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2013 Reports


Birmingham Dog Show

August 31st 2013

Judge Sally Latto (Pinetop)


DCC: Robinson’s Ch Cruzo Bilbo Baggins
RDCC: Waites’ Svendalens Snow Knight
BCC: Thomas’s Ch Tycadno Starlet
RBCC: Dolan’s Ch Glenrood Masqerade
Best Puppy : Percy’s Winetta Sir Ivor  -
Shortlisted In Group
Best Breeder : Braybrook

DCC , Ch. Cruzo Bilbo Baggins, Gerry Robinson, Judge Sally Latto, BCC & BOB Ch Tycadno Starlet,

Geoff Thomas, Joan Percy, BPD & BPIB Winnetta Sir Ivor.


DCC, Alison Waites, RDCC Svendalens Snow Night

BCC & BOB, Sue Dolan, RBCC Ch Glenrood Masquerade


Vd (2 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 4775 Smith Mrs J Ch Rocasovale Razzle Dazzle
2nd: 4725 Grainger Mrs C Ch Devil In Disguise

 Mpd (6 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: 4759 Percy Mrs J Winetta Sir Ivor
2nd: 4771 Shannon & Storr Mr D Brenndarcy Limited Edition
3rd: 4787 Vlieghe Newton Mesdames A Marie's Magic Moonraker
Res: 4747 Miller Miss H M P Cornton's Starr Of Hope

 Pd (4 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 4744 Mears Mr & Mrs B G Glenmear Magee
2nd: 4723 Goldfinch Mrs F Franchaleal Itsallovernow At Kanawha
3rd: 4721 Drew Mrs S & Mr P Tycadno Thriller At L'artiste
 Jd (2 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 4789 Waites Mrs A Svendalens Snow Knight
2nd: 4715 Coffell Mr P & Mrs J E Ometto I Am The One And Only

 Gd (6 Entries) Abs: 3
1st: 4772 Shannon, Miss B M & Storr Mr D Brenndarcy Borgen
2nd: 4730 Kinchin Mrs J A Tyreece's Tricks At Pennidazzle
3rd: 4717 Davies Mrs A & Miss B Cloverbrook Harris Tweed
 Pgd (6 Entries) Abs: 1
1st:  Bateman, Mrs R M & Gompels Mr N Carradine Terries Tipple
2nd: 4748 Miller Miss H M P Cornton Coulter
3rd: 4746 Mikkelsen Miss C Charmincairns Wild Bill Hickok
Res: 4717 Davies Mrs A & Miss B Cloverbrook Harris Tweed

 Ld (10 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 4712 Catto Miss Y Birselaw The Thrill Of It All
2nd: 4711 Byrne, Mrs V & Inett Miss D H Carradine Brian The Lion
3rd: 4760 Percy Mrs J Winetta Stand And Deliver
Res:  Lamb & Saltmarsh’s Renshaw There And Back Again Sh.Cm
Vhc: 4779 Soderwall, Mrs E & Dufwa Miss L Tribuns Earl Grey

 Od (8 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 4766 Robinson Mrs G Ch Cruzo Bilbo Baggins
2nd: 4705 Braybrook Mrs S Ch Cloverbrook Codebreaker
3rd: 4765 Roberts Mrs C M & Mr J T P Ch Cannwood Cut Above
Res: 4757 Pavlova Mrs A Fin Czech Rus Hun Est U'jinn Macdonald
Vhc:  Seegers’  Vdh Int Ch Bel Lux Ch Glenmore's Emotion Pur Cw11

 Gcd (2 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 4729 Keeves & Bennett Mrs M Seveek Who Dares Wins Sh.Cm
2nd: 4740 Lamb & Saltmarsh  Birselaw Fable Sh.Cm

Vb No Entries

 Mpb (2 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 4743 Gavaghan Mrs C Doonrae Million Dollar Baby
2nd: 4749 Mcgrath Mrs L Brenndarcy Cinnamon Girl

 Pb (7 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 4751 Osborn Mr A & Mrs A Tweslam Mystery Of Magic
2nd:  Ball Miss M Tweslam Jazzing It Up At Calamondin
3rd: 4750 Newton Mrs N R Brenndarcy Golden Girl
Res: 4706 Braybrook Mrs S Cloverbrook Copyright
Vhc: 4735 Kornilova Mrs G Little Squire Allegra Nott Jun Ch

 Jb (7 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: 4722 Felters, Mr A & Rumens Mr R A Landbuck Xanthe
2nd: 4774 Smee Mrs A Malmay Sunshine Sally
3rd:  Soderwall & Dufwa  Tribuns Famous House Of Dagmar
Res: 4781 Thomas Mr G Tycadno Dream On
 Gb (7 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: Goud  Vale Of Atholl's Bessie Mcintyre
2nd: 4761 Percy Mrs J Winetta Unforgettable
3rd: 4726 Harrison Mrs R Carradine Eva Either
Res: Shannon & Mcgrath  Brenndarcy Bit Of Bother
Vhc: 4783 Torpey Miss A Anglyairn The Real Thing

 Pgb (10 Entries) Abs: 1
1st:  Keeves  Seveek Living The Dream Jw Sh.Cm
2nd: Osborn Mr A & Mrs A Tweslam Thistle Be Magic
3rd: 4763 Petts Mrs J & Mr C Doonrae Lexicon Of Love
Res: 4732 Kinton Mrs S Woodthorpe Playin For Thyme
Vhc: Clarke Mrs P & Mr D Lentrica Sweet Sensation

 Lb (8 Entries) Abs: 0
1st:  Bateman & Inett’s Carradine In Love With Amy
2nd: 4795 Osterstrom Ms L Miketos Run For Success
3rd: 4718 Dolan Mrs S E Castleline Peggy Sue
Res: 4762 Percy Mrs J Winetta Miss Independant
Vhc:  Parker-Tucker Miss A Uniquecottage Sea Breeze

 Ob (14 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: 4782 Thomas Mr G Ch Tycadno Starlet
2nd: 4720 Dolan Mrs S E Ch Glenrood Masqerade
3rd: 4707 Braybrook Mrs S Cloverbrook Xtra Factor
Res: 4791 Waugh Mrs A Ch Tribannon Guardian Angel
Vhc:  Kinton Mrs S Ch Woodthorpe Maybe This Thyme

 Gcb (3 Entries) Abs: 0
1st:  Keeves Mrs J Seveek Living The Dream Jw Sh.Cm
2nd: Byrne Mrs V Little Miss Tonka
3rd:  Laker’s Wizoz Miss Backchat



















Breeders Class


Photos By Alan Firth 



Apologies for the delay. A few days after the Symposium I had an op. which didn’t go to plan so I spent a few extra days in hospital. On my return home I began the report then my computer crashed, it also has been in the PC World hospital for ten days. Hopefully nothing else will happen !!


Many thanks to the Birmingham Committee for their hospitality, also my two very efficient stewards, last but definitely not least the exhibitors for the excellent entry. The highlight of the day for me was the opportunity to get acquainted with all the Cairns.


Considering the entry as a whole, I felt quite depressed at the lack of real cairn heads and expression, surely the hallmark of the breed. Heads lacking stop accompanied by large round , sometimes prominent, eyes look totally foreign to me. Many had incorrect mouths from very small teeth to variations of a scissor bite. Presentation was excellent in many cases but head furnishings back combed and full of ‘product’ does rather detract from the varminty expression  of a working cairn, apart from contravening K.C. rules and it is obviously cheating. There was more than a few with dirty smelly coats, a judge’s hands should not be literally black after handing show dogs.


I was looking for a cairn of medium size with typical head, correct natural coat and showing some animation, fortunately there were!


VD  ( 2 entries)

1.Smith’s Ch. Rocasovale Razzle Dazzle., Well proportioned, masculine dog, good head and expression, harsh coat, moved freely.

2. Grainger’s Ch.Devil in Disguise. Well presented red in good coat, dark eye, good mouth, just preferred depth of brisket of 1.

     Two very worthy champions


MPD    (6: 2ab)

1    Percy’s Winetta Sir Ivor. Liked the outline of this wh.br. puppy, very nice head, dark eyes and points, would prefer a little more body on him but I’m sure this will come with maturity. Very promising. B.P.( shortlisted in puppy group)

2    Shannon &  Storr’s Brenndarcy Limited Edition. Red shown in full coat, very typical head with dark eyes, shows all the time, preferred length of back and rear angulation of 1.

3    Vlieghe & Newton’s Marie’s Magic Moonraker.


PD      (4: 1ab)

1    Mears Glenmear Magee.This big rangey red was shown in his vest, but did show off his good topline, tailset, legs and feet and good head, needs to body up, well up to size. Some ring training could be beneficial !!.

2    Goldfinch’s Franchaleal Itsallover at Kanawha. Very much smaller red shown in good coat, nice head,not quite balanced for me,moves well in front not so positive behind.

3    Drew’s  Tycadno Thriller at L’Artiste.


JD       (2 )


1   Waite’s Svendalens Snow Knight. Wh.. medium balance throughtout. Typical head enhanced with dark points and eyes. Well angulated front and rear, moves with real drive. Quality coat, on his toes, showing all the time. Pleasure to award him  RCC.

2.   Coffell’s Ometto I  Am The One and Only. Red with nice head , well angulated front, correct coat, front movement good, not so positive behind.


GD.    (6. 2ab)


1.   Shannon  Storr’s Brendarcy Borgen. Red of medium proportions, Good stop, dark eyes, harsh coat, well anglated front and rear, moved and handled well.

2    Kinchin’s Tyreece’s Tricks at Pennidazzle. Dark br. in exellent coat, typical head, moved soundly, a little too long in length to be correctly balanced. 


PGD   (6. 1. ab)


1    Bateman & Gompels’s Carradine Terries Tipple. Well balanced wh.br. super head  and deep stop which gives him correct expression, good tail set, quality coat, well presented.

2.   Miller’s Cornton Coulter. Red. br. really nice head, good stop, handles well on the table which shows in his good movement.

      Just preferred the showmanship of 1.

3.   Mikkelsen’s Wild Bill Hickok


LD      (10.)  Very nice class.


1.   Catto’s Birslaw The  Thrill Of It All. Quality wh.br. so well balanced, well angulated front and rear, which shows in his excellent movement.  Correct size. Coat just on the blow. Showed well in his class but gave up in the challenge..

2    Byrne & Inett’s Carradine Brian the Lion. A beautifully presented dk.br. with lovely head and expression, anotjer correctly balanced cairn, sound throughout Although he moves very well, thought 1 just had the edge today.

3    Percy’s Winetta Stand and Deliver.

      Three superb cairns.


.OD      (8)  Another quality class.


1.   Robinson’s Ch. Cruzo Billbo Baggins.  This wheaten impresses with his friendly attitude, he is well up to size, but has an impressive head complete with deep stop dark eyes and points. correct length of neck for his size, layback of shoulder and rear angulation. level top line and quality coat, moves with drive, beautifully presented, just asked for the CC. Competed strongly for BOB but I thought the bitch’s size was more compatible with the breed standard.


2.   Braybrook’s Ch Cloverbrook Codebreaker. A very impressive dk. br. cairn. Superb head and expression, handles so well on the table , good angulation front and rear, quality coat and presented to perfection. Very close decision, thought 1 had the edge on movement and showmanship on the day.


3.   Robert’s Ch Cannwood Cut Above.  A worthy champion.


GCD     (2)


1.   Keeves & Bennett’s Seveek Who Dares Wins . Medium sized brindle, pleasing head, coat short, today, straight topline and good tailset. Moved well.

2.   Lamb & Saltmarsh’s Birslaw Fable. Very nice head with deep stop and neat ears. Tail a little low set moved OK but preferred the movement of 1


MPB  (2)


1.   Gavaghan’s Doonrae Million Dollar Baby. This puppy’s round eyes spoiled the expression for me in an otherwise good head, with deep stop, and dark points. She is soundly constructed, with a pleasing front and good rear angulation. She is very charismatic and shows like a veteran.

2.   McGrath’s Brenndarcy Cinnamon Girl. Red baby shown in good coat. Liked her head with dark eyes and neat ears, shows lots of promise, just preferred movement of 1 today.


PB    (7. 1ab)


1.    Osborn’s Tweslam Mystery of Magic. Wheaten, dark eye, good front angulation, well presented, woujld like a bit more body.moved OK.

2.    Ball’s Tweslam Jazzing It Up at Calamondin. Wheaten, shown in full quality coat, liked her head and expression, just preferred movement of1.

3.   Newton’s Brenndarcy Golden Girl


JB    (7.2Ab)


1.   Felters & Rumens Landbuck Zanthe. Extrovert,  wheaten, full  of energy and showmanship ,a  true cairn. Well angulated front and rear, good topline and tailset. moves with drive. Thought she may be one of the top winners, but looked immature against the older bitches in the challenge.

2.   Smee’s Malmay Sunshine Sally. Brindle, lighter build than 1. Exellent head and expression, balanced and sound throughout, moved and showed well.

3    Soderwall & Dufwa’s Tribuns Famous House Of Dagmar.


GB   (7.2ab)


1.   Goud’s Vale of Atholl’s Bessie Mcintyre.Quality wh.br.of medium size, good head with dark eyes and points giving cairny expression. Well angulated front and rear, correct tail set, correct coat, moved well.

2.   Percy’s Winetta Unforgettable . Grey br. with lovely head. dark eyes and points and true expression.  front and rear pleasing angulations, moved well. Only just preferred the balance of 1

3.   Harrison’s Carradine Eva Either


PGB  (10.1ab)


1.    Keeves Seveek Living The Dream. Harsh coated red , liked her head and expression, good all round medium cairn, moved well

2.    Osborn’s Tweslam Thistle Be Magic. Very typical red with good angulation and coat, would prefer a little more stop. free mover.

3.    Pett’s Doonrae Lexicon of Love.


LB    (8)


1.    Bateman & Inett’s Carradine In Love With Amy..Wh.br. of medium proportions, very nice head, good topline, tailset, front and quarters, moved with drive, well presented.

2.   Osterstrom’s Miketos Run For Success. Impresses with her lovely balanced outline, very sound, harsh coat, moved well Just preferred expression of 1

3    Dolan’s Castleline Peggy Sue.


OB   (14.2ab)


1.    Thomas’s Tycadno Starlet. Beautiful gr.br.of correct size with outstanding head and expression, correct angulation front and rear and sound throughout. Her attributes hidden under her correct profuse coat with dense undercoat, presented to perfection. Moved with drive. CC and BOB.

2.    Dolan’s Glenrood Masqerade.Quality gr.br. with correct head and expression, lovely length of neck and straight topline, very sound throughout, harsh coat,  well presented in top condition. moved very soundly. RCC.

3.    Braybrook’s Cloverbrook Extra Factor.

       Three very nice cairns.


GCB    (3)


1.    Keeves Living The Dream.

2.    Byrne’s Little Miss Tonka.

3.    Laker’s Wizoz Miss Backchat



Breeder Class. Braybrook






Sally Latto    Judge