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Crufts Championship Show

7 March 2013

Judge Iain Shaw (Honeyhall)


DCC & BOB Thomsen’s Dk/Fi/Se/Nord/No Ch Nordcairn's Back For Good

RDCC Robinson’s Ch Cruzo Bilbo Baggins

BCC Cameron’s Ch Stryveling Sweet Caroline

RBCC  Dolan’s Ch Glenrood Masqerade

BPIB Keeves Seveek Living the Dream

DCC & BOB Dk/Fi/Se/Nord/No Ch Nordcairn's Back For Good



DCC & BOB Dk/Fi/Se/Nord/No Ch Nordcairn's Back For Good.

BCC Ch Stryveling Sweet Caroline


Jane Keeves, BPB & BPIB Seveek Living The Dream, Yvonne Catto,  BPD Birselaw The Thrill Of It All


DCC Dk/Fi/Se/Nord/No Ch Nordcairn's Back For Good, Lotte Thomsen, Iain Shaw, RDCC Ch Cruzo Bilbo Baggins, Gerry Robinson

BCC Ch Stryveling Sweet Caroline, handled by Carole Templeton, Iain Shaw, RBCC Ch Glenrood masqerade, Sue Dolan



Veteran - Dog  4,0a


Ch Rasken's Romping Playboy (Imp) (Thomas & Hooton)


Ch Uniquecottage Tidy Shoes (Miss A R Parker-Tucker)


Ch Devil In Disguise (Mrs C Grainger)


Int/Fr/Mon/Lux/Sp Ch Uniquecottage Geevor (  Courant)


  Special Puppy - Dog 4,0ahttp://crufts.fossedata.co.uk/images/null.gif


Birselaw The Thrill Of It All (Miss Y Catto)


Ometto I Am The One And Only (Mr P & Mrs J E Coffell)


Cherrycrack Ludo At Trekhilli (Mrs G Day)


Svendalens Snow Knight (Mrs A M Waites)


http://crufts.fossedata.co.uk/images/null.gifSpecial Junior - Dog 9.0a


Carradine Terrys Tipple (Mrs R & Mr N Bateman & Gompels)


Stirlingview Stunning (Mr Currie)


Cornton Coulter (Miss H M P Miller)


Brenndarcy Borgen (Miss B & Mr D Shannon & Storr)


Cloverbrook Special Effect (Miss H Pearson)


Yearling - Dog  5,1a


Newfield Harvest Moon Over Brenndarcy Bradshaw & Shannon)


Ge/Az/Tu Ch Uniquecottage Taggart ( Mrs M L Courant)


Cloverbrook Crusader At Ometto (Mr P & Mrs J E Coffell)


Lindcoly Sword In The Stone (Miss A J Saich)


Post Graduate - Dog   8,1a



Winetta Stand And Deliver (Mrs J Percy)


Carradine Brian The Lion (Mrs V & Miss  Byrne & Inett)


Orkneyviking Magnus (Ms K Buttifant)


Kedvaiy Locomotion (Mr T & Mrs G Morley)


Seveek Dare Devil (Mrs J Keeves)


Limit - Dog  10,0a



Noncom Hugo First (Mr M J & Mrs B Burgin)


Renshaw There And Back Again  Lamb & Saltmarsh)


Stryveling Rocket Man (Mrs F S Cameron)


Castleline Bang On Time (Mr S Thompson)


Uniquecottage Raleigh (Miss A R Parker-Tucker)


Open - Dog  16,2a



Dk/Fi/Se/Nord/No Ch Nordcairn's Back For Good  (Thomsen)


Ch Cruzo Bilbo Baggins (Mrs G Robinson)


Se Ch, Hjohoo's Hello Hjourself  (Miss Theodorsson)


Cannwood Cut Above (Mr J T P & Mrs C M Roberts)


Ch Cloverbrook Codebreaker (Mrs S Braybrook)


Good Citizen Dog Scheme - Dog   4,0



Birselaw Fable Shcm (Ms J & Mr B Lamb & Saltmarsh)


Kedvaiy Locomotion (Mr T & Mrs G Morley)


Seveek Dare Devil (Mrs J Keeves)


Seveek Who Dares Wins Shcm ( Keeves & Bennett)


Veteran - Bitch 3,1



Ch Razzle Dazzle Glory At Tribannon (Mrs A Waugh)


Spawyche Elizabethan Pearl (Mrs W V Moseley)


Special Puppy - Bitch   9,1a



Seveek Living The Dream (Mrs J Keeves)


Anjofra Mymble (Mr F J & Mrs C A & Miss S F Confue)


Pendley Hester (Mrs J L & Mrs J Yates & Johnson)


Landbuck Xanthe (Mr A & Mr R A Felters & Rumens)


Littleacorn Aliye (Mrs C & Mr R Hewitt)


http://crufts.fossedata.co.uk/images/null.gifSpecial Junior - Bitch  : 14, 2



Vale Of Atholls Bessie Mcintyre  (Mr R Goud)


Tweslam Thistle Be Magic (Mr & Mrs A Osborn)


Carradine Magic Penny ( Mrs J & Miss D H Patten & Inett)


Carradine In Love With Amy (Bateman & Inett)


Anjofra Moi Aussi (Mr F J & Mrs C A & Miss S F Confue)


Yearling - Bitch : 13 Abs: 0



Nordcairn's I Belive I Can Fly  (Thomsen)


Winetta Unforgettable (Mrs J Percy)


Cadagio Turning Tables (Mrs M Hogarty)


Crowneast Midsomer Florey (Mrs S M Tutchings)


Carradine Eva Either (Mrs R A Harrison)


Post Graduate - Bitch  14,2a



Woodthorpe Playin For Thyme (Mrs S Kinton)


Cornton Reay (Miss H M P Miller)


Lentrica Sweet Sensation (Mr D & Mrs P Clarke)


Cairngold Candied Rose (Mr A & Mrs L & Miss A M Firth)


Carradine Time To Shine Jw ( Inett, Harrison & Clayton)


Limit - Bitch 18,3a



Pendley Playaway Jw (Yates & Johnson)


Littleacorn Stay In Touch (Mrs C & Mr R Hewitt)


Woodthorpe Maybe This Thyme (Mrs S Kinton)


Uniquecottage Sea Breeze (Miss A R Parker-Tucker)


Hjohoo's Just For Hjo Nord-Jw-11  (Theodorsson)



Open - Bitch 18,2a



Stryveling Sweet Caroline (Mrs F S Cameron)


Ch Glenrood Masqerade (Mrs S E Dolan)


Se Ch, Hjohoo¦S Hjour Love Is My Life Jww-08 (Theodorsson)


Ch Tribannon Guardian Angel (AWaugh & Carlton-Smith)


Ch Tycadno Starlet (Mr G Thomas)


Good Citizen Dog Scheme - Bitch 3,0a


Little Miss Tonka (Mrs V L Byrne)


Carradine Minnie The Moocha (Mrs J & Mr R Ballinger)


Wizoz Miss Backchat (Mrs W Laker)



















Thank You To Alan Firth for most of the  photos, plus Alison H & Graham Peers  


The Braybrook Cairns in the  Breeders Final at Crufts Saturday 9 March

Getting Ready

Sue - Graham - Sue



On the Move

Forward In the Big Ring


With the Others

All The Breeders

Graeme's Sparkly Dickie Bow


GP Out-Takes

A very fine pair of legs

Would you like to see more!

No kisses don't know were your tongue's been!

tell me what you think

Now let me think - that's hard

Not certain - but - if......

Bill's horrified at being asked to buy Draw Tickets

Daddy's got you and he won't let that big judge hurt you

I asked - Why Me!

Look! - I'm the one

Keep your sandwich - the KC has dined me well.

The judges type and awarded the BOB title

Who's been a naughty boy, then!

All haste - To send the results over to America

Seen the price of food - I'm starving

Going home time


Crufts 2013

Cairn Terriers

It is always an honour to be asked to judge your breed at any level. But to be asked to do Crufts with the fantastic entry, some outstanding cairns in big classes with barely an absentee, was beyond my wildest dreams. A special mention should go to my two stewards who kept proceedings moving along with a smile, and by the end of judging, were itching to adopt a cairn to keep their malamutes in check.

I found the dog classes a challenge. Veteran and open were great, but the classes in between lacked the quality I was looking for. There were exceptions and these young dogs will come to the fore in the very near future.

I make no excuses. I like my dogs to look masculine, be of a good size, and possess a good head with a good stop. I found too many lacking in this department. Snipey does not do it for me, and neither does a dog standing like a cardboard cut-out. They should be happy and animated, assertive but not aggressive.

The bitches were much stronger. Every class had quality and many difficult decisions had to be made, with many good ones going cardless which disappointed me. If we judged on the grading system then at least every exhibitor would know exactly what the judge thought of their exhibit and know why they didn’t make the cut.

Finally, I thought the temperaments were great. No shy cairns and no aggressive ones. One thing that did shock me was the amount of incorrect mouths, especially in the open classes with exhibits carrying the title of champion. I penalised this heavily and would advise exhibitors to regularly check mouths. Thank you for accepting my decisions in a sporting manner. It’s just one judges decision, on how I saw them, on that particular day.


Veteran Dog (4): A quality class to start with.

1st -  Thomas and Hootens: ‘CH Raskens Romping Playboy’

A most impressive brindle, with lovely head. Super mouth, level topline, and good tailset. I thought he looked very impressive moving around the ring in super coat and condition. Shortlisted.


2nd – Parker Tuckers: ‘ CH Uniquecottage Tidy Shoes’

Another smashing brindle. Lovely typy head with a real mischievous expression. I thought he moved very well for a 12 year old and was on his toes throughout. A real credit to his owner


3rd – Graingers: ‘CH Devil in Disguise’

A red who was shown in super coat and condition. Moved very well and was in no way disgraced to stand 3rd behind these two quality exhibits.


Special Puppy (4)

1st – Catto’s: ‘Birselaw The Thrill Of It All’

What a lovely youngster. Very nice head, lovely mouth, good neck and shoulders, level topline and good tailset. Moves well both ways and with drive. Well balanced and shown in proper coat. Steady showman. He obviously needs maturity to be considered for top awards but I was happy to have him in my shortlist.


2nd – Coffell’s: ‘Ommetto I Am The One And Only’

Nice type of youngster with lots to like. Needs to lose some weight. Topline could be better. Lovely head and expression. Shown in good coat and moved well behind.


3rd – Day’s: ‘Cherrycrack Ludo at Trekhilli’

Brindle. Very much a baby. Could have been more positive in movement. Nice head and expression. Needs time.


Special Junior (9)

1st – Bateman and Gompel’s: ‘Carradine Terry’s Tipple’

Very nice youngster. Lovely head and expression. Nicely constructed and moved positively with drive. Shown in lovely coat and condition, and handled with sensitivity. Hopefully he will progress to better things,shortlisted.


2nd – Curries: ‘Stirlingview Stunner’

Nice type of dog. Not quite the head and expression of ‘Tipple’, but he is very well put together, and when settled, moves well. Again shown in good coat and gives his handler his all.


3rd – Millers: ‘Cornton Coulter’

I like this youngsters head and expression. Although Rangy and needing time to mature as he is very much a baby, with a better coat and a bit more body, could do well.


Yearling Dog (5, 1 absent)

1st - Bradshaw and Shannon’s: ‘Newfeld Harvest Moon over Brenndarcy’

A rangy red dog with a nice head and good mouth. Moves soundly. Needs a new jacket and some body. Very much a teenager needing time to mature.,steady showman.


2ndCourant’s: ‘GE/AZ/TU CH Uniquecottage Taggart’

Smaller type with a masculine head and expression. What a super mouth. Moved well in front. Slightly close behind. Was well presented in correct coat and nice condition.


3rd – Coffell’s Cloverbrook: ‘Crusader at Ometto’

Nice headed dog. Not moving well today. Good topline and tailset. Lovely temperament. Needs a new jacket.


Post Grad Dog (8, 1 absent)

1st - Percy’s: ‘Winetta Stand and deliver’

 Red brindle with a good head. Eye and Mouth. Thought he moved and showed very well. Needs a little bit more coat to complete the picture, and I would like a little bit more length to balance him. But a nice type.


2nd – Byrne and Inetts: ‘Carradyne Brian the lion’

Another nice type. Very little between them. I would have liked a little more leg to balance him. Again he moves very well and his presentation and handling were faultless.


3rd – Buttifants: ‘OrkneyViking Magnus’

On the table, this youngster impresses for his head and expression. He is very well balanced, in lovely body condition. But alas, he was shown with no coat and an  obvious lack of ring training. That cost him dear, as there is potential here.


Limit Dog (10)

1st -  Burgin’s: ‘Noncom Hugo First’

Red Bindle. Masculine head and expression. Good neck and shoulders, level topline and good tailset. Shown in good coat and condition. Needs to lose a bit of weight to his advantage.


2nd – Lambs and Saltmarsh: ‘Renshaw There and Back Again’

Smaller type than I. Lovely head and expression. Moved very well both ways and never stopped showing. For a male, I would have liked a bit more all round.


3rd – Cameron’s: ‘Stryveling Rocket Man’

Very smart dog. I would have liked to have seen more coat. Moved soundly and showed all out for his handler. Not my type of head.



Open Dog (16, 2 absent): What a lovely class with 12 Champions. On another day, I would have been happy to award the CC to any one of the first five placed.

1st – Thomsen’s: ‘DK/FI/SE/NORD/NO CH Nordcairn’s Back For Good’

I have had the privilege over the years to judge some top quality males and this brindle is up there with the best of them. He has the most lovely masculine head and expression with super neck and shoulders. Good depth and spring of rib, level topline, tail on top and good bend of stifle with no exaggeration. He moves true both ways, shown in full coat of excellent texture, and full of personality. He completely filled my eye and I was thrilled to award him the CC and B.O.B.


2nd – Robinson’s: ‘CH Cruro Bilbo Baggins’

Cream with a lovely head and expression. Nothing snipy here. Lovely mouth with big teeth. He is very well put together and moves very well on good legs and feet. I thought he needed a little more coat to complete the picture. Even so, he was up against a dog at full maturity in top form, and was in no way disgraced. RCC


3rd – Theodorsson’s: ‘SE CH Hjoo’s Hello Hjourself’

Brindle who looked a picture standing. A lovely dog to go over. Going around the ring he looked great. I thought he could have been a bit more positive in front and was slightly exaggerated behind. Again, he was very well balanced in super coat and condition and just edged out. A lovely young male who is maturing into a top quality dog but looked a real baby in this company. His day will come.


Good Citizen Dog Scheme (4)

1st – Lamb and Saltmarsh’s: ‘Birselaw Fable Shcm’

Brindle up to size. Nice head. Moved well in front. A little close behind. In fairly good coat. I would have liked a little more body and was a little proud of his tail. Deserved his place.


2nd – Morley’s: ‘Kedvaiy Locomotion’

Nice headed dog, who could have been a little more positive in movement. Good legs and feet. Happy showman.


3rd – Keeves: ‘Seveek ‘Dare Devil’

Another who cold have been more positive in movement. Typy head and expression. Very showy, enjoying his day out.


Veteran Bitch(3, 1 absent)

1st – Waugh’s: ‘CH Razzle Dazzle Glory at Tribannon’

Wheaten with a lovely head and expression. Good neck and shoulders. Super topline. Moved around the ring with drive and purpose. Shown in good coat and very happy showing. I would have liked to have seen her in the challenge as she would have complimented a strong line-up.

2nd – Moseley’s: Spawyche Elizabethan Pearl

Another smashing bitch from this small kennel, which has consistently produced quality cairns. Similar remarks apply here as to ‘Razzle’. Just lacking coat and not quite Razzle’s expression.


Special Puppy Bitch (9, 1 absent)

1st – Keeves: ‘Seveek Living the Dream’

What a lovely red youngster. Loved her head and expression. Good mouth, nice neck and shoulders, and level topline with good tailset. Moved true both ways on good legs and feet, in good coat. Shows with plenty of animation which just gave her the edge over the dog pup to win Best Puppy.

2nd – Confues: ‘Anjofra Mymble’

Brindle baby with a sweet head and expression. Well put together, and when she settled, moved fine. Lots of personality and think she could be a bit of a handful.


3rd – Yates and Johnstone’s: ‘Pendley Hester’

Very showy young lady. Lots to like. Nice head and expression. Good topline and tailset. Moved well in front, but a wee bit close behind. Can get a bit excited and her tail can spoil outline a bit.


Special Junior Bitch (14, 2 absent)

1st – Goud’s: ‘Vale of Atholls Bessie McIntyre’

A very nice youngster. Loved her shape, very balanced. Good head, nice dark eye. Shown in good coat. Moved well and very responsive to her handler, with maturity and luck could do well.

2nd – Osbornes’s: ‘Tweslam Thistle Be Magic’

Another Promising young lady. Nice head with good mouth. Moved well once she settled. Good topline and tailset. Nice type. Just needs to body up a bit.

3rd – Patten and Inett’s: ‘Carradine Magic Penny’

Lovely headed youngster. Wish she would use her ears more. A little heavier set than 1 and 2 but moved fairly well. Very well-presented.


Yearling Bitch (13)

1st - Thomsen’s: ‘Nordcairn’s I believe I can fly’

What a lovely type. Coming together very nicely. Super head and expression. Good neck and shoulders. In good coat, of quality and well put down. Moved very well both ways. Just needs time and will be hard to beat. Shortlisted.


2nd – Percy’s: ‘Winetta Unforgettable’

Another quality bitch with lots to like. Lovely feminine head and cheeky expression. Well put together and showed all out. New coat coming in.


3rd – Hogarty’s: ‘Cadagio Turning tables’

Very smart youngster to whom similar marks as in 1 and 2 apply. But she wouldn’t settle in movement and not using her ears. Pity as she is very nice to go over.


Post Grad Bitch (18, 3 absent)

1st – Kinton’s: ‘Woodthorpe Playin For Thyme’

What a lovely head and expression. Very well balanced. Moves very well behind, with drive. In super body condition and coat is spot-on. Just not quite so positive in front today. Gave her handler 100% attention. Shortlisted.


2nd – Miller’s: ‘Cornton Reay’

Very similar type to 1. Love her head and expression. Well-balanced and moved well. Needs to lose a little weight to advantage. Showed all out.


3rd – Clark’s: ‘Lentrica Sweet Sensation’

Very smart youngster competing against mature adults. Lots to like. Lovely head and expression. Moved fairly well. Just needs time.



Limit Bitch (18, 3 absent): A lovely, quality class.

1st – Yates and Johnson: ‘Pendlay Playaway’

Stunning head and expression. Lovely neck, shoulders, topline and tailset. Moved true both ways. I liked her a lot. I would like a wee bit more leg for complete balance but for me she is well worthy of her title and if she continues to perform like this, surely its not far away a quality cairn. Shortlisted.


2nd – Hewitts: ‘Littleacorn Stay in Touch’

What a lovely cairn. Very similar in type to Playaway and most remarks apply. Not quite the showmanship but again I found her hard to fault, and was presented to perfection.


3rd – Kinton’s: ‘Woodthorpe Maybe This Thyme’

No disgrace standing third, and litter sister to 1st place in Post Grad. Starting to reach maturity and again splitting hairs in this class. No reason why she couldn’t gain her title as she is a lovely type.


Open bitch (18, 2 absent): without doubt, the best class of the day, including 14 champions. Again I can only place 5 and some of the bitches who left the ring I would have been delighted to award a CC. The quality was that high.

1st – Cameron’s: ‘CH Stryveling Sweet Caroline’

2nd – Dolan’s ‘CH Glenrood Masquerade’

Two bitches of differing types with one thing in common. They are beautiful feminine top quality cairns. I found them virtually impossible to separate. I thought masquerade had the edge in head, but Caroline is so well put together her movement is effortless and faultless. Both are at their peak and were presented to perfection. I gave Caroline the nod eventually on her impeccable performance, and awarded her the CC, with Masquerade taking the Reserve.

3rd – Theodorsson’s: ‘SE CH Hjohoo’s Hjour Love is My Life Jww-08’

Another cracking bitch, who demands attention for her balance and type. Lovely head with a wicked expression. Well put together, not quite the movement of 1 and 2, but top quality nevertheless.


Good Citizen Dog Scheme Bitch (3)

1st – Byrne’s: ‘Little Miss Tonka’

Love this bitch as everytime I see her she gives her all. Nice type who obviously adores her handler. Thoroughly deserved her first place.


2nd – Ballingers: ‘Carradine Minnie the Moocher

Brindle who showed all out. Nice type of head. Moved fairly well.


3rd – Laker’s: ‘Wizoz Miss Backchat’

Smaller type in good coat. Again showed well. Enjoying her day.


Iain Shaw