st.


                        3  Braybrook’s CLOVERBROOK XTRA FACTOR




Alma Smee